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Roles and Responsibilities of the Hilton Hotel

University: University of Manchester

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Organization Selected : Hilton hotel


Marketing is considered to be an essential business activity in every industry. But it has great importance in the service sector such as the hospitality industry. The promotion of services is considered to be a complex task. Marketing is essential in all business aspects. Promotion is necessary for informing the customers about the products or services offered by an enterprise. Marketing activities assist firms in generating awareness about goods or services. It also helps business entities in increasing sales as well as profitability. Management in an organization should understand the importance of marketing as this will support an enterprise in accomplishing various business goals.

The present report has focused on identifying the key roles as well as responsibilities of the marketing function in context of Hilton hotel. It emphasizes analyzing the importance of the interrelationship between marketing and other functional units. The study will include a comparison between the marketing mix of two different organizations.

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Key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions and the way these are realted to wider organizational context

Hilton hotel is a global brand which provide food as well as accommodation services to its customers. Objective of an organization is to achieve leading position in an industry. Hilton hotel operates its business in more than 85 countries. The target of company is leisure travelers and business persons. An enterprise is situated at different locations near city centers and airports.

Marketing function can be referred to as roles executed by an enterprise which enables firm to identify as well as source potentially successful products for market. These functions are responsible for the growth as well as success of firm. Marketing functions has crucial role to play in an enterprise (Medina, Coelho and Bellido-Pérez, 2017). These marketing functions assist an organization in achievement of goals and objectives.

Roles and responsibilities

The way these roles are executed by Hilton Hotel

The role and responsibility of marketing function is to identify the customer needs as well as demand and provide information about the same to company. Its role is to help business entity in selecting the most appropriate market for poisoning products. Responsibility of market function is to help firm in exploring market opportunities.

Marker research

Role of marketing function is to support business entity in developing an effect promotional plan. Its duty is to assist Hilton hotel in identifying their target customers It also includes plan related to finance which is required for facilitating promotional activities. This function also includes determining the suitable tactics for attracting more number of customers.

Developing marketing plan

It is the role as well as responsibility market function is to help operation department in developing new products or services.

Product development

Promotion is considered to be as primary as well as most important marketing function. It is role of marketing function to help firm in generating brand awareness and assist in promoting goods or services.


It is the role as well as responsibility of marketing function to help business entity in developing strong relationship with public which is very much important for increasing sales.

Public relation

Role of marketing function is to distribute goods or services to customers.


It is the role as well as responsibility of marketing functions to communicate with customers and Influence them to buy goods or services offered by an organization.


Identifying the roles and responsibility of marketing in context of marketing environment

The important roles and responsibilities of marketing in context of marketing environment are

Roles and responsibilities

The way the related to each other

Market strategies

Marketing manager in Hilton hotel recognizes the demand of target audience and design their goods or services accordingly (Stanford, 2017).

Market information

It is the important role of marketing to provide all data as well as information related to market.

Monitoring marketing environment

The another crucial function of marketing is to identify new developments which has taken place in the market.


It Is considered to be as important marketing function.

Market segmentation

Role of marketing is to support firm in segmentation.

Brand Equity

Role of marketing function is to help business entity in building the brand image in the market. This function directly assist an organization in increasing sales.

Analyzing the importance of interrelationship between marketing and other functional unit in Hilton hotel

There is direct interrelationship between marketing and other functional units within an organization. Marketing and other departments in an organization work together for achievement of business goals. The relationship between marketing as well as other function units is important in order to support firm in accomplishing desired targets. This relationship is also crucial in order to ensure smoothing functioning of business operations. Ineffective relationship as well as coordination between marketing and other department might have negative effect on working efficiency of an organization. It can also be stated that success and growth of company is dependent on the marketing department relationship with other functional units (Lanier and Lanier, 2017). Lack of strong relationship between department can hinder the growth of firm and can have negative impact on the business performance. Reason for Hilton hotel tremendous growth and success is strong relationship between marketing and other functional units.

Finance department- This functional unit is interrelated with marketing department, as execution of promotional activities require funds which is provide by finance department. It also makes budget for marketing functional unit.

Human resource department- This functional unit hires candidates for performing the marketing activities for an organization. Human resource manager also organize training programs for employees those who are engaged in promotional activities.

Sales department- Both marketing and sales functional unit work together for identifying the ways for improving business performance and increasing market share (Perkins, Koren and Piven, 2017). Sale department prepare month report which is used by marketing department for analyzing the performance of specific product in the market.

Production department- Marketing functional unit by executing market research gather data about customer needs and provide the same information to production department. Then operational unit on the basis of data provided by marketing personnel produces goods or services. It helps firm in preventing wastage of resources (Bauer, 2018). In addition to this interrelationship between marketing and production functional units support business entity in maintaining balance between demand and supply. It also enables organization to provide high level of satisfaction.

