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Resort Management

University: University College London

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Introduction to Resort Management

Resort management is the prominent aspect for tour and travel industry thereby tour operator can cater need of different type of visitors in an effective way. Several types of services are provided by the help of effective resort management that facilitate to attract visitors and increases overall rate of return of hospitality industry. Present report is about Thomson Holiday that is UK based travel operator and auxiliary of TUI group. It sell package holiday to visitors on the basis of their specific need so as to satisfy them in an effective way. Further, various function of resort management is also invested that aid to coordinate all business activities and boost productivity to a great extent. In this regard, importance of effective quality system and its implementation is also analyzed that contribute towards achieving long as well as short term objectives of tour operator. Moreover, structure for various types of tour operators and their guest related activities are also examined.

Thomson Holiday emerged in 1965 with combination of three distinct package holiday companies and the Britannia Airways . Lunn Poly chain of UK travel agent was purchased by Thomson Holiday in 1970's. It was renamed in 1997 and was floated on London Stock Exchange in 1998. Prior to this, it was owned by Thomson Corporation of Canada. It had taken position of market leader within 10 years of formation. Corporation provides variety of holiday packages for different destinations across the world such as Spain, Greece, the Indian Ocean and Turkey beach holiday. Recently, Thomson Holiday has launched new Blue Cross Sale for summer holiday. It provides luxurious services to buyer as per their demand and also contributes towards attracting them. Affordable luxurious services that are being provided by Thomson Holiday at destinations such as Jamaica, Mexico and Maldives as well as Dominican Republic.

Task 1

A. Analyzing various functions of resort operation

There are several types of functions performed by Thomson Holiday in order to manage the resort. Many resorts are owned by the company that proves to be efficient to cater need of children, couples, friends and families. The prime aim of the operator is to coordinate among hotels, restaurant and travel industry so as to ensure tailor made holiday package for visitors (Hewitt and et. al., 2007). Here, corporation contract with suppliers and give them details regarding necessary requirement by which visitors need can be satisfied in an effective way. It serves as a mediator among customers and industry organization that increases overall rate of return. Tour operators are also accountable for developing new destination that aid to enhance knowledge and skills of customers. It also contributes towards reviving cultural and heritage beauty of the country. Several types of activities are performed by Thomson Resorts such as gym, sports and other spare time activities so that number of customers can be increased towards the same. Owing to this, tour operation handle several types of supplier who provide material that prove to be useful for delivering good quality of services to ultimate users. These suppliers supply material like bed sheets, towel, raw food and furniture. Hence, they play significant role for managing resort functions.

Tour operation is also liable for fulfilling legal requirement that are imposed by government of country. It includes health and safety, contract, meeting and local laws by which two parties comes into contract. Owing to this, Thomson Holiday ensures proper safety and security in rooms as well as other areas of resorts that provides comfort for visitors. Many a times, safety and health issues create dissatisfaction among visitor that has direct impact on brand image of the firm. Due to this, legal requirements are given prime focus that facilitates to ensure good relationship among management of resorts and customers. Further, local laws such as putting right information in brochures and do not mislead customer by illusory advertisement.

Customer services is the foremost function of tour operations and by that, large number of customers are attracted towards services of resorts. Here, visitors are provided detailed information by the help of newsletter, internet, brochures and television. It keeps them updated regarding the latest offer, type of services and package holiday. Further, all customers are targets such as children, couples, old age people as well as families so as to create distinctive image of Thomson Holiday in the marketplace.

