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Evaluation Of Corporate Communication In Honda Company Sample

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Question :

This sample will guide you through:

  • Introduction Corporate Communication In Honda
  • External Communication with Stakeholders
  • Influence of Culture and Communication
Answer :
Organization Selected : Honda

Introduction Corporate Communication In Honda

The current report is based on corporate communication in Honda Company. Honda Company is a Japan based automobile company. This organization has been good in its operations in last many years (Honda CSR Report, 2012). It has been able to identify its objectives and achieve them without any difficulty.

In this organization, corporate communication takes an imperative place. It is necessary for it to communicate successfully with various stakeholders involved with them. Leaders and managers in an organization can play a crucial role in improving the level of communication in the organization.

If there is a lack of effective level of corporate communication, the organization might get into trouble. By considering these aspects, there will be critical evaluation of corporate communication in Honda Company. 

External Communication with Stakeholders

Stakeholders include shareholders, government officials and customers of the organization. The organization uses an appropriate method for communicating with government officials in country (Berger, 2011) and in case of Honda Company - it communicates with government by providing necessary reports to them at regular intervals of time.

Reports include annual reports of organization which inculcates financial statements and details of activities performed by organization during a year. In addition, other reports provided by organization include Corporate Responsibility report and Corporate Governance report.

Honda Company also prepares itself to provide clarification to government regarding any issues in reports provided to government. This justifies the approach of organization and exhibits that it does make efforts for effective communication with government.


Identity, Image and Reputation

Honda Company works in an effective manner for building up its identity, image and reputation in the eyeballs of its customers and other stakeholders. Earlier, the organization was engaged only in development of automobiles, but now, it has expanded its operational reach across the globe (Soto and Gomez, 2011).

It has entered into the field of manufacturing products such as electrical generators, marine equipment, jet engine and lawn and garden equipments. The company has produced a range of vehicles from cars, hybrid, crossovers, SUV and vans to position its identity in every segment.

Honda has developed its image through establishing its brand like Prelude, Civic, Accord, Fit etc in all over the world. Similarly, the company has also invested its efforts in introducing hybrid cars like Insight, Civic Hybrid, FCX Clarity and CR-Z that have also enhanced its image and reputation as performance vehicles in terms of their environment friendly nature (Honda, 2012).

Ridgline of Honda is famous in truck series as loading vehicle. Through these brands, Honda has established itself as the power dream company. Apart from this, in crossovers, CR-V and Crosstour have positioned themselves effectively in the market. The company also responded to earthquake occurred in Japan by resuming its operations and giving priority to the customer demands first. Similarly, for dealers and suppliers, the company developed countermeasures to help them in overcoming the disaster effects.

The organization also made a donation to Red Cross Society of Japan for helping the suffered people (Honda CSR Report, 2012). For students, the organization had delayed its screening schedule to help them in making a peaceful screening. In addition, Honda also donated free motorcycles to social welfare councils to help the affected areas in Japan and provided loan on motorcycles for free of cost as a part of these welfare activities. 

Influence of Culture

In various organizations around the world, culture has a great impact on level of corporate communication. Currently, Honda Company is a multinational organization. It has its operations in countries of China, North America, Japan, and New Zealand and in various other countries. In this way, it can be said that an employee working in organization belongs to different cultures.

Due to this, cultural differences exert a negative impact on corporate communication in terms of confusion and conflicts. Here, in the present situation, Hofstede model can be considered for determining the impact of culture on corporate communication in Honda Company (Thomsen, Nielsen, Johansen and Pollach, 2012).

Internal Communication

Honda Company also has effective methods for the purpose of conducting internal communication. There is a mechanism used by organization for transferring information from one department to another and performing internal communication function appropriately in organization (Argenti, 2007).Various methods are used by Honda Company to transfer information from one place to another in the organization itself.

Methods include emails, group discussions, brainstorming sessions, notices and meetings between departmental heads and subordinates in organizations. All these methods work effectively for the organization. In addition, there is clear organizational structure in Honda Company. At the same time, it can be also criticized that this organization has a lack of two way communication, which hinders the flow of valuable information in the organization. 

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In conclusion, it can be said that there are various methods used by Honda Company for having high quality communication with its officials. Government, shareholders and customers of an organization require that they have the relevant information about the company available with them at all times.

Government needs relevant data about the level of compliance of organization, customers require information about products and discounts offered by the organization and shareholders require information about financial position of organization. Regarding internal communication of Honda is also effectively performed.

Employees in the organization are updated with the latest information about organizational culture and also about the manner in which, activities are required to be performed in organization. On the basis of the above discussion, it can be said that, corporate communication in Honda Company is appropriate. At the same time, to sustain the success, it is vital for Honda to include two way communications in its structure for ensuring innovation.


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