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A Case Study of Unilever on Increasing Business Growth

University: University College London (UCL)

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Business growth?
  • Discuss Illustrate role of effective communication in an organization.
  • Explain methods of communication in a business and managerial.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Unilever


In competitive market place business can grow and develop effectively when there is proper flow of communication regarding the vision which need to be attained. Effective communication helps the organization to compete with its rivalry because all the relevant information are conveyed to its team members clearly. Due to which productive outcomes are attained in the set time frame (Ali, 2016). This report is based on Unilever. It is a leading British consumer goods company located in London. It provide goods such as, beauty products, ice-cream, beverages, cleaning agents and many more. This project includes, numerous communication skills adopted in business setting. Impact of various methods of communication in a firm are examined deeply. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

Use communication skills in a business setting

Communication skill is refers to as abilities that are used by people while exchanging information with each other. For example: speaking, observing, listening etc. are some of the communication skills which are used by employer in order to convey information to their stakeholders (suppliers, unions, creditors, government agencies, directors, employees and many more) . Unilever apply memos, e-mails and Letters in order to transfer clear vision and idea to their stakeholders (Tajalli, 2018). These types of communication skills applied in business setting assist the organization to compete with the rivalry prevailing in the global market. The information exchanged through Memo, e-mails and Letters are best because all theses eliminate chances of mis-understanding among employees. Accurate information conveyed to the group members in Unilever helps them to come up with productive outcomes as compare to competitors. On the other hand employees are made satisfied easily because there is less chaos and mental pressure on them regarding works because clearly set targets and other relevant information were communicated to them.

Illustrate role of effective communication in an organization

The role of effective communication is to convey relevant information among each other. Best communication channel is adopted by Unilever so as to reduce the challenges emerged because of gap in communication like, managing multiple time zones and people, remote offices and so on. Unilever uses e-mails and Letters and memos to transfer their information among their teammates in order to eliminate the confusion in any context. It directly or indirectly bridges the gap between among stakeholders (suppliers, customers, investors, Unions, government agencies, directors, employees, owner and many more) by using proper flow of communication and building healthy relation with each other. Effective communication plays a vital role in the development and growth of the organization in the intense competitive world (Bentz, 2016). Additionally, it helps the manager of Unilever to perform their basic organization functions such as, planning, organizing, motivating and controlling. Business associates are directly or indirectly foster a good working relationship among employer and employees that assist in enhancing the morale and workforce efficiency of the stakeholders in the cut throat competitive world. Communication is success leader through which set targets can be attained in the specified time duration which is a positive mark for the business in the international market. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Examine the impact of different methods of communication in a business and managerial.

In an organisation the most suitable communication method is executed in the working premises. Visual, verbal, written, listening and non verbal are some of the types of communication methods which are used by the organization in their working premises. Unilever adopts written communication method in order to convey their information among their stakeholder like, employees, owner, suppliers, customers, investors, Unions, government agencies etc. Unilever is using Letters, memos and e-mails in order to exchange data and information which is required for the completion of the project in the set deadline (Rogers, 2018). Different business associates depending upon their type of business adopts varied method of communication so as to convey messages among the stakeholders. Example: Nestle who is competitor of Unilever adopts Upward communication method to transfer their information among the teammates and stakeholders. By using this communication method business is able to meet their set goals and objectives in the specified time duration.

Weekly Journals

Number of days







Week 1

Verbal communication is adopted by Unilever in order to convey information among suppliers, owners, government agencies, Unions, customers, investors and so on. In this form of communication orally information is delivered to the other party. There is role of written communication.

Organization is adopting verbal commutation method in their working premises in order to reduce gap of communication among the stakeholders (Mamatha and Balani, 2018). By using this method of communication Unilever is able to gain desire outcomes accordingly.

Unilever apply verbal communication method at the time of meeting. When solution are asked for the problem raised in the premises. By this best solution is decided for the issues related to stakeholders.

Verbal communication is applied where staff members and management are working under one roof and information can be exchanged easily.

By gathering all the team members of the department relevant information can be conveyed to the employees by their individual department heads.

The team leaders or department head of the various Unilever department like, marketing, consumer sup[port service, finance, HR etc. convey orally the necessary information.


Number of days







Week 2

Written communication method used by Unilever at the workplace so as to exchange information properly without any error or mistake.

Unilever is adopting this form of communication in order to convey accurate information among to its stakeholders so that chances of mis-understanding is reduced to a large extent. Moreover, it can be reviewed whenever it is required it need to be kept in the memory.

At the time of preparing business proposals this written communication method is applied. By this proposal of business is designed according to the expectation level. This is because all the requirements are fulfilled and are studied again and again by making it. It is possible as information and guidelines were provided in written formate on e-mail.

It is used where client in distant location or when records are kept safe so that it can be used for future resolution (Nuranasmita, 2018).

By conducting audio and video meeting in the conference hall so that accurate message can be delivered to the stakeholders as well as notes can be prepared easily.

Director or top level senior members convey written information to the rest of the stakeholders like, employees, Unions, government agencies, suppliers and many more.


Number of days







Week 3

Visual communication is applied in Unilever so as to exchange information among the stakeholders.

Unilever is adopting visual form of communication in the working premises so that complex information can be explained in much better way.

It is mostly when staff members need to showcase project discussions among other. In visual communication diagram, data and other images are used so that idea or information can be conveyed easily to the stakeholders such as, government agencies, customers, Unions, employees and so on.

It is used by Unilever where they find human assets are less skilled or information can be easily be captured through images.

Power point presentation is prepared in simple way so that idea of conducting the project can be delivered to them clearly. By this clear image is build in the mind of the stakeholders and they perform their work accordingly in systematic manner.

Employee who is holding good communication ability and is able to explain the things in simple words with the help of images in power point tend to use visual communication more in an organization (Ogbuji, 2018).


Number of days







Week 4

Non-verbal form communication method is used by the Unilever in order to exchange information and knowledge among its stakeholders.

In an organization employees with diverse background are working under one roof. Non-verbal communication helps to improve the understanding level of messages. By which same understanding is captured from the delivered message without any mis-understanding and confusion (Raza, 2017).

It is used by the top level management at the time of meetings. The information delivered from the CEO or director of the form is equally understood by the other employees listening to them.

Unilever adopts non-verbal form of communication specially when meeting is conducted between employer and employees.

Gathering of people is done in the meeting hall or in the conference and top level management of Unilever address the workers.

Manager and CEO of the firm is accountable to conduct this form of communication method.


From the above it can be summarized that effective communication plays a vital role in the growth and development of the business across the globe. Through this conflict, chaos and mis-understanding among the teammates can be reduced to a large extent. The set targets of the organization can be full-filled when the vision and the idea are clearly conveyed to the staff members working for it day and night. The role of communication within business is determined in order to make changes in the loop holes if required so that business can operate smoothly in the competitive world. Additionally, distinguish methods of communication is evaluated in context of both business and managerial so that from the pool of option best one can be implemented in the working premises.

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