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Managing People In Aviation - British Airways

University: Regent College

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1797
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: TAL0341
  • Downloads: 666
Question :
  • Analyze different management and leadership styles relied on British Airways with their organizational performance on commercial air transport.
  • Evaluate ability to motivation on people to work and also analyze the methods to resolve the conflicts of British airways.
Answer :
Organization Selected : British Airways


Aviation regulations is one of the critical task with managing people to gain the overall competitive advantage into the industry. People management has required to be taken as serious step to develop and control an aviation sector at the optimized level (MacDuffie, 2017). This assessment has decided to be carried on British airways, which is the leading commercial air transport operates both in domestic as well as international level. Apart from this, assessment will identifying impact of high turnover rate on the business. This assessment will also put light on improving motivation level of the workforce by the aviation business and also how could they become cost effective and realistic. This will also cover the latest aviation practice by the commercial air transports.

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a) Why aviation industry has high turnover rate

Turnover rate is an actual percentage of employee's leaving the company within certain period of time. Also, high turnover rate can be costlier to an organisation because departing of an employee could lead to the stoppage of work and effect the desired goals or targets of an aviation industry especially (Shoham, 2018). For this assessment, British Airways is the perfect industry who is suffering with an issue of employee turnover because of demotivation and comparatively low rewards and pay as compared to Virgin Atlantic. It is currently happening in British Airways that every 2 employee's out of total five 5 are leaving in quarter. This is a critical issue, because turnover of an employee could lead to incurring of money on training & development of the new employee and also the work pressure come down on other employee's. British Airways is the leading air transport with premium services they offered to their customers. Also, they have great brand image and customer loyalty towards their business.

Management & leadership style is one of the major reason for high turnover rate in this commercial airline. They generally follows the autocratic management style where all decision making power is available with top level management & leaders. Autocratic management is the form of leadership where managers have authority to make decision with blind eye's. British airways continuously followed this style which has effected their business at the moderate level. In this management style, leaders or manager's do not inquire or take consent of their subordinate or team members which has continuously lower down their morale and confidence. Of course, demotivation is the major effect of this management style. The negative effect of this style is as British Airways faced lot of criticism and few strikes against management along with pilot service off because of comparatively less salaries and rewards. All these circumstances has brought high turnover rate into the actual picture. Indirectly, autocratic management style is the point reason for high turnover rate of employee in an organisation. Apart from autocratic, they also uses Laissez-faire management style which provides the laid back attitude and great confidence to their staff. This current case of British Airways will provide base of solutions to other air transport with similar issue.

Autocratic management style where authorities & powers are lies with manager and top level, team employee's don't have right and freedom to take their separate decision making which might effect their interest, confidence, inspiration and motivation to work for longer period of time. Also, such management style can effect the development and culture of the other airlines. British airways might face the high turnover rate of an employee, if they couldn't taking solution on this management style to become leader in the commercial transport industry.

Apart from all, autocratic style could impact both organisation and team working along with their growth and development irrespective of any industry. Negative impact of autocratic style is also the lack of freedom, trust & faith into the superior and top level administration. Apart from autocratic style, biases and lower incentives & remuneration is also the reason that employee's of the British Airways are shifting or leaving this airliner continuously. Actually, they need to look over this matter with serious concern & corrective actions.

Corrective Solution & actions: British Airways has also taken several relief decision & action to get rid by applying democratic management & leadership style to their aviation sector by bringing suitable freedom & rights for their workforce to take corrective decision making and adhering their views & opinions to create their interest into the business function of the British Airways (Hasgall, 2013). Also, this airliner have decided to bring the performance based rewards and other non-monetary benefits apart from their actual remuneration to stop turnover rate at the initial level. They have complete eye and focus on the positives of these taken corrective action or measures.

b) What aviation businesses can do to improve the motivation of their workforce or employee's

It is the necessities to improve and enhanced the motivation level of the workforce irrespective of any industry. In the commercial air transportation, motivation & confidence to the workforce is an important aspects, because airline industry is completely depends on workforce activities or their techniques to undertaken the operation at the optimized level (Devlin and Bernick, 2015). In context with British Airways, as it was previously mentioned that high turnover rate has effect the confidence and motivation level of an employee. So, corrective actions has also taken, but this much is not suitable. Aviation businesses can take several suggestion on board to improve & raise the motivation & confidence of their employee's. Airline entities needs to make ensure that those suggestions should be cost effective and realistic in nature as well as structure. As, British air has taken steps such as performance based reward and other non-monetary benefits to appreciate the task or performance of their employee's to counter an issue of high turnover rate. Also, above steps or suggestion will utilized the available resources of the British Airways to make their services or stop high turnover rate in the future is as follow:

Effective training & development: T&S is competent to make workforce potential for working along with management of any company. Basically, T&D is helpful in setting the vision & mission for achieving and co-relate target of an entire organisation with individual goals to achieve. It helps in creating the importance of an employee, which results acts as the source for raising the motivation of the workforce. Training & development involves lots of funds teaching the workforce real life situation, knowledge and other practical part of operation in an aviation such as technical, people management along with aircraft & infrastructure control etc. This type of training & development is cost effective and realistic in both ways. Such suggestions are required to be ongoing in the future of aviation industry (Martin-Nagle, 2017).

For example: Saudi Arabia airlines has amended their policies & practices to provide training & development to their employee on quarterly basis to maintain their motivation level on the pick point.

Workforce involvement: Employee engagement is important & necessary to involve the presence and talent & skills of the workforce to generate profitability and productivity. Motivation brings the pure and soothing culture with creates the positive vibes to the business in achieving their targets and goals (Devlin, 2012). Maslow hierarchy is suitable theory to raise the confidence & motivation level of the workforce. This theory is a kind of pyramid which includes safety needs, self-actualisation needs, social needs, Physiological needs and safety needs (Helmreich, 2015).

Physiological needs: It includes basic needs such as food, water, shelter, clothing etc.

Safety needs: It involves the safe working condition, job security, medical protection etc.

Social needs: Such needs include love, team, friends, sense of belongingness, feelings etc

Self-Esteem needs: Self-respect, level of status, confidence are types of esteem needs.

Self-actualisation needs: This involves achieving targets, intellectual needs, potential etc

Source: Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, 2018

For example: Eva Air which is based in Taiwan used this Maslow theory of needs to encourage the confidence & motivation of their employee's to continue operation of their airlines business, Such kind of practices has made this airline in top 7 best air transport entities (Bernick, 2015).

Recommendation: British Airways is still away from such kind of practices. They could use this theory to identify and analyse each and every needs of their workforce to take care of their motivation to raise maximum involvement of them into the business functions and reducing the high turnover rate. Other airline could use this theory to maximise the performance of their organisation at the optimised.

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From the above assessment, it is concluded that managing people in aviation is one of the critical and typical task. Motivation is the better way to remove higher turnover rate of the workforce especially aviation industry. It is crucial and important to identify the reason behind higher turnover rate to overcome such issues. Corrective measures & action is required to take to enhance the spirituality of an employee. Lastly, it is concluded, training & development along with proactive rewards & compensations has proven useful for every business to raise their workforce performance with their development side by side.


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