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Skills and Debates in Criminology Essay

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 3 / Words 758
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Table of Content

  2. TASK
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explain drugs with classification and impact of drugs on people.
  • Elaborate on the consequences of drug usage.
Answer :


Drugs are not a new term, they give a frightful experience to a person. Chemicals and substances which change the state of our mind and how the body functions are termed Drugs. These drugs mix up in the system by the bloodstream and intensify the senses of the body. They impact a person's ability to make choices and decisions(King, Gano, and Becker, 2020). They can make a person feel good for a temporary period but in the long run, they have far-reaching negative consequences. People take drugs for a variety of reasons but are unaware of their harmful impacts.

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Drugs can be classified based on their specific impacts on different systems like Central Nervous System (CNS) depressants which slow down the operations of the mind and body, CNS stimulants which accelerate the BP and heart rate, Hallucinogens which make people hallucinate and perceive things differently, Dissociative Anaesthetics which change the brain's perception of pain, Narcotic Analgesics which relieves pain, Cannabis, etc(Nurmala, 2019) .

Drugs impact the mental and physical health of people, they increase depression and anxiety among them. Their increased use can lead people towards addiction which is life-changing and life-threatening. They financially drain people because of their high cost and negatively impacts the relationships of the drug abusers with their close ones.

The consequences of drugs use lead towards a weaken immune system, heart condition of a person worsens and they become more prone to illness(Nurmala, 2019). It increases problems relating to memory and thinking abilities and makes the daily life of a person difficult. Their constant and continuous can lead a person to become more aggressive and impatient. The drug abuser starts to lose self control and becomes impulsive. Their feelings of pleasure and pain changes and their urges go beyond their control. Their social relationships suffer and the person becomes lonely an and develops anxiety. Physical appearance of the person changes and they have mood swings which are uncontrollable. They drop out from their school and loss their job and spent tons of money in just buying drugs (Sun, 2021).

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Although there exists a lot of arguments in favour of legality of drugs be it on the ground of medical benefits, such as the use of cannabis or be it on the ground of youth seeking pleasure. But at the same time policy makes of the state while framing the laws for such issues should not sideline the major drawbacks of legality of the drugs.

With respect to the legality of drugs there comes many contentions against to it such as. Firstly, if drugs would get legalised by the policy makers itself then it will give a big hike in the numbers of users than usual which as a result will increase the numbers of drug abusers as well. Second, if there increase the number of drug addicts then it will automatically decreases the productivity of the economy and this decision can lead to risk the whole country. Third, legalization of drugs will cause a great effect on the society and the children and youth of the society which are the assets of future to any country.

Also is is observed that the drug addicts are the one who are most involved in the violent and serious crimes which are occurring in the society, hence this action of state can directly put a salt to the increasing crimes. Fourthly, as we all know that since almost all the available drugs are illegal so it is not unusual for abusers to run into trouble with law. So this will very often lead the abusers fo0r paying fines and serving jails and these consequences can make it very problematic to maintain or even find people for employment and this may even result in years of financial crisis. Fifthly, as we all know consequences to physical health are one of the very obvious reasons of the legality of drugs. The continuous use of such substances can cause various health issues including infertility, complete damages of organs, cancer, hormonal imbalances, etc. many of the said illnesses come with long lasting results and some may even proved to be deadly.

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