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Personal And Professional Development


Process of self-managed and self assessment is used by an individual to evolve personal and professional development. For achieving the goals, personality traits of an individual is paramount through which he can gain advantage for lifetime and these traits will make him different from others. Self-managed learning (SML) is a process in which a person or an organisation takes an initiative to learn new things which help them to stand out in the crowd. For this, they can use various approaches and techniques. Role of SML is provided for both firms and individuals along with its benefits for them (Ehiyazaryan and Barraclough, 2009). In present report NHS is taken into consideration for discussion. NHS is a public sector organisation in UK which provides health care services to public.


1.1 Evaluation of approaches for self-managed learning

Self-managed learning is a method through which individual can achieve success by learning each and every thing which is helpful for him to compete with others and can gain advantage of having good knowledge. An Individual in NHS can use different types of approaches to learn and increase the ability. For dealing with issues and problems various approaches are psychological, social and behavioural approach Social approach is the best approach which can be used by an individual to know the needs of the society and fulfils need of the society. This will help him/her to increase vision for future trends. Future needs and requirement can be evaluated by individual with the help of social approach (Gillie, 2010). Another good method which can be used by an individual is psychological approach in which he determine goals for self. In this method, person work on predetermined objectives which he/she has to accomplish anyhow. This method makes person rigid while social approach makes person flexible.

Third important approach is behavioural approach which makes the person to be opportunistic. If the person wants to increase its learning skills he needs to grab all the opportunities available to him in organisation. He/she can learn anything from the person around him or from the present environment which will help him to increase his or her capability at each level. These all approaches can be used to evolve personal as well as professional development (Hedges and Cullen, 2012).

1.2 Ways through which personal and professional context can be encouraged

Self-directed approach

In this approach the person will set the goals by themselves which will be a challenge for them . This will motivate them to achieve his own goals for learning. This will help the individual to create a learning attitude which will increase the competitiveness among co-workers. To create a healthy competition is very important which will develop personal as well as professional learning of the individual and other workers.

Academic Growth

An individual can encourage its personal as well as professional learning by depending on the short term and long term goals which will help him/her to encourage learning for lifetime. This will increase the potential skills and abilities of the individual for present as well as future. This will provide guidance to person so he will move towards right direction to attain the goals (Lopper, 2010). As health and social care sector is very wide and interesting so individual can learn many things which will help him for lifetime. So the person should always choose the way of lifelong learning so that he can serve in this sector lifelong. Learning capacity of the person increases when he is in pressure of doing work or is having psychological pressure which encourages lifelong learning so that learning process can be continued

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1.3 Evaluation of benefits of SLM for individual and organisation

1.Self-managed learning benefits for an Individual

They set certain goals in different phase of life which help them to achieve set goals. The person with self-managed learning attitude increases his/her competitiveness by learning new things for lifetime. In this way, in an organisation they can gain higher position very soon. For grabbing all opportunities this learning attitude increases their confidence of the person which helps them to do every task which is given to him (Mitchell and Hall, 2014). Learning skills will help the individual in making few mistakes in his professional as well as personal life. The biggest advantage for an individual from self-managed learning is that will improve his way of living life and he will develop professional attitude.

2. Self-managed learning benefits for an organisation (NHS)

There are many benefits which the organisation gets by Self-managed learning as it hires the persons who are highly educated. They are determined and dedicated towards the work. Even in crucial cases they can work and handle the situation. As high knowledge and experience is required in the field of health and social care SLM plays a vital role. As it increases the productivity of the organisation because customer prefers to acknowledge the Doctors who is experienced and has taken good education Company is fully depended on the employees so all decisions are based on them (Moon, 2013).


2.1 Evaluation of own current skills and competencies against professional standard and organisation objectives

Inter-personal skills: I am always ready to help the team members with smiling face which makes them happier. This helps them to fight them against the challenges. good interactions always required in health and social care sector so I take care of each and every patient and team members by giving them proper time and by keeping a check on them on fixed interval basis.

Positive Attitude: For working in health and care industry I try to be positive in every situation so that I can handle crucial situation with an ease. Self positivity is very important as it makes team mates comfortable and they feel like they are in the positive environment (Tams, 2012).

Communication skills: I try to maintain the relation with full interaction and better attitude so that they feel free to communicate there each and every problem to me. This becomes easy for us to handle there problems.

