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Sustainable Tourism Development

Table of Content

  1. Introduction


Sustainable tourism development play a very important role to manage functions of country. In respect to this, it assists to grow country profits and living standards of people (Moscardo and Murphy, 2014). It gives opportunities to different types of other business to promote their operations in effective manner. In respect to this, present report analysis case scenario of Philippine. They are develops operations in developing country to manage functions at workplace. In respect to this, they can establish market through developing effective results at workplace. It enhancing profitability which increase planning and operations to manage outcomes and results at workplace. For gaining insight knowledge of tourism, present report covers advantages and disadvantages of tourism to developing operations in different areas of world. Furthermore, it covers features to plan activities when tourism operate functions at different levels. Moreover, it also covers different methods which available to measure tourism impact on the business. In addition to this, it includes moral and ethical issues of enclave tourism. At last, it determines current issues with tourism development.

Task 1

1.1 How stakeholders can benefits from planning of tourism development

Stakeholders are those people who promote business through considering various activities and effective functioning at workplace. It includes government, suppliers, employees and customers (Wongthong and Harvey, 2014). They play an important role which helps in developing positive outcomes and generate high revenue in the tourism industry. There are various elements which need to be followed by Philippine to protect the business and communities. They help in achieving tourism sector goals and protect the enterprise from different elements. Following are benefits of stakeholders in planning of tourism development:

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Sustainable income

With the planning of tourism development in Philippine, stakeholders are providing employments directly to existing residents (Tyrväinen, Uusitalo and Hasu, 2014). Thus, it creates revenue from the public resources. In addition to this, it also accesses fees, concession in the MPA, etc. Sustainable income assist in managing the functions through developing profitability at workplace. These functions consist important part to develops business operations and management (Some BENEFITS of tourism for local communities, 2017).

Improved local services

Stakeholders also benefits for improving local services with enhance local services. Stakeholders of the country can provide health and education services to local people so that planning of Philippine tourism can be increasing at different workplace (Hall, Gossling and Scott, 2015). In addition to enhancing fund across community, sustainable tourism activities can plan to fund specific local projects all over nation. It includes building, promoting functions of education services. As per the present case scenario, Philippine can easily enhance their local services such as hotel facility, employment opportunities and many more things.

Cultural empowerment and exchange

Tourists are also enjoying meeting with local people and learning about traditional culture (Almeida-García, Peláez-Fernández and Cortés-Macias, 2016). In respect to this, community participation assists to consider value in sustainable tourism development. In addition to this, different customer are pursued distinctive culture so that it is beneficial to encouraging them assist to understand different types of culture system. In respect to this, it can be exchange it for development of business profits.

Local community awareness

When Philippine tourism plans for their development, it also beneficial to enhance awareness regarding local community of new place. In this aspect, they can easily add values in new resources (Komppula, 2014). Apart from this, rural residents are easily grown up with spectacular coastal areas which understand value of local people awareness of different country people. It assists to create global ideas which is very important to manage business outcomes and arrival of international natural tourist. Thus, tourists are also important stakeholder which is beneficial for tourism.

1.2 Advantages and disadvantages of public and private sector tourism planning

In tourism planning, public and private sector of country are helpful to develops effective functions. This is because, both elements promote business to manage outcomes in new areas. In respect to this, it gives more benefits to business in different types of centres (Li, Ryan and Cave, 2016). Public sector encourages industrial growth which has under-developed part of regions in the country. Their main objectives are to create welfare of society through protecting them. Both sectors have various advantages and disadvantages to operate functions in the international and local market. They are as follows:

  • It can be used to influence economy activity which boosts country outputs and public corporation (Lee and Hsieh, 2016). Hence, Philippine can easily enhance their tourism operations. In new areas with following government rules and regulations.
  • In public sector, ownership of the industry hands in government which makes planning and coordination very easier for tourism. For example, tourism industry of Philippine can easily run and train their system with making coordination among people (Camilleri, 2014).
  • Public sector is very important to ensure basic requirement of tourism planning such as electricity, transport services and many more things. With the help of charges low prices, public sector can produce goods and services.
  • Public sector creates political interference. This is because, it consists continuous interferences to act according to wishes of the political masters (Maitland and Newman, 2014). For instance, increasing in oil prices in global market creates problems to loss market share of Philippine tourism in new areas.
  • Public sector has also disadvantages that people are misuse of their power in day to day activities. It induces some official things which corrupt practices of the nation. It also takes considerable amount with time and efforts which loss valuable resources within the tourism market (Westerberg, Jacobsen and Lifran, 2013).

Private sectors are own their functions for serves their personal interest. It is run by businessmen, capital which is collected from private partners. These types of sector are not risky to set profit margins and making long term profits. This sector posses various advantages and disadvantages which are as follows:

  • In private sector, business can set their working style according to their convenience. They target to people through considering effective time-frame in specific order and efficient management (Ridderstaat, Croes and Nijkamp, 2016). They are assign roles and responsibilities according to their own decision. Hence, they have power to work according to their style.
  • Further, in private sector work and growth is directly interrelates which assist to make work better. They can give surety to have skills and potential growth to promote the tourism planning (Mihalic, 2016).
  • In the private sector, there is no job security so that it creates problems to the business management. Thus, from the planning of tourism in Philippine creates major issue within the business environment.
  • In private sector, competition is very high so that it creates problems to attract employee at workplace (Moyle and et.al., 2014). This is because, tourism attract local business to enhance their operations. Thus, workers has varied choice to select job in the market.

