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Lead Personal And Strategic Transformation

University: Newton College

  • Unit No: 18
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 19 / Words 4716
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BSBLDR801
  • Downloads: 379
Question :

Some of the questions in the assessment are as follows:

  • Describe leadership styles.
  • What is Personal development methodology?
  • Explain what you understand by organisational change or transformation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


Effective leadership is vital in delivering quality health and social care services to patients. Collaborative efforts enhance service provision, ensuring patients receive necessary care. Sustaining communication between patients and healthcare experts is essential, supported by specific rules and procedures that professionals can follow. Incorporating these practices helps meet patient needs and demands, allowing experts to provide efficient and highly satisfactory services.

Dictatorial style

Dictatorial leadership focus on the decisions taken by manager or leaders. Dictatorial leader will have to take their own decision on the basis of moral code (Guluta and Rusu, 2016). This will lead to reduce the impact of mistake and effective decision making for company. Dictatorial style will increase the productivity and performance of organisation by quick decisions. For example conflict management station and performance management situation


Autocraticrefers to style of management in which leaders or managers have full control over decision. In autocratic style employees has less or no power to take important decisions as well as share ideas with top authority. In this form of leadership and management style, one person has right to control business activities and it includes very less inputs from other members of the group. Autocratic style of management is very effective in order to take quick or effective decisions for growth of business. For example high turnover issues and decrease in performance of employees Want to get Assignment help? Talk Our Expert Now!

Democratic leadership style

Democratic leadership style can be describing as way which includes free flow of ideas within organisation. In this type of leadership style leader consider the view points as well as ideas of employees to take better and effective decision for organisation (Bosiok, 2013). Organisation which follow democratic style have better and strong relationship with employees. Democratic style is also known as participative style and in this leads as well as manager also take equal part with employees performance. For example lack of communicate issues and enhancing organisational productivity.

Consultative leadership style

In this type of leadership, leaders take consideration of few people in order to take organisational decision as well as resolve issues. Consultative style is considered as adapt for taking best decision in possible manner. Leaders will consider opinions of subordinates to perform well and enhance business practices. For example development of employees and culture changes.

2. Personal development methodology

Personal development methodology can be describe as process in which will lead to increase the skills as well as capabilities of a persons (Aguinis and Bradley, 2014). This is a proper plan that is beneficial for organisation and its employees in order to enhance overall performance. Personal development methodology includes is a framework that consist of series of steps.

  • Analysing needs - This is the first step in which person needs to identity the needs of improvements.
  • Identifying issues - It is essential to identify as well as evaluate the issues that is affecting the performance of an individual.
  • Prioritize values - Once needs and issues has been identified it is important to prioritize the values of person in order to take effective decisions.
  • Determine outcomes - Set outcome needs to be identified so that person can perform task in appropriate manner.
  • Planning - In this proper plan needs to be developed and on the basis of this all activities of personal development will be conducted.
  • Implementation of plan - Execution of all task and activities that is developed in a plan in order to accomplish set objectives as well as outcomes.
  • Assess performance - Actual performance of person needs to be compare with the set outcomes.
  • Adjustments - In this step individual needs to adjust the actual performance in order to enhance overall performance.
  • Appreciation - It is necessary for organisation to appreciate the good work done by employees as this will help in development of strong relationship with them.
  • Rewards achievement - By providing rewards to employees, organisation will be able to motivate them as well as encourage them to enhance their performance.

3. Techniques used to collect data when evaluating business opportunities

There are various methods that could be used by organisation in order to collect data for taking better decisions. Data that is collected from different sources will help in determine the actual position of organisation as well as identifying opportunities for business in market area. Different techniques for data collection is mention below in detail.

  • Market size - This is considered as one of the effective techniques that will help company to take better decision for organisational growth. By determining the actual market size business will be able to identify better strategies for their firm as well as can grab different market opportunities. Market size refers to the area in which company is providing its services.
  • Relationship - It is very important for company to develop better and effective relationship with its customers. This will help in attracting more and more customers towards business as well as enhance overall performance of organisation. By determining the relationship of company with its customer's, organisation will be able to collect appropriate information about their potential customers.
  • Competitors analysis - Company will be able to identify its current market position and different opportunities in market by analysing other rival of the company. By determining the product and services offer by competitors, business can grab several opportunities.

4. What does PEST analysis stand for? 

PEST analysis stands as effective business tool that includes different external factors such as political, social, economic and technological that will have impact on business and its operations (Sammut and Galea, 2015). It is process which help in scanning the external environment and its factors are mention below.