B. Management structure and the additional activities which are provided by the Thomson resorts

The management structure of Thomson Holiday is quite simple that make it possible for organization to expand business over several geographical areas and deliver good quality of services to large number of buyers. For resort management, organization appoint director and head of department for each segment such as food, sports, pool and travelling. Here, competent personnel are appointed who have knowledge of several types of language and can be able to understand what the customer is seeking for. In this regard, head of food sector is appointed who is accountable for providing good quality of food to customers. In all respective departments, quality standard and rules as well as regulations are set at first hand. These standards are serving as guidance for management and they work upon the same. It reduces gap between actual and expected results. Further, quality heads are appointed for each of these departments thereby Thomson Holiday can review the performance of the firm and should also be able to control the same is a useful manager. If separate managers are not appointed for each department then customer complaint can be increased in relation to quality of food, risky sport activities and damaged pool conditions. On the other hand, team of top management work on all branches that are operating in different locations so they can bring improvement in lacking areas, if any. Further, head of security is also appointed who perform all task related to providing security in each branch that leads to attract large number of visitors. Further, Human Resources Manager is appointed for each firm by which they can make effort in relation to acquiring competent personnel and complying rules and regulations that are laid by the government of UK.

Other guest related activities are also performed by tour operators such as diving and winter sports that facilitate to cater need of buyers in an effective way. Here, operators ensure availability of material that are imperative for providing safety for visitors. Winter sports are organized in such manner thereby customers can enjoy with proper security and can enjoy trip. It creates sense of achievement among them that leads to increase rate of return for Thomson Holiday.

Task 2

A. Importance of effective quality systems in resort operations and ways in which resort applies and monitors quality procedures in managing conflicts and legal issues

As per the resort management procedure, it is essential for enterprise to keep a track on its quality of service so that it can provide value for the money invested by customers. Through this, it can gain an edge over competitors. If there is existence of dissatisfaction among customers then this would lead to degradation of reputation of the business in market place. Thus in order to build goodwill in the market, it is essential for business enterprise to provide standardized services and superior quality products to the customers. In addition to this, Thomson Resort has to direct its focus on the appearances of the room and other recreational activities in order to achieve delighted customers. From the analysis, it has been examined that various health related problems have been faced by the customers of Thomson Resorts by consuming the food offered by them. Such an aspect has created negative impact of the firm and this has adverse impact on its sales as well as profitability. In this regard, the company has to make payment of the hospital bills as compensation to the customers who got sick. The resort can promote its brand name only when it offers satisfactory services and products to the customers. The major aspect that plays crucial role in the success of the resort is the quality of food that is offered to the guests. If the hotel offers timely services to the customers then this would have major advantage for the enterprise. The guest who visits to stay in the resorts requires value for their money that can be provided only when the company delivers quality in products and services.

For the purpose of monitoring the quality, several departments have been formulated so that regular quality check of products and services can be ensured. For food department, certain things have been made mandatory so that superiority in food dishes can be maintained. These effects include wearing of particular uniform by chef as well as putting gloves while preparing the food so that it does not get contaminated. Moreover, the food articles needs to be carefully monitored before purchasing them. In addition to this, an executive is appointed so that food items can be checked properly before they are being cooked. Monitoring of cleanliness of room is done on regular basis. As, four managers have been appointed by Thomson Hotel to maintain hygienic environment within the rooms. Moreover, proper facilities have to be provided in the rooms.

Certain policies and procedures have been designed for the purpose of avoiding necessary conflicts and legal problems of the business. Due to the occurrence of recent case with Thomson Resort, rigid policies have been designed in the hotel which needs to be taken into account by all the employees. The customers can file suit against the employees as well as management of resort if they are not satisfied with the services or the hotel. Thus in order to avoid such mishappening, the procedure have been designed by the resort. The guest who visits the resort also lays focus on the behavior of employees. In this regard, the enterprise has formulated certain rigid rules as to employee's behavior. Proper training is being provided so that they can interact effectively with customers. In case, the employees do not comply with standards then company can take imposed penalty on them.

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B. Analysis of how effective quality system impacts the performance and operations of Thomson Holiday and resorts

Effectiveness in quality system has major impact on the performance and operations of Thomson Holiday and Resort. The evaluation of the hotel is done on the basis of the service quality. If the hotel offers superior quality services then customers are attracted towards the resorts. The quality system of the resort can assist it in gaining an edge over competitors. Money is invested by the customers so that they can experience feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. This can be measured in terms of quality that is being offered by the hotel. In order to attract customer, the hotel has combined its several packages with that of sports activities especially for children. This has acted as an aid for the resort in gaining advantage by shifting the preferences of the customers to their tour packages.

