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Dissertation Problem Statement

How to Draft a Solid Dissertation Problem Statement? A Guide By Experts

28 Jul 2022


A dissertation problem statement is a foundation for creating a solid document that will yield you better grades and help you finish your degree with flying colors. If this statement is not intact or firm enough, your entire dissertation seems shaky, and you cannot finish the document in the best form you want. Students who have had their experiences with these issues have shared that the moment a professor opens the statement, the grades you get are decided. If the professor is impressed with what you have created, he examines the entire paper with interest; else, for him, it is just a formality. No offense to a teacher, but the truth is that your dissertation problem statement established the groundwork for the next 15000 words that you have written. Most of the students find these statements online or hear them from their seniors to use, which keeps their document restricted to a limited score. To get the perfect A+, one must compose a dissertation problem statement on his own and justify it with proper research. How to do that? Well, that is a million-dollar question that we will answer in this blog. Make sure you read it till the end, as this post is all about creating a solid statement to handle all the aspects of your dissertation!

Most of the students find these statements online or hear them from their seniors to use, which keeps their document restricted to a limited score. To get the perfect A+, one must compose a dissertation problem statement on his own and justify it with proper research. Well, the question is as simple and as complicated as thinking of what fonts to choose for dissertation writing? How to do that? Well, that is a million-dollar question that we will answer in this blog. Make sure you read it till the end, as this post is all about creating a solid statement to handle all the aspects of your dissertation!

What is a Dissertation Problem Statement? Elements & Structure

Before we jump to the creation process, let us take a peek inside the definition of the dissertation problem statement. As mentioned in the introduction, the problem statement of a dissertation serves as its core. You can think of it as the summary of your entire document as it gives the reader a glimpse of what you have discussed in your paper. A dissertation problem statement usually has three elements to take care of while composing. These are -

  1. The Problem - what is the theme or the problem that you are going to justify and solve in your document. It must be stated clearly so that the reader knows it at first glance. You also need to create a base for the problem by stating why it is important.
  2. The Claim - Once you have stated the problem, you need to explain your claim about what you can present to solve the problem and the method you will use. You do not have to go into much detail; however, the clarity of what you are trying to convey should not be lost.
  3. The Scope - last comes the purpose of your paper. After establishing the relevance of the problem and your claim about the same, you need to spell out the purpose and objective of you writing the dissertation. Will it be a complete solution to the problems? Is it just an ongoing thesis about the subject, or will it be a helpful tool for other researchers in the field?

These 3 elements, when framed into a statement, turn into a dissertation problem statement and can help you with the direction of your writing and research. You see, the statement consists of all the major things that one has to cover in a dissertation, and thus when you have decided on a statement, you already know what you are working on. As far as the structure of a dissertation problem statement is concerned, the elements follow the same sequence. You have to gradually build-up to the objective after stating the problem and your claims about it. All in all, it is a complete dissertation in a few lines, which is why it is considered the most crucial aspect of writing a complete paper. If this statement is not appropriate, the entire document will suffer, which is often visible in the documents that we receive for correction and modification. Another concern that experts often have to face is the length of the statement. This issue is common with students who choose simpler terms as there MBA dissertation topic What should it be? While the textbooks define the statement as just a couple of sentences, the reality is that it becomes impossible to fit all the elements in the same. Hence, many universities have allowed the statement for as long as 200 words.

Students are often searching for planning their dissertation writing and how to finish the dissertation? How to get approval on a proposal? While these questions are relevant, the most important thing that the students must be asking is how to create a problem statement? If you are wondering the same, do not worry, as the next section covers that concern of yours! Check it out!

How to Draft a Dissertation Problem Statement? Your Steps to Success!

Now that you know the elements and the structure of a dissertation problem statement, here are a few steps that can come in handy in your writing process -

Step 1 - Select Your Problem

You need to have clarity about what you will choose in your paper—platforms like ours that can actually assist you in coming up with topics and themes for a dissertation. Choosing a problem that actually exists in the field of your study and can be justified easily is the best-advised thing to do. You must have all the information about the theme that you have chosen; else, it will get typical to explain the problem and justify it in your problem statement. You can either find a problem that has never been touched, or you can go for something that is recent and has a lot of data available. In both cases, the problem you choose must be genuine enough to make the committee believe in the purpose of your paper.

Step 2 - Follow the Elemental Structure

After deciding on the problem that you want to cover, you must follow the structure of the statement. As mentioned earlier, the elements must be covered in the same sequence. This will provide your statement with a hierarchy that will build up the reader's interest. Suppose you are unable to keep up with the structure. In that case, there are dissertation problem statement examples available in the sample section that you can refer to for a better insight on the topic. The elemental structure serves the crucial purpose of creating a flow in the statement. You must know the basic requirements of the paper and how you can leave an impact through your statement.

Step 3 - Address all the W's Related to the Problem

The problem statement is all about stating every possible detail about the document. These pointers are incomplete without addressing the What, Why, Where, When, and Who of the problem. There can be so many issues that you have to address in the problem statement and the best part to do it is to turn them into questions and answer them precisely. You do not have a lot of places to explain everything as it is a short statement, so the best option is to make things precise and on point. There are hardly any problems in understanding the directive of the statement.

Step 4 - Establish a Context if Possible

If your problem statement is based on a study that already exists or has been discussed in any other author's paper, you must establish a context using that study. This context adds to the value of your paper as now you have credibility with you. If something has already been discussed and you want to shed more light on it or provide a better solution than the other papers, this will be a game-changer for your problem statement. The context also establishes the grounds for the reader as if they are already familiar with the concept; your work gets simpler.

Step 5 - Maintain Clarity in Writing

Everything set aside, no matter what you are presenting or the problem, you must mention everything precisely. The more clearer your statement, the better impact it creates on the reader. Having clarity in the problem statement makes your document more and more effective for the reader. Ensure proper proofreading of the statement after you have created the document. The statement must be scrutinized properly to check whether it is understandable to an audience that might or might not be familiar with the concept or problem you have selected. The experts suggest that you use proofreading and grammar checker tools to enhance the readability of the statement and go through it multiple times to polish the paper.

These five steps can help you create a perfect dissertation problem statement. There are hardly any issues that you can not resolve on your own if you follow the correct approach; however, if there are some problems that you are finding tough to deal with, there are experts available to assist you. How? Check out the next section to find your answers now!

Composing a Statement Turning into a Problem? Let the Experts Handle!

There are a certain number of issues that you might face in the process of finishing the dissertation problem statement. As you have read so far, the significance of this particular statement is huge, and thus you can not let any error slide. It often gets extremely difficult to come up with a problem that is strong enough to cover in a dissertation. Sometimes, you cannot justify the importance of your chosen topic. In any of such cases, the ideal thing to do here is to hire a dissertation help online and let the experts take care of everything from a problem statement to the final draft of your dissertation. You can either get a complete help package, or you can just get assistance with the statement itself.

Instant Assignment Help is all about making academic writing easy for the student, Be it Assignment help London or Birmingham. Our experts have enough knowledge and experience to help you with your work, and thus you can stay relaxed about who handles your problem statement. All the options are available to you. You can use this guide to enhance the writing yourself, or you can simply reach out to a professional writer and share your concerns for the solution and get a complete Online Assignment help.

That brings us to the end of this blog. A dissertation problem statement might be a point of concern, but every problem has a solution with our assistance! Order now!

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