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Sample on Tourist Destinations

University: Cardiff Metropolitan University

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Introduction to Tourism

Tourism currently is the fastest growing industry in the economy which contributes around 15% to 20% in economic growth and prosperity. A range of tourist destinations have been mentioned in the present research study for the purpose of showcasing trends prevailing in travel and tourism sector (Linn, 2008.). Researcher has also discussed several places and destinations that generate incomes of the world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation (Henderson, 2013). Furthermore briefly states cultural, social and physical features of the worldwide tourist destination that appeals tourists the most. Lastly, several issues that affect the popularity of tourist destination have been discussed and along with that the responses that destinations gives to protect the effectiveness of tourism are also mentioned.

Main tourist destinations and generators of the world

Each country in world is famous for different cultural and economical aspects. Similarly in tourism aspects there are two countries which are famous for their tourist destinations. These countries are England and Spain. There is continuous increase in number of visitors of these countries. England is famous for its pervasive culture and interesting history (Henry, 2006). In addition to this, England has unique natural environment which attract millions of tourist to the country. Spain is popular for its mesmerizing destinations specially in winter. They hold strong position in global economy for tourism.

Analysis of statistic to determine tourist destination trends and prediction of future trends

In accordance to above task it has been noticed that England and Spain is leading countries in tourism sector which attracts tourist from entire world. For prediction of future tourism trend it is important to understand existing tourist trend in a proper manner. In accordance with the market research, it can be said that there is continuous increase in tourist of England (Voxted, 2011). Similar trend can also be noticed in Spain. As per the Data.worldbank.org, every year there is increase of 7% in tourists of country.

In terms of incomer performance of Spain is comparatively better than England. Reason of lower income of Spain is huge difference between number of visitors of both the countries. In accordance with this figure it can be concluded that most of the visitors select Spain because it is comparatively cheaper and attractive.

Top and bottom destination in England

In accordance with the above graph it can be said that British Museum has highest visitors because it is attractive for all age groups. Similarly, The national gallery has great collection of rare paintings which attracts art lovers different countries. Southbank centre is slowly becoming a center of attraction due to rare art facts (Bunja, 2003).  Tower of London, Somerset House and The Library of Birmingham is on bottom of list due to less popularity between tourist. It is because it only attracts history lovers. Future tourism in England has great scope because it is continuously developing. However, they are required to focus on pricing strategies for high earnings (Cheung,  2001).

Top and bottom destination in Spain

 In accordance with the above facts it can be said that Alhambra, A Merida Roman Theatre and Belchite is leading destinations in Spain due to sustainable tourism which is developed by government. Bottom three places is Spain is Baelo Claudia, El Escariol and Monasterio de Piedra due to inappropriate facilities (Griffin, 2002). Growth in future will be reduced if proper developing strategies are not formed by government.

As per this part, it can be articulated that visitors of Spain is higher in comparison to England. It is due to cheap tourism in Spain. Regulatory authorities are required to form effective policies to increase visitors of the country.

Analysis of cultural, social and physical features of worldwide tourist destinations

Selection of tourist destination is affected by various cultural, social and physical features. Physical features can be defined as aspects that can be touched or feel by tourists. Mainly in these features geographical aspects such as monument, rock or building is covered. In cultural aspects, intangible things are covered which affect mentality of individual (Jayawardena, 2013). Social features are related to the environment of host country. In this task description will be provided regarding these features along with their impact-


  1. 1.There are several monuments and historical places such as Alba Iulia Fortress, Bucharest Tomb, Bran Castl etc.  
  2. 2.Romania is also famous for its castles and monuments. Therefore, lots of people visit these castles to explore the beauty and cultural history of the place.  
  3. 3.The natural resource and environment of Romania also plays very important role in attracting tourism from all across the world. Further There are various national parks which offers eco tourism, mountaining and hiking etc.   
  4. 4.Romania also  has many popular beeches such as Corbu, Constanat, Vama Veche, Sulina, Neptune etc. People visit these beeches to have fun and relax.

Social Features

  1. 1.Majority of the people are very friendly and supportive in the country. A warm and healthy welcome of tourist is done by the people of country.    
  2. 2.The entire population of Romania consists of people which are Romanians, Hungarian and of Roma. This means that the society is a mixture of different culture and values which attracts people.      
  3. 3.There are many local communities which has been developed and their duty is to make te visit of people in Romania more convenient and memorable.    
  4. 4.The government is very supportive and events are being organized at regular intervals in order to make people aware about the tourism in Romania.      
  5. 5.Societies have also started promoting tourism as it results in development of infrastructure and other facilities which are very beneficial of the development of the people living in society.

Cultural Feature

  1. 1.The culture of Romania is very rich and diversified which attracts people from all acorss the world.  
  2. 2.Music, choreography, gesture and mimic are very important part of Romania's culture.  
  3. 3.Wines and food are almost there is every occasion and festival.  
  4. 4.The country is also famous for its customs and tradition.

