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Project Initiation Document

University: Roehampton University

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Agile Methodology?
  • What is Waterfall Methodology?
  • Discuss about risk management approach.
Answer :
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Project management encompasses planning and organising an enterprise's resources to push toward execution of a particular function, project, or responsibility. This can comprise any one-time project or continuing task, which requires staff, financing, equipment, which intellectual rights management resources (Cagliano and Rafele, 2015).

This study evaluates various aspects of project management with help of case scenario of Roehampton University, which is going to conduct  London Inter-Varsity Games. This study provides explanation on multiple points such as project initiation, various stakeholders' analysis, WBS and key topics concerned with project-management.   

Sample project initial document:

Estimate Budget: This is crucial to recognize that prepared and predefined budget serves a critical role as it enables to determine how to do the project and also what scenarios are required to emphasis. In this context in given case scenario Roehampton University's top managing personnel wants to organise a kind of Olympics events named Inter-Varsity Games among London universities. Budget for conducting such an event is pound 20000n where 10 universities were take place to participate in Inter-Varsity Games. A budget is comprehensive estimate of what's going to occur financially at case (Hornstein, 2015). Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!


Roehampton University's


£ 20000


£ 3500

Health And Safety

£ 4500


£ 2200


£ 1600

Transport services

£ 1950

Maintenance  work

£ 1600

Availability of Playground

£ 3750


£ 900

Timescale: It is largely dependent on the length of time needed for efficient conducting of the case. (Hwang and Ng, 2013). Depending on circumstances and requirements of the case event it'll be necessary for the supervisor of this project to consider a duration of minimum 1 month in order to effectively carry out work. Therefore, the marketing stuff and promotional campaign should be performed during beginning 14 to 17 days, as the success of this event depends upon the gathering and audience. The project will be held for whole academic year and the start date is 3rd, September 2020 till 15th July 2021.

Objective: Core object of conducting Inter-Varsity Games in which different universities of London are taking part is to enhance the collaboration of these universities in terms of promoting education and sports as well as attracting new students and increase the number of students in universities. Further aim of this event is to spread the spirit of sports along with education.

Approach: An approach is refers to key element of project or event management which help to define how project will be carried out in successful-manner (Too and Weaver, 2014). That's the aspect wherein the greatest obligation is to insure effective completion of all activities. It is important for project managers to concentrate solely on the operation such as promotional activities and advertisements as this is the way to successfully execute the event-operations. Social media-platforms, Twitter as well as other online networking platforms can also be the key area that can be utilized to effectively do promotional campaign.

Team: In organising a particular event or project, team spirit is quite necessary. Project manager is responsible personnel for forming different teams according to the need of project's operations and tasks. Team members should be selected as per the task requirement and their respective skills and requirements. Formation of teams offers quick an effective tracking of all the significant operations. 

Stakeholder Analysis: Identification of all key stakeholders related to any project and event is significant aspect in a project's successfulness. These are refereed as individuals and parties who are primarily interested and significantly concerned with progress and completion of any particular project and event (Joslin and Müller, 2015). In this regard in case of Roehampton University, there are some stakeholders, consideration of these stakeholders is necessary to enhance the effectiveness of proposed event.  It must be acknowledged that stakeholders perform the most key role where they're the one who helps to make any of crucial decisions within the organisation. It is essential for the organization to recognize that all taken decisions must be in favour of shareholders if they make any decisions as they serve a critical role in achieving the objectives. Get USA's leading online assignment help!



Alumni or former students

Marketing personnel

Impact Range




Influence Range




Roles of Stakeholders

These are most crucial and significant individual, group of individuals and entity which provides funding for initiation and organising events or projects as they are main stakeholders.

These are experienced and skilled stakeholders who are interest in event success as they are previously participated in events like this and have adequate knowledge and expertise.

These are also part of event as the key task of promoting event is on marketing personnels.


They not only provide effective and relevant guidance but also contributes by providing significant amount.

These kind of stakeholders are contributes in event by providing skilled and professional guidance. 

They contributes in event's success by spreading the core aim and objective of conducting event and engaged maximum people as possible in event.

Block Event

The whole project is depends on availability of funds and resources, and these are stakeholders which provide all such stuff. 

