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Managing People and Careers

University: University of London

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Cover Letter


ABC Road, EFG CITY, London - 51234



December 8, 2018

Jack Smith

Director, Human ResourcesIpsos MORI

EFG Road

Business City, London - 54321

Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for the job position of Graduate Research Executive for Ipsos MORI as mentioned in the advertisement posted on company's website dated 8 December, 2018. I am confident enough that I can handle the duties to fulfil the job position in Ipsos MORI. In the world of research, to become successful, a person should possess observatory and analytical skills along with attention to minute details and profit-driven approach. Being an individual possessing all the required skills and an excellent history of peer and superior relationship in college, I believe that I will be able to deliver successfully towards the duties required to be performed by me. I have keen interest in analysing and interpreting numerical data and converting it into statistical tools and figures like bars, graphs, pie charts etc.

Throughout my tenure at BCD College, I possessed a passionate approach towards Marketing and Public Relations department. Also, during my graduation, I have undertaken many opportunities so as to enhance my skills in relation to marketing and research. For instance, in my college winter vacations, I did a 3 weeks internship at National Skills Society in London where in my job was to carry out a widespread research and to develop creative and stylish web pages and presentations publicizing the success gained by sculpturists of London. Here, I was able to make use of my technological and research skills and deliver the presentation well for which I was well praised for my attention towards the smallest of details. I am highly interested in research position at Ipsos MORI and believe that my educational and internship experience make me an ideal candidate for the position.

Being the deputy assistant of Director of career service department of my college, I had the responsibility of updating regular data about career advisors, companies or alumni. This involved making calls to clients and sending them email to collect information. By doing so, I inculcated strong interpersonal skills so as to able to communicate well with people. Having adequate internship experience being a fresher, I firmly believe that I stand in a position to bestow the objectives required by Ipsos MORI as Graduate Research Executive.

In all the responsibilities that I have been assigned in past, I have always performed well by pursuing strong relationship with clients, peers and my superiors. When I noticed the vacancy for Research Executive at Ipsos MORI, I understood that it is an excellent opportunity to offer the company with my initiative and teamwork skills along with strong relationship with my batch mates.I have attached my Curriculum Vitae (CV) so that you can gain a proper understanding of my educational qualification.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to call me at 333-33-333 or email me at name@gmail.com. I look forward to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards


Application Form

  1. Why do you want to work for us?

Ipsos MORI has an excellent corporate image and position in market. It is reputed to be one of the biggest survey research associations across the globe and has offices in more than 80 countries. Your company puts high emphasis upon welfare of employees and provides a healthy environment giving them a larger scope to grow and develop. This reflects that employees who are a part of this organisations tends to be satisfied and work happily within the organisational context. Also, company works with the principle of delivering information and analysing data in a way that transforms the complexity of world into easier solutions. This would help me in making use of my observation and analytical skills so as to deliver as per the requirements of job position. The main belief of Ipsos MORI is the superiority of their world which coincides with my values and beliefs and thus, I think that this positions is suitable for me. I am comfortable working in a team environment and the company also promotes collaborative working atmosphere. Also, the job position requires sheer dedication and precision with observation to minutest details. My peers and superiors in past college have always praised me for my analytical skills. Thus, I think that the requirements of company matches with my ideas and beliefs and I can gladly work in your company in a way that enterprise can reach heights and success in a short period of time.

  1. Tell us about a time you worked in a group to achieve an objective (what did you do and what was the outcome?

During my tenure at BCD College, I participated in a skill challenge competition wherein I was made to work in a team of 10 students who I did not even know by face. The task assigned to us was to create a 10 minute Power PoiManaging People and Careersnt Presentation based upon a Non profit organisation of our choice and present it on World Youth Skills Day in front of the whole college in Auditorium. In our first meeting, the allotment of tasks for each person was done and it was agreed upon that the presentation will be made post 5 meetings wherein all the necessary details and discussions will be done. My role amongst all was to make arrangements for meetings. It was one of the most difficult tasks as each one of us had different study timings, sports commitments, family time and other necessary work. After having prior conversation with all of them, I was able to plan all the meetings so that we could discuss our ideas. One of the candidates amongst us was shy and not able to share her opinions in front of everyone and thus, I interacted personally with her to gather her views upon the subject matter. Thus, post meetings, we created a PPT and group decided that I should present it in front of college. The overall presentation went well and we got the first prize and praise for presenting the ideas in the most creative and innovative manner.

