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Choose the Best Font For Dissertation

How to Choose the Best Font for Dissertation Writing?

20 Jan 2020


Have you ever pictured documenting a perfect dissertation? You surely would, right? Thinking of it motivates and boosts your confidence. But, have you ever pictured the perfect dissertation from the professor’s point of view? You wouldn’t have, but it is what can do wonders in your document.

Put yourself in your professors’ shoes and look at your dissertation.

The first thing you can notice is the font! This may not seem very true, but, the font is an essential element of your dissertation that can affect your grades. So, choosing the best font for dissertation is a little time-taking task but is also worth the grades you will be scoring.

Now the problem here is, choosing the right font. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. But, a very important process. So, experts of Instant Assignment Help who provide the best dissertation writing help, shared this blog on how to know what is the best font for dissertation?

Read this carefully and know about them!

Overview on Font and It’s Importance

Basically, font is a typeface with a combination of size, pitch or spacing qualities. It defines the shape of the characters. Choosing the best font for academic papers is very important since this not only makes your work presentable but also ensures it looks professional. The purpose of this is to make the information readable, not to make it look attractive or fancy.

How to Know If You Have Chosen the Right Font for Dissertation?

Choosing the right font for dissertation is not rocket science. You just need to be extra focused and little attentive towards your choice and voila! Your dissertation is all professional and presentable to impress your professor and dissertation committee. So, let’s look into some ideal fonts.

1. Times New Roman

The classic and ideal choice for your document is “Times New Roman.” This font was introduced initially for “The Times” newspaper in London. But due to its professional look, it got introduced into academic writing as well. Since then, this has become the best font for academic writing. It was also the default font for MS Office till 2007 when it was replaced by Calibri.

This font has got immense recognition for its readability and clarity on-screen and off-screen, that is on paper as well. So, if you want to impress your professor with your dissertation, choose 'Times New Roman', the least eye-stressing font and get high on chances to score the best grades.

best font for dissertation

2. Calibri

Calibri is the next in the number of the best word font for dissertation. It is a sans serif typeface family font. It doesn’t have a stroke at the ending of the words/letters, which is otherwise known as serif. This is ideal for the headings. But it is not advisable to use this for the body text purpose. So, during your dissertation writing process, make sure to use Calibri only for headings and not for the body text.

What Are Some Points to Remember While Choosing a Font for Your Document?

Here are some points every student should remember while choosing the best fonts for writing.

1. There is a slight change in the look of the text online and offline. In other words, when you look at the same text on a computer and a printed paper, you can observe a negligible modification in it. So, double-check when you are selecting the best font to use for dissertation as it should be easy to read.

2. Overusing fonts in your document makes it look messier than before. So, it is advisable to use minimum or as per the required number of fonts in your work to ensure it doesn’t look clumsy. Appropriate fonts and their correct usage can help make your document look presentable and professional.

3. While choosing the best font for writing a dissertation, pay attention to the types of fonts you use. Many times, students unknowingly choose similar-looking fonts for headings and body text as well. As a result of which, their work looks monotonous, long and boring. So, it is very important to choose fonts that complement each other and make the document look better.

What Are Some Things You Should Avoid Doing While Choosing a Font?

If you are trying to choose the correct font for dissertation, then here are some approaches you should not follow.

1. Thinking out of the box

No! We are not restricting your choices. But do not go over the board with creativity and come up with a completely vibrant font as that may make your work look funky rather than professional. So, yes! Do not choose a completely different font and remember to stick to university guidelines while choosing the best font to use in the dissertation.

2. Over trafficking

Using too many fonts in your work not only make it clumsy and stuffed but can also disconnect the reader from your content. When you change your font styles frequently, it gives a break to the continuous flow of reading. So, here is a high probability that it may bring a pause in the readers’ connectivity with your content. This is why you need to be really focused and attentive while choosing the best fonts for academic papers and use them in limited number.

What Makes Instant Assignment Help the Best Dissertation Writing Service Provider?

Instant Assignment Help is known as the best dissertation services provider in the world. It is because we ensure to deliver the best quality work to students while following all of their university guidelines. We make sure you get an impeccable work even before your submission date so that you can recheck it and request any changes if needed. We never compromise with the quality of our work and offer help to every student who is struggling with his academics in any sector. So, seek our help and get our experts to do your work while you can invest that time in other important activities.

However, if writing the dissertation is troubling you over choosing the right font for your document, then look into writing a dissertation in just one week and complete it at the earliest in the right font.

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