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Research Report on Internal Thoughts Sample

University: Bradford College

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3146
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N/A
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Question :

This sample will let you know:

  • Discuss Research reflective Report on Internal Thought.
  • Discuss things learned from the MBA programmes.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Windward

Research reflective Report on on Internal Thought

A research reflection report is a report regarding the internal thoughts about the particular issue or topic under the study. Basically, it is referred as the self examination of the researcher about his work. A research project is a multifold task involving experimentation, data collection and analysis and many more. One can convey all the experiences, learning along with the barriers, which are being faced during the project .

Research Methods & processes

In this report, both primary and secondary data is used. Case study details have served the purpose of the primary data and for the secondary data, industry reports and statistics is used. The reason for taking the particular research methods was to make it simpler for the reader to understand and experience the practical way of doing a research .  This research methods aim to spot out the best alternates for Windward in order to overcome the existing issues. This will result in the enhanced effectiveness of client satisfaction. This study will enable us to recognize the challenges and their solutions faced by Windward in the RIA industry. Also, different means of dealing with these situations will be analyzed .

This research methods and tools are used for three reasons:

  • To have an insight of the RIA industry.  
  • To explore different alternatives of growth strategies for Windward.  
  • To identify the most suitable financing alternative for Windward in the existing situation.

By conducting this research, my understanding of the writing subject has tremendously increased. It has been a very useful and wonderful experience to conduct this research through the research methods .

This research contributed greatly in improving my knowledge not in the field of marketing but also in other subjects of study. Major topics researched under this report are of personal investors. Institutional investors, Investment management, the RIA industry, investment vehicles, mutual funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds, collective investment schemes, venture capital funds etc. it helped me analyzing how to start partnership with a big firm and focus on the institutional clients, Starting partnership with a big firm and concentrate on the existing niche i.e. high-net-worth individuals, the ways to Start partnership with 401(k) plan administrators and start partnership with a manager and outsource CIO services. While doing this research knowledge about this topic greatly increased.

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Further, I have gained in depth knowledge about Windward Investment Management, who is the major players in the industry. This research method also increases the knowledge about various aspects of carrying out research. Conducting a market research is a tedious task and requires lots of dedication and determination for perfect execution and achievement of the research objectives. Thus, this research has increased my awareness about various methods of research and how it is useful for the organizations. Data analysis has helps me in improving my analytical skills and also helped me in learning a great deal about Windward Investment Management. All of these learning from the research can better be used not only in the financial service sector industry but also in any company belonging to any industry and any corner of the globe.  This research has made me understood both the point view of the investors as well as the management .

Literature & Sources

Literature review is the method that offers theoretical input to addressing a given research topic.  It is mainly done with the in depth study of the secondary sources. This cannot be regarded as any sort of inventive experimental work; rather, it is done with the assistance of already existing and accessible sources. The literature review is planned in a well structured style through the insertion of the individual insights in the different literary sources. The most important theories or literature sources that are used to justify the research and the major project are as follows:

The meaning of investors by Khoury (1983) and Kaptan (2001) is explained in the report.

  • The difference between the Personal Investors and institutional investors is explained in the report by taking the views and theories of  Mejorada.
  • The literature reviews of Bernestein (2003), Haidar (2009), Travers,(2004) and Wagner and Rieves, (2009) on investment management has  helped in understanding the ways and aspects that has to be kept in mind for investing.
  • The RIA industry was understood by studying the views of Jeffrey, Goyal and Wahal (2007) and Condon, (2011).
  • The concept of Investment Vehicles was evaluated by the theories given by the New Zealand trade and enterprise (2012) and Brull (2006).
  • Index Funds concept was explained by the theories of Benaroch (2001).
  • Kelm, Narayanan and Pinches, (1995) views were explained in the report to understand the concept of Exchange-Traded Funds.  
  • Venture Capital Funds was explained by using the theories and views of Steier and Greenwood (1995) and Clark (1981).   
  • Mutual Fund is a common concept, but to have a more clear view the authors and experts like Bollen and Jeffrey (2005) and Wermers (2000) theories were evaluated.
  • 401 (k) plan the retirement savings account was understood by the views of various scholars like

All the essentials explored in the literature review are done with the help of scholarly journal, articles, textbooks and research papers by the scholars and experts of their particular field. These sources have proved very important and fundamental to the report work. Studying the views and theories of various scholars was very helpful and knowledgeable experience for me. This literature review has increased by knowledge extremely in the field of investment especially in Windward Investment Management.  It also helped me in understanding the various concepts of confidentiality within the investment procedures, information gathering process and how to manage the outline of an idea for the Windward Investment Management (Dr. VisokavičienÄ—, 2010).


