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Criminology Topic - The Science of Crime and Criminals

University: University of Northampton Faculty of Business and Law

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: CRI1007
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Question :
This sample consists of the answers of these questions:
  • Explain different criminal behavior.
  • Elaborate the criminal theories and nature.
Answer :
Organization Selected : National institute on Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism


Alcohol is usually motivating and encourages others to do in a range of violence or aggression by creating hindrances in the function of the brain and disrupting the central nervous system in various ways which may create a tendency among the individual to commit any crime. In this, several assumptions show that alcohol usually reduces and weakens the brain mechanism that normally restrains impulsive behavior which mainly includes the aspect of aggression. Whereas, there are various types of studies used to explore the connection which is associated between alcohol and violent crime. There is a recent study which shows that drinking offender who commits crimes about 15 percent and 26 percent is enhanced with simple assaults and 37 percent of rapes and sexual assaults is also raised. In this report, the questionnaire is analyzed with the proper justification and by using the appropriate method.


According to the National Institute on alcohol abuse and Alcoholism, the 11 million victims of violent crime are usually involved with each other due to the overconsumption of alcohol. Among the attack which usually shows the aspect of crime is firmly intimate partner of the victim two out of three of the offenders have been observed under the influence of drinking before the attack. In this, alcohol-related crime or violence shows the aspect of a complex interaction between the individual and the environmental factor that helps to promote or inhibit violence. However, they have numerous findings from the numerous studies that they are implicated with several variables which mainly include personality factors, individual expectation, situational elements, and the influence which is based on the socio-cultural aspect. It may create an interaction with the alcohol on the pharmacologic effects. Regarding the victim of alcohol linked with violence which has been investigated risk factor which is based on becoming a victim and has examined whether alcohol consumption by the victims.

Alcohol consumption may promote aggression in the individual because people know to make expectations according to it. Moreover, it is making proper understanding with the example using the real and mock alcoholic beverage show that they are people who used to believe that they are consumed alcohol begin to act that is more aggressive, regards them regardless of the beverage that they consumed. However, alcohol-related expectations enhance the level of aggression.

Alcohol usually affects aggression because it usually provokes various emotional responses from different people. To understand the aggression which is caused due by alcohol with the help of an example, it can make some people sad and sometimes it's followed the factor of angriness. In this, it is a natural tendency to be angry, and while drinking alcohol main cause is to initiate the factor of aggressiveness. Various cognitive, neurobiological, and social factors may influence brain functions due to the consumption of alcohol and the condition of aggressiveness. The effect of alcohol may also be due to the effect of neuroinflammation defined as a situation made because of the effect of heavy alcohol consumption on the microbiome and nutrition. Moreover, there is various research that indicates that Omega 3 fatty acids are deficient in people with alcoholism and this is associated with the reason of violence.


The method is usually focused on the different types of search strategy which provides the aspect for the collection of data in the appropriate way. In this, the questionnaire method is used to select to collect the data. Moreover, several strategies are used in research for the collection of information or the data which mainly include surveys, questionnaires, experiments, archival research, ethnography, and many more. Whereas, the questionnaire provides an aspect that shows significance to collecting the data with proper analysis


1: Have you used alcohol other than to reduce stress?

2: Do you consume alcohol three times a day?

3: Do you consume alcohol above your capacity?

4: Have you lost your friends and family due to the habit of alcohol?

5: Have you neglected your family because of the use of alcohol?

6: Have you lost your job due to excessive drinking of alcohol at the workplace?

7: Have you ever hit any person due to excessive consumption of alcohol?

8: Have you ever engaged with the legal issue due to violence while consuming alcohol?

9: Have you ever had a fight under the influence after the consumption of alcohol?

10: Have you ever been involved in activities that work as treatment programs to withdraw from consumption of alcohol?

These all questionnaire helps to retrieve the data from the people to know their view which works data collection method. Moreover, the questionnaire focuses on the day-to-day activity which is usually happening by an individual with consumption of the drug.


The questionnaires are selected based on individuals who usually drink alcohol and behave in such a pattern which may create issues with their decision. Moreover, the aforementioned literature provides evidence regarding the questionnaires because the literature provides a detailed configuration about alcohol and violence. In this, a questionnaire is used to focus on the issues that are usually associated with the individual when they have indulged will the excessive consumption of alcohol. However, the questionnaires are usually associated with legal issues or fights which is taken by the individual in the influence of alcohol. As per the literature review, it is analyzed that the excessive consumption of alcohol followed the condition of aggressiveness that may create hindrance in the brain function that allows a person to be involved in such condition which is associated with crime or violence.

The above literature also focuses on the various aspect that follows the condition which may be associated with the excessive aggressiveness that is initiated as per the background of the individual. Moreover, the set of questionnaires follows the pattern of research where the number of questions as followed by the individual background which includes legal action, fighting, and involvement of such programs that intervene to stop the consumption of alcohol. As per this, the research questions are usually focused on the individual behavior that happened after the consumption of alcohol.

Moreover, some questions are associated with the personal level which includes family and friends that are neglected or lost due to the habit of alcohol. With this, excessive consumption is also the main cause of losing a job which is also mentioned. In this, the questions are related to the proper individual behavior when they are addicted to alcohol. As per this, the question is validated and reliable because it follows the pattern of individuals who consume alcohol on a regular basis.

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As per the above discussion, it is analyzed that the overuse of alcohol may create aggressive factors among the individual that may lead to the tendency of violence. Violence is usually associated with the overconsumption of alcohol because it usually works as a catalyst that triggers aggressive behavior. The questionnaire focuses on the people's behavior which is often happening in this daily activity. This is helpful to know their answer and their standpoint which configure the approach towards the consumption of drugs. Moreover, the justification and method focus on alcohol and violence which increase every day and people under the influence of alcohol may have a probability to commit the crime. are you worried about assignment help in the UK? We provide the best writing service at the best price.

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