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Theory About Leadership And Practices

University: Cardiff Metropolitan University

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Culture vividly states in about values, beliefs, rituals and symbols that combine and make one single group that is different from another. It is shared and learned phenomenon for people who live in same social environment for longer duration (Hughes & Beatty, 2011).  There are several groups in this global world and here in this report focus has been given to assess about various groups and understand about the impact of culture on social corporations and adequate leadership skills to manage.

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An overview of community building practices as stated in Kouzes and Posner

The leadership practices as stated by Kouzes and Posner helps in people to enhance their abilities and acquire better outcomes. Every person has the ability to develop in necessary skills and traits to reach a level of assessable effectiveness in leadership (Pauleen, 2003). Leadership is known as art of assembling others to put in effort for shared goals. In order to undertake work effectively in a ethnic and cultural diverse community, a leader should firstly understand about the group and racial community which is being organized in support of its team members.

It has been stated by Kouzes and Posner the community building practices are focused towards development of community among individuals within a confined area with a common interest and is sometimes included in the field of community development. A range of practices are being used in community building practices that includes in participants from local areas rather than any foreign source (Wallace & Loughran, 2013). The author believes in that leadership is no more a process in which administration lead from the center of a hierarchical pyramid. Community building practice is an organized and powerful structure inside a workplace to for atmosphere for learning, innovation and growth. It helps in to build expertise, capacity and wisdom that are incubators for growth of new skills and best practices.

Identify at least three different cultures from countries other than your own and how they create a sense of community.

The community based practices and culture vary from nation to nation and it depends on the local work related behavior and organizational practices. The corporate and leadership culture followed in Japan is diverse in nature as employees are expected to work hard and demonstrate loyalty to companies in exchange for some amount of benefits in job and security (Kouzes & Posner, 2007). Here, in leadership does not depend on swift decision making but on the capability to design consensus and take into consideration the subordinates, it creates a kind of association among the employees who are participating and ultimately develops a community altogether.

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On the other hand the culture prevailing in Dubai is entirely diverse and norms are rooted according to the Islamic laws that impacts the way business is being undertaken. The community culture is mainly driven towards Islam and employees undertake their work activities accordingly (Edmundson, 2007). This country has developed a reputation for being a safer place for people from all countries to work all around the globe. Islam is the official religion and influences everyday life of people and showing disrespect to it could be punishable offense. It eventually assists in to form a common culture and community in the corporation. Thirdly, the workplace culture followed in African American is a unique blend of established culture and traditions and novel influences (Dukes & et. al., 2004). The work environment in this country provides an open culture and is mostly directive in nature and it also impacts the way it is organized. The African American culture, religious institutions and primarily Christian and are functioning that is mutual assistance with societies and political factors. The leaders of this country are influential and are involved in community building effort to assess and include that community’s spiritual leaders.
Discuss the challenges that leaders face in respecting the cultural differences when trying to create a sense of community and support these challenges with real world examples and at least three academically credible sources in addition to your course textbooks.

During framing of community building practices the information collection process have impact on expectations about being invited to be part of community building effort. Sometimes it becomes impossible for the leader to know everything about the culture and group and when working in a diverse community it is particularly made up of two or more than two ethnic group (Pires & et. al., 2005). For instance a Chinese community builder working in a Chinese community has the advantage of already knowing about language and culture.

Leaders also face challenge within a cultural or ethnic group that contends with each other because of differentiation in socioeconomic conditions, political impacts and regional origins. During the process of forming a relationship and acquiring information could lead in to identification of needs in one or more groups (Wang & et. al., 2011). For instance local and informal leaders in a group needs help to strengthen their leadership principles, enhance cross cultural communication skills and alliance building.

Provide best practices for overcoming these challenges and support these best practices

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In order to overcome these challenges the leaders need to follow best practices so that barriers can be resolved. Being a leader he or she should display respect, humility and influence of each leader, any team made up of community builders from various cultural background facilitates in to associate with wide range of experiences and focus on range of challenges that leaders faces (Pennington, 2009).

It would also assist in to avoid any kind of expectations and misperceptions who would be benefitted and moreover working in a different community building team frames an example for the group (Chaskin, 2001). Other than these leaders to maintain a neutral perspective and should try to reach out as many types of groups and exclusively participate in community building effort and it helps in to frame expertise that serves as a guide to the local group.

Describe how you are going to implement the results of your research into your SDLP and other leadership growth plans.

After accomplishment of this study currently I am in a position to attain much of knowledge and acquaintance related to community building practices. This assessment has helped in to comprehend about the various contingency challenges that are being faced by leaders while working different cultural and ethnic groups (Brooks, 2002). These skills will be helpful in my SDLP program to learn about different conditions that a leader needs to manage in several groups.


From the above report it can be concluded in that community based leadership helps in to understand about various groups as leaders are individuals who have subordinates, consistency or a group of people whom they can impact. A community builder should understand that leaders in a group focus to get support from the community building work.


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