United Kingdom

  1. There are various historical places in UK such as Kensington Palace and Stonehenge.  
  2. UK is famous of their monuments and heritage. Due to this aspect, various tourist visits UK spending their holidays.  
  3. Natural environment of UK also attracts tourist for leisure visit such as Woolacombe beach.

Social Features

  • Local community is making good arrangements for the tourist to enhance their convenience and to reduce their issues.  
  • Central and state govrnment authorities promotes tourism in UK  by making reduction in fares and making policy tourism policies more linient.

Cultural Feature

UK has rich British history which enhances curiosity of tourist and consequently they are interested to visit the country. In UK there are various museums, monuments and historical places which is visited by millions of tourists every year (Ricard, 2014).

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Comparison of features of a developing tourist destination and a leading tourist destination

Leading tourist destination is considered as the place that has the potential to deliver wide range of innovative and different services to the customers as per their needs and preferences. On the contrary, developing nation is the one that still manages growth and prosperity from its overall operations and functions.

Similar features of USA and Egypt:

  • Both the countries are populous due to valuable travel and tourism services and both provides luxury services to the customers (Okumus, 2010).
  • People usually love to travel for the country that covers all types of service provisions such as travel and tourism, luxury amenities and hospitality services. Both the countries have been providing same sort of services which helps the customers to derive complete package of services.
  • The economic condition of both the countries have been stable and assisting the customers to derive services from wide range of aspects (Ford, 2014).  
  • Both the countries are also populous in terms of stating brief information about the historical aspects of ancient monuments.

Dissimilar features of USA and Egypt:

  • Changes could be seen in transportation and others aspects as USA is extremely cost effective country that changes people's purchase decisions (Ricard, 2014).  
  • On the other hand, chances of corruption seem in Egypt; however it does not exist in USA from any ground.

Egypt is a populous destination for tourism and it is also the fifth largest country in the world. Egypt is getting popular due to the ancient Egyptian temples at Karnak and Luxor (Najeeb, 2013). There are various sites that adds cultural depth to Egypt where in people no longer pray to the sun god Ra; on the other hand, in Egypt Siwa and other deserts oases gives an escape from the rush of urban life. Tourism is one of the most important parts of Egypt's economy and at its peak in 2010, the sector employed around 12% of the workforce.  Tourism in USA is a large industry as that serves millions international and domestic tourists yearly (Henderson, 2013). The tourism of USA is well established both as a cultural activity and as an industry. New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco all major US cities, attracted a large number of tourists by the 1890s.

Understand How The Characteristic Of Destinations Affect Their Appeal To Tourists

There are a range of factors explored which appeals the customers towards travel and tourism and which also affects their interest level. At the same time, this can even change the ratio of tourism growth and prosperity (Garcia, 2006). In order to persuade tourists from several grounds, it is crucial for the regulatory bodies to consider those aspects that enhances or affects the value of tourism. It is being observed that government of UK manages their duties and responsibilities as per the aspects that attracts customers from several grounds.

Positive features of Turkey and Thailand

Tourism in Turkey is focused mainly on a variety of hysterical sites and seaside resorts and seas. In last recent years, Turkey has been becoming popular destination due to its emphasis on cultural aspects, spa and health care tourism. The country is extremely focused towards health care tourism in which it attracts almost 31.5 million foreign tourists from all the countries in the world (Isekeije, 2010). In regards to this, it has been observed that Turkish government has announced that it will build the world's largest airport in Istanbul so as to manage tourism attraction from wider extent. The operation has invested 7 billion euros so as to complete the projects on specific time limit. At the same time, it has been observed that the country is also raising tourism of Istanbul due to thousands of hotels and other tourist oriented industries in the city (Najeeb, 2013). Istanbul is Turkey's largest city and has a number of attractions derived from its historical status. The major places included in the list are Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia. The specific tourism destination provides valuable approach to the customers and as a result, they can get better services as compared to other destinations. Major number of people involved in the Turkey tourism is from Muslim community as the place serves historical and ancient history about the culture.  In terms of luxury services, people are provided with all ranged services in different shopping malls and centers. This helps them to derive rich experience from travel and tourism area (Taylor,  2010).

On the other hand, tourism of Thailand if popular due to the affordable tourism. People need not to spend much resources in traveling and relaxation aspects since the activities are entirely embodied with customer convenience (Taylor,  2010.). Tourism of Thailand is basically targeted towards price conscious people; hence demand increases from those people on several occasions. Customers are also treated effectually so that they can retain their interest in the country's tourism.

Apart from the positive aspects, there are several pessimistic facets also which affects tourism of Turkey and Thailand likewise- changing economic conditions of the country, social beliefs and cultural issues. Since people living in Turkey are highly emphasized towards cultural beliefs which does not allows women and girls to visit different places without “Burkhas”. This happens due to their traditional beliefs and customs (Najeeb, 2013). On the contrary, economic condition of Thailand has been changing rapidly which greatly impacts sustainable tourism and at the same time, this affects the purchasing power of customers. The acts of terrorism is also increasing in Turkey which depicts risk associated tourism for the people; therefore this leads them to change their preferences according to the country specific conditions.

