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Understanding Business Changes

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 17
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: A/508/0529
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss external factors affecting leadership of an individual.
  • Explain various measures minimizing the negative change of a business.
  • What is democratic leadership style?
Answer :
Organization Selected : TESCO


Understanding and leading change is essential part of company. Each and every organization needs to have change in their businesses so that they can sustain in market for long term.

TESCO is multinational grocery merchandize which had its headquarter in United Kingdom. Company had market share of 28.4%. It had over 6,800 shops in whole United Kingdom. Sainsbury is biggest supermarket chain in whole UK. The total revenue of company is  28.456 billion. This employ over more than 186,900 employees across all its stores The above report includes distinguish among several changes in company that can have impact on operation and strategy of organization. Illustrating how external and internal driver could affect team, leadership and behaviour of individual into company. Accessing measures which is helpful in minimizing negative impact of the change on company. Defining several barriers of change and stating how decision-making could influence in company. Report ends with various leadership approaches to the organization.

Comparing several ways or methods in which change had impacted operation and strategy of company

There are many ways in which change in an organization can have huge impact on strategies and operation of company. Some changes are explained below-




Cultural change

The task culture was followed by company before in which some individuals who had their influence throughout organization. Then further they had implemented change in their organizational culture and started following role culture. In this culture organization is hugely controlled through everyone in company as per the responsibility and role of individuals (Turner and Hartley, 2016). Thus, the operation activity had become smoother and easily operated within TESCO whereas the strategies of business are also been implemented accordingly as work is delegated among one another each one of the individual has their own.

Person culture is being followed by organization. In this type of culture individual believe themselves as to be superior to businesses. But after that there has been change in the culture of company they had introduced task culture through which they are developing teams in organization for particular project and task. This cultural change in organization let Sainsbury to render quality services effectively to the consumer which improves operation activities of company and hence strategies which will be further implemented by company should also be as per the team's contribution.

Technological changes

TESCO further using basic  technologies into their business but as the increased trend and busy life schedule of individual they had introduced a new technology which let their consumer to “shop and go” in which consumer could easily scan and pay for the items with the help of their smartphones which let the company to have flexibility in the store's operation activity. TESCO could further implement strategies accordingly where they can let their consumer to easily shop.

Sainsbury had their shopping application by which their consumer can easily shop with that further they had implemented technology into their business and let their consumer to online order their products by “click and collect” technology they will be letting their customer to purchase their product online and the purchased product will be available to consumer at nearby store (Andrade, 2020). This will reduces rush into the stores and thus they can perform their operation easily and enhancing their sales and revenue. There strategies will also be implemented as per the technologism change and let their consumers to effectively purchase goods.

Structural change

Firstly TESCO is following   divisional structure in their company further they had changed into the flat structure which reduces barriers among the employees and top management each one of them can interact with anyone in the company if it is required (Tanner, 2017). This has an easy flow in the operation department and let the conflicts to be solved among employees and thus the strategies will also be implemented as per.

Sainsbury is following the functional structure into the business but further they had changed it and had started following matrix culture which let company to effectively follow the strategies which is helpful in interaction ad communication and thus if there are no problems within the employees of organization then the operation activities of company will be great and hence they can provide extraordinary services to their customers.

Internal and external driver of change that affects team, leadership and behaviour of individual

Driver of change which can affect leadership, team and behaviour of the individual into the company. This can be described below-

Internal Driver:


If there is change in the resources of organization then it can affect the overall production of company. The activities of production in companies could be affected in some or other way. If there is deficiency in resource then it can affect the TESCO. Resources plays an important role within organization and is the most significant driver of the change which affects organization internally. Resources comprises of people, machineries, etc. and when the level of these resources fluctuate then it impacts organization in a great way (Salman and Broten, 2017).

For example- when the people like hum resources in TESCO changes then it brings the change within overall organizational structure. Change in the resources can highly impact the success of TESCO and thus can affect their overall performance as well as productivity. Besides this, when physical resources like machineries are not utilized in an effective manner then it can lead to bad impact on TESCO.


Invention is the another most important driver of change which affects the operations as well as functioning of organization to high extent. When an organization strives willingly for bringing innovation then this results in high level of change within its performance, capacity as well as competitiveness (Wilson and Lai, 2019). For example- When TESCO innovated its communication lines and enabled the employees to easily interact with each other through the use of advanced technology then this increased the productivity as well as performance of the employees and thus helped them to effectively implement the change. Get help with USA's leading online assignment helper!

External Driver:


Technology is important driver of the change which will be helpful for company to grow and develop. As the TESCO need to effectively compete with its rivals in the marketplace they will need implement the technologies into their organization so that they can render effective services to the consumer. It is helpful for TESCO to have advancement in technologies as more and more customers are moving towards the technology so to gain more consumer interest they need to have changes into the organization so that they can gain huge competitive advantage across marketplace (Choain and Malzy, 2019).

