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Contemporary Issue in Criminology Security

University: Regent College London

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Question :

It will provide a certain assessment which is discussed 

  • Elaborate about contemporary issue in global security with general application and knowledge.
  • Elaborate the effective security by utilizing all academic sources.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty(NPT)


Depending on nuclear weapons might seem a good option for securing oneself but it also has long lasting harmful effect on others. Nuclear Weapons are a type of weapon that has the potential to cause harm and destruct masses. It creates explosion with various nuclear reactions that happen to release destructive energy. These weapons harness energy from the atomic fusion and fission. Eliminating nuclear weapons thus can seem to be more secure for worldwide optimism. Because it has the potential to kill thousands of lives in one go. Despite its nature more nations want to get a hold on this weapon so that they can also become a part of the “nuclear states”(Futter, 2018). Thus nuclear weapons can be referred to as the factors shaping international politics and because of their complex nature a balance must be created in their purpose of use. This essay will cover in detail and provide information on what are nuclear weapons, treaty relating to it, how it works in UK, its advantages, disadvantages and how can its use make the world more secure or disastrous.

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In the past time, nations used to build walls as a form of protection to their people but as the time changed and developments happened in different sectors, the countries advanced in their technologies and started creating deadly weapons for the preservation of the nation and its population. This led to the development of nuclear energy. Whenever something of devastation comes in news which has taken human lives on a mass base the first thing which comes in mind is the use of nuclear weapons. They are the most terrifying weapon till now that have the power to create a force which causes destruction on a large scale (Gibbons, 2018). It can wipe out thousands of people at any given point of time. A nuclear bomb thus can not only cause uncountable human suffering but it can also disrupt earth's ecology. Their very existence poses a serious threat to the world.Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

The different types of nuclear weapon are Atomic Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, nuclear warheads, etc. They are perceived as dangerous by scientists on a large scale. But still the insecure states are attracted to having nuclear power in their hands. So that they can use it whenever they want wherever they want to secure themselves. The countries possessing it need to develop effective plans and strategies to determine when these weapons can be used and how they should be used (Kissinger and Dean, 2019). Atomic bombs were first used by the United States all over the world which showed how much power they poses when it comes to destructing any nation. On a worldwide level nuclear weapons have been used twice and both the times by United States against Japan near the end of Second World War. In the beginning, only a handful of countries possessed nuclear weapons and they were called as Nuclear Superpower. Their making in the start was only with one objective to kill human beings. Other states with the coming time also acquired capabilities to produce nuclear force. The use of nuclear can leave harmful effects on the environment because of the radiation which is released from it.

NPT is a treaty which tries to restrict the spread of nuclear weapons internationally, it tries to enhance cooperation so that it can be used peacefully among all the nations in the world. The treaty is essential and lays the foundation of nuclear disarmament. United Kingdom as a country is a follower of (NPT) Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty. It works within the framework of this treaty wherein it is committed towards controlling nuclear arms and to strengthen measures for disarmament. It is working towards reducing its role of using nuclear weapons in its security sector also (Kristensen and Korda, 2019). They are working towards achieving nuclear free world for the future generations and thus aims to achieve peaceful use of these weapons. It is committed in implementation of safeguard agreements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and reassures its public that the nation is using the nuclear weapons responsibly.

There is both the good side and the bad side of nuclear weapons. Its advantages are that it serves as a preventive measure which creates fear in others so that the world doesn't go for war, it reduces threat to the military power of a country, they can also be used to prepare various other technologies which can prove to be beneficial for a country, it changes the position and status of a country and it is perceived as the country with nuclear power. But these advantages cannot make a person look away from the deadly reality of the nuclear force. Its disadvantages are that its maintenance in itself is very costly, it threatens the environment also with the human lives, it increases the terrorism threat because they can use it to create fear and destruction, they are very complicated to operate thus skilled workforce is required for their operation, use of Plutonium and Uranium in nuclear weapon creation makes it a non renewable resource, etc (Kristensen and Norris, 2017).

There are also several reasons why nations want to have nuclear weapons. These reasons are that the developed countries want to imitate other countries having super powers, the retaliation powers of a country increase which creates fear in the enemy countries mind, the countries which are allies of each other want to become allies in nuclear power also, some countries perceive it as a measure of increasing their security measures, nations also want to make their international stand stronger, etc. These reasons make a country want to have a hold on nuclear power.

The international structure has completely changed over time with more countries possessing nuclear technologies in current time. Relations among the countries change and they become more cautious in their dealings with other nations. Having a nuclear power creates a status of prestige for those who possess it. It has increased fear of going into wrong hands which can totally destruct the world. Its use by terrorists can totally change the image of the world. Thus deterrence in the use of nuclear weapons remains an urgent topic which needs to be addressed(Perkovich, 2017) . Due to the extent at which they can be used they no longer remain the means of strengthening national security. They do not act as a measure of making the world secure but instead they make the survival of other nations difficult. Their use for war should be banned because their use can be fatal on a larger scale in the world. Their utility as instruments which can be used during war is an immoral act to the human kind. It should be ensured that they are used only for peaceful purposes and not for enhancing defence or military capabilities. Suspicion of the motive of the enemy country is why the nations think that in order to secure themselves it is the best measure. Despite repeated attempts still it seems a long fight in achieving nuclear disarmament. Their is lacking in the political will to change the nature of the use of nuclear weapons. On a world level even serious attempts are not able to make the world aware of their potential in creating mass destruction.