This research project has been very knowledgably and wonderful experience for me. The key areas of the knowledge I have achieved from carrying out this project are as follows:

  • I gained my knowledge in the insight of the RIA industry which is going to be very beneficial for my future studies.  
  • It helped me to explore different alternatives of growth strategies and improvement for Windward.
  • It helped me understand and identify the most suitable financing alternative for Windward in the existing situation.
  • It helped me balance and understand time value and how to manage it, in order to work in a precise manner .
  • It helped me understand when the firm should go and when it should not for increasing client base strategy.
  • It helped me in understanding best suitable fund raising means for the organizations and firms.
  • It increased my knowledge in understanding the best suitable growth strategy that a firm or organization should adopt for sustaining future growth prospects.
  • It helped me in understanding and having deeper knowledge about Windward Investment Management.
  • It helped in broadening my vision in the field of investment for instant Windward is currently serving to the US populace and has a wide scope of entering into some other regions with greater growth prospects.
  • It has increased my knowledge in the methods of research tools and the way the research project should be carried out.
  • It has increased my confidence in carrying out further research projects in this field.
  • This research has helped me in interacting with various experts, which has increased my Knowledge as well as desire to work further under this topic.

Conducting this research has been very useful and knowledgeable experience for me. In the academic career conductance of this research work was quite exciting and has improved my learning. Doing this project has helped increasing my understanding about the importance of research and the methods that can be used for implementing the research plan. This project has increased by knowledge tremendously in understanding the Windward Investment Management .


MBA Program: The things learned from the MBA programmes are as follows:

  • It helped me in adopting a professional personality.
  • It increased and enhanced my communication skills and helped me in increasing my vocabulary in technical terms.
  • It helped me in increasing my confidence level as well as gave me exposure to the real world.
  • Helped me getting global opportunities and live in diverse culture environment, which helped me understand different ethics and values of different people.
  • It gave me an opportunity to deal with the corporate world.
  • It helped me understand many concepts not only theoretically but also practically.

Research Program: The research program helped me getting familiar with the different types of research tools that can be used in the research programs. It helped me get familiar with the different research methods. It helped increase my knowledge in both primary and secondary data. It helped me understand the case study and serve the purpose of the primary data. The industry reports and statics helped me understand how to evaluate and analyze the data. Due to the research is helped me to get some recommendation for the Windward Investment Management. This would not have been possible without the deep research carried out.

Major Project:  The major project has increased my understanding in the various concepts like personal investors, Institutional investors, Investment management, the RIA industry, investment vehicles, mutual funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds, collective investment schemes, venture capital funds etc. it helped me analyzing how to start partnership with a big firm and focus on the institutional clients, Starting partnership with a big firm and concentrate on the existing niche i.e. high-net-worth individuals, the ways to Start partnership with 401(k) plan administrators and start partnership with a manager and outsource CIO services. It has increased by knowledge in all this aspects and has helped in understanding the future trends of investment
Hence the entire three programmes MBA programme, research programme and the major project has helped in increasing the knowledge and helped in learning many aspects in many ways.

Critical Thinking and Ideas

Company Windward is growing at a fast speed and for future the same company is needed so company is trying to find new opportunities. As from a long time Windward industry has been concentrating on the niche market. Furthermore, for more development now company is trying to focus on the institutional investors .

For investment in any company the economic theory plays a main role. It suggests that the investment always needs a high degree of safety and the security of return with principal. And before investing in any company detailed identification must be done by the investor. In identification the objectives of company must be clear before investment as the risk tolerance capacity, liquidity, taxes, legal considerations etc. After investing the analysis says that in a company an investment manager plays a main role. He needs to understand the relations among the field of investment and economics offers as an establishment for making assessment in areas such as risk and return analysis, pricing and many others all  this plays a main role in management .

