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T/601/1753 Tours and Operations Management - Travelodge

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 8 / Words 1993
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: T/601/1753
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following the questions:

  • Team development is crucial aspect as per the current trends. Evaluate the effects of current  trends and developments on the tour operators sectors.
  • Elaborate the stages and timescales which is  involved in developing holidays.
  • Tour Operator reviews brochures and methods of distribution used to sell luxury holidays. Evaluate the planning for decision making for the selected brochure.
  • Discuss the  strategic decisions made by types of tour operator in the context of  Pricing Strategies, Surcharge policy, Positioning and image/branding, Choice of product in relation to customer portfolio and Distribution decisions.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Travelodge


Today’s globalization has laid an astounding amount of profit generation for Tours and operations management. It has become an integral part of the travel and tourism sector with a widespread impact as well as influence on the developmental activities and operations related to this. This assignment will be based on understanding the significance of the roles and responsibilities of tour operators in enhancing the economy of a country and promoting tourism at the global level. There will be an analysis of the latest trends, financial evaluation; methods of contracting that are involved in the product development, their designing of brochures,s and employing other platforms for promotion for utilizing the distribution channels appropriately. The major purpose is to put insights into the working conditions in terms of strategic and tactical decisions in the context of the tours and operations management from the overall outlook to attract potential customers for growth and progress.


AC 1.1 Evaluate the planning decisions taken for the design of a selected brochure

Brochure is an important tool, which acts as the introductory platform for travelling and tourism companies. It provides the entire details and features related to travelling in order to attract tourists and travelers by making such brochures interesting and user-friendly (Guo and He, 2012). There are few determinants which affect the designing and are as follows:

Cost: This involves the scheming of cost differentiation on the basis of designing and quality of print. The type of paper used in it, folding style it will follow, number of copies and the entire format of brochure will lead for distribution with the purpose to attract potential customers.

Content: This factor assist in providing details related to tour and the concerned operators to fetch attention of customers. Along with, the quality of writing laid emphasis on their use of languages used to target people and also, use of visuals and graphics can make it better for enhancing their viewership.

Target market and budget: Marketplace plays an important role in targeting customers by enhancing their brochure's quality in terms of design, layout, volume and many such characteristics. This helps in sorting the budget appropriately to maximise the utility of allocated resources.

Print Specifications: Printing depends on many parameters such as paper's quality, design layout, font style and size etc. Along with this, customers' requirements and specifications like color, visuals, folding etc play pivotal role in the determination of brochure's print as choice of destination and current trends assist in defining.

Stages of Production and Timescales: These stages include number of factors like seasonality, date of launch, location, type of brochure: online or e brochure and more. The costs incurred can be considered too (Bronner and de Hoog, 2011). This will provide an actual time period to understand the planning and designing it takes so that customers know about the details and description of the tour, transportation and related things.

AC 1.2 Assess the suitability of alternatives to a traditional brochure for different types of tour operator

With technological advancements and globalization, today’s tourism sector is spreading across worldwide like never before. People from all generations as well as walks of life are generating revenues by opting various packages and dealings from different tour operators. Due to this, these tour operators such as Trailsfinders, Thomas Cook, Audley Travel and more are moving towards use of internet and it services.

Ground Tour operators: Popularly called as Reception Operators are the ones who escort tourists on their landing in the destination place. These mainly help the large organizations where they have no office or branch and support by providing services to manage their customers (Rønningen, 2010). These follow the internet services as their reach is at global level and can facilitate the companies through digital marketing.

Domestic Tour operators: These function within the home country and provide their maneuver through traditional brochure, local outlets and through online platforms. This is easier and convenient way for travelers to know the differences between them and other operators. E.g. Travel Cook works at regional and international levels and follows all the alternatives to attract customers.

Inbound Tour operators: These are the ones who deal with inbound tourists by providing them schedule on sight-seeing, entertainment, accommodation and transportation etc (Mdusm, 2016). It prefers e-brochures, their official website, and other means so that foreign tourists can understand their offers and services in better way.

Outbound Tour operators: This assists travelers of their country in visiting international destinations for a fixed period. It is of leisure or business oriented tours. These can use direct sell, online services along with traditional brochures, however, as IoT has wider reach currently, so it’s a better tool to use for generating awareness about the services they offer.

AC 1.3 Evaluate the suitability of different methods of distribution used to sell a holiday for different types of tour operators

There are many distribution channels as follows:

Direct Distribution: This is the direct link between the simplest and shortest channel where B2C and B2B companies can sell the product or service without any interventions by intermediates like agencies or centers. When inbound and bound operators contact their customers either through mail or call, then it leads to their marketing plans in effective system.

