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Health Issues And Social Care Level

University: Blackburn College

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This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Health And Social Care.
  • Discuss about the description of case.
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Health and social care is very essential for human body in order to perform their personal and professional activities in most appropriate manner. In fact, it helps in developing the economy of a nation by serving the required people at the time of need. However, number of organizations are identified which was established for offering best services to desired consumers in a minimum time period (Aveyard, 2014) . Thus, assignment is going to highlight the major disease that is Alzheimer's which is faced by number of old age people. It means, entire report is rely on case study of adult care that is highlighting the issues or problems faced by individuals at different stage life. Along with this, association of service provider are playing major role in facilitating consumers with outstanding facilities in order to control risk. Mr. Thomas is a Alzheimer's patient who is encountering with numerous health problem is going to outlined in this project.


Health issues are identified at societal place due to changes in various environmental factors and it hampering the normal life of common people in various manner. Although, sometime changes are beneficial also but at the same time it is dangerous for individual. Thus, depth detail information on Alzheimer's disease is discussing as follows:-

Description of case

Alzheimer's is one of the dangerous disease that is faced by human beings in today's world due to which person are failed to recognizing things such as; forget the conversation, past life, regular food product and so on. In fact, major effect of this problem is that person face a stage of memory loss in which they are not able to remembering recent or past materials. Along with this gone through numerous of life issues which affects their day to day life. Basically, for every health care centre it is essential to pay full attention on patient in order to facilitate them with useful facilities. Their main objective is to reduce health problem across the society in order to develop society (Brett and et. al., 2014).

Care centre such as; hospitals, doctors, clinic of dentist and various other association that are engaged in offering medical facilities to patients are focussing on users instead of wasting time. According to given case study Alzheimer's is a one of the most dangerous disease which affects the brain of a person and individual can't able to perform their regular work because of short term memory loss. This problem is encountered by old age people that is almost 35% as at the last stage of human body person start forgetting things due to damage of some nerves in brain. However, this illness is a mental disorder defined by confusion, loss of memory as well as numerous symptoms are identified that proves that a person is suffering from Alzheimer's problem. On the other hand, in today's modern world 10% people are faced this illness at very young age due to some accidents, shock, incident and so on. But mostly it happens at last phase of life because that time person start losing their patience level, some are even don't know how to behave, half of the people are quitting the wish of living and various other personal reasons. Apart from this personality of an individual fluctuates in every minute as well as mood is also changes as per situations.

Additionally, Mr. Thomas is a old age people who is going through this problem of Alzheimer's as well as various other health issues that may affect their normal life. As per his medical history he is suffering from anxiety , short term memory loss, enable to recognize his day to day routine and so on (Cameron and et. al., 2014) . Furthermore, one of his care taker is going with him at dental practice for treatment process in order to overcome problem that is faced by Mr. Thomas during their old age period of time. Initially specialist is trying to make effective interaction with users for making him more comfortable in order to understand the health issue faced by patient. At the same time, it is not easy to understand the internal disease or problem that is encountered by an individual during their phase of life. However, Alzheimer's is creating a major problem for Mr. Thomas to live their life in appropriate manner due to short memory loss (Moss, 2017).Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Thus, entire case is showing the major problem which is faced by patient due to Alzheimer's and various stages of this disease. Three main stages of this illness and in every phase problem getting more worse. At the end of this nervous system of individual get totally damaged and person can able to perform any of the necessary functions. Hence, care centre needs to focus on person by considering each or every aspect such as; go through the entire medical history of a person in order to make suitable actions as per situation requirement. Thus, main medication which might used by service provider for overcoming this most dangerous disease that is; Donepezil, Galantamine, rivastigmine and memantine. All these drugs or tools are plays a very eminent role in overcoming problems of short term memory loss by refreshing the minds of patients (Glasby and Dickinson, 2014). Along with this, it has been understood that these common people are encountering several life taking problems from which Alzheimer's is one of them. By considering entire case it has been understood that this problem is seen as a major issue which is faced by old ones but still some are trying to reduce it through numerous alternative tools.


As given in the case study, Alzheimer's is a disease that mostly occurs between age of 50 and 60, and that is the most common form of dementia, and most common symptoms are confusion, memory loss, so on. This disease is in progressive state, after sometime the patient even not able to perform daily routine like bath, dressing, even they don't realize the hunger, that's why they become irritate, they don't find someone around who can take care of them and then their personality changes at the worse, they are not able to recognize people and family members too (Glasby, 2017) . Loosing the recent event or something just happened, they forget the moments that happened just a few minutes ago, like if someone sitting with them and talking with them but they don't realize it someone is there who is communicating with, them, initially its start with small things, forget the place where they have put there wallet or spectacles, these are those things which are they needed the most. Slowly, these symptoms increases and that becomes a disease. They forget the recent communication which they had a few days ago or before some time. More than that, it they may ask about the same question again and again, they never realise that how many times they asked for that particular questions. They start to loosing there conscious to solve the small problem, judgement ability like if they are cooking then they forget the stove on and do not have any idea that in how much the pan should take off from the stove. They completely lose the capability to manage the finance, they are no longer able to calculate the sum of money.