The key performance aspect of the resort is that it pre plans its operations so that while serving the customers, no confusions arise and this has impact on their performance. The enterprise has opened its various branches in tour segment. It possesses its own airways, cruise lines etc. These are provided immense success to the business and they deliver quality to the customers. Such innovations have increased the trust of the customers in the company. Further, this has enhanced their loyalty and assisted in increasing the sales of the business.

There is existence of immense competition in the resort market as well as tour agents. Thomson Resort has gained popularity because of its services. Thus, many companies want to collaborate with the firm. Hence, this has assisted greatly in increasing the sales of the other tour operators as well as of the resort. The quality system of the company can be examined as an extent to which the company resolves the problems faced by it. Significant process has been designed by Thomson Resort for the purpose of resolving the grievances faced by customers. Thus through this, company can build sound relation with that of customers. This also demonstrates the quality of the services that are being offered by the company.

Certain rule has been designed by Thomson Resort so that services are delivered as per the amount of money invested by the customers. Moreover, this results in reducing the exploitation of customers. It has been examined in most of the cases that tour operators promises customers to provide stay in 5 star hotel but the reality is not such. This result in demoralizing the trust built in by customers. Such is not in case of Thomson Holidays. They are known for the best services in town. This has thereby resulted in enhancing their sales and edge over competitors.

Task 3

A. Identifying the occurrence which could affect the resort environment and procedure to deal with such type of situation

Hotels and resorts deal in very sensitive or dynamic environment in which a small strange or unacceptable occurrence can affect the goodwill or reputation of the entity to a large extent. Even competitor firm takes advantage of their rivalry firms if such unfit happening occurs. So, it can be anticipated that a little unusual activity in the firm creates its bad image in the hospitality industry. There are number of examples of incidence which spoilt the name of big hotels and resorts in the hospitality industry. In the given below points, example of events which could affect the environment of resort is detailed. The points also provided information about the way resort management can deal with such situations.

Cases of serving unhygienic food

In present time, people are very much aware and used to get only hygienic food. However, when they find that the hotel or resort is failed to adopt proper hygienic practices in making and serving of food then they perceive negative image of the restaurant and also make negative word of mouth publicity about the resort through social media. When this type of situations happens then it affect the image of the resort severely among the people. This type of situations or incidence can be avoided by adopting proper hygienic practices in kitchen as well as in the action of chefs along with food and bar staff. Further, resorts can make stringent policies regarding following hygienic practices to avoid this types of instances.

Paranormal activities

The incidence related to paranormal activities also affect the image of the hotels and resorts (Clarke and Chen, 2012). Paranormal activities impart great fear in the minds of people which ultimately restrict them to go for the particular listed resorts. There are live cases about the hotels like Grand Hyatt, Taipei, Taiwan and Heathman Hotel of United States which are considered as haunted place by people and because of this reason, no individual get ready to stay in these hotels. It is very difficult for the hoteliers to gain trust of people when such types of incidence got known among the public. However, it can be overcome by closing down the place or area of the hotel where such type of things occur. Further, management can also purify the place by doing some ritual procedures.

Terrorism activities

Terrorism activities have not left any stone unturned. Renowned Hotels and Resorts always are on the top list of terrorist. The terrorism activities which occurred on 26/11 in India in the hotels Taj Mahal and Hotel Oberoi wounded the hearts of people of all around the world. The particular incidence is still live in the eyes of people. The particular type of incidence also affects the reputation of the hotel or resorts at large. However, these types of situations can be avoided by appointing appropriate number of security guards with specialized weapons and using CCTV cameras in the edifices.

