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English Language Style

University: Bucks New University

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about :

  • Discuss about the few tips and enhance their fluency in English.
  • Discuss about the Evaluation of English Language Style.
Answer :

Introduction to English Language 

In current scenario, English has become a global language. In some of the countries this language is now being used as the mother language. There are many reasons that have contributed in the rise of this language all across the world. In such a condition, it is very important for individual to utilize this language in a correct and an appropriate manner, both in written and spoken manner (Using English.com, 2008). While writing, Grammar is the foremost thing which must be kept in mind. As per my study, most of the time, there are articles and journals written just for the sake of writing. The proper use of grammar and punctuations are mostly missing. This affects the quality of what is been written. In this report, with the help of an online published article, we'll evaluate all the different grammatical pros and cons. The article is about the importance of English language in current scenario (Donovan, 2012).2 An Article on Importance of English Language We are all aware of the fact that we are living in a world of globalization. Interacting with the various economic is now very common for us. For this interaction, English has become a common language, and is used worldwide Assignment help.

The Universal language used now days is English. Most of the top worldwide universities now use English as one of the major subject. In terms of education and many other things, India is also competing with the other countries, and hence it is forced to maintain some global standards. In all these things, English is the foremost criteria in all the major fields, may it be a job, or studies in international universities. Without a strong base for English no university is going to entertain students, and no organization is going to select any candidate at international level. Even if the candidates are very knowledgeable, but does not possess a good command over English, they aware immediately rejected. Where ever we go, the first round is of self introduction, and the second round is of group discussion and then finally comes, the interview. If the candidate is not aware of the Basic English language, he is eliminated at the first round itself.

People have a misconception that learning English is a very tough job; however, this is not at all difficult. If taken admission in a right institute, where the major focus of the teacher is to impart best of the English knowledge in the student, make very easy to learn and understand English. Believe me, learning English is a fun. Yes, it is very true that one cannot learn English immediately; it totally depends on the current level of the person. If people starts learning English form the very starting, it will take a time of 4-5 months if for 2 hours, classes are held from Monday to Friday. Institute must teach good English. I really don't understand, that why people get scared of learning English.

People get scared of this language and hopeless just after trying for few days. They stop trying after taking admission in one or two institute, just because they are afraid. Actually, the major fact is that when a person wants to learn English he must first do a research on the institute he's joining to learn English. It is not at all necessary, that the person who can write good English can also speak good English. People must be aware of the fact, that there is a major difference between written and spoken English. So, while joining any English teaching institute, one must be very cautious about its motive. He must identify, that weather the institute is good at teaching spoken English or at Written English. There are many institutions for teaching good English; some are good at teaching written English while some are good at teaching spoken English. There are many institutes in Delhi, where one can learn how to speak fluent English. These institutes do their work carefully.Get marketing assignment help from our experts!

There are few tips which can help students to learn, and enhance their fluency in English. These tips are:

  • If a person is really interested in learning English, he must read fairy tales. Reading fairy tales will make the reader understand about the use of correct grammar and its importance in English language.
  • One shall read English jokes that are daily updated on various websites.
  • Maintaining a personal diary is one of the very effective tools that can help an individual to enhance its English knowledge.
  • To learn English, individual must watch English cartoons, movies and serials.
  • Watching daily news in English will help to improvise English to a great extent and by doing so one can also enhance his general knowledge.
  • While Talking to friends, or relatives, one should try to speak in English. Individuals can stand in front of the mirror and thing as if he is standing in front of a friend and then start speaking in English.
  • One may think in his own mind about what he has done until now, and what all are his future plans.
  • Believe me, writing, reading, watching, listening, and speaking 100% English will make an individual full of confidence and at the end he will start speaking in English. As we are talking about English, how can we forget about self confidence and personality development? If in case a person is good and very fluent in English, but does not possess a good personality, will his motive will be achieved. The answer is no. Hence, personality development program is very important with English. With good English, one must have a good personality, and carry knowledge about it. There is some institute which provides these types of personality courses free of cost with English teaching. The courses also include interview techniques with some minimum amount of cost, once the student is engaged with the English language style (Kumar, 2010).

