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Strategic Management In Non-Profit Organizations Sample

University: Falmouth University

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Introduction Strategic Management Non-Profit Organization

Nonprofit organizations are important forms of organizations in countries around the world. In United States of America also, there are various nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations work for making sure that its surplus, while performing its activities are used for achieving its goals, rather than, distributing the same as dividend to shareholders and members. One of the nonprofit organizations in the United States of America is Orphans International. This organization is engaged in the activities related to housing and education of orphans and abandoned children in the country (Orphans International Worldwide, 2012). In the country, there are certain children, who are orphan and do not have appropriate access to education and housing facility. This organization works in relation to this particular thing only. Here, current paper will have discussion in relation to various important things about this nonprofit organization. All the things, which will be discussed, are crucial from the point of view of organization.

Strategic Management

Strategic Decision Making

For a nonprofit organization such as Orphans International, it is important to make necessary strategies in order to achieve its targets appropriately. Regarding strategy of organization, there are various things that are required to be taken into consideration. For making strategy, nonprofit organization needs to ensure that it determines the meaning of strategy and works out the things appropriately so that high quality results are achieved by it in future (Sadler, 2003).

Strategy, Characteristics, Levels and Vocabulary of Strategy

Orphans International has the strategy to build green orphanages and schools for the purpose of ensuring that children in the country have access to educational materials, support for medical supplies and for food also. Strategy for organization includes determination of problems for orphans in the country. This organization creates a strategy in which, broad based programs are developed by the organization. In relation to the problems, the vulnerable members of community are identified and steps are taken for the purpose of reducing vulnerability to a certain extent in future .

Regarding characteristics of strategy, it is provided that organization has its focus on benefit of orphans. This is the motive of organization and its strategies are in the same line also. There are three levels of organizational strategy. Levels include long term strategy, short term strategy and medium term strategy. The areas that are catered by organization include reduction in diseases of orphans, reduction in child trafficking and certain research and demonstration projects.

Strategic Change Cycle, Planning and Resource Management

Orphans International does make changes in its strategies with the passage of time and according to the needs and requirements of organization. The strategies used by organization include long term and short term strategies. It does planning regarding its operations. For example, organization finds out the requirements of orphans at the beginning of the year and plans out the resources and time required for the same. For example, if, there is a situation that organization finds out higher level of requirements of orphans then, it makes changes in its methods in future so that higher level of results are achieved and there is protection of orphans in a better manner in the country of United States of America. For managing resources, planning for allocation of resources is done in advance. With this, this nonprofit organization has achieved its targets and helped orphans in the country to lead a better life .

Techniques to Explore External Environment

There are certain techniques that can be used by the officials of nonprofit organization i.e. Orphans International to explore its external environment. First technique that can be used by the organization is that it should determine the activities performed by government. The actions of government can be a source for this nonprofit organization to find out whether it will get support from government or not. This organization can also go through activities regarding corporate social responsibility of various corporate in the country. This thing will help organization in ensuring that it finds out whether actions of government and corporate organization are in its favor or not.

Organizational Objectives

The organization Orphans International definitely has certain objectives for which, it looks forward to perform its activities. The objective of this organization helps the orphans who are facing crisis related to lack of money, food, education and shelter. It has an objective to make sure that there is no orphan in the country of the United States of America who is suffering from problems as stated above. It looks forward to help orphans to a great deal so that their life is put on right track. In addition, all objective of this nonprofit organization also include that; all necessary assistance should be made available to orphans in the country.

Design, Culture and Purpose and Impact on Strategic Decisions

This organization is designed in the form of a nonprofit organization that has the purpose to provide highest level of assistance to orphans living in the country. The culture of organization is moved in such a manner that organization looks forward to create all opportunities to the people who are orphan (Drucker and Drucker, 2004). If organization will be able to achieve its purpose then, there is a strong possibility that people will be benefitted by it and there will also be a case that problems for orphans in country will be reduced to a considerable level in future. If the culture of organization will be effective and positive then, organization will have high quality results as it will move for working in favor of orphans in the country.

Values, Mission, Vision and objectives

The values of organization are related to its commitment towards orphans in the country. It identifies the orphans and ensures that there is no one in the country who is an orphan and is having problems. The mission of Orphans International is to provide help and assistance to orphaned and abandoned children. It also looks to provide assistance to orphans in the country so that they grow up as strong citizens on the world. Its mission is to provide equal treatment to all orphans in the organization (Mission, 2012). It has global standards for orphan care in the country for ensuring highest possible care of orphans. Vision of organization is to see that there is no orphan suffering from problems in the country. Objectives of organization are in line with its mission and are targeted towards betterment of orphans in the country.

Strategic Capability

In order to find out strategic capability, it is necessary for an organization to find out its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strength of this organization is that it has got recognition from government (Podolny, Shepard and Saloner, 2008). There is also a case that, it gets sufficient level of funds from government and other corporate organizations for the purpose of performing its activities in an appropriate manner. In most of the cases, organization works with volunteers which ensure that it achieves its targets appropriately without having to incur costs. Weakness for Orphans International is regarding support of government. There are many times when, organization has to look forward for assistance of others for carrying out its activities appropriately. There are various opportunities for this nonprofit organization. It works in line with objectives of government. Government also ensures that problems for people in United States of America are reduced.

