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Unit 3 Introduction to Management Level 4 City College


Organisation structure refers that system which define to carry out different task and activities which help in achieving the desired goals and objectives that can assist in reaching with its targets and objectives and meet their targets. The imperial hotels in London is the example of successful organisational structure, so it is known as brand chain from over last years, they offer pleasure to stay conformable with all amenities inside the hotel. Thus, this project is mainly highlighting the major issues and problems which are faced by Peter farnsworth. “A negative work culture among the employees with high level of sick leave and poor attendance”. According to the given case study, imperial hotel is offering most of the pleasing services and staff members main view is directly impact on brand image. Due to this employees are main source of performing will and it is achieving their set targets and reach with desired goals and objectives in better manner (Slack, N., 2015). The employees performance has major role for business due to this this is the backbone of organisation because an organisation grow fast way. But absenteeism affect on organisational in such source that can be directly recover in hard manner.

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It is analysed about doing above introduction is that Imperial farmsworth is in issue to maintain their employees environment which is became reason for their guest dissatisfaction. Along with this, organisation lies on various activities and functions which includes rules, roles and responsibilities of each person that consist in an enterprise. It can be occurred that when someone is not goes with such activities, so employees absence is breaking the image of the hotel. An organisation is effective structure planning by this imperial hotel is one of the leading hotel from past years and pleasing their guests, generally effectively flow of accurate data and information from top to bottom level, which means top management maintain the middle management and it is completing the lower the employees.

Imperial hotel is one of the famous and popular hotel in imperial group, Peter farnsworth required to solve the major issues and problems in certain strategic concept where large number of employees are around 450 that includes part time workers. It is that one way which avoid the problem whenever an individual goes to sick leave, it is the main part of employees which take place and arrange certain staff members according to their shifts, so that there are hospitality problem for 24 hours. Increasing the number of employees in each division such as food and beverage, housekeeping, guest services or facilities and other services. Due to rising in the staff that will give its new identity like they offer employment and serving best best industry services (Heizer, J., 2016). Absenteeism is unwanted for an organisation, because when employees is getting absent from work place, then management need to identify sudden replacement at last minute which is not appropriate for all the time. On the other hand, this loss can be recover by hiring the conditional employee and some workers who take leave due to health issues such as accident, migraine, injuries, etc. but also they get to overcome with this problems.

Usually when an employee decide to take off from work by taking leave, the extra work load can be managed by the co-employee, but in some cases the co-employee would also want that he will get the leave, if this would happen then certainly it will affect the overall work of the company because the supervisor would not be aware that these people have gone on leave and the the work of customer will be affected and which is not a good situation for the company in any case (Yang, Hong and Modi, 2011.). If however the supervisor would have the necessary information regarding the leave of people then it becomes his responsibility to maintain a right kind of environment within the company. Usually, the head of the department wont take an off from their work, however in some rare cases, if such thing takes place then there should be a associate who would have the capability to manage the work in the absence of those Heads.

There are various aspects that have to be managed by a Hotel Supervisor. These includes hospitality and services, food and other amenities etc. It is thus necessary that supervisor of the hotel does not approve any leaves which would look unnecessary to him. There should be a leave plan which would be allowed, and for this Imperial Hotel shall make a plan for effective implementation of those plans. The leave plan may include that there will be only six sick leaves and any extra leave over and above of it would mean there there will be a loss of pay for the employees. A close eye on the workers can also improve their overall efficiency (Yang, Hong and Modi, 2011.).

It is often seen that various employees under the company comes from various different cultures and speak different kinds of languages as well as religions. This can have a greater impact on the overall working culture within the hotel. Because of this reason there are possibilities of bullying from different employees, hence it is the responsibility of manager of imperial hotel to make sure that there is a proper training and development programme which are being conducted, so that their knowledge and skills can be enhanced and their competency can be improved. This will increase their ultimate ability of learning and will facilitate company and business going forward. A proper working atmosphere maintenance is the responsibility of the manager of Imperial Hotel.