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Evaluation of English Language Style: As per the above Article

In any of the language, use of different expression and styles are very appropriate. The use depends on the different situation. English is a very vat language, and if not used properly, it can change the entire meaning. When it comes to writing, the matter must be written in such a manner, that it is clearly understandable. There must be a proper use of all the punctuation at different place. There must be proper utilization of correct spellings, and at last, all the phrases and sentences must be properly addressed (Rivers, 2004).

Auxiliary Verbs

Auxiliary verbs are the verb, which are used forming the tenses, aspects, mood, and voice of the other verbs. In English the primary auxiliary verbs are have, be, will, and do. The model auxiliary verbs are could, can, might, may, must, should, shall, and would. Each of the primary auxiliary word is followed by some another verb, which is known as full verb, and from a question, a negative statement, a compound tense, or a passive voice (English leap.com, 2013).

The main verb together with the auxiliary verb makes a complete verb, known as verb Phrase.
For Examples: John might know the answer. She has been studying since morning.
There are two types of auxiliary verbs:

  • Time: Is, am, are, was, were, has, have, had, does, did, do, will, and shell.
  • For Example: Paul does his work carefully
  • He will come next month
  • Emphasis: Can, could, will, would, shall, should, may, might.
  • For Example: Tom should leave early.

He would never do this again.

In the above written article, there is a very good use of the most of the auxiliary verbs. Each sentence is properly addresses and one can clearly determine the effects and importance of auxiliary words in English written language style.

Some of the Example from the above written Article

  • One must think in his own mind about what he has done until now.
  • He must read fairy tales.
  • One shall read English jokes.
  • To learn English, individual must watch English cartoons, movies and serials
  • These institutes do their work very carefully.
  • One should try to speak in English.
  • Individuals can stand in front of the mirror and thing as if he is standing in front of a friend.
  • One may think in his own mind.
  • We are living in a world of globalization.
  • As we are talking about English,

Passive Voice

Passive voice is used in the case, when the main focus is on the action. In case of passive voice, the object of the active voice becomes the subject of passive voice. Here, the importance of object is more than subject (English Grammar 4u, 2012).

Some of the Example from the above written Article

  • The Universal language used now days is English.
  • Institute must teach good English.
  • Personality development program is very important with English.

Throughout the whole article, the main subject is English; however, there are some cases in which the main focus is made upon objects. In the first example, Universal language is the main focus, and English here becomes the secondary objective.

In second example, we were specifically speaking about the institute and hence, the subject English becomes less important.

In the third example, the importance of personality development program in English is evaluates, and hence, in this case, Personality development program is the main focus.

Nominal Post modification
In academics, most of the noun are followed or preceded by one or more phrases or words, known as modifiers. Modifiers are of two types: Post modifier and pre modifiers.

In some of the case, the noun has both pre and post modifier attached in the sentence. Use of post modification in the sentences make a writes more specific and the whole lot of information is summed up in limited number of sentences, and thus makes writing style more concise (Nordquist, 2013).

Post modifier further contains some nominal groups. For Example: He sleeps in a room upstairs. We want an appointment urgently.

Some of the Example from the above written Article

  • One cannot learn English immediately.
  • These institutes do their work carefully.

In the above examples, immediately, and carefully are the post modifier which are used after noun.


Coordination in English grammar is something that syntactic structure that links two or more elements together. These joining links are known as conjoins or conjuncts.In English Grammar there are 8 conjunctions which help in synchronizing a link between two words or sentences. These 8 conjuncts are for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so (Boundless, n.d).
Examples of synchronizing coordination between two sentences:

  • For: I go to the garden every day, for I love to watch the ducks in the lake.

  • And: I go to garden every day, and watch ducks in the lake.

  • Nor: I don't like ice cream, nor do I like chocolates.

  • But: I don't like ice cream, but I like eating chocolates.

  • Or: I'll go to the park tomorrow, or I'll come to your place.

  • Yet: I go to tuitions every day, yet I'm weak in mathematics.

  • So: He was not at his home when I went there, so I came back.

