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Facilitating Change in Health & Social Care

University: Regent College

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
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Question :

Some of the questions in the assessment are as follows:

  • What is Measuring the impact of recent changes on the organization?
Answer :


Change is the process of transforming organization from current state to desired one. For any corporation like health and social care, change is regarded as one of the most important aspect for their success. This is important because it is by complying with such type of efforts only effective services can be delivered by the organization to their respective customers. For the purpose to carry out this report, Royal United Hospital NHS Bath Trust is selected. It is a major acute hospital which is located in the Weston suburb of Bath (Royal United Hospital NHS Bath Trust, 2014). This report will depict about the factors that drives changes in health and social care services. In addition to this, the study will also provide detailed information regarding the principles that helps in bringing out any kind of changes within the enterprise.

Identifying the key factors that drives changes within organization

On analyzing the CQC (Care Quality Commission) reports of Royal United Hospital NHS Bath Trust, there are various key factors that drive various types of changes within enterprise. Among all, one of the most significant factors identified that need to bring changes within organization is related to high demand for the health and social care services. The demand of the Royal United Hospital is increases when some new diseases is being introduced. With an aim to deal with the demand of the service users organization has to brought varied changes in this existing system. This aspect affects organizations when they do not possess sufficient resources with respect to the increased demand of their patients. However, in order to deal out with such type of practices, it is being required by Royal United Hospital to carry out changes in its existing service management related policy in an effective manner. This is because if it is not done, then corporation’s goal of delivering high quality of services to their customers cannot be met by them in an efficient way (Munn-Giddings and Winter, 2013). If your seeking for assignment help in usa contact our experts now!

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In addition to this, introduction of new technology in the field of health and social care is regarded as another factor that drives changes within Royal United Hospital. For example, organization has decided to introduce robotic related services in their corporation with an aim to deal out with the patients that has been admitted in an emergency condition. In order to implement this function, Royal United Hospital has to carry out change in the existing knowledge and skills of their doctors. This is being performed through providing them an effective training with respect to same (Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust, 2014). Varying care needs of the people is regarded as another factor that forces organization in terms of carrying out various types of changes in an enterprise. From the CQC report of Royal United Hospital, it has been identified that organization provides an effective service to the patients that were admitted in the section of medical care. However, problem in this section arises when staffs were busy in the area such as medical admissions unit. It is because of their busy schedule only, an effective care of the patients, who have complex need, cannot be made by the Royal United Hospital in an effective manner (Grol, and et.al., 2013).

Further with this, occurrence of any new disease is regarded as another factor that drives changes within enterprise. With an aim to deal out with this situation, corporation is needed to carry out numerous types of variation in their existing services. It comprises of the following facilities such as recruitment of staff that are capable enough in dealing with new diseases along with introduction of new medical tools and equipments etc. (McCormack, Manley and Titchen, 2013). Overall, it can be said that by analyzing the key factor that drives changes within the enterprise, effective measures with respect to same can be taken by the managers of corporation such as Royal United Hospital. Besides this, in order to identify the factors that drive change within the organization the technique like PEST and SWOT analysis is being used. With the help of PEST analysis external factors that drives changes within the corporation can be identified. In the similar way, in order to assess the internal factor the technique like SWOT analysis can be used by Royal United Hospital. In this regard, external factors are explained as below:

  • Political:Introduction of new act or changes in the existing act influence the corporation to comply with the same. For example, if government of UK introduces some changes in the act such as Health and Social Care Act 2001. Then in this condition  Royal United Hospital has to direct its efforts in terms of carrying out changes in its organizational policies.   
  • Economic:Any kind changes in tax rate of the country influences the working of the  organization. For example, Royal United Hospital changes very low amount of money from the service user with respect to deliver its services. If the tax rate where it is functioning the operation has increased then in this condition it will have to carry out changes in existing price structure (King and et.al., 2014). For this purpose, it will have to bring changes in terms of eliminating its ineffective operation etc.    
  • Social:It include the factor like ageing population and minority ethnic community needs. For example, if the country where Royal United Hospital operates its operation possess majority of old age population then in this condition it will have to carry out changes in the existing operation. For example, if will have to install the new machinery and equipment in their hospital with an aim to support the old patients.    
  • Technological: The introduction of new technique with respect to maintain the data of the organization  also proposes varied type of changes. For example, Royal United Hospital has decided to install electronic record keeping system then in order to perform the same it will have to give training to their workers (Munn-Giddings and Winter, 2013). Generally employees resist such type of training because of their busy work schedule.   
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With the help of technique like SWOT analysis, internal factor identified that could bring change within hospital. It is of shared values. The working style of the organization largely depends on the value being followed by it. For example, the value is being followed by Royal United Hospital has changed then in this condition it will have to carry out changes in their work pattern also. This takes lots of time as well as money (Pbert, 2013). Further, with this SWOT analysis of the Royal United Hospital is being carried out.

Assessing the challenges that key factors brings to the health and social care services

There are various challenges that the identified key factors of change bring to the health and social care services of Royal United Hospital. The key factor like high demand of Royal United Hospital services brings several challenges to the service user, staff and organization. Staff faces the challenge relating to the management of patients’ admission and discharge. Besides this, because of the high demand of the services, users have to wait a lot for their chance which is being regarded as the major challenge for them. On the other hand, it is because of the presence of this factor only; organization has to take measures with respect to the management of motivation and satisfaction of their patients (Pbert, 2013). This can be performed by Royal United Hospital through taking the measure with respect to the waiting time of the patients in an effective manner. In order to bring this change within Royal United Hospital, first priority would be to understand the existing patient admission related management policies followed within the e

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