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Theoretical Criminological Data and Concepts

University: Regent College London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

This assessment will cover further questions which are like:

  • Describe various criminological theories and interpretations of social, cultural, and political nature.
  • Evaluate all criminological data and concepts.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Theoretical criminology


Theoretical criminology is an important area in which all the criminal activities and the penology is being managed. This is being made in order to manager the narrative through which all the crimes and the general areas through which the social belief and the positive culture is being managed. Their are basically so many theories which are being given in the criminology through which all the addressal and the management of the causation of the crime is attained. This relies to manage all the crime and their further deviance in which the nature and ways the culture and the positive approach can be achieved (Greenberg, 2019). This report will cover a feminist theory on the cases of the sexual assault happen with the women and the reflection regarding the understanding in relation to the theories.

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Describe the opinions, views regarding the understanding of the topic.

As in today's time where the global development is being taken place and people are varied to manage and create all the effective measures in order to make the positive attitude and nature in their working(Anderson, 2019). Their is been seen that in any of the workplace and also in the normal day to day life so many crimes are being addressed and in all of them the most common kind of crime which is been seen is the Sexual offences. This is mainly prosecuted as the major crimes that affect the life of the person and create a mental and the physical harassment. Their is been managed that some of the major crimes which are been seen are like rape, domestic abuse, harassment, trafficking and many more. I on my personal observation and the general research has analysed that sexual assault is generally all the intentional acts which affects the life of the person and this can be all such activities which are being taken place without the consent of the person.

I had observed that there are so many cases which are been seen nowadays which majorly enhance the sexual crimes. As according to my view point I mainly realise that there is being made so many affect and the issues treated to sexual assaults so many women in their daily life are majorly being facing all such issues. These are usually being seen with all the women of all age and through which the main reluctant and the incapacitated areas are being carried out. As I feel that government should try to make some important rules through which all the nature and the protection with the safety and the compliance of the women can be managed. All such unwanted environment can create a issues and also affect the life of the women. Through this sexual assault I understand and learned that this is the critical and the most faced issues which is being observed with females and this is the major crime which is needed to be removed in order to manage and maintain a positive environment.

As in UK their is been analysed by me that about 30% of the women of the age between 20-40 experience all such assaults in their domestic life and also in their working environment. it is important that the criminal structure should create and manage certain restrictions through which all the nature and the working in which the deviances are attained can be carried. I also feel that women are the most important section of the society and their safety is very precious, government should manage all the strict punishments to all such heinous crimes and the issues being led out and managed to affect the life and liberty of women.

Summarise learning from the criminological theory module

In order to understand the topic I had learned about the criminological theory and this is mainly the important area through which I gained the divergence in m,y viewpoints regarding to the theories of the crimes and the nature and their general adherence. Criminological theory is mainly the main areas which focus on all the crime and also provide the detail explanation regarding the identification of risk and the committing of the crime. This theory helps in ideali9sing and providing the criminal behaviour which is been seen and maintained and also the study in which the offenders are being analysed according to their activity and their crime and also their thinking methods. This is mainly the method through which all the criminal justice system regulates their working and also a approach through which all the individuals and their working actions are being examined.

As I studied this theory I gained the explanation in which all the reluctant areas regarding the causes of the crime and also the areas due to which the identification of all the risk factors are managed. Their is being implied that it has given me the vast and the depth understanding regarding the committing of the crimes and also will have to focused on on all the laws through which the enforcement and the law applicability is managed. Criminological theory module explain about the areas in which the crime causation and the other factors due to which the offenders generally commits all such illegal activities are concerned. Their are mainly so many theories which are given under it through which the analysation and the other factors as in relation to the contributor of the working nature can be implied.

I through this adapted that the main goal of the criminological theory is to provide a proper understanding regarding the criminal justice and the crime. This makes ans also promotes with the proper addresses about the nature and the working through which the country can make the positive behaviours in the criminal and the methods through which the reformation can be attained. I had gained knowledge regarding some of the important topics like the Positivist, feminist criminology, Social learning and control theory, realistic theory and many more. thus, all these theories given the depth knowledge and I summarised that in order to understand the nature of the crime and the reason with the issues and the general 0pnjectifying factors it is important to learn and known about the criminological theory and this will help in managing and providing all the essential areas and the knowledge through which the management can be attained. Get help from our Coursework Helper Now!!

