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Role of Management And Operations

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The roles Of Leader and Manager

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Governance and trading operations is related with an area of management which includes design and monitoring the different types of production and redetermining of products and services. The basic function is the strategic implementation and daily basis manufacturing of products and services. Mark and Spencer is a famous multinational retailer company of UK located at Westminster London. the company is also related with the e commerce business from MYNTRA.  By e commerce or internet marketing the company can produce and diversified its selling business  through out the world with different scopes and challenges. products in a authenticated and best way because its the fastest way off communicating with people in today's environment. The present report covers, the roles that leader and manager play within an organization is explained. The role of leaders and managers in order to work with an effective and efficient manner (Musa,  2011).

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P1 Definition and comparing of several functions via characteristic of a follower and director.

The functions of the leaders and managers distinct from one another moreover whole trading functions carried several operated activities have certain level of sophistications.

Leader – It  is a process of influence between the leader and those who are followers.

Manager – It decides how the things getting done through the people. It describes what a manager does in order to controls the organizational members. The basic function of a manger is to control and direct the organization work force. A manager provides the definition of an effective means of determining the company aims and objectives in order to envisages the development (Stadtler, 2015).

In scrutinizing the effective functions operated  by leadership and directors of mark and Spencer,  there is an assessment  based on which they operates an important function in playing the responsibilities and different roles are given according to their capabilities and functions.The role played by the leaders is declared as very important in order to control large team members at the organization work place. There are several measures which has been taken in solving various conflicts at the work place by the leaders. They are very responsible in order to keep hold some duties and improve some planning strategies at the work place. Therefore they provide measures for the delivery of favourables  results towards an administration of full fledged ideas. Leader is the person whose role is to define employee’s instruction and guidance to a group of individuals. In Mark and Spencer’s managers defines leaders their roles for work with the employees.

Managers manage the flow of work in an appropriate manner. This company leaders capabilities to run a successful store and control the wholesale head office and dealership stores in different countries (Modi,  2011).

Flexibility- the managers and leaders of Mark Spencer  are very flexible towards their working conditions and decision making analysis under the risky situations. Leaders have to take important decisions in  a very short span of time and managers have to focus on changing situations according to goals and visualizations.

Communicating - it is very important for the leaders and managers to interact well and in appropriate manner. This is an essential method of dealing with the difficult situations and adoption of new concepts and ideas.

Several methods are included like encouragement and appreciation. The best method is the reward system in order to applying some monetary benefits in recognition to the outstanding performance of employees. If the intrinsics activities cannot be managed than the  firm is not operated by an effectualness and efficiency. Hence through this method has presented  all the influencers  functions which are effectual with respect to the director of Mark and Spencer. These are the above roles and characteristics of leaders and managers.


P2 Explanation of roles of leaders and managers in different situational conditions

The leaders and managers plays different roles according to the different situational analysis. The style of the leader has to be proper and systematic which encourage motivation towards the team members in any type of situation. It aims at execution of work by various intellectual aspects. Hence according to this there is an important prospectus to the influencer to follow various leadership style of giving the assistance to an individual in order to perform better with respect to the provided information and guidance.

Managers functions are related with the aims of achieving targets and developing the growth of the organization by attaining profits as well. Mark and Spencer manager possess responsibility towards the conception of flourishing work surroundings in the site in order to attain  aims and objectives in an effective manner. The main focus of manager is on appropriate projects with respect to the responsibility and potency. This is done in order to deliver quality services to the customers in accordance with the needs and demands. Through these methods business trading operations can be managed effectively and efficiently. Thus according to the above estimates it is clear that both leader and manager have the responsibility towards adopting several management style as per the situation.  For instance, for the sake of managing the dispute among the leader and subordinates, manager needs to make sure that attention is paid towards issues of both parties. Further, with shared consent solution can be obstinate. This is important for safeguarding the business from multifarious difficulties that are connected with occupation.

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P3 Different hypothesis and models of leadership

There are several types of approaches on the basis of different theories and models of leadership. Leadership theories are defined as those hypothesis and explanations on the basis of their several styles and characteristics. It gives an idea about the various characteristics of working criteria according to the leadership situational analysis (Rutherford, 2011 ).

Theories and approaches of leadership is as follows

Trait theory  -  According to this  to this theory it has been evaluated that this theory is based on different characteristics in which some lead to failure and some are successful. Further it assist in measuring the effectiveness of leadership. Leader under this theory have capability to inspire employees for the on time goal accomplishment.  It can be identified that leader work with full motivation and self-confident.

