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Dissertation Deadline After a Week

Where to Start When You Have Just 1 Week Left to Write a Dissertation?

29 Jul 2022


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Does all this sound familiar to you? Have you got just one week to finish the dissertation writing work? If you are nodding in affirmation, then you have put yourself in big trouble. But, don't panic! The dissertation writing help experts of Instant Assignment Help have got your back. In this blog, they are going to guide you through completing your dissertation in a week. Yeah, that sounds a bit difficult, but if you are ready to put your blood, sweat, and tears, then it would be a piece of cake for you. So, are you ready to accomplish your dissertation writing task in a week? Yes, let's go!

Completing Dissertation Writing Task in Just a Week

1.Stop Anticipating, Start Working

So, the first thing that you have to do is stop anticipating the work. Wasting time thinking about what is going to happen is surely not an option. Anticipation is not going to do any good to you. So, better you brace yourself and be prepared to face the obstacles that are going to come in your way while working on your dissertation.

2.Fight with the Writer's Block

Things won't get easy for your right after you stop anticipating. It would take a lot of effort to motivate yourself to start writing. So, right after you convince yourself not to think about what is going to happen, you need to train your mind to get past that writer's block. It's not necessary to write perfectly in the first go, writing gibberish will also work.

3.Look at the Bigger Picture

When you have a bigger picture in mind while working on your dissertation, things become smooth. Since you have just one week left to complete the dissertation, you should know what you will get after its completion. Since you are working under a strict deadline, you should be highly motivated and diligent to complete the task. That's how you will be able to the extra mile.

4.Have All the Resources

You have wasted all the time and now are left with a week only. So, you don't have much time in your hand to gather the resources. You need to be really quick. Think of the best ideas and arguments and collect relevant information to back them. Go through the previous dissertations on the same topic; this will help you big times. Do all the preparations before your dive into the writing work.

5.Break the Dissertation into Defined Parts

Now it's time to start writing the dissertation. Since you are too pressed for time, you need to be very organized. It's better not to start writing aimlessly. First break the dissertation into different parts, such as Proposal, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results & Analysis, and Discussion & Conclusion. You can further divide these sections into small chunks.

6.Set Strict Deadlines for Each Section

Breaking the dissertation in defined parts is a great approach but it won't work until you set strict deadlines for each one. For example, if you have divided your dissertation into six different parts and you are aiming to complete it within a week, then allocate six hours for each section. So, if you would work on two sections in a day, then it would take your three days to complete the writing part. The remaining days can be utilized for other important tasks.

7.Work for a Shorter Period of Time

As you have very little time left, you would want to sit for long hours and complete your dissertation in one go. Well, you should avoid doing this. Sitting for long hours is not beneficial as a human being loses focus in 45-60 minutes. So, when you are working, make sure you sit for 1 hour dedicatedly without any distractions. Take a break of 15 minutes in between to recharge yourself and then start working again.

8.Don't Be a Perfectionist, Ensure Flawlessness

The dissertation is the most crucial document in a scholar's life, so it has to be perfect. However, to achieve perfection, you need to have ample time in your hands. Since you have just one week left, you should focus more on making your work flawless rather than making it perfect. Maintain the flow of information between different paragraphs to ensure connectivity.

Completing a dissertation in a week is surely a daunting task, but if you follow the gives tips, then you would be able to accomplish it. Make each hour count, stay motivated, keep away from distraction, and focus on the bigger picture. All this will surely help you achieve success in your task. You can even go through the Ph.D. scholar's guide to dissertation writing to know what you should do. All the best!

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