The current international tensions increase its threat to the nations worldwide. The states with nuclear arms are working on enhancing their power in this sector by conducting tests on a regular basis. This causes alarm to not only those who do not possess nuclear power but to them as well who think that having nuclear power can really secure them. Its catastrophic consequences will make it impossible to get humanitarian help in the time of its use(Ritchie, 2019). The dark events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki make it clear banning these weapons is the better option than using them for security measure.

Nuclear weapons make any type of conflict costly and their deadly nature makes them life threatening. Their position in the international security is evolving with time. But their presence definitely doesn't make the world safe and secure because if they are used then counter attacks will also happen which will eventually lead to destruction of world. Perception that they will only be used when someone else strikes first is only wrong because taking revenge by using it again will only lead to damage and more damage(Sauer and Reveraert, 2018). Use of this weaponry in aggression by a nation, this thought creates a horrific image in the mind which is why one can think how the reality of it will be for the world. But the possession of nuclear bombs triggers fear in the minds of the global leaders due to which whenever there is any conflict, negotiation is used to resolve the dispute instead of going for a war because they are aware that just one click and everything could fall out of place in the global space. The destructive capability of it makes the head of nations cautious towards its use. The countries come to a peaceful conclusion when both the states know about the possession of nuclear power by each one of them (Sechser and Fuhrmann, 2017).

Thus a balance should be maintained because it is essential that there is logic in the strategies for nuclear weapons. The historical experience of destruction due to the use of nuclear weapons is still fresh and lively in the minds of people which is why a serious question comes to the minds of the human kind that, is the world safer or dangerous due to the spread of nuclear weapons. The organizations and the communications between the states can majorly fail if the nuclear power is used. The blast energy of nuclear weapons is seriously horrifying. Thus the countries should stick to the point that nuclear weapons be used to scare the other countries and not to cause destruction. Humanity will be devastated if they are used for any other purpose. Their sole purpose should be use in defence and for securing one's own nation so that the world becomes more secure and is not threatened by it. Their production can cause harsh effects which can lead to complete insensitivity to humans. Thus the states who have it must use it only to discourage other states from engaging into war by making them think of the harmful consequences which can take place because of it. The strategies employed by the states should be of deterrence which should eventually lead to security of international life. The outcomes of nuclear wars and their uncertainty can therefore prove to be a great defence for the use of nuclear arms. Because nuclear wars can give unlimited sufferings to the world at a larger place. Survival and annihilation becomes uncertain in the nuclear hardship environment. Masses can be affected if not used within limits. The destruction multiplies with the use of nuclear energy in war. There should be defensive deployment of nuclear weaponry so that the world can become a secure place instead of a place of destruction(Smetana and Wunderlich, 2021). The occurrence of war decreases with increase in use of nuclear just for military defence purposes. The world becomes a tolerable place for each state with increase in the nuclear co-existence of countries.Order MBA Dissertation Topics from our experts! 

Thus existence of nuclear weaponry makes wars less likely. Because of their possession by more than one country they can also be not used in heat of the moment or in anger. Since the last use of nuclear bombs, the world has enjoyed nuclear peace on a global level which can be continued if its only for security purposes. Self control of countries with nuclear possession is a must for global peace. The nuclear age has come where the world is populated by nuclear states so the risks have also increased of nuclear wars. But it still seems impossible given the policies of different countries to use nuclear weapons differently. There is pressure on the leaders politically to act in their nations favour whatsoever the situation. The world is making a grave mistake if it is taking the issue of nuclear weaponry lightly. Having nuclear possession is a great power but it also places responsibilities on the shoulder of the states who have it to act in accordance with the world's interest. Their disarmament is not the solution to the fear but its proper use can prove to be beneficial globally. The regulation of nuclear weapons by international regimes seems to be a temporary solution given the threat it poses on a real basis. Their use should be only for use as a last resort when no other option seems to be working for a country in war.

Thus nuclear weapons if are to be used should only be used for security reasons because no other reason seems to be important to make nuclear weaponry. Their presence in the hands of different countries creates fear for the countries who try to make war. So it should only be for making the world secure and peaceful and not dangerous and deadly for the humans as well as the the environment. The efforts should be determined in order to rightly use them on a global scale.

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It can be concluded from the essay that nuclear weaponry on a worldwide level has both pros and cons but their effective use can prove them to be positive for the world. Only one thing is at risk that if someone really uses the nuclear weapons and attacks any country, then what will happen. The answer to this brings everyone to a pause and makes everyone rethink on the point of having these weapons and their purpose. Because destruction on a mass scale leaves a deadly experience to the nations at large. The race between the nations to be more stronger then the other will put the world at risk if not stopped at the right time. Radiation exposes severe threat to the world and its humans. Thus mindful use of these is essential for the world peace and security. Looking for assignment help in the UK? We provide the best writing service at an affordable budget.

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