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6AG502 Communication at Access Wimbledon University of Derby

University: Bradford College

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Question :

This sample will guide you through:

  • Analysis of the cultural factors results in Breakdown of communication at Access Wimbledon
  • Introduction of Hofstede's
Answer :
Organization Selected : Wimbledon University of Derby


Cultural factors are such which impacts the ability of management of Access Wimbledon in performance of their functions in optimum manner (Labov, 2011). Such different factors are notified as individualism, power distance, time orientation, formality etc. This will creates differences among the volunteers and staff and results in breakdown of communication. The main approach which is used in this regard which helps in removal of cultural issues includes Hofstede's model.

Analysis of the cultural factors results in Breakdown of communication at Access Wimbledon

It is observed that there is huge impact of cultural factors regarding breakdown of communication at Access Wimbledon. For the purpose of improving their understanding, need to consider all single cultural factors which impacts the working of Access Wimbledon. The cultural factors which results in breakdown of the communication at Access Wimbledon includes individualism, power distance, time-orientation, uncertainty avoidance, formality, materialism, context sensitivity, prejudice and stereotyping (Boden and et. al., 2012).

The most important factor which was noticed regarding breakdown of the communication at Access Wimbledon was Individualism. The different norms, values and beliefs which is present among the individuals where high individualism is present in countries includes people are responsible for themselves, individual achievement is recognised as ideal and such people are not emotionally dependent upon organisation and group. This includes that individuals give priority to their own interests instead of giving respect to the orders of other. Here, issue is noticed with a duty nurse, having the opinion that no one have the right to give instruction as she is the one who having medical knowledge. This will creates the difference among the staff and break downs the communication which results in creation of difficulties regarding running of high standard event (Thornton, Ribeiro-Soriano and Urbano, 2011).

Another factor which effects the communication at Access Wimbledon is power distance. It is refers to as the situation where all the decisions are taken by boss and not allowed to subordinates to work on the basis of their own views. In high power distance countries, the norms and values are present are different from other countries (Purnell And et. al., 2010). The norms, value and belief present there includes inequality is fundamentally good, everyone has a place, individuals are dependent upon leader, powerful individual are entitled to avail privileges and powerful individuals not hide their powers. In such countries, children’s are tend to be obedient to parents and elders. The persons whom are preferable for job which are come from high social class and graduated from elite university. The basic motivational assumption which is noticed in these countries that people dislike work and they try to avoid it. This issue is noticed with Tennis coach who is not interested in providence of suggestions. No support is gathered from the ground level to deal with conflict situations (Castaño, Méndez and Galindo, 2015).

At the same time, another cultural factor is regarding time-orientation which damages the process of communication at Access Wimbledon. This includes about that scarcity of time period which results in creation of the nature of impatient among the individuals. As per the views of Tennis coach, it is observed that large number of time period is required regarding development of the expertise skills. For this purpose, need to go through vigorous coaching and phone call secessions. It is time consuming process which impact their ability in development of communication at different levels (Bredillet, Yatim and Ruiz, 2010).

Another cultural factor which results in breakdown of communication at Access Wimbledon is Formality. It refers to such cultural factor which provides more consideration upon tradition, ceremony, social rules and rank. As per this factor, the issue noticed that volunteer like Tennis coach prefer to work with British individuals where there is less difference in their cultures, language, tradition and social status. This is the reason from where it is noticed that, less conflicts are present that time. In current scenario, large number of individuals are working in Access Wimbledon coming from different cultures which results in development of the issues about breakdown of communication (Lee, Pratto and Johnson, 2011).

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Uncertainty avoidance is one of the cultural factor which creates the issue regarding breakdown of communication. This will includes norms, values and beliefs regarding power of tolerance for ambiguity. According to this culture, individual want predictable and certain futures. It is observed that the norms and values which are present in high uncertainty avoidance countries includes conflicts are avoided, deviant people and their ideas are not tolerated, Need to follow laws and experts are tend to be correct. In this regard, step is taken by the mother of James that not leaving him alone without provide their views on certain things like sometimes she feel more attention is provided to other children’s. It helps in avoidance of uncertainty (Griffith, Ober Allen and Gunter, 2011).

Another cultural factor which results in breakdown of communication at Access Wimbledon is stereotyping. It refers as the situation which includes the use of subconscious ways to deal with unknown situations. In the present case, many health and safety issues are arise because the volunteer is not following the instructions which are provided to them and uses subconscious ways (Urbano, Toledano and Ribeiro-Soriano, 2011).

Prejudice is another factor which breakdowns the communication. This refers to the situation of having positive and negative feelings in associated with particular group. In this regard, mother of James have the issue that one of the volunteer which takes care of children not provides emphasis on other children instead of James.


It has been recommended that Hofstede's is important model which helps in removal of cultural differences. This model includes five different dimensions which provides the information regarding basic cultural values.

Power distance: This will include about having the expectations about maintaining equality among the individual.

Uncertainty avoidance: Need to provide effective reactions for different and dangerous situations.

Individualism: Maintenance of relationship between individual and group

Masculinity: Different expectations regarding gender roles

long-term orientation: Helps in managing in time

The different management practices which are need to consider according to this model includes human resources management, leadership styles, motivational assumptions, decision-making and organisational design and strategy.

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It has been concluded from the above report that the major factors which creates differences among staff members includes, individualism, power distance, time-orientation, stereotyping, prejudice etc. The different five dimensions of Hofstede's model helps to improve the performance of Access Wimbledon in future. We provide the best online coursework help at the best price. Contact our experts.


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