Team work: In this all the team members work together to achieve the organisational objectives (Beausaert and et.al., 2013). They do brain storming so that they can share ideas with each other. I motivate them to work in team so that work get completed on time.

2.2 Identifying own development needs and activities required to meet them

There are various area which require development so that it can increase the efficiency of the individual as well as organisation.

Development of Technological skills: This will help the organisation to work on new technologies so training should be given to the existing workers about the new technologies which has come into existence. This will increase the ability of the individual to work on the new technologies. Organisation can go for certified courses to work on various technologies.

Development of management skills: Management skills will help the organisation to manage the personnels effectively so that they can work as team. And this will coordinate all the workers to complete the task (Blue and et.al., 2010). Management skills is very important as this help the organisation to organise the workers according to there skills. For improving the management skills organisation can refer various books which will them to manage various activities.

Development of decision making skills: All the decision should be taken with the help of all the workers as they are part of the organisation. Workers ideas will help in taking the decision. This decision will be helpful for both organisation as well as person working with organisation. Organisation requires to work on how to take decision so that it can be beneficial for human resource , customers as well as organisation. Attaining various seminars will be helpful to enhance the decision making power (Cook, Khan and Pickett, 2016).

2.3 Development opportunities require meet the present and future needs

Leadership skills: For high and positive result development of various leadership skills is very effective. This helps the organisation to create healthy relation with the patient as they provide good quality services to the customer. This will increase the competitiveness of the organisation. Which will help the organisation to grow sustainably. Workers will be committed and loyal towards there work

Motivation skills: For making the people work motivating them is very important for this various strategies can be followed by the organisation like providing them with incentives and rewards for doing great works (Draganidis and Mentzas, 2015).

2.4 To achieve intended goals preparing a personal development plan

I had done various planning for achieving the goals. This will increase the efficiency of the organisation and individual.

Communication skill: To enhance the communication skills I can join various classes so that i can communicate with the workers effectively and provide sufficient information to them.

Team-work: team work is very important in health and social care industry so enhance the team- work I will appoint the person with good leadership skill so that he can coordinate all the workers to work in the team and achieve the goal (Mitchell and Hall, 2014).

Inter-personal skills: The interpersonal skills help in development of positive relation between employees and employers with the help of sound environment. This skill can be improved ith the help of self study and also learning various concepts of learning.


3.1 Activities required to implement development plan

As per the above identified skills, now I am able to correctly point out my skills on the basis of which I can develop those areas which needs improvement. With this purpose, several activities can be performed to continue with developmental plans and actions which are as follows:

  • At first level, I will try to develop my interpersonal skills that can help in establishing better communication with my team members and also with patients. For this, I try to come up with various new methods and innovations that can help in making the communication with team members in better way. In addition it gives the strength of cohesive bonds between various team mates (Ehiyazaryan and Barraclough, 2009). I also use to study different books and magazines that can help in increasing the personal development through interpersonal skills.
  • Next point where I need to focus is based on my communication skills where I should make an approach to develop my interaction with team members. In this process, it is necessary to have a proper support and coordination among all members of team so that the communication level can be established in better way. In this regard, some certified courses are helpful that focuses on enhancing the communication skills of individual (Gillie, 2010).
  • The further development needed area in this plan is to develop leadership skills as well so that team members can be encouraged to coordinate in better way and also help in making them able to face challenges. In this purpose, I can also attend some seminars and workshops that provide various knowledge about leaderships.

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3.2 Documenting the planned activities

For the development of my professional skill that can give lifelong learning I will document various activities so that productivity can be increased:

Mentoring: For a proper development in the skills, I will assure a right mentor for me so that I can get the guidance in a proper way. With my mentor, I will discuss my various problems as well as various doubts so that I can get a proper suggestion to remove issues. The vast experience of my mentor will guide me in proper way to develop various aspects along with the development of leadership skills (Lopper, 2010).

Reading newspapers: Another method to improve upon is to refer various articles from newspapers, books and also from magazines. These articles will provide a large information that can help in development of knowledge and also in improving the skills that are helpful for improving management and leadership skills.

E-learning: In present time, there are vast materials that are available through internet and are of apt help in improving the skills of an individual. Therefore, I will consider all useful sites on internet that can help in overall development in me on the basis of personal and professional aspects (Mitchell and Hall, 2014).

Self study: The self study is the best way through which a personal and professional level development can be done. Through self study, I can identify my strength as well as weaknesses that can help in improving upon different them.

