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50+ Fashion Dissertation Topics

50+ Fashion Dissertation Topics to Ease Your Research for Ideas!

29 Jul 2022


Life Is Too Short to Wear Boring Clothes

You live in the 21st century, and today everyone wants to look stylish. How you dress up indicates how you feel. Often, you have seen people who wear incredible clothes leave viewers astonished. The fashion industry has become a large industry. So, management and marketing students have to study about it. They have to write on fashion dissertation topics to pass the course.

A dissertation is a vital part of your academic life, but still, students can’t manage to write it perfectly. Many management and marketing students fail to submit a perfect paper even if they have an interest in the fashion world. It is because a lengthy paper like a dissertation requires intense research and good writing skills.

Research is required twice for writing the paper, first to find the best topic idea and second to find information to write. Often, you end up devoting all your time and energy to finding the topic. Resultantly, you are left with not enough time to write the dissertation. Many times, after intense research, you still can’t get dissertation topics in fashion.

But you have come on the right piece of information. Here you will get to know more than 50 topic ideas. If you are thinking about why a topic matters a lot, you should read its significance. It is because once you are aware of the importance, you can choose the best topic for you. Let’s know the benefits of choosing a perfect topic below.

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5 Academic Benefits of Finding the Best Dissertation Topic

Avoid Vague Writing in Paper:

This is a common mistake several students make while writing. And due to this, they get poor marks. But if you choose perfect fashion design dissertation topics, you will write only the necessary information and avoid vague data in the paper.

Reduce the Number of Mistakes:

When you select an impressive topic, you can reduce the mistakes while writing. You must be thinking how right? The best topic provides you with scope to find the correct information. And when you present the right facts, the chance of mistakes gets reduced.

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Easy to Leave First Impression:

Several students give time to find the dissertation topics in fashion marketing because they know the best topic leaves a good first impression. You should also find an amazing topic if you want to impress your reader.

Helps in Thorough Research:

If you pick a perfect topic, it offers you a chance to do intense research. This type of topic is informative and impressive, so you don’t have to struggle much to research for the information. If you select not the best topic, you may have to spend much time on research.

Emerge Interest in Writing:

A dissertation is a lengthy paper and that is why you need to stay motivated till the end of it. If you don’t find the topic interesting, you can’t stick to writing for a long time. So, look for an interesting topic and complete the paper impressively.

Now you know why selecting the fashion management dissertation topics is vital. Your entire paper depends on a topic, thus, choosing it wisely is crucial. Read the next section to know the amazing topic ideas.

50+ Fashion Dissertation Topics from the List of Most Trendy Ideas

Different students pursue different courses, so they have to handle various types of ideas. Marketing, business, and management students have to take out time to find perfect yet trendy fashion dissertation topics. Here is the list of the topic ideas for them below, have a look.

  1. Analyse how fashion has changed the way people dress up.
  2. How men's fashion has brought a revolution in the world of the fashion industry? Explain.
  3. Examine how celebrity fashion inspires to analyze the upcoming trends.
  4. Evaluate how western culture has changed the way people look at fashion and clothes.
  5. Analyse how ethnic wear is becoming the source of trends in the fashion industry.
  6. Examine how technology has impacted the fashion industry and make the new trends accessible to the common people.
  7. Evaluate how branding impacts the choice of people in the fashion market.
  8. What do you think about the fast-changing trends in the fashion world?
  9. Write your views on how social media played a crucial role to influence and motivate people for fashion.
  10. Explain sustainable fashion marketing in detail with examples.
  11. Describe how the role of blog writers has influenced the buyers of clothes.
  12. Explain how online sales and brand authenticity affect the leads in the fashion industry.
  13. Fashion marketing for a particular group leaves adverse impacts on society. Comment your views.
  14. Trace the history of fashion in European countries and its impact on the rest of the world.
  15. Describe why celebrities are the best source to know about the new trends in fashion.
  16. Why high heels and accessories are crucial to look fashionable in the UK and other western countries?
  17. Explain why ball gowns have vanished from fashion in the UK. Trace the history.
  18. What are the impacts of colors of the clothes on the buying nature of the people?
  19. Describe the relationship between religion, culture, and fashion.
  20. Examine if fashion has destroyed the religious sentiments for the clothes or has changed the way people think about dresses?
  21. Explain why the demand for organic or natural fabric has increased.
  22. Analyse the dressing styles of royal families in the different regions in various countries.
  23. What is the social and cultural history of fashion, share your views.
  24. Comment your views on plastic surgery and its relation to fashion.
  25. Give a list of the top 50 fashionable men who have inspired a lot of people around the world.
  26. Describe how Fur gives a trendy and cool look to a wearer.
  27. Why fashion is becoming so difficult to follow for middle-class people?
  28. Explain with the help of case studies the adverse impact of the following fashion among the youth.
  29. Explain how aged people have found job opportunities in the fashion industry and become models.
  30. What is the street style trend? Describe it with your commentsand suitable examples.
  31. What do you think about synthetic clothes. Will the fashion industry say bye to them?
  32. Explain the decline of a tie in recent times and analyze what can take its place.
  33. Winter and summer fashion suggestions are influencing the people majorly. Find the reasons.
  34. Evaluate why fashion is not limited to the way people dress but to accessories as well.
  35. To what extend it is fine to wear sea and animal clothes? Examine.
  36. Explain how the children’s fashion industry is gaining popularity nowadays.
  37. Describe the Boho-chic fashion and its importance in the trends of the 21st century.
  38. Explain the iconic women entrepreneur in the fashion industry.
  39. Describe the role of trade fairs in the fashion industry to introduce the upcoming trends.
  40. Compare the fashion trends of the 1950s and 2020 with proper examples.
  41. Explain how fashion and the habit of people buying clothes help the economy to grow faster.
  42. Describe how globalization helped the fashion industry to grow like never before.
  43. Younger population needs sudden changes in their dressing styles. And this leads to quick changes in the fashion world. Comment.
  44. The need for professional fashion designers has declined. What do you think about this statement?
  45. Explain the role of women in fashion and trendy clothes for people.
  46. Describe the 50 years journey and evolution in the fashion world.
  47. What clothes are evergreen in the wardrobe of women in Europe that make them fashionable.
  48. Why jeans have stayed so long in the list of top trendy clothes. Do you think any other clothe can replace them?
  49. Why Japanese and french fashions are different, and why do these people still follow their traditions?
  50. Evaluate how Indian fashion influenced the world’s fashion.
  51. Describe the different categories of clothes and marketing strategies for them.
  52. What do you think about looking unique or comfortable in a dress?

These are the top trendy fashion marketing dissertation topics. You can easily find the perfect one for your paper and produce an impressive dissertation.

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