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Unit 9 Management Regent College Level 4

Table of Content



For the purpose of accomplishing the business needs, each and every organization needs some sort of direction. Concerning this, the vital role being played is by the leaders and managers. They guide the people so as to develop the companies. Thus, it can be attributed that companies with qualified workforce as well as management development programs is the key resultant of better organizational performance (Bloom and Van, 2007). Many studies have revealed the fact that there is a larger productivity gap between the UK’s major competitors. The reason behind this gap was later explored and was the management practices. The organizations in UK lack management as well as leadership qualities and to increases the competitiveness, improvement is needed apparently. Pertaining to this, the present research report will investigate various management as well as leadership styles in various companies. Further, communication techniques as well as processes will be discussed in the report. Therefore, the main aim of the report is to assess the managerial potential of an individual as well as will help in gaining skills in order to review our own managerial potential.

TASK – 1

1.1 Comparing the different management styles in Thomas Cook

There are mainly three types of management style, which can be adopted by Thomas Cook such as Autocratic, democratic and laissez-free management style. Talking about the autocratic style, this type of style is generally adopted by the top or higher level of management. In this style, the consent of sub-ordinates is not taken into consideration and employees are totally dependent on their managers (Evans, 2008). On the other hand, Democratic management style, superiors takes into consideration the feedbacks of sub-ordinates and is invited for open discussion. Finally, laissez-free management style is such style wherein, managers do not participate actively in the decision making process and he employees manages the work and take decisions on their own. Talking in references to Thomas Cook, it is the leading tour operator of UK and since, they are related with the travel and tourism sector viewpoints of employees needs to be taken into account and thus, democratic or participative management style is being adopted by the firm.

1.2 Discussing the traits of leadership

Comprehending the term leadership, it is being referred as technique which helps in accomplishing the tasks by providing direction to the employees. In simple words, it is a social influence process wherein a leader or manager offers supporting hand to their employees so as to achieve a common outcome. The leaders are required to posse numerous characteristics in order to be effective such as honesty, proactive, decision making skills, problem solving skills etc. Talking about Thomas Cook, the leaders and managers of the firm should have the below identified characteristics, as they are related with the travel and tourism sector and many issues and complexities are bound to take place (Thomas Cook UK limited – Overview, 2018).

  • Communication skills – A leader should be able to communicate the information properly, effectively and meaningfully. If the purpose and procedure of the task are explained properly, better results can be reaped out.
  • Inter-personal skills – Since, Thomas Cook is related with the service industry, customers are king. Employees need to interact with them on daily basis and thus, the leader should have such trait that facilitates him or her to transfer knowledge in the right manner to the people.
  • Flexible – Leaders should not be rigid. With the demand of the situations, it is necessary to become flexible in various aspects like work timing, decision making, working environment etc. this will motivate the employees and they will work hard for goal achievement (Benfari, 2013).

1.3 Evaluating communication process of Thomas Cook

Communication processes

Explanation and Example



It is defined as the process of transmitting information by making use of sound and words. This type of communication process is adopted by the employees of Thomas Cook in informal office discussions.



This type of communication process is adopted by the company to transfer complicated information or statistics. For instance, Thomas Cook makes use of this process of transferring the data of their clients with the firm in order to give packages (Forray, Leigh and Goodnight, 2016).


It involves use of symbols to communicate the data such as body language, facial expression, gestures and postures. This process can undermine the message if it is not taken care. For instance, increase in the voice tone in meetings with the superiors will pose negative image of the employee.

Barriers To Effective Communication


Language as well as attitude


Vagueness in the information


Over burden of information sometimes creates confusion and deviate people from right path

1.4 Analyzing organizational culture and change in Marriot hotel

The personality of the firm is being described by its culture. It is regarded as the fundamental belief, code of practice as well as values that helps in building up a business. Thus, it can be well-attributed that a culture of the organization is quite important. Marriot group of hotel is the leading hotel in UK and in many parts of the world (Moskovich and Palgi, 2015). The culture within the firm is influenced by various social, economic and legislative factors. The managers of the hotels are compelled to alter their working practice and services as per these changes in external factors. For instance, the way society and its people behave influences the operations of the hotel. If in a particular area people are showing positive attitude towards health than hotel has to offer such meals in their menu. Further, a greater number of pensioners in the population will also influence the price as well as menu of the hotel. In addition to this, during the peak season, hotel has high demand and thus, this will influence the room rates as well as room blocks. Finally, changes in the government regulation and legislation like alternation of government law related to working hours will compel managers to change the timings of their staff (Binder, 2016).