As RIA industry provides a suitable advice to the clients related to the investment is also a good strategy. Company always tries to attract the investors for the investment with new and innovative ideas for the growth of the company.  For attracting the investors a profit must always be given to them so the portfolio management should be very fully diversified as in bonds risk are less so some part must be secured in this. Then the number comes of mutual fund and ETFs. All the basic portfolio plans are for earning people but the 401(k) plan supports after the retirement of the person . In this plan a limited contribution is required then after the retirement money is given again. Moreover, the investment in this fund must be according to the future needs as in future the fund should be satisfied for the investors.

Windward Company can take five actions for development either it can do partnership with big company and focus on the institutional investors. As company will get a new market with big firm its capital and value will increase and the management responsibility will decrease so can easily concentrate on the new institutional investors. Company can also try to being with there niche investor after the partnership as their experience will help them to develop in the market. A new 401(k) plan also can support as company has to create the demand among the investors either in niche or in institutional by adding this fund in the portfolio. Company can find a new project also for the development.

But according to me company has to adopt the new 401(k) plan as it is new in market and will attract lots of people. Only the creating the demand among the investors is needed as it will go with niche as well as institutional investors also.

Professional Development

Time management and Planning Skills: Time management skills are the ability of recognizing and solving the time managing problem. This skill develops the schedule management of the research. Scheduling is managing the time of each and every aspect of the work. Planning skills generates a planning ability of the person. In these skills the planning and arrangement of each and every work in a fixed scheduled time is done .

Financial Management Skills: The research increases the money management skills as how to manage money and even the portfolio of the person. It generates the ability of creating the budget and how to meet the requirements in fixed money. It also increases the ability of saving the receipts of every purchase for the research as at last the full calculation surprised me about spending (Fabozzi, 1999).

Communication Skills: It also increases my communication skills, as now it is possible for me to share my thoughts with the confidence. And now is become possible for me to know about my thoughts for finding the goal. It also gives me power to influence and encourage others. Moreover, I learned how to affectively listen the other person.

Organization Skills: Organize work helps a person to get success in a less time. It became possible for me to discover my organization skills. As if the person has less resources but by a good organization and without wasting the time he /she can easily find its goal. Now, I frame each and every work and then start doing it.

Continues Self- Development Skills: It is one the best learning I learned that for ourselves development continues learning is required and that can only developed by accepting the self development skills. In this evaluation of our work become possible. Now the focusing towards the goal ability is increased in me.

Presenting Skills: A Presentation is a speedy and potentially successful method of getting stuff done through other people. In managing any job, presentations are used as a proper method for planning, monitoring and result. So after generating a presentation skill it helps me to find the researcher for the research .

These all are the skills which are generated in me as in a research after facing so many barriers it become possible for me to get good results because of only this skills.


Objectives are the end results for which a person or any system wish to attain in a given timeframe and with the available resources. MBA program aims to offer the knowledge and skills required for becoming a successful manager. It has a wide base with integrated subject knowledge for career advancement rather than being a technical training for a specific job. The objectives of this program for a student are to attain the foundations in content and competencies, which will support him/her for developing as effective managers.

All through the major research project (MRP), many career objectives along with the case objectives have been attained. This MRP has included the decision making for identifying the best alternates for Windward in order to overcome the existing issues. In the course of this project, the career responsibilities of a consultant and the working style for attaining the client satisfaction have also been observed. It has resulted in better effectiveness of wider thinking and problem solving attitude.

Also, this study has demonstrated the challenges and their solutions faced by Windward in the RIA industry, which has added in the professional objectives. This MRP has been structured for attaining 3 research objectives. 1st objective is to have an insight of the RIA industry. 2nd research objective is to explore different alternatives of growth strategies with Windward. Last but certainly not the least the 3rd objective is to identify the most suitable financing alternative for Windward in the existing situation. This entire project will aid in realizing the objective of knowledge attainment for the investment management industry and a running and strategic management of a business.


This project has provided a new prospect for thinking and managing things. The present study has been an awful and versatile experience. The conductance of this study has been a stimulating and aiding course. All through this study, understanding about the US RIA industry and investment management business has been groomed. It has been interesting to read about various literatures associated with the project. Innovative products of the industry have kept my interest in the study.


  • Benaroch, M., 2001. Option based management of technology investment risk. Syracuse University.
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  • Dr. VisokavičienÄ—, B., 2010. Investment management: theoretical and practical aspects. Department of Economic Policy Vilnius University. 89(4)
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