For coordination two or more sentences, there is always a use of comma. Coordination is a flexible method of syntax. Any given two sentences can be easily coordinated by the help of these 8 conjunctions (Hyper Grammar, n.d).

Even if the candidates are very knowledgeable, but do not possess a good command over English, they are immediately rejected. English has become a common language, and is used worldwide.

One may think in his own mind about what he has done until now, and what all are his future plans. A person is good and very fluent in English, but does not possess a good personality, will his motive be achieved. In the above four examples, we have tried to make a coordination between two independent sentence, and made one single sentence.

A Justification of the Writing Style

Aim of Choosing This Article

The main purpose of producing this exercise is to evaluate the need and importance of English language style. In point number 2 we have covered an article, which describes how important is English in the day to day life of an individual. Weather it may be a university or an organization, opportunities are first provided to the one with a good knowledge of English. The above article was taken from an online portal, named “Article Dashboard”. The title of the Article is “Importance of English Language.” In this article, the author has examined and evaluated all the basic and important points that will help an individual to possess a good knowledge of English. Further, the author has focused on the fat that learning good English is not the only point; with good English a person must have a good personality. All these things can be learned by the individuals by taking admission in some good English teaching institute (TKI, n.d).

Intended Audience

The main reason behind choosing this article was to address that person who does not possess a good English knowledge, and wants to learn good written as well as spoken English. The authors had intended those individuals, who want to learn English, but things that learning English is a very tough job, and cannot be eventually learned. This article will help all those individuals who want to be master in English. The only this is that, they must take care of some points that are mentioned in the Article. Identification of the best English teaching institute is very important. There are many institutes which teach good English within a span of 4-5 months. Besides that, to learn good English, individuals must get into the habit of using English in there day to day work (English Language, 2007).

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Language style used in the Article

In this Article, a key focus is made on the language and the grammar used. Use of proper grammar ad punctuations marks, such as, commas, semi colon, and colon, has been done very carefully. In this article, mainly there is use of four elements; auxiliary verbs, passive voice, nominal post modifiers, and coordination in sentences. These four elements are one of the most important and commonly used elements and enhance the written quality of any piece of writing in English (EcEuropea, 2012).

An Account of Linguistic Decisions Made and the Effect on Intended Audience, There were two linguistic decisions made for choosing this piece of writing.

  • The first decision made was the use of proper grammar and make the article very clean and clear for the intended audience. As the intended audience of this article was for the individuals who are not too good at English, it was necessary to use a language, which was very simple and clearly understood by the audience (Vachek, 2008).
  • The second decision was to make was to impart the importance of English in the people who wants to learn English and were really afraid of learning. There are many points covered in this article that will help individuals to learn good English, and hence make them fluent English. With good English, individuals can also develop a good personality with themselves.

Some relevant statement that make the aim of this Article clear

The piece of article provided was produce only for the purpose of building the self confidence of the people who are afraid of English and think that learning English is a very tough job. The aim of this article was not to comment on one. This article only tells that how a person can grow in his life by the use of good English (Wallwork, 2011).
By following some simple steps an individual can become masters in English. All he needs to do is the identification of the best English teaching institutes. Taking admission in institutes is not the end, to learn English individuals will have to adopt use of English in there day to day life (Murray, 2012).


By these pieces of exercise, we can conclude that English is very important language. It is very critical for countries to participation in the global economy successfully. It provides an access to knowledge, skills and employment opportunities. Also, it helps organizations to sustain and create links in international links. In today's competitive era, only those individual can successful grow, who are very fluent in written as well as spoken English. Priority in job is provided only to the individual who is good at English. When it comes to written English, there must be a correct use of grammar and spellings. Also, one must write in such a manner that it is clearly understood by the person who is reading.


  • Murray., 2012. Writing Essays in English Language and Linguistics: Principles, Tips and Strategies for Undergraduates. Cambridge University Press.
  • Rivers, D., 2004. Adding English: A Guide to Teaching in Multilingual Classrooms. Pippin Publishing Corporation.
  • Vachek, J., 2008. Written language: General problems and problems of English. Mouton.

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