  • Political factor - This includes different set of rules that is developed by government. Political factor consists of regulations, trade restrictions, taxation, stability as well as instability of government policies.
  • Economical factor - It consist of overall economic condition of country and it has significant impact over the performance of company. Economical factor includes seasonal factors, international exchange, consumer disposable, inflation rates and so on.
  • Social factor - There are several social factors such as attitude, behaviour, perception of a customer. This will have effect on sales as well as profits of the company.
  • Technological factor - This factors consist of new and innovative technology that will have influence on performance of company. It is important for company to use advance technology in its business process in order to achieve set goals.Worried for Leadership Essay Writing Service? Get our experts Help Now!

5. Explain emotional intelligence and its relationship to individual and team effectiveness

Emotional intelligence can be describe as the capabilities of person that helps in managing their own emotions as well as of others (Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee, 2013). This is very important skill of person that support in effective leadership. Emotional intelligence includes five elements such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social skills and empathy. This will lead to have strong relationship with individual and team effectiveness.

Emotional intelligence will help in enhancing the overall performance of employees as well as team. It has been determined that leaders will be able to develop better relation with team and employees by managing their emotions. Empathy towards individual and team member will help in building strong relationship with others. Social skill of leaders will help in motivating employees as well as encouraging them to perform better.

6. Explain what you understand by organisational change or transformation

Organisational changes or transformation can be describe as the variations in business process and its functions. It is very important for company to changes and modify functions in organisation in order to enhance overall performance of an individual. Changes in organisation can lead to transform business and accomplishment of desired goals and objectives.

7. Describe the six stages of change according to the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) of change.

Transtheoretical Model refers as a process which is helpful in effective implementation of changes within organisation. It consists of six different stages which is mention below in detail.

  • Precontemplation - In this stage of change employees are not ready and they do not intend to take actions. This is very first stage of executing changes in organisation as well as take actions for future growth (Prochaska, Redding. and Evers, 2015). It consist of multiple unsuccessful attempts to make changes in organisation. In order to successful execute changes, company needs to develop better and effective strategies such as employee motivation and explaining important of change that will lead to growth and develop organisation. Motivation strategy will be more effective.
  • Contemplation - At this stages employees of organisation is getting ready for adopting changes. Contemplation stages of organisational changes lead to provide more awareness about the changes as well as its pros. For successful implementation of strategies company need to enhance the awareness about changes and explain the various advantages company can get by following changes. Providing benefits will be more suitable for company.
  • Preparation - This stage refers as the ready stage in which employee is ready to implementing changes in organisation. Preparation stage of changes will lead to increase the overall values as well as performance of employees so that they can perform different task and activities in required manner. It is significant for company to communicate all aspects and requirements of company in effective manner so that employees are well prepared by organisational changes. Analysis of different factors strategies will be better for company to implement changes in this step.
  • Action - Once employees are prepared about to follow as well as implement changes in organisation, it is important to develop better and effective plan for conducting action. In action stage of changes in organisation, company needs to actually implement changes in business process so that desired goals could be accomplished.
  • Maintenance - In this step company needs to maintain that implemented changes for the longer time durations. This step of organisational change process in mention as this will help in enhance the performance of employees (Clark, 2013). At this step employee will be more confident while working with the implemented changes in organisation.
  • Termination - This is the last stages of change model and in this employees do have any desire to reach to unhealthy behaviour. Employees of organisation is more tend to be in maintenance stage as well as analysed the importance of changes within company. Termination stage of change model is considered as the healthy promotion of change program.

8. Why do organisational structures change?

Organisational structure can be describe as the changes in organisation that will lead to have impact on flow of communication with in organisation. It has been determined that organisational structure play crucial role in overall growth and development of company. There are various reasons which lead to change organisation structure of company (Whitley and Glaser, 2014). The major reason for changes in an organisational structure is implementation changes in business process, full fill performance gap of employees. It has been analysed that competitive market place will be affected by the organisational design. For example, changes in market environment due to introduction of new products and service by rival company will lead to have direct influence on performance of company. Functional organisational structure will be more suitable for company as well as help in adopting changes very quickly.

State the mission, purpose and values

IBM is a well established company that is providing its products and services in order to meet with customers requirement.

  • Mission- It's mission is to be the leading information technology company by creating as well as developing most advance products.
  • Purpose - The aim purpose of IBM company is to be the top player in the global market business as well as maintain its position for solving problems of customers.
  • Values - The core value of IBM is to offer valuable product and services to customers. In order to enhance and build strong customer relationship.

Organisation's objectives, plans and strategies.

It is very important for company to develop an smart objective that will lead to growth and development of organisation (Stone and Stone, 2013). This company is performing its business operation in different part of plan so it is essential to enhance the skills and capabilities of employees. Objective, plan and strategies in respect to IBM company is mention below. Take Assignment Samples Now!

