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Sub Maximal Exercise Sample

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Sub Maximal Exercise


The methodologies that can be used for measuring the cardiovascular fitness are that of sub maximal and maximal intensity exercise. Of the two methods most used one is that of sub maximal method. It is sometimes not possible to measure the standard of Cardio respiratory fitness directly and therefore there arises the need of a subsidiary standard procedure which is based on the responses of the body to that of sub maximal exercise. In order to find the cardio respiratory fitness or the maximum intake of oxygen the method of incremental sub maximal exercise is used (Noonan and Dean, 2000).

With this it is possible to find the relationship between heart rate and the VO2. In addition to this, in the present report, laboratory testing is done in order to find the relationship of heart rate and the rate of perceived exertion. Two hypotheses are formed in the report which is then proved by drawing of graphs. The subject under study has been defined properly with the mean and standard deviation of age, body mass and height of the individuals who are put under study. The results of the calculations done on the graph are clearly mentioned and they are further explained in the discussion section. This section gives the detailed description of the results.

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Sub Maximal Method

Cardio respiratory fitness can be predicted with the help of different testing methodologies that may vary from sub maximal with maximal intensity of exercise. A standard method which is used for prediction of fitness of cardiovascular is known as maximal aerobic capacity or aerobic fitness. This is done through sub maximal exercise testing. The method of maximal testing is not always possible to perform and desirable and therefore, a sub maximal test is performed on an individual in order to analyse on its Cardio respiratory fitness (Franklin, Whaley and Howley, 2000). During a sub maximal test, heart rate of the individual is being monitored and evaluated. On one side, maximal exercise is backed with certain limitations. It is that unless an individual is bale to attain the maximum level of VO2 without getting fatigue first or is limited by impairments in musculoskeletal the results of the maximal test are found to be invalid. In addition to this, high level of motivation is required to undergo the maximal test by an individual (MacDougall, Wenger and Green, 1991).

On the other side, sub maximal method is a better approach for measuring the fitness of Cardio respiratory aspect of an individual (ACSM Issues New Recommendations on Quantity and Quality of Exercise, 2013).

It is an effective method in order to predict the VO2 max. VO2 is the maximum volume of oxygen or the capacity of consumption of maximum uptake of oxygen by a person. In addition to this, it can also be said as the maximum capacity of the body of an individual to transport and make use of oxygen during doing an incremental exercise. This then reflects the physical fitness of the individual under the testing (Bushman, 2011).

There are different methods which can be used for conducting a laboratory sub maximal exercise that is used for predicting the cardiovascular fitness. These include a bench step, a treadmill or a cycle ergo meter. For most of the practical purposes the method is used is that of cyclic ergo meter as compared to the other two ones. It is so because of the exact reproducibility of the work output that is recorded on a cycle ergo meter (Work Physiology Laboratory, 2013). The method of ergo meter is the method of measuring of measuring of work output which is performed during an exercise test. The cycle ergo meter is a useful method which can be used in exercise testing as it allows for measuring of an exact quantity of output of work. The requirement of sub maximal exercise test is that an individual who is exercising on a particular mode is continuing with it as a work output which is known and should be less than their maximum effort (Gaskill, and et. al., 2001).

The aim of this particular study is to measure heart rate and respiratory gas volumes, that is, VCO2 (volume of carbon dioxide production), VO2 (volume of oxygen consumption), VE (ventilator equivalent between oxygen and carbon dioxide) while conducting an incremental sub maximal exercise (Lewis and et. al., 2007).

The hypothesis for the report is that there is a significant relationship between heart rate and work rate during an incremental sub maximal exercise. This is the alternate hypothesis, that is, H1 and the null hypothesis is that there is no significant relationship between work rate and heart rate during that of incremental exercise. Another hypothesis formed here is that whether there is a significant relationship between rate of exertion and work rate which is the alternative hypothesis (H1) and the null hypothesis (H0) is that there is no significant relationship between work rate and rate of perceived exertion during the process of incremental sub maximal exercise.


From the above Nursing report it can be said that sub maximal method is a good approach for measuring the Cardio respiratory fitness of subjects under study during an increased rate of exercise. This method can be used for defining the relationship between the maximum volume of oxygen consumption and that of heart rate (Zeri, Hoffamn and Clifford, 1996).

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