Purchase department- This department purchases and provides the resources to marketing department which is required for promoting goods and services. It aids firm in eliminating unnecessary cost.

Critically analyzing the key elements of marketing function and identifying the way they related with other functional units

Research: It is considered to be the most important marketing function, as without a successful market research, business is near to impossible. Research helps in getting the valuable information regarding all the factors concerning business process.

Planning: Role of marketing department to make promotional plans for reaching to target audience.

Tactics: important role of marketing function is to plan tactics for attracting the target audience. Tactics include limited period offers which provides promotional boost in the marketing plan such as Buy one get one free offers (Akbar, Omar, and Wadood, 2017).


Comparing the ways in which different organization utilizes marketing mix

Marketing mix is defined as combination of factors which can be controlled by an organization in order to positively influence customers to buy products and services. Promotional Plan is not effective until and unless it consists of all important elements of Marketing Mix. Without including marketing mix in promotional plan an organization cannot achieve its objectives. Each and every firm utilizes market mix in different ways. Comparison between the marketing mix of two most popular as well as global brands these are Mc Donald and Hilton Hotel.

Elements of marketing Mix

Hilton Hotel

Ritz Carlton hotel

products and Services

Hilton hotels has categorized its goods into three categories these are facilitating, core and supporting products. An enterprise has adopted customer oriented approach which means that firm produces goods or services according to the demand of consumers.

Business entity has adopted product oriented approach. An organization has focus on improving the quality of goods and services.


Premium pricing strategy is adopted by Hilton hotel. Business entity charges prices of products or services according to the quality.

Differentiated pricing strategy has been adopted by company. An organization charge prices according to the customer.


An organization is situated near Airports and city centers which provides customers an ease in availing the services offered by company. In addition to this business entity has various outlets in other countries which enable an enterprise to deliver services to wide number of customers.

Ritz Carlton have its retail outlets at different location. In addition to this business entity also have online presence.


Business entity has adopted the unique promotional strategy.an organization in order to attract customers provides exclusive membership (McCamley and Gilmore,2018.). Hilton also offers seasonal discounts to clients.

An organization uses Pull strategy. Ritz Carlton directly communicate with its client. In other words, it means that firm uses direct marketing technique for promoting brand, goods and services.


An enterprise has focus on providing memorable experience as well as high level of satisfaction to customers.

Business entity have focus on providing high return to stakeholders. It also intends to fulfill the needs as well as demand of employees and customers. Workers are provided with appropriate training.

Physical Evidence

Distribution strategy of firm emphasizes on making products available to clients at the place where they want, therefore company has establish various branches in different countries.

An organization has its subsidiaries in different countries.


Business entity is planning to make its stores looks more attractive.

Company has focus on improving interactive marketing process.

Evaluating different tactics which are applied by Hilton hotel for demonstrating the way business objectives are achieved.

Every organization plans different tactics to achieve their desired business or marketing objectives. Hilton hotel has planned to incorporate seven important elements such as price, place, promotion, process, people and physical evidence in its promotional plan (Datta, Ailawadi and van Heerde, 2017). On the other hand, Ritz company has adopted market segmentation strategy for accomplishing goals.


Basic Marketing plan of Travelodge

Marketing manager in Travelodge organization is required to perform various tasks for developing an effective marketing plan. First all. It is very much crucial for marketing manager in an enterprise to gain in depth knowledge as well as understanding about potential customers. Business entity should conduct market research and then should set objectives. Some strategies should be formulated to fulfill the requirements of customers which is very much important for firm in context of sustaining in the market.

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At second stage of marketing planning procedure, company needs to identify the target customers and then marketing manager in an organization should make plan accordingly. In context of Travelodge company, target is businessperson in such case it is required marketing manager should make plans or strategies considering the interest of these people (Waite and Perez Vega, 2018).

The third task which is required to be performed is competitors’ analysis. It is very important for business entity to identity the competitors and analyze the tactics used by them for attracting customers. As strategy will assist firm in gaining competitive advantage. In context of Travelodge, its competitors this are Hilton hotel etc.

It is very import ant for an enterprise to select the best channel for promoting brand, products and services. In context of Travelodge company, business entity has planned to utilize digital platform such as social media for generating awareness about products and services. Direct Marketing technique will be used by firm for promoting brand (Liu, Chen and Balachander, 2017). This marketing technique has been used by an enterprise, as marketing perceives that this strategy of promotion will help in developing strong relationship with customers. It will assist business entity in improving public relations which is very crucial in order to increase sales and profitability. In addition to this, Travelodge has planned to organize marketing campaign for promoting products and services.

Overview of an organization: Travelodge is private limited organization operating business in the hotels and hospitality industry. It is the second largest in the budget hotel sector.

Product portfolio analysis: products or services offered by Travelodge are considered as the product with high relative growth and market share. Around 816,000 new customers have been acquired by the product in the quarter of 2013. This means the product is covering the high market share in the industry.