Thus, it will greatly affect the leadership in broad way and let the individual's work to be reduced and hence they can further effectively work in team and render high quality services to the consumers. Technologies needed to be implemented as per the needs and requirement of the companies. As competitive is growing more and more technologies are adopted by companies to gain huge revenue and profit further. This helps company to adopt new technologies and making their work easy and smooth.


Competitors play a role of major driver which let the organizations to implement changes as per. TESCO could have change in their company accordingly by which they could immensely compete with rivals in marketplace. As competitors are growing in marketplace then the company had to implement such changes which is helpful for them to gain huge competitive advantage against them (Fernando, 2018).

Thus, leaders had to change their strategies accordingly and lead further in such a way that they can compete with rivals effectively. The employees and team of TESCO must work as per the needs and demand of company effectively and producing the quality goods and services to the consumer across the marketplace. By implementing new strategies and change into company they can gain huge revenue and profit further. The competitors encourage companies to administer changes into organization for sustaining in market for long term. Need Assignment Samples.Talk to our Experts!

Various measure which could be helpful for minimizing negative impact of the change

There are various measures which could be utilized by company for eliminating the negative impact of the change significantly. Some measures are explained below-

Defining change and align it to the goal of business

The change which is being implemented by organization should be clear;y defined so that each and every individual into the company could adopt the change easily. They must have review also that the change is being aligned to the objective of business so that it should have positive impact on the company and its operation. The value of change can be effectively determined. TESCO must assist that the change is carrying out into the right direction or not if not then it must be rectified and if it is accordingly then it could be carried forward (Maimon, 2018). Further accessing that this will be useful in valuing change that would be quantified input and effort which is invested by company further.

Determination of impact and those affected

The determination of impacts is to be done before only as they can have impacted the company's overall functioning or not. This analyzation is helpful in accessing through various impacts that what will the change further reflect into the organization whether it is positive or negative it can be helpful for company to hugely sustain in marketplace for long term. If they previously analyzed then they can also have several measures for it which can be further utilized by organization when change is implemented by them into the consideration.

Communication strategy to be developed

The communication strategy is helpful in reducing negative impact of the change into the company. This can be excluded by the overall processing of the business operation. If there is proper communication strategies within the organization then change in organization can easily adopt by them into business processes (DeArmond and Maas, 2018). The TESCO must have smooth flow of communication among each of the department so that they can reduce the conflicts among company and render appropriate functioning of change which is being implemented by organization into their operation. Thus, there is no negative impact of such change into the company.

Effective training

It is the essential factor which must be considered while rendering change into the company. TESCO must ensure that they must render training, information and knowledge regrading change and let them learning about the change. This is helpful for them in having an overall review that further how they will be performing their jobs into the business operations and leading the change in such a way that it can be profitable to the company whole-fully. Training is helpful in eliminating the negative impact of changes into the company (Ahmed, 2018). If employees are provided with proper training and development program then they could easily adopt the change in the organization. Thus, company can have positive impact into the company through proper development program to the employees and having and essential growth through change.

Measuring process of change

The company must measure procedure of change into company. It is very important for a company to have a measurement of change so that they can analyze how effectively and efficiently change is being implemented into the company. TESCO must ensure that they measure the changes which must be taken into consideration while they are implementing any change process. This process can include how the change will be taking place and how it will be overcome existing feature into the company (Beauregard, 2017). If it is effectively measured then there will be no negative impact of the change process on the company and if there will be any then it could be overcome by the measurement. And thus after the measurement it could be rectified soon.

Thus, there are some measures which can be used by TESCO to overcome the negative impact of change into the company. The change in company is essential for overall growth and development. By having the appropriate measure along with implementation of changes company can reduce the negative impact of change into the organization. This all is helpful in converting negative impact into the positive and having an overall significant impact on company's overall growth and success. TESCO can immensely grow and sustain in marketplace for long term if they had strategic change management process into their business operations.

Various barrier of change and impact which they had on decision-making in organization

Lewin's Force Field Model is essential contribution to theory of change management- part of the strategic management which try for ensuring which business respond to environments in which they are operating (Flanding and et.al.,2018). Change is to be the result of the dissatisfactions with the present strategy that is if the goal and objective of company are not being meet, performance of company is not appropriate and if there is any failure into the business project. There are many factors which drive change into the business. In this model four forces are defined under this-

  • Forces for change
  • Driving Forces
  • Forces resisting change
  • Restraining forces

In this model there are some force of driving the change and forces for restraining it. If there is equilibrium among two set force them there would be no change. For implementation of change the driving force should exceed restraining forces. This analysis could be utilized to analyze balance of the power which is involved into the issues. Identification of opponent. stakeholder, allies and influence of targeted group.