Two levels Distribution: When a bridge like retailers connects the producers and consumers then it comes under this two level distribution. Although, there are three levels of distribution, however, in this sector, intensive distribution is preferred (Fleischmann and et.al., 2012). It is known as Mass Distribution in which the consumers enjoy the services both at home and foreign lands. This is the most suitable for all types of operators.

Online travel agencies: These works for selling of the packages, dealings, offers and discounts related to all their services. Here, there are both modes of selling, that is direct through contacting operators’ customers. Whereas, on the other hand, there is either call centers or telecommunication feature. This would help communicating the messages conveniently to provide all details and knowledge about tours and packages.

Through social network website: This has become the most sought after method in today’s global world. It has reached the audience in the fastest and quicker way. Along with this, it is cost effective and time efficient channel to make consumers understand about the feasibility of this centralized and distributed chain of functional units of this sector. They can easily popularize about latest updates and news through podiums like Facebook, YouTube, Tripadvisor and more such websites. The various operators can re-design their personal company’s website and customize it as per the customers’ demands and specifications.

AC 2.1 Evaluate the strategic decisions made by different types of tour operator

There is need for strategic planning to sustain in this growing sector at global competitive levels for longer sustainability. Such decisions are implemented from time to time for overall progression of tour operators in a more profound manner.

Policy of Surcharge: This policy is formulated to adjunct the tangibility of additional amount attached with the services and products offered by all the operators (Evans, Stonehouse and Campbell, 2012). Consequently, this created issues but was solved by applying proper instructions and guidelines to bridge the communication gap.

Pricing: It is important to bifurcate this pricing into disguised and visible for customers to give them an assurance of transparency and loyalty. An effective management can help these operators to earn profits by good marginal scale. The other external parameters like inflation rate, currency value and other such economic dynamics help to gain momentum in developing and flourishing of the businesses.

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Brand awareness and market positioning: Its common goal to achieve maximum profits and revenue generations for any business. This sector has also seen a pool of competitors so to position themselves at one notch up, it is necessary to promote and advertise the services in an attractive mode by using several social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, phampets and more. Awareness creation can be sometimes tricky due to prevailing cut-throat competition in the marketplace. Therefore, use of all resources at optimum level would assess their potentiality and readiness to tackle any decisions related to service that can lead to satisfactory and loyal customers.

AC 2.2 Compare the tactical decisions that by a selected tour operator in different situations

Thomas Cook is a well known name in this tour-travel and tourism sector. Their need to reinvent their products and services has supported to sustain in this global competitive world. Their customer base is well established on the poles of trust and loyalty. However, sometimes they face situations which led to take few strict decisions. In this regard, tactical decisions can help out in the best possible manner to provide solutions to effectively manage crisis and attain objectives and goals.

Tactical Pricing: This organisation has continuously incorporate tact with decision making to renovate their pricing to satisfy their customers by providing diversified products. It is an important variation which is aimed at cross elasticity. They involved towards single pricing, which accelerated their customers growth by clearing out their dilemmas as this price parity redefined the expectations of customers and gave them online trials and bookings, room only or flight only facility and more. This led to a coalition between them and third-party agents, assisting them in having a commercial agreement to examine the options which will help to understand their implications on their packages and dealings. Consequently, this concluding pricing is the representation of built-in-value that could be applied on policies for reaching revenue goals through responsible approach. Get the best HND Assignment Writing Service from experts. Contact the US.

Tactical Marketing: Marketing has always been Thomas Cook’s forte to dive in this competitive pool and win their customers’ expectations by fulfilling as per their specified choices and feedback. This is a multi-faceted obligatory technique to channelize the branding of this company at global level. Promotion of products can be done using both traditional and modern methodologies. Due to the sudden boom of technologies, it leads a revolutionised change in advertising sector too (Evans, 2015). It lead Thomas Cook to adopt social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Trivago, Tripoto and such websites to connect travellers worldwide. This pragmatic move put them into action for contracts with other sponsors and mergers in order to highlight viral marketing, word of mouth tactic and growth in sales and revenues.


It is summarised that this business has integrated ample amount of functions, techniques and by adopting them proficiently have only added features of travel and vacation time. It has offered diverse range of businesses along with employment generation at regional level. Furthermore, in addition to this, it has been indicated that these tours and operations are the principle agents in giving a onetime experience to their customers by providing facilities with proper amendments and entertainment. To sum up, due to digitalization and awareness amongst customers, it has become necessary for tours and operations management to be updated in their approaches and methods used for providing various benefits to their consumers.

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