Explanation of the chosen crime through this theory.

As the crime chosen is Sexual assault the criminological theory which is been used is the feminist theory which is applied and managed in order to attain the philosophical discourse. In order to manage sociology and the stratification in which all the status, privilege and other contextual power is up lined. The feminist theory is mainly the important areas through which all the philosophical, theoretical and the other examination of the women role is being managed. This classifies and maintain the system through which all the gender inequalities and the examination of the rules of the women are being framed.

This theory implies and provide all the interest through which the gender inequalities and other social roles are applied. Their is been seen that the feminist theory applies and provide all the inequalities through which all the reinforcement and the other inequalities are applied. Their is been framed that in order to manage the society and the positive attitude there is being managed all the evaluation through which the marginal areas and the feminism applicability is assigned. This is applied on all the intersections on which the management and the working culture through which the gender and their applicability is attained will be covered. Their is been given that all the feminist theories through which the principles are managed and relied it is being acquitted that the main social and the general expectation through which all the behaviour and the management of the women is underlined. It implies that this provides the principles culture through which all the intersecting areas and the social, mental, physical and the other offending areas are being attained.

As for the sexual assault there is been seem that the feminist theory underlines and give the perceptive regarding all the sexual violence which are not the random acts through which all the social denomination ans the other aggression related to women are attained(Birks, and Elffers, 2019).. This provides that all the nature and the domination through which the sexual perpetuated and the continuant fear is provided. In this there is been started the feminist movement through which all the concern in relation to the sexual assault is created as a major impact. Feminist theory applies different laws on which different sexual assault and their ways wit different penalties are underlined.

Through this theory it is being energized that all the nature and the acts which will affect the women dignity or their physical or the mental well being can somehow impact and make the effect and there is required to give restrictive punishment to all. This Liberal Feminist Theory is mainly being covered with all the legal changes and the policies which are made in order to attain the equal opportunity due to which the women are treated in equal manner. It focus on giving equality to all the work and also to patriarchy through which the preceptors and their adjoining natures are being undertaken to resolve the issues. Their involves all the pre-existing areas and the theories through which comprehensiveness evaluation can be managed.

Thus, through the feminism theory it is been seen that their implies all the sexual assault are majorly being termed as the serious offence and there is applied that all the work and the effective areas are being managed. In order to attain and provide all the vary nature through which the work and the effectively being managed. Their is provides that as in sexual assault is majorly the heinous crime and their is required to mange all the laws and the legal methods through which all the comprehensive factors and the nature in which all the effective theories and their working culture is attained(Giblin, and Schafer, 2020) . Thus sexual assault is mainly the most dominated crime sand this feminist policy underline sand provides all the methods through which the reluctant rules and the effectively managed for the acts band the norms are being managed.

Their is managed to have a,ll the areas in which the feminist are being promoted to manage all the work in proper manner and there is also given the ideas and the ways through which the effective nature and their vary working is added. Feminist theory gives the new dimensions in which all the females and their different prevention and the areas are attained and there is also provided all the rules and the ways through which the effective protection of the women and their safety is uplinked.

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From this above report it is concluded that criminology is theoretical criminology is mainly the applicability and the areas in which all the details and the ideas In relation to the crime and the criminal activities are being provided. Their is been given that in order to manage and maintain the further protection it is outlined that all the criminal behaviour is needed to be read. Sexual assault is mainly a crime mostly being addressed with the women which makes the emotional, mental and the physical cruelty. This mainly have rape, domestic violence and other heinous crimes. Further it is also concluded that feminist theory is an important areas which helps in removing all the crimes in relation to women and also provides the nature and the protection of women through which they can be managed in safer environment. Get the best assignment help in the UK at the best price.

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