Objective - To conduct staff learning and development program in order to increase their potential and skills with in 6 months.

Plan - It is essential for IBM company to develop an strong plan for enhancing staff learning as well as development. This company needs to identify as well as analyse the needs and requirement of improvement in customers. On the basis of needs respective company will develop further program of staff learning and development. This plan includes analysis and evaluating actual improvement in staff performance.

Strategies - This company is focusing on enhancing employee engagement in order to develop their skills. With the help of this strategy, employees of respective company will be able to contribute their ideas in business process. This will directly lead to improve learning and skills of staff members.

Determine and discuss the commonwealth and state legislative and regulatory.

It is important for IBM company to follow all rule and regulation that is set by government for smooth functioning of organisation.

Commonwealth legislation

This includes ethical concern and it is developed with the response of community development. Commonwealth legislation was developed in 2006 and includes Prohibition of human cloning as well as regulations of human embryo research amendments act.

State and territory legislation

This was developed by Council of Australian Government in 2002 and motive of introducing nationally consistent legislation. This focus on banning of human cloning practices as well as unacceptable practices in order to excess ART embryos.

Research and analyses of information.

Professional competence - This includes technical skills, emotional vales as well as knowledge to perform task and activities in better or effective manner.

Personal development objectives and priorities- It has been determined that respective company needs to focus in improving the performance of employees. Individual and team productivity can be consider as objective and priorities.

Ability to role model - Role model of this company needs to have positive attitude and confident towards their work and performance.

Ability to build an effective organisational and workplace culture- It require capabilities to have clear idea and values of organisation in order to enhance culture of workplace (Redmond and et.al., 2015). It is important to foster collaboration and communication with in organisation.

Operational accountabilities and responsibilities- It is responsibility of organisation to set a clear role of each and every employees. This will lead to reduce the conflicts from business and accomplishment of objectives.

Compare the results of your self-assessment of skills and attributes with the qualities and competence requirements for a leader in the VET industry

It is very important to compare the skills and attributes of VET industry leaders in order to enhance the performance (Le, 2015). There are various set of skills required by leaders in order to enhance the overall productivity of employees. Different skills and attributes of leaders in VET industry is mention below.

  • Provide vision - It is role of leader to provide proper vision to its employees. The visions that is set by VET leaders will be consider as a framework for employees and helps in performing task in better manner.
  • Role model - Leaders are consider as role model as they are able to provide better solution to business problems. Role model have positive attitude which is helpful in encouraging as well as influence performance of employees.
  • Inspire and motivate - Leaders must have skill and capabilities to inspire and motivate its employees. This capabilities of VET leaders will help in conducting task in better and effective manner. This is helpful in accomplishing set goals.
  • Time management - It has been determined that leaders of VET industry has have time management skills and capabilities. This skill of leaders will support in timely completion of task and activities in order to attain set goals.
  • Empathy - VET industry leaders have empathy towards its employees. This is helpful in developing strong relationship with staff members. It has been determined that empathy will help in enhancing performance of employees of organisation.

On the basis of above research it has been analysed that there are different skill set needed by leaders. All of the above mention skills are helpful in managing the overall performance of employees and improve their skills. I have compare my personal skills with the capabilities of VET leaders. In this I have determined that there are various skills that I need to improve in order to become an effective leader. I have analysed that role model skills, time management and empathy skill are my strength that will support in performance leadership task in better manner.

Identify two strategies you will use to create an organisational climate.

Employee engagement strategies will be very effective for allowing staff members to give constructive feedback. This strategies will lead to develop better relationship between employees and organisation.

Positive organisation culture strategies will lead to encouraging the employees to consider feedback with open mind. This will support in motivating them performance better and enhance performance by given feedback.

Develop a personal development plan




Communication skills

Use different set of communication methods in order to communicate effectively.

3 Months


Identify and analysing employees needs to motive them.

5 Months

Interpersonal skill

Develop better relationship with employees and resolve their issues.

6 Months

What will be the impact of this development?

Development will lead to have major impact n business as well as its employees. It is very important for company to develop its business process and functions (Cummings and Worley, 2014). It has been determined that development will help in achieving desired objectives. Development process of company will affect employees as they are responsible for conducting different task of organisation.Get online coursework help from our experts!

Organisation needs to develop strong strategies that will help in meeting with challenges. It is very difficult for company to implement a proper development process so it is essential that organisation is analysing its needs and wants in order to successful implement development.

What leadership styles are required for the situation?