Task 2

2.1 Features of tourism development planing at different level

In order to perform different types of functions, in travelling industry high revenue achieve which deliver qualitative services and productivity. People are spends more amount to travelling in different areas. Every nation creates their efforts to attract various customer at workplace (Sörensson and von Friedrichs, 2013). It generates high revenue and profitability to manage effective functions to creates better advantages within marketplace. In respect to this, Philippine planned various things through they can easily achieve competitive advantages. They are arranges various events program thorough tourism can promote their business operations. At different level it consists in distinctive manner which are as follows:

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International level

In international level, Philippine need to be promoted their services in effective manner. Their activities and actions are considers according to customer requirements (Rasoolimanesh, Jaafar and Barghi, 2017). Tourism enterprise have to follow policies and regulations to meet with social aspects. It assists to enhance economic outputs and sustainability which measure and support to tourism. With taking effective environment, at international level tourism of the nation need to help government and public sector which develops solution for different problems. Hence, Philippine can easily reach with new operations at global level.

National level

At national level, tourism enterprise is jointly work with different business of private sector such as hotels and restaurants (Holladay and Powell, 2013). It is beneficial for both private and tourism business in effective manner. In this aspect, private sector of local nation has opportunities to enhance employment at workplace. For example, hotel business, restaurants has opportunities to enhance their market share and services to attain competitive advantages.

Local level

To promote the business activity, Philippine focusses on their local people to enhance awareness among them. With the help of marketing and promotional tools, the country has opportunities to deal in specific and fundamental aspects (Hao, Long and Hoggard, 2014). It assists to deal with different programs of local areas. This is because, it generates opportunities to deliver effective outcomes and profitability within the business environment of local area. As results, Philippine can easily promote their tourism performances with local people.

From the above discussion, it has been analysed that with the help of tourism planning Philippine can easily develop their functions at different level (Tanguay, Rajaonson and Therrien, 2013). As per the case scenario, the country can set their goals and targets to achieve competitive advantages and ascertain goals and objectives. It is opportunities to tourism business, to enhance and protect business environment through make arrangements of their systems. Hence, planning of tourism development considers policies and strategies to measure changes within the business environment (Hall, Scott and Gössling, 2013).

2.2 Significance of interactive planning system and process in tourism development

In order to make plan within tourism development, it creates various benefits to the enterprise to promote business in effective manner. It generates opportunities for various other business which take place for development of tourism planning. However, it also generates problems at workplace with various issues within planning (Moscardo, Konovalov and McGehee, 2013). In respect to this, Philippine can plan to select different destination to enhance their profits and revenue. Present case study determines challenges which face by tourism of the country to operate functions in other destination.

With taking interactive planning system, tourism development has opportunities to use marketing research program which assist to develop effective functioning. In tourism development, interactive planning system assist to manage process for their development (Cole, 2014). It has following significance:

  • Market research program helpful to identify tourist needs and requirement from travelling services. In respect to this, the firm conduct market segmentation and set sub group to achieve competitive advantages. Hence, Philippine can easily target different types of customer and achieve business goals.
  • In addition to this, planning system also assist to make effective services to manage business functions and development of industry (Jamal, Camargo and Wilson, 2013). With the help of this system, new areas of tourism destination can attract customer and manage efficient program.
  • Planning system has another significant that is match tourist requirement and business resources. Hence, efficient program can be develops to manage programs and functions for developing tourism destination in Philippine marketplace and new areas as well.
  • Effective communication system take place for development of business outcomes. In respect to this, Philippine has opportunities to deliver profitability and arranges efficient program for development of country (Moscardo and Murphy, 2014.
  • Tourism destination can segment market according to their convenience so that country can achieve growth. It is also beneficial for development of tourism planning.

2.3 Evaluates different methods which assist to measure tourist impact

In the market of Philippine, different types of people are visit different types of tourism events. In this aspect, travelling companies most effectively operate functions which creates impact on the nation. It assists to maintain and generates revenue within the firm to develops positive results (Tyrväinen, Uusitalo and Hasu, 2014). Tourism activities are develops functions with considers different measures. They are as follows:

Economic measures

In respect to this, sustainability and performances of the company is based on tourism enterprise. Thus, it is very essential to follow all rules and regulation which is based on economic measurement. This measure is connected with development of various organisation and profitability of company. With the help of measurement, economic development of country can be taken through two types of measure (Almeida-García, Peláez-Fernández and Cortés-Macias, 2016). One is Cambridge and another is STEAM. To deliver low cost services ad access of national survey is depends on Cambridge model which determines through affordable price and availability of raw-material. Beside this, STEAM model demonstrate to monitor organisation performances. Thus, it can be applied on different areas which is more capable to operate functions and provide minimum input to monitor trends.