Without the guidance of such stakeholders project may face unexpected issues and problems.

Marketing approaches should be adopted carefully as ineffective approach of marketing and promotion can lead to adverse effect on event and may cause a failure of event.


A effective strategic action and formation of relevant strategy is responsibility of project manager but involvement and interest of sponsors in strategy is necessary for successful-event organisation.

Their views and perceptiveness on different aspects of event and its operations is necessary as it supports the process of strategy formulation.

Marketing personnel conduct research and explore significant aspects of events is enables managers to enhance project's efficiencies.





Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with at least 20 items

Project Breakdown Structure is one of the traditional frameworks which is very beneficial during the execution of any of the projects, since it provides the impression that work needs to be separated into details in order to understand it (Kerzner, 2018). It will enable it to be done over a certain period of time. In the aspect of above mentioned university's project, there will be below mentioned activities which are as follows:




Establish Objective


Market research


Selection of suitable ideas


Develop plans of activities


Design promotional and advertising activities


Update Websites


Conduct analysis


Evaluate Decision


Hire playground maintenance team


Demand Forecasting


Data Collection


Transportation facilities


Develop Budget


Set activities accordingly


Assess feasibility


Develop invitation cards


Book caterers


Invite media


Analysis effectiveness


Feedback to project team

WBS help manager, by providing idea to conduct any activity and achieve the desired  work this support to make an event effective. Manager basically get the detailed idea to perform each activity and knows the exact deadline to complete the work. Critical path analysis aid to estimate weather or not the desired project is going to be complete on time. It helps to identify the most important tasks that you have to manage and It helps to save your time and reduce timelines.

Risk register

It is basically a technique that help an organisation to identify possibility of risk  that can pertain and affect the internal operations as well as role of staff Explanation of certain risks in relation to above university are explained below:


Mitigation Action

Contingency Action

Pre action score

Post action score

Delay in raw material

To eradicate the issue of delay in receiving the order from supplier.

Although the action plan reduce the chances of further delay but apart from that company need to maintain supplier supply.



Resource risk

Any transformation in the prevailing situation as well as circumstances require potential changes that can enhance the overall  demand and facilities (Svejvig and Andersen,  2015).


It is vital for project manger to predetermine the availability of facilities which is required to meet the current demand of the event. 



Budget risk

The project manager needs to allocate the funds in diverse areas in such a way the actions are carried out in suitable manner.

To cope up with sudden rise in demand the project manger of University needs to look for different sources off funds like extension of credit limit from financial institution.





Playground risk

Regular survey of each section of playground

Build team which can take measure action at the time of risk arising in playground.



Operational risk

Follow standard rules and procedures

Make sure to implement other option in case if original operation are risky



Skill risk

Higher more and more skilled labour

Give effective training to current working team which support in overcoming risk.



Contract risk

Make legal contract which cannot be breached.

Engage more and more supplier so that flow of material is regular



Schedule risk

Properly organise each task and activity

Make arrangement for scheduled in case of risk.



Quality risk

By continuous and monitoring of entire project.

Contingency risk plan



Transportation risk

Hire best and highly developed drivers and check each vehicles on regular basis.

Make booking for  trains for student and other staff.



Effectiveness of risk register

A risk registry is primarily intended to be the registry for particular risk. Those threats could include safety risks, business risks, risks, hazards and much more, or convergence of more than one operational risk into an overall risk list for project management (Klein, Biesenthal and Dehlin, 2015).

One way of understanding the manner in which any company should address the problem which may arise in the business organization is to be organized in any organization risk management strategy (Mir and Pinnington, 2014). Below are some examples of the usefulness of the risk management program.

  • Identification of risk- If above mentioned university can enact this respective risk-reduction idea, it can create better ideas and plans that have a significant effect on a firm's results.
  • Assure high quality work-  The company would be able to find out the field of risk by help for the Risk assessment Program. It allows the above university's project manager to create suitable plans and policies that enable him to efficiently control the entire project. Research will also be conducted according to the goal specifications.
  • Risk registry is useful in getting supervisor with full and relevant information. It will also assess and classify various activities which may have negative affect on project operations.