3.3 Discussion of own learning

The aspect of own learning and development is an important aspect where it is necessary to create plans that can help in personal and professional development. As per this plan, it is necessary to develop various plans and procedures that can improve various skills which are as follows:

Interpersonal skills: As per the current scenario, it is evident that there is a large competition in market due to which it is necessary to develop so that needs can be met out. For this, it is necessary to develop a proper plan and set some objectives that can keep me aligned with the major objective (Professional relationships: Key practice points. 2015). For this, I will develop myself through various learning approaches and styles. Thus, the major aim is fulfilled which can be analysed on a regular interval basis. On this basis, I have done the growth analysis of myself where I found that I have developed my interpersonal skills as I am able to interact with people and coordinate with them in better way (Moon, 2013).

Communication skills: Through the help of various certified courses in this area, I will develop my communications skills. This will help me in having a proper development in communicating with people and team members without any difficulty. I can become able to share my idea and experiences in more effective way with the help of better communication skills.

Team work: With the help of learning importance of team work, I am able to manage my work in an effective way (Tams, 2012). This has helped me in establishing better coordination with my team members and also in sharing of knowledge in different fields. The problems related to conflicts will also become less as I will be able to manage in better way with my team members.



A work based problem is in association to define a certain issue that is currently prevailing at the workplace by directly hampering the day to day operations of the organisation. The present section is mainly with reference to demonstrate a work based problem in the undertaken enterprise named NHS where their employees are found to deal with a pressurised state of work. This is resultantly affecting the quality of their work by together creating a sense of discontentment in their approaching clients and users as well (Goh, 2011). A prior reason behind that is a deficit context of training and development in the establishment where the appointed set of employees are simply unable to proceed with the newer set of technology. As a result to which, the service users are also making continual complaints to address such ineffective work by the workforce that is depleting the image of the establishment. The organisation is thus required to configure some proper sessions of training and development for the workers by which they can effectively learn the usage of those new technical instruments (Blue and et.al., 2010). This problem has together declined the motivation level of the workers that can be enhanced with a prior incursion of reward system at the workplace.


A prime detection of learning style is an added advantage in the stipulated event of training and development where the cited entity in the present section can refer to VARK learning style to accordingly arrange their session. This style focuses upon four imperative modes of learning by either visualising things, listening to it, reading or writing the content or performing it in a practical manner. Beside this, this part has also devised distinct modes of communication at different levels of the organisation where it is mostly comprised of three vital ranks of strategical, operational and tactical (Cook, Khan and Pickett, 2016). Strategical level is for the higher ranked individuals who design the factual missions and vision of the organisation.

A formal set of communication with an additive mean of written transcription are the two leading methods that can be practised to interact with the top executives of NHS. Another section of operational bodies defines the middle level employees where they can be communicated via both formal and informal means of communication that is by commanding instructions to them. Horizontal and vertical form of communication are the two other tools that can be used to gives suggestions to them and in turn refer to their feedbacks. The last configuration of tactical employees are the lower level personnels of NHS to whom the information can be communicated either via oral or written set of communication where it will involve face to face discussions and telephonic conversations, etc.


Time management is yet another foremost concern of the individuals that should be implicated in a strategic manner. The employees should hereby use a planed approach to start their work with a clear focus on timely accomplishment of their assignations to meet its set deadline. For which, they should hereby tend to use a planning tool that corresponds with their dynamic list of tasks (Draganidis and Mentzas, 2015). A concentrated outlook towards rendering high vale performance of work will also necessitate the workers to make a productive use of their time where they should hereby refer to minimize any sort of interruptions by eliminating delay in submission of their work assignations. A limited outlook towards performing multiple tasks at the same time should also be avoided and is stated to be the most impelling strategy of time management. For me, the foremost strategy of employing a planning tool with less consequences of multiple tasking has largely contributed in effectively managing my time with timely submission of assignments.


The personal and professional development skills is an important factor that is required as per the current scenario. Nowadays, the competition has increased to a high level due to which it is crucial to concentrate on various perspectives that can give development in professional life (Beausaert and et.al., 2013). In present report it is evident that various skills and competencies have been discussed in context of NHS organisation's employee that are essential for improving as per the needs. These skills include interpersonal, communication and team work which are a vital part in present days. Besides this, various methods have also been suggested that can help in improvement of these skills and cope up with current situations. In addition, work based problems have been discussed that helps in solving complex situations of business.


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