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Mentoring and Career Development

University: University of London

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  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
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Question :

This sample will let you know:

  • Evaluate the extent to which mentoring is an effective approach.
  • Role of Leadership and management play a significant role.
Answer :



Critically evaluate the extent to which mentoring is an effective approach to address the management development challenges in the UK Hospitality industry.

Hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world. The demand for hospitality services is continuously increasing within market with creating wide gap in the economy. Countries are developing its operations in order to meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers within market (Harrison, 2011). Travel and tourism sector has developed a strong market position in the highly competitive economy. Global economic framework and increasing rate of international trade has enhanced the intentional visitors in UK. These activities have helped in the growth and development of hotels highly. This sector focuses on providing variety of services to visitors both local and international level (De Vos, De Hauw and Van der Heijden, 2011). The demand for quality services and high consumer satisfaction is increasing continuously within market.

Present report will develop a clear insight hotel services which are demanded by the consumers. Hospitality industry represents effective services by the host for its guests in order to deliver highly effective services which may help in delivering memorable experience for the guests. Current study will analyze the services of Hilton Hotels and resorts in order to analyze the consumer services that the hotel provides for consumer satisfaction. Moreover, the report will significantly evaluate the role of human resources in delivering valuable services to the guests and the way in which employees of company are trained and developed to attain high rate of consumer satisfaction.

Leadership and management play a significant role in creating a wide and effective impact on the organizational growth and development programs. Current competition in the market poses wide challenges for the organizations and creates an effective impact on the organizational development plans (Noe and et.al., 2014). Companies adopt various training and development programs to train its employees for effective performance and enhancing productivity. However, only few organizations are able to attain the desired results for company. Present report will seek the impact of management development programs on the performance of Hilton hotel and the way in which organization uses mentoring program for the growth and development of employees and leadership as well. It will also focus on evaluating different types of mentoring programs that company adopts to develop leadership (Kraimer and et.al., 2011).  The challenges posed to company for the growth and development of the firm will help in learning the practical impact of mentoring programs for enterprise.

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According to The British Charted Institute of personnel and development popularity of coaching strategy helps the business units in developing wide measures for the growth and prosperity of business (Murphy, 2011). The popularity of these measures is continuously growing as it helps business firms in creating a wide impact on the growth of employees. Coaching is a flexible approach for employees of Hilton hotel as it helps in creating a wide impact on their development. It easily adjust to the schedule of participants thus creates a great impact on time management measures. This is an effective measure of off the job training as well which helps employees in creating effective motivation and growth prospects within organization. Moreover, fewer participants for the process makes the strategy viable for the firm in terms of time and cost resources (BlakeBeard and et.al., 2011). However, the success of method is not assured until the participation and learning level of the participant is not definitely checked by the leaders. Thus, organizations critically determine the growth and success of these strategies in this harshly competitive environment.

The popularity of model according to Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell (2013) has increased in the current business environment because competent employees are crucial and the most significant requirements of hospitality industry. Management of Hilton hotel regularly faces contingent situations. Thus, developing management and preparing them for the enhancing skills and abilities to deal with such situations in this competitive environment is the major aim of entity. Mentoring and coaching is the method where the performance of employees is evaluated closely to train and develop them for the adverse situations. This results in effective development of employees and thus, in enhancing leadership, communication and strategic growth of business (Garvey, Stokes and Megginson, 2014). This has helped the Hilton group in creating competitive advantage in the market by developing well trained team of employees and leaders as well.

Top management of Hilton hotel realized the need of one to one attention need for management representatives as increasing competition in the market is posing high level of threat for the unit. This helped the organization in preparing the workforce to face the adverse situations. Moreover, coaching measures help the employees in developing an effective platform to discuss the issues that they face and prospective solution can be attained for the same. Moreover, this measure has helped the employees in developing high level of trust and loyalty within employees (Cummings and Worley, 2014). In addition to this, mentoring and coaching is an effective tool for motivating the employees as it creates a wide impact on employee's growth and career development issues. It helps them in enhancing their confidence for the growth of business within market and in developing a wide impact on the overall business development.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, the strategy of coaching and development helps the business in creating an effective impact on employee's management and growth within market. Hilton Hotel adopts the measures of training as it helps in developing the performance and potential of employees within market (Shaffer and et.al., 2012). These different aims require different styles, objectives and duration of interventions. For example, skills development with its more finite goals would require a more ‘authoritative' intervention that is associated with coaching whereas personal development would require a more non-directive mentoring approach.

For choosing the most effective style of employee development, mentors in Hilton hotel adopts CORE (Context, objective, relationship and experience) model of coaching. The model considers the context of mentoring. It deals with analyzing about the training in terms that what will there in it and what the mentee must learn from training. This may consider finite or nonfinite goals, skills or growth prospects, etc. (Thompson, Wolf and Sabatine, 2012). Next part of the model seeks objectives of learner which focuses on analyzing the needs and requirements of employees and evaluating the employee's need for developing a competitive edge within market. The model keenly considers the requirements of learner in terms of motivational measures. The model also considers the relationship factors for employees as it plays a significant role in enhancing the behavioral factors for the growth of employees. Relationship factors help in developing a positive relationship with the learners thus, creating minimizing the situation of ego clashes and negative perception. This helps the mentor in creating highly effective measures of growth and development (Vuori, Toppinen-Tanner and Mutanen, 2012). Hence, the model has helped company in creating a wide and effective impact on the management development issues.Get Best assignment help.

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Apart for all the above impacts, the methods of coaching and mentoring have the contrary impact on organizations too. One attention demands high investment in terms of cost and time requirements for the firm. The management has to develop effective ways of creating positive growth within company by implementing this process. Moreover, learning is a lifetime activity. Coaching and mentoring helps the employees in developing a zeal for learning however, the organization has to wisely choose approaches in order to create effective growth measures (De Vos, De Hauw and Van der Heijden, 2011). This people centrist approach has to consider the critical measures of growth of employees as it demand exclusive ways and measures for learning.

According to Hartmann, Feisel and Schober, (2010), leadership is an art and science of influencing people towards attaining the organizational objectives. It helps in creating wide impact on the organizational productivity and quality of production of services that are rendered by employees. Effective leaders help in creating better and effective results for company hence, management development challenges are one of the most essential programs that are considered by the firms for enhancing the organizational growth and development (Challenges of Management Development, 2015). Coaching and mentoring are popular capacity-building tools, especially in the area of leadership development. They are often mentioned in development programs as the key elements of good capacity-building practice (How to Use Mentoring in Your Workplace, 2015). Hilton hotel uses this tool wisely to enhance the growth and development of company in this fierce competitive market.

On the basis of above study, it can be clearly determined that coaching helps the employees of Hilton hotel in creating a competitive edge within market. This people centric approach has helped the business in creating a wide impact on the overall growth of employees. This approach seeks to deliver both formal and informal learning measures for the management in order to attain the resulted oriented growth within market. Apart from the investment in the process, it is significantly high as it demands both cost and time resources (Harrison, 2011). Hilton invests in the same as this measure helps in creating revolutionary changes within industry by infusing high measures of motivation and development or employees. Hence, it can be concluded from the study that wise investment in the approach helps business in creating high impact on employee's development and growth. Coaching and mentoring methods has helped Hilton hotel in developing high chances to succeed in the competitive world.

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