In case if the above discussed 10 risk are not identified and analysed by the project manager of Roehampton University then there might be number of challenges which could reduce the overall results. Such as if budget risk are not determined then there may be chances of over spending or if task are not managed and reviewed in appropriate time then it might reduce the affectivity of task and there will be delay in completion of project. Quality risk must be managed in proper manner which help to give higher results that will make project impactful.

Communication Mathematical Theory

Communication mechanism can be defined as an efficient process consisting of two members or further. It is seen as a two-way cycle wherein one individual transmits his or her ideas and thoughts to another person. There have been number of components of mathematical theory of communication that are listed below:

  • Sender: This can be defined as a manner in which Roehampton University manager  interacts with stakeholders and conveys ideas and thoughts.
  • Encoding: This is non verbal process of communication which includes signs, signals, symbols or even body structure.
  • Message: The main reason of having a conversation is to deliver the message which is crucial to complete any action.
  • Communication Channel: The most effective which help to deliver the main content of  Inter-Varsity Games is sending invitation proposal to different universities.
  • Receiver:  These are the various universities which are receiving the Olympic games message send form Roehampton University.
  • Feedback: In case if any college or university wants to modify the plan or update event then they must provide effective feedback to increase the effectiveness of project.

Methodologies to run the project in effective manner

This type of framework is a process-based approach which focus on organisation control from beginning to end. It's motive is to perform task in a systematic manner (Too and Weaver, 2014). This framework will be able to identify the strength and weaknesses are explained below:

Strength :-  

  • Predictable: This theory helps to predict the target based task which is to be completed with the requirement of the organisation and improve the skill by performing it with proficiency to achieve target easily.
  • Time and Cost Effective: The theory implies the motivation of employees to manage time efficiency with the  cost management, which not create any delay task performance.


  • Complex: This  theory can't be understood easily as it is tough to go through it. It makes a difficult task for the organisation to give certain specific expenditure for the training and guidance of employees (Pinto, 2014).
  • Not Realistic: Some stadiums cause us to find that such a concept will not help in identifying the risk, so it isn't always a practical approach in gazing at this subject.

Agile Methodology

It may be regarded as an important method for handling multiple project activities. In this team leader wants to break up various project operations into multiple parts as well as phases to achieve desired goals.


  • This is also beneficial in controlling and creating highly advance and productive items and services to project.
  • The methodology of agile is flexible enough which can be adjusted and implemented to each and every condition of project in order to increase the results.
  • Agile methodologies are valuable in offering efficient solutions to problems relating to project management practices.


  • This method requires more and more time for updation and implementation which might impact the actual deadlines for project task.
  • Documents is much less important in Agile methodologies so it makes it more difficult to recognize papers. It will have a detrimental effect on project management practices

Waterfall Methodology

Waterfall concept was created in 1970, so this system was created by Winston W. Royce. This development cycle includes different phases like necessity, specification, execution, testing and management. It development cycle includes different phases such as necessity, specification, execution, testing and maintenance. This is known to be an effective method for controlling and establishing strategies for achieving the set goals.


  • This interface of this method is very easy to grasp and fast to use that save lot of time and money. Therefore, Waterfall approach can allow Roehampton University project manager to effectively and efficiently execute project projects and practices.
  • It is very simple for corresponding university because the administrators have a clear goals and objectives as well as review process.
  • This method clearly state stages of the project which support in easy functional and management of games in the university.


  1. This method includes high portion of risk and uncertainties which can lead to negative results and can reduce the overall productiveness of event.
  2. This method requires continuous evaluation at each stage so it tough job for project manager to assess all stages.

Therefore, after review as well as examination of various project management methods, it was decided that the PRINCE 2 system will become more successful for Roehampton University's in order to conduct the Inter-Varsity Olympic Games. This pattern would contribute to provide the project manager with appropriate guidance as well as structure. PRINCE 2 method is effective in managing and controlling different activities and operation that can gives higher results. Take Accounting Homework Help at best prices!


From above discussed report-study it has been articulated that it must be known that for every organization, effective and decent planning is very valuable. Wherever it's necessary to execute any of activities, the formulation of plans as well as strategies clearly enables to achieve the goal. Any company should only operate and enforce their strategy after they have worked on their predefined budgets. Risk management approach is best ways to identify the risk variables that may cause problems at the time project is completed.

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