Competitors analysis: As Travelodge company is operating in hospitality industry business entity has to face stiff competition. An organization has to face competition from international organization.

Marketing objectives: Firm has objective to increase sales, profitability and market share.

Strategies: It is required by the company to use social media for promoting goods. An organization is required to make investment in providing training to its employees and need to bring improvement in customer service department.

Segmentation, target and positioning:

Market segmentation is defined as the classification of the entire market. In context of Travelodge organization, an organization offers accommodation and restaurant services, and as a result, the market can be segmented into business class and leisure class customers.

Targeting: it is very much essential in order to foster growth. In context of Travelodge, services offered by an enterprise are specifically designed for satisfying both the business class and leisure class customers.

Positioning: This strategy aimed at creating an image in the minds of people. Positioning strategy of Travelodge aims to promote it as the best quality provider of accommodation and restaurant services to travelers.


Total marketing programs


Partner marketing


Digital strategies




Product marketing


Field marketing


Detailed evidence based marketing plan

The marketing mix is considered to be as a group of interrelated variables which includes 7 P’s which assist business entity in delivering high level of satisfaction to targeted audience or customers. Coherent as well as evidenced based marketing plan for Travelodge organization:

Product: The main product of Travelodge is accommodation and restaurant services. Company target is business class people. Business entity provides various facilities such as wifi, internet facilities, conference as well as meeting rooms etc. But Travelodge now need to concentrate on providing entertainment facilities such as television, network connectivity and other room services to customers.

Price: Pricing strategy is considered to be as important factor which assist firm in attracting more number of customers. Travelodge organization need to focus on delivering high value to clients. Business entity need to adopt average pricing strategy. As this strategy will help an organization in influencing people to buy products or services.

Place: Travelodge organization has many branches in the country which enables business entity to deliver services to wide number of customers. It is required an organization to merge or form joint venture with other companies, as this will assist business entity in improving customer services. It will also help an organization in gaining competitive advantage.

Promotion: Firm has planned to use social media for prompting brand. In addition to this marketing manager in Travelodge has planned to organize marketing campaign for promoting goods or services. Business entity can also sponsor social events which will help an enterprise in getting the brand recognition in the market (Stead and Hastings,2018). Travelodge is to target both the international and domestic customers; the digital focus is quite significant to the company in attracting international clients.Business entity is planning to offer discounts for attracting people and influencing them to buy goods or services. are you require the best HND Assignment help at the best price? Chat Now.

Physical evidence: Travelodge organization is planning to implement latest technology at workplace, as this will ensure better display and provide good ambience to customers.

Procedure: An organization is planning to bring improvement in technological procedures, as this strategy will assist business entity in delivery quick services to clients.

People: Business entity is planning to hire as well as recruit professional for delivering services to customers.

Strategic marketing plan of Travelodge

Organizational objectives

Marketing Mix and strategy


Monitoring and evaluation

To become leading hotel and resort in hospitality sector.

Product-Business entity in order to achieve leading position in an industry need to have focus on the quality of products.

Travelodge has launch premium economy room for its customers’.

The target of Travelodge company is leisure travelers and business person, business entity is required to use social for reaching to target.

Market research- Through the research the rise in the brand recall and brand awareness will be tracked for the specific target segment at the interval of every quarter and there needs to be at least 5% rise

To increase market share and foster growth.

Place –It is required by firm to conduct market search at regular interval of time (Steenkamp, 2017). As this strategy will asset an organization in knowing the customer demands.

Hilton hotel has planned to organize marketing campaigns.

Feedback from customers

To increase sales and profitability.

Promotion-Marketing team in Hilton hotel can use social media platform for promoting goods and services. As this strategy will help an enterprise in reaching to the wide number of customers. It will also assist business entity in increasing sales as well as profitability.

Firm will also sponsors social event, as this strategy will support firm in gaining recognition in the market.

To gain customer loyalty.

Price-Instead of using the differentiated pricing strategy , an organization can use low or differentiated pricing strategy, as this will enable an enterprise to gain customer loyalty.

To attract more number of customers

Process- Company need to have focus on improving quality of products as well as marketing activities. Hilton hotel can offer discounts which can be helpful in attracting customer.


It has been concluded from the report that marketing is very important activity which assist firm in achieving different business objectives. The other conclusion drawn from the study is that success and growth of an organization is dependent on the interrelationship between marketing and other departments. It has been concluded from the assignment that an effective promotional plan assists an enterprise in accomplishing marketing objectives. An appropriate marketing plan consists of all important elements of marketing mix. It has been concluded from the assignment that marketing has important role to play in an organization. There are various functions which are performed by marketing department in an enterprise. Marketing helps firm in increasing sales and profitability.

It has been suggested to marketing manager in a firm to develop promotional plan considering the demand of customers as well as the strategies adopted by competitors for attracting consumers.

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