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Innovative Product Development of Mcdonald's

University: Regent College

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/8849 (RCF)
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
  3. TASK 2
Organization Selected : McDonalds


Marketing is an essential process that is carried out by organizations in order to promote their products and services to final customers to satisfy their needs and demands. It has a broader scope and plays a vital role as it helps in generating demands for particular products and helps in fulfilling them in an effective and efficient manner. It consists of interrelated activities starting from marketing research, innovative product development, and transferring the important and necessary information to potential customers (Baker And et. al., 2016). The company included in this report is McDonald's, a fast-food firm that is among the largest restaurants in the world. They are famous for hamburgers and other food items in the marketplace. Marketing function plays a crucial role in this organization as its basic purpose is to understand the demands of consumers and work accordingly. This report focuses on the roles and responsibilities of a marketing function and its relationship with other departments of a business organization. Apart from that, the assignment also concentrates on the basic marketing plan that is developed by the company.


P1. Roles and responsibilities of a marketing function in context of McDonald

The main purpose of marketing function is to find out the needs and demands of final customers and produce such products that result in fulfilling their desires. Every business operates in dynamic environment which keeps on changing with time and hence, it is very much necessary to operate in accordance with the current prevailing conditions of market place. McDonald's is a well-established food restaurant and therefore, it is essential for them to work in order to satisfy their customer's needs and help them to remain among the largest food outlets (Desai, 2013). Marketing functions have certain roles and responsibilities that are described as below:

  • Market Research: This is considered as an initial phase of marketing function in which relevant information is gathered that is prevailing in the business environment and must be examined by company. This helps in taking effective decisions and perform actions accordingly. Marketing manager of McDonald's come to know about the tastes and preferences of consumers so that favourable decisions can be taken. There are numerous activities that are conducted in this phase that involve finding out the target audience and group of people so that proper marketing research can be performed on them.
  • Building of marketing plan: This is the basic aim of manager to build marketing plans and procedures so that goals could be framed and develop path accordingly (Chamorro-Mera, Miranda and Rubio, 2014). It helps in the formation of framework so that proper strategies will get formulated in order to target work actions to that particular process. Marketing manager needs to make sure that plans must be effective and in accordance with McDonald's vision and mission so that proper steps could be taken. It consists of number of sequence of steps that must be followed in a conducive way so that ultimate aim could be accomplished. Plans provide the right direction so that every activity could be focused on that particular path and results in completing the purpose for which it is formulated. Hence, planning must be done in a conducive manner by the marketing manager (Dibb and Simkin, 2013).
  • Product development: Marketing manager collects the relevant information about several factors so that specific products will get developed in adherence to gathered data. McDonald's carry out this process very keenly and succeeded in developing such products that lead to satisfaction of needs and wants of people. Product must be developed in an efficient manner as it depicts the image of business organisation and hence, it should be properly formed. Every product has certain features and characteristics that include size, quality and other properties that have to be present in it. Thus, efforts must be made to make continuous development in an appropriate way.
  • Distribution of final goods to consumers: This is also an important role that is played by marketing department which involves supplying the produced goods and services to ultimate customers. In order to carry out such process, company has well set channel through which company easily distribute the final products in market place. The products must be distributed through correct and prospective way so that it could reach to final customers in a proper time (Black, 2013).
  • Lending customer support services: The role of marketing department does not end after selling products to final customers but also provide better support to customers in order to resolve their issues and complaints. This will helps in generating more profit. This helps the marketing department to make changes and modifications that are required in several key areas. It is necessary to remove any complaints and problems that are faced by customers so that they will remain satisfied and contended with the organisation's services.
  • Grading and standardisation: Standardisation is the process that determines high quality of products and services and every company focuses on producing “A” quality goods so that consumers could not compromise on quality. Grading on the other hand involves certain features and characteristics that must be present in product of that particular business organisation (Hsu, 2011). Customers in today's market place are very much focused on purchasing the standardised products. McDonald's do not compromise in standardisation and grading system.

Purpose of Marketing functions:

  • Marketing always aims at taking decisions according to customer's needs and wants so that their desires will get satisfied. Hence, marketing research is conducted by company to examine the number of factors.
  • McDonald's always focus on developing their products with innovation and creativity and therefore, it results in building effective image in customer's mind for longer period of time.
  • There are several functions which are included in the marketing process and thus, it is required to carry out all such activities in a proper manner so that final objectives could be accomplished (Asaduzzaman, Hossain and Rahman, 2014).
  • Every business organisation aims for earning high profits and sustainability in the market place and therefore, it is very much necessary to perform all functions efficaciously and efficiently.
  • Responsibilities and roles of marketing function must be properly coordinated by the marketing manager so that aim and objectives of McDonald could be effectually fulfilled.

From the above discussion, it has been concluded that there are number of key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions that are carried out in McDonald's. Marketing manager plays an essential role and carry out several activities in respect to it. The only objective is to earn maximum amount of profit and revenue by increasing sales volume Therefore, marketing function is considered as the building block of any business organisation and consist important role which played and carried out by marketing manager in proper manner (Jones and Rowley, 2011). Top Assignment help UK with chat support.

