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A study on Tourism in Thailand

University: University of Chester

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0532
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Aim: “To analyse tourist's behaviour and need to interact with the travellers- A study on tourism in Thailand.”


  • To analyse the need of interaction with the tourists to understand their behaviour
  • To identify the impact of social and cultural changes of tourist

Background study:

The proper interaction and understanding of behaviour of a tourist is necessary to make services provided by destination more interactive, precise and beneficial for travellers. They will see through the better handling of the different activities that will support a good growth and development of the business operations (Bach and Burton, 2017). The research will lay an emphasis on a wide range of operations and measures that are been undertaken by firm or industry. Various theories about the contemporary needs of a tourist and management of tourism are been analysed and assessed to get the appropriate outcome and insight about the actions. The details of purchasing a souvenir and impact of different operations is been analysed by the researcher.

About Destination:

Thailand is a South East Asian country with tourism as the major industrial sector that is been a big reason for the growth of its economy. The major cities like Bangkok is a big industrial and tourist location. It is a monarchism nation with the democracy. It has the tropical climate and many natural locations. Thus, this makes it an ideal tourist destination for the nature lovers and adventure seekers (Miah And et.al., 2017).

Literature Review

Need of interaction with tourists

As per the views of Bach and Burton, 2017, the interaction is very necessary for the proper handling of the operations and management of the needs and demands of the users. A good communication will help the travel and tourism as well as the hospitality firm that will support a good handling of the requirements of the user. Other than this, the interaction helps in improving the following of ethical measures and activities related to a destination like Thailand. Other than this, it will help in suitable rectification of the different issues that are been faced by the tourist as well as the destination. Apart from this, in accordance with the views of Miah and et.al., 2017, a suitable data analysis is required to integrate the proper measures and research technologies that will help the management at the destination to gain a suitable understanding about the requirements of the users and thus will help in gaining a good rise in the compatibility and meeting of the operations that are been followed by the firm or a tourist destination. It aids in suitable rise in gaining of proper ad effective gathering of insight by analysing the data or information about operations in a better way. As per the Leapier 12 needs theory, certain actions will be taken by the organisation that will help in proper handling of the operations and meeting of the actions in a better way. The influence the destination has on a tourist can be positive or negative depending on experience of the individual person.

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Similar to that, Eusébio, Vieira and Lima, 2018, helps in effective and suitable manageability of the tourist's requirements and thus help in developing of tourism in market, facilitating of good host and client relationship that will help in suitable rise in the capability of the organisation. Besides this, it will also look after the shaping of a positive attitude or perception towards the destination and its peoples. Also, Servidio, R., 2015, stated that a good destination image and perception will facilitate in a good management of the operations related to the place. It will also help in a good rise in traveller's satisfaction level and handling of the business activities on a wider level. This will also support a good growth and development of the operations and better understanding of their behaviour.

Impact of social and cultural changes on tourism

In accordance with the views of Apostolopoulou and Papadimitriou, 2015, the destination's socio culture environment helps in a good rise in tourism facility of the Thailand. This will help in suitable growth and development of the high quality services for the tourists and the travellers which will help the tourist place like Thailand to grow and develop in a very effective way. It helps in effective promotion of the destination and help the local hosts to gain a good customer and user base to provide the services in a better way. Besides this, as per the research and ideas of Kaushik, Agrawal and Rahman, 2015, the good and effective social and cultural background of the tourist destination will be reflected by their travel and tourism services along with the hospitality industry. As per the ideas of Servidio, 2015, a good and responsible tourist behaviour will help in good and innovative growth of the behaviours of tourists towards the tourist destinations. It will support a better customer satisfaction level.

Other than this, during the stay, the tourist is ought to follow a code of conduct and ethics that are associated by the actions that will helping the better rise in the effectiveness of the tourist destination and facilitate a comfortable and memorable stay at tourist destination, Thailand. Best HND Assignment help at the best price.

Research methodology

A research methodology is a plan to conduct research that will cover the following elemental aspect that will help in better development of research process:

Research philosophy:

It is the belief on the basis of which researcher investigates the data (Eusébio, Vieira and Lima, 2018). For the present report, Positivism approach of research philosophy is been used for the cited purpose.

Research Approach:

It involves the generalised steps and assumptions that are used for research purpose. The current research will involve the inductive research approach. This will help in conducting a good induction of the policies, that are been decided by the firm.

Research Design:

It is format in whic research will follow various questions that are been developed by researcher. For present report, descriptive nature of research design is being used to get the suitable and desired output (Apostolopoulou and Papadimitriou, 2015).

Research strategy:

It is setting up of goals and objectives and get the appropriate and desired output in a better way. This will involve the proper setting of goals. For present research, quantitative research approach is used involving development of questionnaire.

Data collection:

It will involve the usage of different tools and techniques that will support a good rise in gathering of high quality data and information. For the present research, questionnaire including the open ended questions is used by the researcher as a data collection tool (Monterrubio, 2016).


It is the collection of the data sample for the analysis purpose that will support a good rise in the activities and research process. For the current project process, the random sampling approach is been followed that will involve 10 tourists or travellers at Thailand.

Data Analysis:

it involves the method by which the data will be analysed on a research activity. For the current research process, thematic analysis is been done by the researcher (Pearce, 2016).


It will involve the effective data analysis that will support a good rise to the operation and the activities that are been taken in consideration by the researcher (Diallo And et.al., 2015). For this purpose, he will use the following questionnaire which will facilitate the proper data collection process.

Data analysis

The data analysis of the views that are been gathered by an individual will help in better rise in the insight about the ethical practices that are been followed by the firm. The assessment of the operations and the requirements of the operations will help in the better rise in the operations of the organisation which will help in following of the certain theories that are been followed by individual traveller.


On the basis of the analysis process, this can be said that the better rise in the tourism will involve certain factors that will cast a deep influence on the behaviour of the tourist or customer at the tourist destination (Kozak and Kozak, 2016). This can be said that the various socio cultural and environmental factors are been taken in consideration by the travels and tourism firms that will help in improving the overall satisfaction level of the customer's. The impact of social, cultural and environmental factors like warm welcome exposure to wildlife and nature will help in improving satisfaction level of traveller.

Other than this, the good hospitality services and handling of the business operations involving a good communication will help in developing the ethical behaviour of the tourist at a destination. Apart from this, the actions like purchasing a souvenir or their purpose of travelling will help in deciding the good management of the different activities and moulding good and sober behaviour of the traveller at Thailand. This can be said on the basis of the research that the environmental, social and cultural conditions that sustain at a destination help in making the ethical behaviour by the customer or tourist (Kaushik, Agrawal and Rahman, 2015). From the interview it can be said that the purchasing of souvenir and other activities help in developing a good insight of the operations of the organisation. Other than this, it is been evaluated that the needs and demands of the tourist are needed to be fulfilled and the traveller is required to follow certain ethics in order to make its stay more memorable and comfortable.


Thus, this can be concluded from the research process that the behaviour of the tourist is deeply impacted by the different socio cultural and the hospitality activities will impact the better forming of a good behaviour at the tourist destination. A good communication or interaction will help in an effective rise in the business activity of the organisations and thus will help the travel and tourism firm to develop a good services for their customers. Other than this, a positive environment and delivery of service will help in good development of perception and satisfaction level, influencing their behaviour. The impact of the souvenir purchasing and other socio cultural and environmental factors are been taken in consideration. The user or tourist is required to follow certain ethics in order to make his stay more momorable.

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