Social measures

Social measures creates major impact on the business performances which highly affect to tourism enterprise. Social measure can be conducted by two methods such as qualitative and quantitative measurement. In qualitative measurement, tourism enterprise can evaluates service quality which need to consider by the nation (Jamal, Camargo and Wilson, 2013). In addition to this, quantitative aspects can be measure through reviews and meetings. In this aspect, investigation can be taken by Philippine tourism to demonstrate effective features.

Task 3

3.1 Evaluates methods to solve conflicts

In every business has occurs conflicts situation which creates major impact on the business performances. In respect to this, tourism destination also face issue due to different situation. This is because, it environment different customer follows distinctive culture, employee are not satisfied by functions of the firm and so on. Thus, it is essential to solve business issues through managing functions (Moscardo and Murphy, 2014. In this aspect, following methods can be used by tourism industry to solve conflicts in Philippine:

Satisfying stakeholders interest

In order to solve conflicts, tourism industry need to concentrate on satisfaction stakeholders. In respect to this, they have to measure performances and concentrate on enhancing their stakeholder interest at workplace. This is because, it stakeholder are not satisfied, it creates major issue in the business.

Engagement of employee in decision making

In order to solve business problems, Philippine tourism industry need to concentrate on decision making which can be taken through promote business activities (Jamal, Camargo and Wilson, 2013). In respect to this, every employee can easily manage their functions through delivering profitability at workplace. It assists to maintain business profits to develops effective system and reduce conflicts from the enterprise.


Further, method can be taken in tourism environment is assign roles and responsibilities to each member. In respect to this, business issues can be solved through engaging business activity according to employee interest and speciality. In this aspect, tourism destination can easily attract through managing activities and profitability (Tanguay, Rajaonson and Therrien, 2013). When each employee engaging in their responsibilities, they can easily solve business issues to develops profitability at workplace. Hence, firm can frame policies and laws to determines positive results.

3.2 Implication of balancing supply and demand

In order to solve business issues, Philippine has to maintain outcomes through maintaining balance between supply and demand functions. Hence, tourism can achieve positive results which fulfil tourist requirements from different part of nation (Wongthong and Harvey, 2014). To maintain business profitability, it is important to analysis demand of country to manage outcomes and results at workplace. In this aspect, Philippine can cooperate with different elements which can be measures through supply profitability outcomes. In respect to this, various activities are considers which deal to analysis demand at workplace. Hence, results can be achieve in the great extent.

In addition to this, demand also creates opportunities to tourism to develop their supply to generate high revenue. Tourism business are highly capable to developing positive results and ensure effective results. Through operating business functions, tourism enterprise has opportunities to understand different types of culture system of nation. Hence, it makes profitability through generating revenue (Tyrväinen, Uusitalo and Hasu, 2014). When Philippine assess demand, they have to analysis market through conducting research program. In this aspect, they can easily lead with positive results and generates effective results. According to market demand, tourism industry need to hire employee at workplace so that they can fulfil demand in effective manner.

3.3 Evaluates the moral and ethical issues of enclave tourism

Philippine is a developing nation which face various challenges to operate functions in different areas. They are facing issues such as increasing population, poverty, corruption and inequality. Due to environmental issues the country face various problems to operating functions. In respect to this, tourism destination need to follow rules and regulations to overcome these problems from workplace. Mainly tourists are attracts by various beauty beaches which spreading pollutants and not charging wastage properly.

Philippine continuously is trying to manage safety at workplace through operating functions according to market demand. They are also tried to provide safety during travelling so that sales can be enhanced and mission achieve. With the help of advertisement, they can campaign of different types of activities (Almeida-García, Peláez-Fernández and Cortés-Macias, 2016).

Enclave- characteristics:

There are various types of enclave characteristics which are as follows:

  • Tourism development of Philippine is highly concentrated form to manage outcomes.
  • There are physically, socially and economically enclosed.
  • It is distinctive from existing communities.
  • Different types of pricing can be taken in tourism.
  • Different types of lifestyle of customer are take part.
Enclave- causes:
  • Local infrastructure imposed limitation.
  • Very less entrepreneur are take place.
  • External funding is requires.
  • Focus on each market segmentation (Tanguay, Rajaonson and Therrien, 2013).

It is very important to manage tourism enclave in proper manner. When it is not managed properly, it can be affect to tourists attractions. Hence, it can be damaged at workplace to dealing in effective manner. For instance, soil erosion, causing of damage of corals, etc.


From the above report it can be concluded that tourism business consist very important role in every country success. In respect to this, it facilitates effective functions for development of every enterprise. Report demonstrates benefits from stakeholders which provides various benefits to the country for operating functions. Furthermore, it also analysis that different measurement are considers by Philippine tourism for developing effective operations in different areas. Moreover, it also determines different stages to plan sustainability at workplace. In thus aspect, Philippine has opportunities to analysis market to operate effective functioning. In addition to this, report also determines balancing between supply and demand functions to measure positive outcomes at workplace.  


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