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Sales and Marketing Report

University: university of west london

  • Unit No: 14
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: TH50117E
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the organisation function of sales and marketing?
  • What are the two key drivers of external change affecting TUI Group?
  • Discuss about the two different targets markets?
Answer :
Organization Selected : TUI Group


Sales is defined as activities in which products and services are sold. On other hand, marketing is referred as process to get people interested towards goods as well as service being sold (Bilgicer and et. al., 2015). These both are important function of organisation which helps in attainment of goal and objectives. The given report is based on TUI Group which was founded in 1923 headquartered at Hannover and Berlin, Germany. It is multinational tourism and travel company which owns hotels, retail stores, travel agencies, cruise shops services to people. The aim of report is to discuss about product, services along with their tangible and intangible elements. It also determine target market and driver of external change.

1. Introduce Company

The organisation selected for given assignment is TUI Group which is tourism and hospitality industry. This is regarded as largest leisure organisation in world along with owning hotels, cruise ships, travel agencies and retail stores (Cao and Li, 2015). It has five European airlines, largest holiday fleet at Europe and different operators. It was established in 1923 headquartered at Hannover and Berlin, Germany. TUI Group is serving in Europe and North America. The chairman is Dieter Zetsche and CEO is Friedrich Joussen. It is also listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as London Stock Exchange which constituent in FTSE 100 Index. This has operation in 1600 travel agencies, 18 cruise liner, 150 aircraft, 380 resorts & hotels and 5 million payments are made annually. It origins lie in transportation and industrial company which is formed as German mining business. Later on, it was formed on 9th October, 1923 as Prussian Mine and Foundry Company. It has employed more than 71,473 employees to run their business activities and operations in an efficient manner.

TUI is world's leading group in tourism and hospitality sector. This has covered entire tourism value chain in single roof. This leads in offering services to 27 million consumers with unmatched and better holiday experience in 180 regions (About TUI Group, 2020). This is following corporate culture where it is responsibility for environmental, economic and social sustainability which reflects 20 years of commitment for sustainable tourism. The hotel brand of TUI includes blue, magic life, sensimar, sensatori, family life. Similarly, cruise lines includes Hapag Lloyd, Zegrahm Expeditions, TUI cruises, International Expeditions, Marella Cruises. It has done sponsorship of Bundesliga club Hannover 96, sponsored football team and so on. It has created good customer experience by providing their products and services. TUI has earned revenue of €18,928.1 million, operating income of €893.3 million and net income of €531.9million. It has airlines in different country such as United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and Belgium.

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2. Explain product/service paying attention to core and supplementary service along with tangible and intangible elements

Product is defined as tangible item which is kept on market for attention, acquisition and consumption that can be seen and touch by people (Datta, Ailawadi and Van Heerde, 2017). On other hand, service is referred as intangible item which raised from output of individuals that cannot be seen but felt. In context of TUI Group, it is providing various products and services. The tangible products which are provided by respective organisation includes holiday packages, hotels, passengers airlines, resorts and cruise lines. Similarly, intangible services includes travel agencies. It focus on providing high quality experience to consumers from inspiring as well as booking to flight and transfer holiday through cruise ship, hotel and others. It is very important for respective organisation to provide high quality products and services to their consumers in an appropriate manner for creating of positive and good experience. This also helps them to rise their brand value and goodwill at marketplace by providing high premium values goods and services.

In addition to this, there are core and supplementary services which are classified as tangible and intangible elements (De Keyser, Schepers and KonuAY, 2015). Here, service is divided into two product elements such as core and supplementary services. Core is defined as collection of benefits and solutions that are delivered to consumers whereas supplementary services surround core goods. In context of hospitality and tourism sector, supplementary are categorized with enhancement as well as facilitating services into eights elements. Here, enhancement services are hospitality, exceptions, consultation, safekeeping whereas facilitating services includes order taking, payment, information and billing (IDENTIFYING AND CLASSIFYING SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES - PRINCIPLES OF SERVICE MARKETING MANAGEMENT, 2018). These all elements are important to be taken care by organisation while providing services to their customers which leads to rise in profitability, sustainability along with enhancement of brand value and goodwill for positive outcomes. Therefore, TUI group has to provide different payment options to their consumers, taking right order along with providing right information and billing to them. The above are the products and service provided by TUI group along with core and supplementary services given by them to their users, clients and guests. Are you struggling to crack the code of marketing assignments? Look no further! At Instant Assignment Help we are introducing our top-notch Marketing Assignment Help .Talk to Our Experts Now!!

3. Using segmentation principles explain target markets and identify and discuss at least two different target markets

Market segmentation is defined as procedure of dividing potential customer into different groups, segments and characteristics (Fill and Turnbull, 2016). Segmentation principles are the rules, regulations which are followed by organisation while segmenting their market. There are four segmentation principles such as demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural under which they have target market such as:

Demographic- TUI Group has focused both male and female segment with age group of 20 and above. In case of income, they have targeted middle and above group people along with all types of profession. They provide products as per need and demand of their consumers and promoting through social media, website and many more.

Geographic- It means depending on geographical location of clients, customers and many more. As it is serving in North America and Europe location. In case of product and promotion for these places, they are providing according to requirement and using online mode, application for promoting their brand.

Psychographic- Each and every people has their own personality, habit, attitude and lifestyle (Hanssens and Pauwels, 2016). It is very important for TUI Group to consider all such elements so that they can attain their business goal and objectives. This should be included while deciding product and promotion channel.

Behavioural- It is knowledge as well attitude about using of goods and services (Icha and Agwu, 2015). While targeting market on basis of behaviour, it is essential to know about use of goods by consumers. In case of promotion they can use social media, online advertisement to create awareness about business and their service. This leads user to buy products and services in an effective and efficient manner.

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4. Two key driver of external change and evaluate how they affect service provision

It is very important for organisation to do analysis of external change which can impact their functioning of business in appropriate manner so that goal and objectives can be attained. The different changes are taken place at business environment that leads them to adopt those in their own organisation so that effective outcomes are achieved. It affect service provision of business which are carried out by them. The two current external change which impact TUI Group and evaluation that is affecting service provision by focusing on product and promotion are as follows:

Change in Technology- In current scenario, there is rise in technology which impact business and their functions (Järvinen and Karjaluoto, 2015). The respective organisation has to adopt technology in their business in order to survive and sustain at marketplace. As this affect their service provision that are provided by them. The products should be sale online application with rise in technology. On other side, for promotion online channel should be used such as social media, website and others. This factors impact each and every business operating their services at marketplace. In case of failure to adopt then they have to vanish from market and bear loss. Therefore, it is essential to adopt latest and updated technology in business.

Taxation- This is also an external change which is uncontrollable by organisation while conducting their activities and operations at market (Lee and et. al., 2018). It also impact on services provided by TUI Group to their people and consumers. When there is rise in taxation, then product that are supplied by respective organisation has to increase their prices and accordingly provided to users, people and clients. Moreover, while doing promotion, they should also includes their packages, taxes charged by them so that consumers are aware of it. Therefore, taxation rate keeps on changing from time to time which should be analysed by business and accordingly they have to set for their products and services in effective and efficient manner.


The report concluded that sales and marketing are important functions of organisation in which one create awareness about products and services and other sale it. In context of travel and tourism industry, different products and services are offered by business to their consumers in most appropriate manner. This includes hotels, resorts, cuisine ships, travel agency and others. They target consumers on basis of class and age which is above 20 age group people and middle level. The external change impact functioning of business along with their activities and operations.

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