It has been analysed that transformation leadership style will be more effective for growth and development of organisation. Transformation leadership will help in transforming as well as converting skills and potential of employees in such a manner that respective company could active set goals.

What is the role of the leader in managing organisational change?

Leaders play crucial role in managing organisation changes as well as achieving desired outcomes (Brazier, 2014). Leaders focus on setting clear and specific vision for employees so that they can focus on their work and performance. Role of leader includes motivating as well as influencing employees so that they can achieve desired goals of organisation.

What actions / behaviours/ changes are required of the staff/team to cope with the change?

It is important that staff member have positive behaviours towards adopting changes. When employees and staff member have required capabilities to cope up with changes and adopt changes. This will support in achieving various opportunities of market as well as enhance performance of employees.

What new knowledge, skills and capabilities are required to meet the challenge?

It is significant for organisation and its employees have required skills, knowledge and capabilities in order to resolve the challenges that is faced by respective company. Employees needs to have technical knowledge so that they can easily adopt the changes related to technology and develop performance. Leaning skills and capability of employees will be very supportive is dealing with the challenges that is faced by organisation.

What timelines need to be considered?

For successful implementation of changes as well as overcomes challenges respective company will required time frame of 6 months. This will be sufficient time to conduct all activities and successful achievement of set goals (Mayer, Orlandini and Umbrico,2016).

What material resources are required?

There are several resources that will be required by organisation to transform business activities in effective manner. The major resources that is necessary for IBM company is highly talented employees. Infrastructure and technology of organisation will support in smooth conducting of business task and timely achievement of set targeted

What organisational capabilities are required?

Organisation capabilities includes all those factors that is helpful in successful implementation of changes and development of business (Sharma, Conduit and Hill, 2014). It is significant that IBM company has requirement capabilities such as talented or knowledgeable workforce, strong customer relationship as well as competitive advantages over other rival companies.

What are the organisation's current strategic plans and values?

Organisational current strategies plan includes complete focus in employee. IBM company wants to enhance the relationship of employees with organisation in order to engagement employees with business task.

What direction/s is the organisation heading towards?

This organisation is heading towards development of employees for their personal as well as professional growth. This will support in improving their performance and help company in gaining competitive advantages

What will be the key benefits of the PD program for training staff?

PD program developed by company for training staff will support in identifying requirement of employees what needs to be developed. Though this company will be able to determine specific areas of development.

How can you share this direction with people and encourage them to participate?

Direction can be share by effective communication and this will support in encouraging them to participate with business task. Respective company can use different communication methods in order to direct properly.

How the organisational change will impact on the task, technology, people, and/or structure

Changes in organisation will lead to implementation of new and advance technology and improving the efficiency of employees to conduct task. Organisational changes will lead to improve capabilities of people and adoption of new structure.

Description of the potential forces for and against change

Potential forces of change will lead to have impact on modification and changes in organisation (PrediÅŸcan and Roiban, 2014). Potential force such as external factors will lead to increase uncertainty in business. This force can work against as changes in respective company.

Role of leadership in managing the change and building an effective workplace culture

Leaders will focus on developing better relationship with employees which will help in managing changes with organisation. Leader's role is to influence employees and this will help in creating positive and effective culture of workplace.

Identify the most appropriate leadership style

It has been determined that transformational leadership style will be most effective for this company and support in learning or development of staff members.

Identify measures to manage the resistance to change

There are different measures that will support in managing the resistance to changes. This company needs to identify the root that is causing resistance to changes in organisation.

Describe how communication and learning solutions can reduce or eliminate problems and risks

Communication and learning solutions would lead to make smart decisions in order to reduce problems in IBM and would result in effective information flow for dealing with problems.

Process to develop effective communication and learning solutions to reduce or eliminate problems

This company needs to use effective communication process which includes proper understanding of message and receiving proper feedback (Austin and Pinkleton, 2015). Learning solution such as training though different methods will help in reducing problems.

Identify one formal and one informal learning opportunity for the team.

Formal learning approach for team is action learning which includes learning through individuals. An informal learning opportunity include seminars and guest speakers.

Identify one communication solution for all team members throughout the operational change process

In operational process of IBM is active listening as it would be beneficial for all team members.


From the aforementioned study, it can be inferred that effective leadership is crucial to the delivery of health and social care services to patients. This could also be accomplished through collaborative efforts that are generally beneficial in giving patients the services they need. Consequently, they may easily sustain communication between patients and healthcare experts thanks to this. Specific rules and procedures that professionals might follow can help them provide better care and services. In order to properly meet the requirements and demands of the patients and deliver treatment, this must be incorporated into their practices. This enables the expert to provide their patients with efficient services that greatly please them.

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