TASK – 2

2.1 Assessing own management skills performance


Practical example and performance level

Management skills

Proper execution of tasks and timely completion

With this skill I will be able to effectively use the valuable resources of the firm


Leadership skills

With this skill, I will be in a position to manage the resistance to change from the employees

I can also foster team work and collaborative working environment



Seeking help of this skill I can work with people in the company effectively

I will be able to create relations with all hierarchy level of the firm


Communication skills

Through effective communication skill good performance management can be made possible

Cordial relationship with employees

2.2 Personal SWOT analysis


  • Effective communication skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Honest and proactive
  • Agile
  • Analytical knowledge and skills


  • Poor at managing the stress
  • Get impulsive at the time of work pressure
  • Compulsive to do things quickly



  • Learning skills of prioritizing the task
  • Becoming part of various training sessions and seminars on leadership and management



  • Work pressure and inability of managing stress can become an obstacle in self-development
  • Altering demand from the employees can be an obstacle for improvement in the performance

2.3 Set and prioritizing objectives

For the purpose of achieving leadership as well as management skills it is vital to prioritize the objectives by making use of SMART model. The very first step is to determining the objectives which are specific. For instance, the specific objective can be developing time management skill, conflict management skill and giving and receiving feedback etc. Secondly, it is important to see that whether they are measurable or not in terms of finance or numerical value. For instance, effective time and conflict management skill will save time and leads to better work performance, which in turn brings more revenue for the company (Johnsons, Scholes and Whittington, 2005). Next, it should be achievable, in other words, it can be achieved by undertaking challenging tasks, learning to manage the work on time, handling the work pressure without stress etc. further, the objectives being set must be realistic and should not be an aspiration. Lastly, the objectives should be accomplished within a stipulated time period. For example, taking a challenging project with less time to complete will help me in ascertaining whether I am able to perform the task on right time or not. It simple means self-evaluation (SMART Goal Examples for Developing Leadership Competencies, 2016).

TASK – 3

3.1 Leading and motivating a team to achieve an agreed goal or objective

As an operation manager of the budget hotel chain which is not offering any kind of annual pay rise because of economic slow-down and is also not paying premium for night shifts, bank holidays and weekends, it is very difficult to motivate the team to achieve the desired goals. However, there are following ways through which employees can be motivated without increasing their payment and these are:

  • Recognition for better work performance – When any employee or member of the team works well, it is important for the leader to recognize his or her work through emails, meetings and praising in front of whole team. Through this they will feel motivated.
  • Promoting – If there is no monetary benefits for the employees this year, than the members who worked hard should offer promotion. With this they will work more efficiently irrespective of no increment (O'Neil and Drillings, 2012).
  • Flexible working environment – The environment in which the workers work plays a pivotal role in their level of motivation. If the managers are offering conductive and flexible working environment than employees are satisfied and become loyal towards the hotel.

3.2 Justifying managerial decisions to support achievement of goals

For the purpose of achieving the objectives, there are various management decisions needs to be undertaken. Since, the budget hotel is related with the hospitality industry, it is quite necessary to think from the perception point of the employees in order to get the correct set of information and training from the leaders. Since, the firm is not giving any type of monetary benefits to the team members because of economic downturn; they need to be motivated by providing them non-monetary benefits. In this regards, the managers of the hotel are required to adopt democratic management style so as to make the employees motivated for better work performance (Johnsons, Scholes and Whittington, 2005). Their viewpoints should be considered while taking any type of decision so that senses of belongingness arise in their intellect. Thus, democratic style will be more effective for the management in this scenario. Furthermore, the management must fulfill the hierarchical needs of the employees considering the “Maslow’s need hierarchy theory”, so that workers in the hotel feel contended and motivated.

Apart from this, it is also recommended to the hotel, to arrange for proper training and development sessions related to working in team, creating healthy working environment, achievement of goal through collaboration and support. The management needs to take decision in this regard and should make available all the required resources. With this, employees will be motivated towards working in groups and will reap out better results.


Consequently, it can be said that for developing the organization, the role of managers or leaders is quite crucial as they guide others to achieve the right path. Achievement of success or failure is in the hands of manager and leaders. The way they manage the situation of crisis, depicts the sustainability of the firm. However, all this can turn into reality only when the managers and the leaders are competent enough and possess such skills and competencies.


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