There are several issues occurs when carer faces deals with these patients, when a person is in initial stage at that time it is difficult to understand for the people who are around them, they can't judge, what is happening with their loved ones, they are being in stress or they are willing to do this (Dickinson and O'Flynn, 2016) . Although they don't want to hurt them or doing all the actions by intention. The patient MR. Thomas needs special care, in this disease the patient needs emotional support, because they are not too much talkative, slowly lose the social life, they are not interested to meeting people or may be feeling happy when they see a person came to meet them but their enthusiasm crossed the limit to express their thoughts and they become vigorous, which happened in rarely, not so often.

Emotional support is required because they may get into the depression and that is obvious, because they are not in the contact of people so that they can spend time with them share their thoughts. Most of the time, it happened that a family, do not get time to care for the member of house, and this initiates a problem of Alzheimer's because they seek for the time of their loved ones and they slowly dropped towards a disease, and for that reason they become violent in such a way that no one wants to sit with them, or can be say as scare from the mental state, as they don't know what's is going on, so this is so for that family role is important, as they spend some time with them, and find the solutions to give them rest, as don't allow them driving, as they may forget the way (Nakanishi and Nakashima, 2014) . There are some stages that need to be consider while caring such person, first it is about to planning that includes the initial strategy to deal with this kind of patient, like if they are moving outside the house put a note on a paper with address of house and contact number of family member, so if they forget they path or being in some problem, anyone can help them. Start the medicines consulting to a doctor, and give them as per schedule and give them some puzzles so that there nerves can work, that will be a exercise for brain. There are various stages so follow the schedule that is directed by the numerologist.


While preparing this report I came across so many things like dealing in initial stages because I was not getting the thing all these happenings are with intention or unintentionally, there are such a small things like how can an individual forget wallet or a way to home. But after that after knowing the fact I prepared a chart that what I need to pursue to care with a patient, like fed them on time, so that they don't become angry, and increase the communication time, try to explore their thoughts, and give them such things that can be entertaining for them, and they would love to do the things. It was a nice experience with some complications but a patient is always needs to be emotional care, and that's what I did. The patient has a disease but he has strong will power, and that's what encouraged me, and to attached with them, with a confidence to care them try to over come their problems. I have to be careful about the medicine because there is no scope to forget the medicine, because if one time skipped that can be hazardous

Summary of case study

Throughout the case one thing has been understood that person centred approach is very much indispensable at health care association because it helps in focussing on needy people. It means, service provider always gives first priority to most requisite people instead of normal one because their main objective is to protect everyone from dangerous diseases. Hence, Alzheimer's is a life destroying illness that affects the normal life of an individual because person suffering from this problem are not able to perform their necessary functions such as; bathing, feeding and so on (Snape and et. al., 2014) Therefore, due to these kind of patients family members are also getting disturbed and need to be very attentive towards sufferer in order to protect them from any other accidents. In this case number of things get identified which helps in enhancing the knowledge about dangerous diseases. As it is useful to know about the various health problems in order to overcome it as soon as possible without wasting time in understanding it. According to given case study almost 520,000 people are encountering this issue from which 35% are old age and 10% are of normal age group. As a result they are not able to live their life appropriately because of lost of disturbances in brain and everyone knows that brain is major factor which directs individual towards corrective path way. Along with this, various medication is also identified by medical science for protecting individuals from several types of damages that may occurred at societal place (Krachler and Greer, 2015). Get marketing assignment help from our experts!

Hence, it has been understood that health care association like NHS is playing a very eminent role protecting people whomsoever are suffering from major health problem while running their life. Additionally, one more thing that is identified through this case study is that person can easily identified Alzheimer's by considering various major symptoms such as; mood swings of individual, forgetting words or ideas and so on. Apart from this, various authors and scholars are having major discussion on this subject area in order to bring suitable solutions for this most serious problem faced by common people specially old age people. At the same time, one this is also determine that appropriate method is not identified because experiments is not possible on old age people as their body is not having potentiality to face any major health issue.


From the above report it has been summarized that number of health issues are identified at societal place which may affects the life of common people. Thus, various association are involving in preventing community from distinct types of illness. However, this assignment was based on Alzheimer's disease that is faced by Mr. Thomas in last stage of life. It is also understood that this problem is occurred at the end of life and mostly after the age of 60. Main objective of this project is to bring awareness amongst society about various health issues in order to control it as soon as possible. Throughout the study it has been understood that human body requires lots of attention and care because fluctuation in various elements influence the growth. Although, report aids in understanding the drawbacks and damages that is faced due to Alzheimer's with the help of various examples.

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