Behavioural trait theory - it is a theory in which leader is characterized on the basis of its behaviour. This type of leader at mark and Spencer support in making effective decision which assist organization to accomplish goals and objectives on time. It is evaluated that leader of this style are best predictor and encourage team member for achieving target.

Situational leadership – it  focuses on the over flexibility and simpleness. According to this style of leadership modifications or modifications are processed according to the situation as per the condition. Various occupational functions of conditional type of influencing are processed at the  mark and Spencer analysing the development level of employees. Following this,  there is a great need of adjustment is required  for the leaders and managers of the  company  M&S Ltd according to the behavioural aspects. For an instance, the workers of an individual level attain wider aspects of competencies and promises according to this there is a requirement to an influencer in order to apply some empowering powers and responsibilities. The reason behind this in an individual  who featured competency and willing to work on the project of less monitored and assisted situations (Ramanathan,  2012).

Contingency approach -The theory defines the group and leadership effectiveness. Their are two factors associated with this theory. They are work encouragement or bondings motives and conditions. The task and relation psychological feature related with the encouragement are calculated by to the lowest degree of employee selected scaler . The LPC measuring standard  is a very advance method of giving and asking judgements about the least practical employees from the manager. And rating is done according to setting up of various questions pertaining in 8 point scale. For an instance the one who get the rating 8 would be considered as polite and  rating of one would be judging as not polite. The basic aim of this model is to envisaged group harmony in an organizational environment.  conceptualization of  the contingency presented that there is deficiency of suitable concept in which  business administration is processed. Moreover the postulates are generated according to the visualization which depends upon the communicating doings of establishments according to the specified stipulations. It is in operation with respect  to mark and Spencer by means of measuring To the lowest degree Favored Co-Fellow worker (LPC) score granted by director, follower and conditional co-variant. It has been used the calculation of an individual with respect to the enjoying criteria. The conditional co-variant consists of work cognition, orientation ability and influences directed bonding (Sheu, 2010). These are the above estimates according to the different types of theories and approaches for maintaining the sustainable competitive advantage and developing the growth and development of the organization .


P4  key approaches of O.M and the role of managers and leaders at the Mark and Spencer.

There are various type of approaches that is contingency leadership, situational leadership  is considered.

Situational leadership: this approach is very supportive for an organization in order to influence  employees towards the work. Further this approach is practical and easily understood by manager of M&S Ltd. Its strength is that leader change there way of performing as per different situation. On the other hand its weakness is that sometime employees feel pressure of work under this approach.

In contingency approach  In this the leader of M&S Ltd involve its employees in decision making process.  Strength of this leadership style is that leader motivates employee for working with more efforts which lead to increase in production. While its weakness is that all power and authority is in leader hand so it direct employees toward the work and not involve with them in their work (Rutherford,  2011).

Through operated accomplishments and capabilities directors of M&S company has been controlling the overall processes at the organizational level.  Directors are providing assistance according to the direction with respect to the various resources by the help of capital administration. They are doing proper assessment for maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency.

The decision of the manager is to sell and identification of the thoughts concepts and ideas and finally provide to the lower level authorities in order to apply the decision level criteria. It Present the ideas and invite new reasons to allow the subordinate in order to increase the inquiring conditions on the determinations by the directors in order to make certain implementations and make certain valuable answers to the difficulties. The situation of showing a doubtful determinations or judgments that is subjected to change the manager decision, but the last conclusion will be taken by managers of Mark and Spencer's.

Following are the difference among the directors and influencers

Influencer Director
Functions of  Employee  management at the company mark and Spencer Follower involved in risk and making efforts in prioritizing   several requirements related with an individual connected to an organization Directors are having duty towards guiding and directing the people according to the  ambitions. Team work and group harmony are the essential tools of attaining targets and objectives.
Involved in uncertain situations or risks Least involvement in risks
They adopted various styles of advisory, participative and transformational. They are adopting various styles which includes, ruler, influential, dominating .

From the the above table it can be concluded that the leaders and mangers adopted various styles for proper functioning of the organizational culture in order to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency (Turner,  2010).

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P5 importance of operation management

Operational management is very important in order to attain group and organizational goals and objectives to a wider aspect. It helps in building of organizational frame work  with the help of managers and leaders. Operation management is basically considered with the supply chain , inventory and control, logistics and procurement of the management (Chase,  2010).

There are several plan of action with wide range of products and services. It manages the supply chain process with respect to the demands of the customers and services provided to them. The various stages associated with the mark and Spencer company are associated with the manufacturer,  unprocessed materials,  retailers, retailers and customers. It is critically examined that operational management manger require to supervise the superiority of merchandise and services on regular basis so that customer are not giving their preference to other company products Further all the new device and equipment used for making product and services need to repair on time so that employee  not get harmed by them at the time of working.