Evaluate how characteristic of a tourist destination affect its appeal

Characteristic of a destination is the actual combination of the country's specific aspects likewise culture, free entrance for tourist attractions, infrastructure and etc (Bunja, 2003). These are those facets that changes the mindset of customers and on such basis, they prefer to derive services from varied nations.


The main aspect of tourism of Turkey that attracts customers is the historical aspects that helps people to derive information about cultural and social facets. The country is populous since that provides peace and beautiful view across different places (Garcia, 2006). There are so many beaches and coastal areas in Turkey that attracts people and they also facilitate word of mouth publicity for such place. This not only encourages tourism of such place but also it helps people to get more information about the respective places. Lots of cultural attractions elsewhere in the country include the sites of Ephesus, Troy, Pergamon, House of the Virgin Mary, Pamukkale, Hierapolis, Trabzon (Ricard, 2014). It has been observed that Diyarbakır is termed as one of the important historic city of Turkey; however the effectiveness of tourism is on a relatively small level due to waning armed conflicts (Tan, 2005).


In the specific tourism destination, the economic stability increases since travel and tourism is the only sector that helps the country to enhance the ratio of growth and success. At the same time, in the year 2013, it is estimated that tourism of Thailand directly contributes 9% to country's GDP (Ford, 2014). This helps the specific destinations and hotels to serve better services to the customers and at the same time, it also aids in promoting the services of travel and tourism. Among the reasons for the increase in tourism in the 1960s were the stable political atmosphere and the development of Bangkok as a crossroads of international air transport (Okumus, 2010). The hotel and retail industry both have been expanding rapidly their services due to tourist demand.

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Understand Issues Likely To Affect The Popularity Of Tourist Destinations

Tourism industry is highly associated with several issues and constraints which affect the popularity of different places and destinations. As apparent, any destination can appeal large pool of customers if it is able to manage innovative service provisions for the customers. Generally cultural and social beliefs of people change their preferences and as a result they switch to different services (Murphy, 2004). In the present case, tourism of Italy has been taken into account which beguiles people from the artifacts and rich heritage. People mainly visit Italy for its rich art cuisine, history, fashion and culture. The destination is populous due to the beautiful coastline and beaches which helps the travelers to take glimpse about priceless ancient monuments (Mohanty, 2008).  Furthermore, India is also considered in the present study since the country is also popular from the tourism point of view.


People have visited Italy for centuries which help the destination to flourish chiefly in travel and tourism sector. From past many years, the ratio of tourism in Italy is increasing due to its rich heritage and ancient monuments. The destination is also popular since it provides multiple cuisines to the travelers and other amenities are also effectual for appealing customers of several grounds (Kotler, 2010).  Hotels and restaurants in the specific place are entirely embodied with quality aspects and the way they deliver different services also assists them to manage effectiveness in traveling sector. The destination is eco- friendly and people are not even allowed to impede the beauty of the place from any action. However on the other hand, people living in Italy are extremely cautious about social, cultural and religious prospects which lead the travelers to experience issues related to the same. In many cases, it has been observed that unethical and illegal practices happens more at the destination which leads the travelers to get engaged in unethical aspects (Tan, 2005). The ratio of crime is also increasing in Italy from last many years which further affect the popularity of the destination and as a consequence, people change their preference for traveling. Another factor which affects tourism of Italy is high transportation cost which is not usual to afford for price conscious people.


The tourism of India is economically significant and growing at a faster rate. It has been observed that, the country has a range of tourist destinations that helps India to come in limelight especially in travel and tourism sector (Tan, 2005). This indeed gives India the third rank among the countries with the fastest growing tourism industries over the next decade. The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013 ranks India 65th out of 144 countries overall. The country is getting huge attention from the travelers due to price factor as many researches has stated that, India has good air transport which reasonably attracts customers to stay back in the country for longer time period (Kotler, 2010). On the contrary, the country is facing many issues related to unethical problems and technological development. It has been seen that the country lacks in technological development and which further affects the effectiveness of tourism service provision. Another issue which is impacting the service efficiency of India is lack of better infrastructure facilities which sometimes changes the mindset of customers also.

Tourism in India is renowned and there are a lot of factors that appeals the visitors to visit the country; however in order to improve the tourism of India, chief concern should be given towards cultural and economic policies. One of the biggest charms of Indian tourism is its architecture and wealth of historic monuments. Thus, the potential of Indian tourism can be increased by building good roads and approach points to a certain tourist destination. Packaged train travel, easy bus connections and safe car hire services with knowledgeable personnel should be there as that combines with great freeways and highways for better tourist experience. India is currently in a position where it can make a cash cow out of selling customized experiences, luxury spa sessions and etc; thus development or improvements should be made accordingly.  On the other side Italy is famous for its climate, great food, attractions, culture and plenty of seaside; therefore several changes should be made in the tourism of Italy so that to augment its potential to persuade more customers. Food services as well as cultural values of Italy can be taken as a tool to promote the tourism of Italy. 


From the entire discussion, it can be said that all the tourist destinations have been emphasizing on different aspects and provisions so as to promote the value of tourism among potential customers.


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