P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing with organisational context

Large business organisation have several departments that are present and play distinctive role according to its nature. Thus, it is necessary to coordinate their working process and activities so that final aims could be achieved. Managers of different departments must focus their work activities towards right direction so that no problem could arise and with coordination they could work accordingly. Roles and responsibilities of marketing department with organisation context are illustrated below:

  • Human resource section: This department of McDonald concentrates on managing the staff members of organisation in effective and efficient manner. HR manager play a essential role in this department as he is responsible to draft policies, strategies in regard to managing employees in proper manner. There are number of activities that are carried out which involve training and development, recruitment and selection process, managing workers. Both these departments are interlinked as HR manager have to hire marketing team of McDonald by carrying out recruitment and selection process. On the other hand, existing candidates are developed and trained so that their existing skills could enhanced at sustainable level. Employees are consider important resource for any company therefore, is the responsibility of management to develop them continuously so that they could able to contribute to maximum of their efforts (Kennedy and Parsons, 2014).
  • Research And Development Department: McDonald have well established R&D section that focuses on examining the factors and elements that are present in business environment. It assists the company know about the customer's needs, preferences so that company could make decision accordingly. Marketing and R&D department functions simultaneously as this section provide relevant information on various aspects to marketing department and in result they carry out their work process accordingly. It is the function of R&D department to continuously study the important factors and work according to it.
  • Finance Department: finance is consider most important resource to carry out number of day to day business activities (Getnet, Kedir and Yousuf, 2014). Finance manager is responsible for managing the funds in effective manner so that optimum utilisation could take place and there is minimization of losses that can be incurred by the company (Mihart, 2012). Marketing activities of McDonald require sufficient amount of funds that include advertising, promotion, communication process and many others. Hence, proper budget is developed that include key areas where finance is allocated in proper manner that aims in carrying out all activities in effective way and keep on developing policies and procedures of continuous improvements. It is necessary to have a proper coordination between both these sections so that proper functioning of McDonald could take place. It is crucial to determine important sections that require proper allocation of funds so that the purpose could be achieved.
  • Production and operation Department: This section of McDonald assists in carrying out production process by producing goods in accordance to the demands that is present in the market place. It always aims in optimum utilisation of resources that are present with the business organisation and reduction of wastage so that whole work process is conducted with proper management. There are several key areas that need proper attention so that it could be performed in reference to ultimate aims and objectives of McDonald. Production department have to comply with certain norms and standards so products in order to satisfy the customer's needs and preferences. Consumers of present market place always prefer standardised and high quality goods and services, this concept is taken into consideration by this section of the company in proper way (Wirtz, 2012).
  • Information Technology: This department is focused upon introducing advanced and innovative technology system in the organisation so that whole work process is carried out in conducive manner. There are number of tools and techniques that need to be developed and formulated in organisation system. McDonald always carry out their working process by implementing modern and innovative technology into the system. IT manager play a important role in this department and coordinate with marketing department by assisting them in applying innovative method of technology so that work process could be performed smoothly without any hindrances and problems (Nguyen and Simkin, 2012).

From the above discussion, it has been observed that there are several departments that are present in single business organisation and play a certain roles and responsibilities. This is very much necessary to coordinate their activities and working process towards particular right directions so that whole company could function in effective and efficient manner. It is required that management of McDonald must focuses on managing activities of all sections and final aims and objectives could be accomplished in set time period (Ionitã, 2012).

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P3 Marketing mix with two different organisational context

Marketing mix is a important process that involve some tools that the business organisation adopts to carry out all their marketing activities in proper manner (Ogunmokun and Tang, 2012). There are 7 components that is included in the marketing mix and contain certain frameworks so that management could take decision accordingly. Initially, there were 4 factors in marketing mix that involve product, price, place and promotion but after passage of time there are 3 elements that are also included namely, process, people and physical evidence. McDonald have to carry out their marketing function on the basis of these seven components that are present in marketing mix. Burger king is consider one of the competitor of McDonald. Comparison of marketing mix of both the companies are described below:

Basis Of difference



Burger King


It refers to tangible thing that has been physically offered to the customers that are present in the market place. There are diverse type of products that are supplied by the company according to their target audience (Jacobs, MacRa and Sladyk, 2017).

McDonald is among the largest fast food restaurant. It is famous for its hamburgers and other food items like cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches. They also have breakfast meal offers. They also sell beverages products like shakes, soft drunks, desserts etc.

Burger king have burgers as their core product. Their food items include salads, veggies, chicken, fishes, beverages, deserts and other items. They have some meals that are categorised as kids and value meal.


This component of marketing mix defines as the final cost of the product of company that is incurred by their customers. Company's fixed prices of their products and services according to the concept of demand and supply phenomenon.

McDonald formulate their pricing policy in accordance to bundling concept (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012). They concentrates on charging affordable price for their products so that customers can easily buy their products. Hence, they frame psychological pricing strategy so that final consumers can purchase goods easily. On the other hand, they also charge discounts in order to concentrate lower section of society.

Burger King adopts cost leadership pricing strategy in which they could minimize the price and total cost of their products. Management focuses on fixing prices accordance to the demand and supply concept that is prevailing in current market condition.

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