Operation management play crucial role at M&S Ltd in order to make high quality products and services. further operation management support in increasing the sale and profit of M&S Ltd.  Through this company can easily measure the present demand of customer in order to meet their expectation. Operation management consists of several elements which are very important for carrying out the production process in an appropriate manner. For example flexibility, superiority and swiftness etc. these all elements are required to keep in mind by production department at the time of manufacturing product and services. Moreover there are different valuable concepts of operations management which are needed for accomplishing organizational goal and objective. M&S Ltd operation management system is not much effective which become barrier for delivering high quality product and services to customer. this department not only deal with extrinsic activities but also with intrinsic activities. Operation management department required to make proper coordination with different department such as sales, customer relationship management etc. this all department provide information which support in carrying out production activities (Batta,  2013) .

Customer relationship management department help in collecting information regarding the orientations and sentiments of customer for the product and services. on the other side information gather from marketing department assist manager of production department to modify product and services as per the current demand of customer. Operational management assist in enhancing the productivity of  M&S Ltd. And decrease the cost of production. If productivity of organization is review than it help in assessing the performance of employees. Leader of operation management make sure that all scared resources used effectively without wasting them. Further it make sure that workers who work under operation management must be highly skilled and possess technical knowledge in order to make high quality product and services.  The role f operation manager  is to provide assurance to all the workers in order to work under safe working conditions and work place so that they do not get injured at the working time. These are the above essential considerations of operations management with respect to the mark and Spencer ltd in order to attain goals and objectives of the company (Mallidis,  2012).


P6 factors of business environment impact on O.M decision by leaders and managers.

There are several internal and external factors which impacted the leader and manager decision making process of Mark and Spencer ltd

External factors including supplier customers competitors and society

Supplier-  Supplier plays an important role by providing supply of raw material with the on time delivery for making products and services of Mark and Spencer. There is a requirement for the company of making proper interaction and networking links with the suppliers according to the right and proper delivery of raw materials as well (Mallidis, 2012).

Challenger- It is carried out by making the similar products and services according to the M&S ltd. This impact on the decision level of the managers and leaders with respect to the analysis, concepts and ideas. This can be renovate by making advance implementations according to the latest trends and forthcoming methods of innovative technology. This help in attaining competitive advantage with respect to the other companies. There is great need fr the adoption of  new technology  in order to manufacturing the products with respect to the needs of the consumers.

Customers- The basic demands of the customers are according to the products and services. They need high quality standard products . Their priorities are based on the reasonable and low prices. They want  different styles and designs as Mark and Spencer is considered.

Society – The societal aspects are based on the values, morals and ethics. There are different types of considerations according to the various types of products with respect to the community , locality and  nation. Their choices and selection criteria are different.

Internal factors including policies, finance, labor

Financial variable- Many  functions in relation with the operation management are depend upon the financial aspects. For example if the finance condition with respect to M&S limited is not good then the company is unable to manufacture further products and services. This leads to the impact on the decision criteria of the managers  and leaders as well (Grunow, 2010).

Inside relations - It comprises of investor, owner, workers and managers of an organization. If there is strong coordination and proper communication between each of them, then manager of M&S Ltd can take fast and effective Further, strong relation between leader and employees support in making effectual judgments which lead to attain on time operational goal and objectives.

Value system - M&S Ltd organization have its own value system under which employees, manager and leader work together for attaining goal and objectives. There is an essential prospectus for a leader to direct its team member towards the value system in order to make appropriate decision in any situation. The company expanding its business in different parts of the world like America, Africa and Asia to promote its brand Zara. Online shopping platform or internet marketing the company can produce and diversified its selling business  through out the world with different scopes and challenges and thus increasing the value of the products and services associated with the company.

Policies – every company has been adopting several policies in order to govern certain rules and regulations for effective working of the member's of the employees. This aims at envisaging the working functions of the mark and Spencer ltd. These are the above estimates of the business environment which impacts on operational management decision analysis.


From the above findings with respect to the mark and Spencer company it can be concluded that . Mark and Spencer is a famous multinational retailer company of UK located at Westminster London. Operation management is related with an area of management which includes design and monitoring the different types of production and redetermining of products and services. The basic function is the strategic implementation and daily basis manufacturing of products and services. Operation management plays a crucial role at M&S Ltd in order to make high quality products and services. It supports in accelerating the selling and profit of M&S Ltd. These are the above estimates of the mark and Spencer ltd.

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