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Key Tensions with Organization

For the organization, there are certain kinds of tensions. The organization is definitely impacted by global pressures. It runs on the grants of government and if there is global recession then, it is difficult for government to provide appropriate level of assistance to this organization. This particular thing affects its overall working. Organization finds difficulty in carrying out its objectives and protecting orphans from any kinds of problems in future. In this way, key tension is of non availability of appropriate funds in case of recession.

Impact of Tensions of Development of Organizational Culture and organizational strategy

Due to tensions for the organization, there could be an impact on corporate governance and strategy of organization. The strategy for organization is to arrange for things and facilities for orphans and it uses most of its resources and revenues for benefit of orphans. If there shall be shortage of funds, then organization might have to shift some portion of its revenue towards other activities also; therefore, objectives of organization could be affected.  The culture of organization will also be affected.

It shall now to more inclined towards benefit of its members rather than orphans as some problems might arise for members also as there shall be very little source of earning for them. There are certain situations in which, organization has to maintain compliances with certain regulations and have clinical governance. These things can also get affected to it, if it does not have funds available with it to carry out its objectives. In case, there is a situation of public private partnership regarding betterment of orphans. In such situation, private organizations do not always take care of welfare aspect and they look forward to enhance their objectives to a larger level in future.

Relation of Techniques with Public and Non-Profit Sectors

For the organization, strategy formulation techniques include maintenance of organizational ethics and social responsibility. With organizational ethics, it is meant that organization should not do any kind of negative behavior or discrimination with any of the orphans. If it does so then, it shall be considered as unethical on its part. Regarding social responsibility, organization should identify people in society, who are having problems such as above and find out methods to protect them from the problems faced by them. These techniques are linked with public and nonprofit sectors due to the fact that role of public and nonprofit organizations is always to provide high quality support and assistance to people who are in need and requirements of various things .

Implementation of Techniques

The organization can implement these techniques with the help of strategic drift and analysis of the culture. In relation to strategic drift, it is provided that organization takes decisions on the basis of environment. For example, if environment is favorable then, organization can extent its social welfare and in case of unfavorable environment, organization does not extend its welfare activities to a larger level.  If techniques are implemented properly then, results for orphans in the country of United States of America shall be of higher level.

Potential Problems for Implementation of Techniques

There are certain kinds of problems for the nonprofit organizations, which could have an effect on implementation of techniques for it. First problem is the lack of availability of funds. In this particular situation, the organization fails to get grants from government and from other corporate bodies . Second problem for Orphans International is regarding support from government. Support of government is very important, there are certain times when, government fails to provide appropriate support when, it is one of the opinions that nonprofit organization will not have the caliber to perform activities appropriately. Such situations can be difficult for nonprofit organization and should be avoided to a higher level in order to produce better results.

The organization is required to enforce certain organizational strategies in regard of the current situation. It is necessary to make a plan in the beginning of the year and carry out the activities according to the plan (Ehiri, 2009). A body of key officials or board of directors should always be there with the organization to take the decisions at higher level. Review of the performance of Orphans International should be done at regular intervals of time in order to determine whether, it is working in right direction order to achieve its objectives or not. Such things will surely help this nonprofit organization to have its efforts targeted towards its objectives and provide support to orphans in the country of United States of America.

Development of Strategic Decisions

The organizational scenarios in the current situation will include use of certain decision making techniques such as Maslin Multi Dimensional Matrix. Maslin Multi dimensional matrix includes four particular areas. The organization needs to find out the areas in which, it is doing well as HIGH and the areas in which, it is having problems are low. This scenario will help it in carrying out its activities to a higher level in future and results shall also be in favor of organization. It is also important for the organization to map the needs and requirements of stakeholders and also the expectations of shareholders in the organization. Such kind of activity will help organization to determine the path where its efforts should move. Regarding such as thing, it would be important for it to find out whom, its stakeholders are. This shall work in favor of it to a larger extent .

Appropriateness of Recommendations

Analysis of appropriativeness of recommendations will be very important for the organization, as it shall help it to determine whether, organization shall carry out its activities in a proper manner. The recommendations such as stakeholder mapping and implementation of corporate and business strategies will put Orphans International in line with the private sector organizations and its efforts will also be recognized to a much higher level in the years to come. With this, the support of government, general public and corporate and general public will also be higher for it.

Some strategies are also required to be developed for the purpose of making the resources available. Resources include human resources, financial resources and technological resources. To obtain these resources, advertisements should be given by organization and awareness about orphans in country should be spread to a higher level. Some awareness problems, short films and shows should be organized to make people and corporations aware of problems of orphans. This will create a sense of urgency in the country and there will be a likelihood of availability of above mentioned resources. In this way, implications for managers due to this particular thing shall be appropriate and in the way of accomplishment of objections of this org

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