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trending social work dissertation topics

List of 20+ Trending Social Work Dissertation Topics of 2024

19 Mar 2024

5 minutes


Are you an aspiring social worker?
Trying to draft a social work dissertation?
Voila! You are at the right place...

Experts of Instant Assignment Help have brought this blog including a list of trending social work dissertation topics to help all those like you; writing a research paper and looking for an interesting topic for the same.

Before we dive into those intriguing topics, let us understand social work dissertation in brief.

What is Social Work?

Social work is an academic discipline which is concerned with dealing issues related to an individual and his well-being with another individual, family, and the society. These issues are actually the ones that can help in enhancing the individual performance and living in the society for the betterment of the mankind.

It is a profession that needs an individual to practice and promote social change, development, empowerment, and liberation of people. In other words, it is about bringing out the struggling people from the depths of any suffering back into the light of humanity and goodness.

But, do you know what is the purpose of this social work? If not, don’t worry; many students even the ones who are pursuing do not know the answer for this. But, our experts have it answered in the following section.

What Is the Purpose of a Dissertation on Social Work?

The primary purpose of social work is to:

  1. Maintain human well-being
  2. Maximize human development potential
  3. Fulfillment of human needs
  4. Help people achieve personal and social well being
  5. Achieve social justice through social development and social change

Now, that we know what social work is, and what is its purpose, let us look into some trending topics to write a dissertation on for this.


What Are Some Interesting Social Work Dissertation Topics?

Here are some interesting and trending social work dissertation topics from which you can choose one and impress your professor with your work.

  1. What are some Education opportunities for students with weak financial conditions?
  2. How multi-agency is affecting children of this generation?
  3. Explain volunteer tourism and how it impacts the economic state of a country.
  4. Discuss empowerment and its implications in detail.
  5. Does media play any role in child abuse?
  6. Explain different models of couple therapy and its pros and cons.
  7. What role youth play in community services?
  8. What is assisted housing and what are its effects?
  9. Describe the different health issues faced by the people due to poverty.
  10. How motivational practices at workplace contribute in improving productivity?
  11. What are some employment opportunities for people who survived domestic violence?
  12. Why teenagers are more inclined to absconding from homes?
  13. What are the impacts of women leaders in community?
  14. Why people who survive struggles and try to reintegrate in society face problems in doing the same?
  15. What effects the physical changes in the adolescence have on a child’s psyche?
  16. Discuss after effects on the society when a child goes missing.
  17. How NGOs help children who are separated from their parents at a very young age?
  18. Explain the importance of family support for the rehabilitation of alcohol addicts.
  19. What is the impact of workaholics on personal and family lives?
  20. Explain types of child mistreatment and its effects on them in the long run.

These are the top 20 topics for writing a dissertation on social work. You can choose any one of the above listed by our experts or seek our services for a document on unique topic or speak to our experts for interesting social work dissertation ideas. If you are trying to select a topic, then make sure to follow the ideal topic selection guide.

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