Fraud or cheating by resort employees

The illicit activities or acts like fraud and cheating of resort employees also affect the environment of resorts. Many of times, it has been seen that employees adopt attitude to deceive customers and this lead to affecting the reputation of the resort. For example: demanding of extortion or blackmailing by the employees affect the reputation of the firm severely. These type situation or occurrence can be stopped effectively by adopting stringent actions against those types of employees in the presence of customers. Further, entity can also frames rigid rules and regulation to eliminate these types of incidences.

Non-compliance with health and safety standards

Health and safety standards are the statutory requirements which need to be followed in every organization as per the guidelines of UK government. However, when such practices are not followed in the resorts or other firms then it develops negative image of the restaurant in the minds of customers. Every consumer expects that the organization working in society must follow appropriate rules and regulation mentioned in Health and Safety standards 1976. When the people find that the entity is not following appropriate practices related to health and safety then they perceive negative things about the entity. Thus, management of resorts must ensure that the organization follows requires rules and regulations mention in Health and Safety Act 1976.

Natural disaster

Due to occurrence of natural disaster it is possible that overall operations of the resort can be influenced. Further, disasters such as Tsunami, flood, earthquake etc can adversely influence each and every activity of resort management. The entire resort environment is affected in case when disasters take place in any specific area and due to this reason effective plan is required to be prepared so as to deal with such issue.

Political unrest

It is also another type of unfavourable situation where highlights dissatisfaction among the current public with government. Sometime, due to presence of high level of corruption and other unethical activities businesses are not able to operate efficiently and due to this reason activities of resort management is affected and it becomes quite difficult to carry out overall operations without support of government.

B. Procedures implemented in dealing with incidents with guide line of trade associations and government in Thomson resorts

Government of UK always has been seen as concern to safeguard the interest of tourist or travelers. This can be mapped by understanding the number of regulation made by the UK government for the tourist with the passage of time. UK government also made regulations to get hold over illicit practices or incidence which could affect tourist physically, mentally or morally. In the year 1992, UK government made Package Tour Regulation Act. The act includes the provision that if tourist or UK citizen get injured or suffered any loss during the trip or abroad then the person is entitled to receive compensation against the loss suffered or injuries received.

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For example: a tourist or person get injured by falling on ground due to slipperiness on the floor of Thompson Holidays edifices then the entity is obliged to compensate the person if any damage cause to the person. Another example can be taken as if a customer get food poisoned after eating food in the hotels or resorts of Thompson Holidays then the entity is liable to pay the compensation to the entitled person because of damages received due to unhygienic food served to the consumers. If an individual injures or hurts during the travel then travel accident compensation is provided to the traveler. As Thompson Holidays provides cruise service and air travel services and if the traveler hurts during the travel then Thompson Holidays would be liable to pay required compensation to the traveler or customer. If the entity denies for the payment then the claimant can represent the photograph of the accident to the government body to receive compensation. Government also provided facility of helpline numbers to the people for registering the complaints regarding non-granting or providing of compensation by the private bodies for the damage caused due to their actions.

In order to deal with range of issues it is possible to undertake crisis management procedure and it supports in carrying out overall activities in effective manner. Key steps in crisis management are as follows:

Developing a plan

It is the first stage where clear objectives have to be set. Further, resort has to clearly identify the range of crisis and all the parties associated with the business must be clearly informed regarding the issues being faced.

Identifying spokesperson

In the next stage it is necessary for resort management to identify one spokesperson who can support business in dealing with the crisis being faced

Be open

It is one of the significant stage where business has to share accurate and honest information with each and every individual associated with company.

Keeping employees informed

It is required for resort to keep all the staff members informed regarding the crisis faced and through this it is possible to enhance efficiency of the business.

Communicating with customers and suppliers

In this stage business can inform its customers regarding the crisis faced and through this information they can know what corrective actions have been taken by business with the motive to overcome issues.

Sharing information

It is the last stage of crisis management where company can share data with its stakeholders regarding the crisis faced and best possible solution identified for the same.


It can be concluded from the study that Thomson Resort has built sound image in the market because of its quality in services. But due to occurrence of an incident, the image of company has ruined to a certain extent.


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