Staff members can get trust of management by completing all task in most appropriate manner by formulating adequate planning and problem solving environment. Manpower feels important when managerial personnel of Imperial hotel involves workforce into planning and decision making processes like planning of some events and programs and problem solving environment because their views and opinions are very important in enhancing quality of hotel's services and facilities. By taking aid of this action, management of hotel can develop quality of services like attendance of many clients, with warm smile and providing them a bouquet while their check in then it is required from hotel staff that they please their all guest with adequate and extraordinary services which are able in retaining clients and this action ensures second visit of guests (Peng and Lai, 2012). There are multiple problems that are faced and fought by clients and company also and these issues should be solved and in context of this a little thought can work. For example, if hotel is having low promotions even it is located in a popular street in United Kingdom. Other than enhancing accommodation artefact, there are many other problems that should be solve by general manager like contamination of food, this is comprised as less purity of food and this is most desirable fact. People who visits hotels on regular basis, they only want better quality services and adequate products like pure food etc. along with suited rooms so there is a requirement of house keeping staff that maintain quality and cleanliness of all rooms and suits so that guest could get appropriate quality services of delicious food, well settled rooms etc. If an employee goes on a leave with or without prior information then it is will sabotage working of association and this problem could be solve by keeping extra workforce in safe mode for emergency. By taking this solution, corporation can maintain their most required qualities of services and products. This issue could be managed by part time and semi-part time staff members whom will take charge when one or more than one employee goes on a leave. It is seen that house keeping staff members consist wider number of female staff that have their own personnel issues that affect business operations of hotel in negative manner. To reducer this kind of problem, managerial personnel of Imperial Hotel must keep more male staff members in their workforce. Cooks and chefs of hotel must know the importance of pure food and always serve high quality food products to clients so that satisfaction among customers could become high. First impression is last impression so reception staff must be very good in their section as th8is action is helpful in presenting a good picture of organisation and retention of guests for their next visits. Reception is an recognition of hotel so it must be good and appropriate so that good brand image could be made in the eyes of customers. All problems should be solved in most appropriate manner (Galindo and Batta, 2013).

One of elements which can undertake in regard of managing better worker attendance in workplace, is that rewarding on the basis of performance and attendance along with serving for organisation (Gunasekaran and Ngai, 2012). This is a required and more beneficial technique for the Imperial Hotel cause they are offering a great convenience and comfort to their worker in regard of performing within their hotel. This is required to provide proper appreciation which matters for them which their endeavour are identified. The Imperial hotel can grow and develop their practices as per this. Rendering them more positive response and manage their consumer with effective temper, company can control and shape their employee's behaviour in context of the organisation growth and lead them to the succession level again.

Each and every working organisation render proper employee training which can deliver the higher values standards and morals. The Imperial hotel is agreed to organise proper training that can assist them in evolving and grooming their attire, behaviour, level of communication, their behaviour, skills, qualification, knowledge and overall personality (Barratt, Choi and Li, 2011). Through, this Imperial Hotel can resolve their issues and problems in more effective manner. A patron is able to identify their staff of hotel as they should be more quick and polite in providing service. In case of making any wrong decision and mistakes, still the worker have to behave more effectively. The manager of Imperial Hotel is liable for protecting their members of staff and manage their growth along with making certain their satisfaction in relation to their workplace and provided work. Hence, this, presents the employee concern as well as create more loyalty and dedication among the worker of Imperial Hotel. Therefore, through accompanying this procedure, Imperial Hotel can resolve their issues and problems in more significant and best manner.

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This can be claimed from the above report that management plays a huge role in the functioning of operation, growth of company and personnel administration of an organisation. There are various functions and activities that is required to play by organisation's manager in regard of working in coordinated and balanced way. In the report, Imperial Hotel, London are offering various services quality to their consumer. The problem identified in this report is staff negative staff culture due to mismanagement of the practices and high work load of the working activities. This is necessary for enterprise to manage, coordinate, control, organise and promote effective and appropriate activities for carrying out effective productivity of performed practices. Through, performing and modifying culture as per the worker's behaviour and traits, this is required for Imperial Hotel, London to execute the proper techniques and methods of personnel in order to achieve effective practices in more significant manner. Training and development as well as rewarding and compensation, both are most effective approaches for development and evolution of worker group that can increase their satisfaction along with their skills affecting organisation as well as employee group in more significant manner. Hence, this is paramount for large organisation, Imperial Hotel to manage and introduce proper management activities in order to function significantly in competitive marketplace.


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