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Roles and Responsibilities of the Marketing Function of Ritz Carlton

University: University College London

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Table of Content

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Organization Selected : The Ritz Carlton Hotel


Marketing is an important technique in the present business organization. Marketing is a tool that is used to satisfy the customer's needs and wants. Marketing is an activity performed by an organization related to buying and selling of products and services. The main purpose of marketing is to get the attention of customers by delivering their products and services. The assignment is about marketing in hospitality. The Ritz Carlton hotel company was founded in 1983 by William B Johnson, headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, the United States operates the luxury hotel chain. The assignment will provide the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function of Ritz Carlton. The assignment will provide a deeper insight into the interrelationship between marketing departments. The assignment will also evaluate the tactics applied by the hospitality organization. The assignment will also produce a basic marketing plan for the hospitality organization to meet the marketing objectives along with the strategic marketing plan.


A. Explain the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function within a selected hospitality organization.

The broad category of the fields with in a service industry that consists of lodging , event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, travelling in a tourism industry. The hospitality industry provide the accommodation (bed and breakfast, Hotels, Motels, flotels, inns, resorts and serviced apartments ), restaurants and bars (bars, cafes, nightclubs, pubs and Public house, tea shops, wine shops), travel and tourism (travel agents, tour operators , leisure centres).

The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company is an American company that operates the luxury hotel chain. It is founded in 1983 by William B. Johnson Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland , United states. The hotel provides the services includes the accommodation restaurants and bars , lodging etc.

keys and responsibilities of the marketing function

Roles and responsibilities of marketing function

How it has been executed in Ritz Carlton

Gathering and analysing the market information

It includes the three basic aspects which Ritz Carlton has executed it its organization. The aspects includes what are needs of customers , in what quantity they need and at what price. Organization by doing market research identifies the consumer needs and wants .

Product/ service designing and development

The another roles and responsibilities of marketing function includes the development of product or service and its designing. Ritz Carlton being a service providing organization to attract their customer provides innovative services by the research and development process (Ottman, 2017).

Customer support service.

Customer is the king of market. Ritz Carlton execute this responsibility of the marketing function by providing customer with various services like after sale services, technical services, credit facilities etc.

Standardization and grading

Ritz Carlton in its organization implement the standardization by providing quality services to the customers they have also implemented the customer feedback system on that basis they provide grading to their organisation.

Discuss how roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisational Context

Roles and responsibility of the marketing plays an important role in Ritz Carlton. Following responsibilities and roles are discussed under -

Human Resource Management

Every organization involves various departments. Among all the departments , one of the major role is being played by the human resource management . Human resource management of the Ritz Carlton drive the process of recruitment and selection which provide organization with technical, intelligent and skilled staff which provide the Ritz Carlton with various strategies in order to achieve the profit.

Food and beverages

The other department of the marketing which helps in the marketing of Ritz Carlton. Marketing resides every where in every department. Food and beverage department of the organization helps Ritz Carlton. Food and beverage marketing helps in making good relation with customer's. It focused on the guest services of the Ritz Carlton.


Reservation aids the marketing easier. Making reservation online in Ritz Carlton is easy and convenient. Reservation facilitates the remote booking and instant payments which is useful to both booker and service provider (Babin and Zikmund, 2015).

Front desk

front office plays an important role in the maximizing the occupancy of a hotel. It encourages the guest to use the full hotel services in Ritz Carlton.

Analyse the roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of the marketing Environment



How they relate each other with marketing environment

Sales manager

Sales manager of the department liable of developing the promotional tools in Ritz Carlton

If the sales manager of the Ritz Carlton will not develop the effective promotional tool so it will effect the social factor as customer needs and wants are dynamic they keeps on changing , so if the sales manager have to develop the promotional tool by keeping customer's preferences in mind.

Human resource manager

The human resource manager of an organization is responsible to develop the strategic policies for the Ritz Carlton.

The polices developed by the human resource manager is being affected by the political factor because any change in the political factor outside the environment provide the adverse affect to the Ritz Carleton as it unables to generate the profit.

IT Manager

The IT manager is responsible for making various types of softer which automate the working of the organization. This could be only possible if the IT manager have all the updates of the changes in technology

Technologies keeps on changing. If the manager of Ritz Carleton is not update themselves with the changing technologies so they cannot generate the profit for the organization.

Analyze the significance of interrelationships between marketing and other functional units within a selected hospitality organization

All the departments of the organization are interrelated with each. To perform effectively marketing functions are required the support of other operational departments. The need of financial department, sales department and human resource department occurs when the Ritz Carlton needs to plan and implement a marketing plan. Therefore, the marketing team of Ritz Carlton wants to provide the bulk offer in the peak season than they have to contact with the financial department of the organization. In order to increase the profitability of the hotel every department need to require work simultaneously. The essential function of the marketing is to generate the profit for the Ritz Carlton. If the Ritz Carlton wants provide the various varieties food from all over the so it requires human resource department for the recruitment of chefs which have the skills of cooking varieties of food. This requires lots of budget which need to finalise by the finance department of the organization. Hence, from the above analysis it can be said that all the organization of Ritz Carlton are interconnected with each other.

Critically analyse the key elements of the marketing function and how they interrelate with other functional units within a selected hospitality organisation.

There are various function of marketing such as advertising, finance, distribution system etc. The key elements of marketing functions are discussed under


Market research plays in important role in the hospitality industries. Market research is considered to be the very essential element of the market function. Research in Ritz Carlton aids in receiving the valuable information of the factors which can affect the business. It provide the information regarding logistics, finance resources and various aspects of the business which can be only achieve by the business.


After collection the relevant data and information it is processes to identify the strength and weakness. This relevant data provide the ideas to formulate the strategies which can help the Ritz Carlton in evaluate the guidance for competing with the strong market organization (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015).


The another important element of marketing function is planning. Planning is one of the important process which required in each of the department of the organization. After the research and strategy process is over the next is planning. The marketing environment includes the planning forecasting of sales figures, distribution and the effective communication other factors of the business.


The fourth and last element of marketing function includes the tactics. Tactics consisted of small and short term plans which are made in order to attract the customers. They consisted of limited offers for the particular point of time which furnish promotional encouragement in the marke

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