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Everything About Theoretical Framework

What is a Theoretical Framework? A Comprehensive Guide

12 Jun 2024


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Are you someone who is trying to learn about the theoretical framework? If not, here is the informational write-up that will help you understand its concepts better. Indeed, you should never forget that solid ground is required while writing a research paper, and the theoretical framework offers this vital structure. It is more likely an arrangement of linked ideas and theories that directs your study to a better pace. So, you should now understand its meaning, structure, importance, and theoretical framework examples. This guide will build a good knowledge of the theoretical structure of your research and how to write it. Here it goes!

What is a Theoretical Framework?

So are you still not clear with what is a theoretical framework? Indeed, the theoretical framework is an essential part of the research that provides a lens by which the research's main ideas, factors, and connections can be observed and accepted. It acts as a roadmap to assist scholars in structuring their thoughts to make sure accepted ideas support their research.

Additionally, the theoretical framework definition mentions that a theoretical framework ensures that the research is firmly based on a clear theoretical foundation. It helps in the creation of research questions and hypotheses as well as the application of results.

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Importance of Theoretical Framework

Multiple reasons justify why a theoretical framework in research is essential, and they are!

  1. Research Advice: It offers direction for the research that will help you create the study questions and hypotheses.
  1. Increases Credibility: A solid foundation in commonly held opinions gives your study's conclusions trust and reliability.
  1. Promotes Understanding: The theoretical framework examples help readers learn the research's basic expectations and theoretical foundations.
  1. Referencing Research: Research provides context when placed within the framework of current knowledge by showing how it advances the accepted views.

Hence, the answer to the main question includes what is in a theoretical framework. Is the theoretical structure important to research? Because it offers an organized method of study and links the subject to the larger body of knowledge.

How to Write a Theoretical Framework?

How to write a theoritical framework

Have you ever wondered about what is another word for theoretical framework? Then, there is a term called "conceptual framework", which denotes the theoretical structure.It can be challenging to look for theoretical structures for statistics project topics & ideas. You cannot avoid it, as this structuring is a foundation for further writing. So, here are a specific set of steps that will help you create an effective outline for your theoretical framework:

Find the Key Concept

First, you need to look at the key ideas your research centres around. These thoughts will act as a foundation of your theoretical framework. Start by clearly defining the ideas and discussing how they connect with your research.

Review the Literature

You should review the literature currently written about your research topic deeply. Thus, this makes it easier to find out which theories have been used in the past and how they relate to your research topics. You can draw attention to any gaps in the literature your study seeks to resolve.

Frame Hypothesis

The next step is to create your study ideas using your key concepts and literature review as a guide. These have to be exact, testable theories about how the research variables relate.

Do SWOT Analysis

Finally, to know the selected theoretical framework, you may use a SWOT analysis that includes the study of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It helps in understanding the strength of the framework and any possible challenges in using it for your research.

Hopefully, now it must be clear to you about how to write a theoretical framework. apart from this, if you need assignment help, you can also reach to our experts. But before this moving forward to the next section, having a solid theoretical framework is essential because it will have helpful and practical applications in your research. Look at an example for a better idea of how to use this structure in actual research.

Example of Theoretical Framework

So, consider a situation where you have been asked about what are examples of theoretical frameworks for qualitative research. Hesitating will never work for this, but you can answer this smartly without even thinking. Since there are many examples, Bandura's Social Learning Theory is one of the best examples of the theoretical framework. It could be part of the theoretical basis for research on how social media impacts learning.

According to this theory, people adopt mindsets, actions, and feelings from watching other people. The structure would define key concepts like academic performance and the use of the Internet. Hence, it would finally claim that increased use of social media has negative effects on learning outcomes.

Theoretical vs. Conceptual Framework

The two main types of theoretical frameworks are logical and conceptual structures, and they have high importance. The practical arrangement and interpretation of your research depends on how easy it is to look between them. Thus, the main differences between the two are as follows.


Theoretical Framework

Conceptual Framework


Based on theories available

Based on the relevant research


Deep study to cover a range of aspects

Limited research that is confined to only variables and connections


Created on the detailed literature reviews

Framed by the researcher based on their knowledge of a concept


Effective in Qualitative and Quantitative Studies

Helps with theoretical framework in qualitative research


gives an academic basis that directs the research

Allows to Structure and Interpret the information

Hence, if someone asks you how do you explain the theoretical framework in a research defense?  Then, stop wondering as you must have gained underthings of how to deal with such questions. But, if you still need help with the writing part, then you must read the next part where you will learn how our experts can assist you with it.

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