Thus forces for change can includes

Internal force for change:

  • Desire for enhancing profitability and other measures of performance of TESCO and their employees.
  • The requirement of recognizing and enhancing competitiveness and efficiency into the organization.
  • Conflict among department in company as whole.
  • Requirement of great flexibility in the structure of TESCO (Avonlie Wylson and Chesley, 2016).
  • If there is ineffective communication among the organization within the company and lack of motivation among employees in the company affects the functioning of employees in the company as whole.
  • Declining of profit and revenue into the business operations.

External drivers for change:

  • If the need and demand of high quality consumer service by TESCO.
  • Unusual economic condition of company which can let them to implement changes into the organization.
  • If there is great competition in marketplace then the company need to implement change in organization.
  • Due to the taxes and legislations company is accessing through several changes which will let company to go through these factors.
  • If TESCO would be trying to emerge into the foreign marketplace then they need to have changes in their organization (Muluneh and Gedifew, 2018).

Restraining Forces

The change can be restrained by the organization if it is not implemented by them effectively. There are many factors which restricts the changes to be efficiently applied to organization and having access through growth and development. These are explained below-

  • Communication problem- If there is communication problem in TESCO then change will not be accepted by the companies employees. They could not accept that change into the organization (Creasey and et.al.,2016). If employees are not communicated properly that how they need to process with the change they won't be able to implement change in the TESCO, and they will resist further than this change will not be accepted by company.
  • Inadequate information- If there is adequate information regarding change then the employees of company could not resist change into the organization. Thus, TESCO must render proper information regarding change to their workers so that they can easily adopt change into the company.
  • Failure of the previous change- If there is any failure of previous change in TESCO. Then this would be difficult for company to sustain change as there is previous failure in company. So they had to made their mind as per that the failure factors must be reduced and thus it could be accepted by company and their employees as whole. 

Different leadership approaches to deal change in organizational contexts

Business environment in made up of both internal and external environment which consists of several factors. All these factors can affect company's performance and growth. There are several factors whose control lance in not in the hand of company such as climate change, changes in laws etc. For being in a competition, it is important for organizations like Tesco, the fire department, Sainsbury's to manage change in an efficient manner.

Due to changes in business environment, company has to change in its strategies and way of performing activities. Due to these changes company has to face several problem like resistance of employees, lower productivity, labour turnover etc. But with the help of effective leadership approaches and model, Tesco and other companies can make changes according to the situation.

For example: Tesco is a British multinational retailer. It is stated that there is a huge competition as well as staff turnover due to high workload and lower motivation. In this situation, Tesco requires to retain its customers and employees, motivate them for taking competitive advantages. So, in this situation, leader of Tesco needs to apply situational leadership. According to the situational style, leader has an ability to change his style as per the current needs and situation. In this situation it is important for Tesco to motivate employees. With the help of democratic leadership style and allowing employees in taking active participation in decision-making process, leader of Tesco can make its employees feel respected and valued. So, it can be said that situational and democratic leadership style plays an important role in this type of situations and making employees able to adapt changes (Parés, Ospina and Subirats, 2017).

Other example of Sainsbury's in which it wants to make changes in its strategies and uses advanced technology for taking competitive advantages. But the main problem is resistance of employees. In this situation, it can apply Lewin's change management model and influence its employees to adapt changes such as:

Unfreezing: Before implementing changes, company make its employees influence and able to accept change. In this stage, Sainsbury's make employees aware about importance of making changes and requirement of making changes. Communication is one of the key element of this stage by which leader of the company introduce its employees and all ways of performing according to the new way.

Changing: It is the next stage in which, leader implement changes or make employees able to use advanced technology. Education, communication and time are some important factor which can make this stage successful. With the help of training, leader of the company educate employees by telling them benefits of implementing changes.

Refreezing: The main aim of this stage is to make changes stick and for that company requires to motivate its employees. In this stage, Sainsbury's can provide benefits and rewards to employees on the basis of their performance and results for motivating them towards accomplishing organisational goals (Burnes and Bargal, 2017).

In the case of fire department, it can be said that leader requires to make immediate decision.There is no time to involve all employees in the process of decision-making. So, in this case, leader can implement autocratic leadership style and take decision on their own basis due to shortage of time.

So, from the above discussed leadership approaches it can be said that application of leadership approaches depend upon the type of change and situation for making change management effective. Take Coursework Help from our experts!


From the above study it can be concluded each and every organization needs to have an change in their organization. An company could have implemented various changes in their business so that they can have improvement and enhancement in business process. Various business process and their upliftment lets company to compete with its rivals effectively in such a way that it could sustain in market for long term. An organization by having changes in their business operation ad strategy can extract errors and have smooth flow of business activities.

This is helpful for them in gaining objective and goal effectively. By implementing more and more advance technologies and updating existing one a company could grow immensely and have extraordinary business process throughout businesses. By this company can enhance their revenue and profit margin and by rendering quality product to their consumer they can gain huge consumer satisfaction toward company's product and services. The employee's retention can also be gained by organization by having appropriate culture in the company. An company through change management can effectively access through change in the business operation and gaining huge growth and development.

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