  1. Tell us about a time when you identified a new approach to solve a problem. (what did you do and what was the outcome?

When I was an intern in the National Skills Society for 3 weeks, I was once asked to collate the results in relation to a survey conducted of 2500 persons and report it to a group of non technical people. I was just given 5 days to do this task. I knew that if I use technical language to communicate the data, working group will not be able to perceive it. Thus, I decided to divide the task into sub parts and then, create a time table for converting the technical data into raw material that can be easily understood. For this, I made a spreadsheet which assisted me in splitting the information so as to be able to produce multiple variants of result. I thought that to communicate my information easily to people from non technical background, I should make a Power Point Presentation along with a written report. For this, I made use of bars, graphs and pie charts so as to make the data easy and perceivable. On the day of demonstration of my presentation, working and superior group was pleased with my work as I had put in a lot of efforts to convert the technical language into a comprehensible one.

  1. Tell us about a time when you had to manage a number of different priorities and complete a number of tasks in a short amount of time. (what did you do and what was the outcome?

If it is talked about my past, in crucial times I used to complete the task which was much more difficult and time taking on priority. I utilised this approach because I was aware of the fact that, I can finish my tasks that are easy in a shorter span. Conclusion that I draw, most of them were in my favour. Because, I have developed my mind in working with complex situation at initial level. Main reason behind this is that, just when you start working, mind stays fresh and different alternatives can come in front which may aid in reaching to outcomes in specific time frame.

  1. Tell us about a project you worked on that required you to persuade others to your point of view. (what did you do and what was the outcome?

In my journey at college, I was once asked to work upon a project assignment wherein I had to work in a team of 5 people and demonstrate the analysis of profitability of any large scale company in the most presentable and creative manner. While my other team mates wanted to carry out the project inn terms of a written and descriptive report, I possessed a contrasting point of view. I wanted to make a Power Point Presentation wherein the demonstration could be done in the form of bars, graphs, pie charts and other creative pictorial manner. The students who were a part of my team were reluctant upon using the format of written report as, in past also, a team had done a similar assignment in a descriptive way and gained praise from the faculty. To make my team mates agree with my way of demonstration, I planned to make a 1 minute summarised presentation where I reflected the way I wanted to present the topic. After seeing the summarised version of my opinion, they were impressed and finally, I was able to influence them to present the information visually.

Interview Practice

During my tenure at college, students were made to attend a seminar wherein there were a number of lectures and discussions about interview practices. These lectures and discussions were presented by representative from various famous universities across the globe. The spokespersons from such well renowned colleges and universities gave their views and opinions in relation to how and interview is conducted and what are the aspects that have to be kept in consideration while going through this process. The key findings from the seminar are summarised below:-

  • Gestures and postures needed to be maintained by me in front of interviewers so that they do not get knowledge about my nervousness and tension
  • Formal dress code to be kept in my mind while going to give an interview
  • The words I speak in front of the interviewers are in a formal and presentable manner and do not include any point or opinion which can be considered to be offensive
  • I should reach the venue of interview location half an hour before the prescribed time so as to reflect my punctuality, seriousness and sincerity towards the vacancy.
  • It is required that I carry all the required documentation duly attested by officials and me along with me to the interview location so that necessary verification can be done by interviewer.

Assessment Centre Practice

While I was in college, consequent to the day when seminar about interview practice was arranged, another seminar was organised wherein students were given information about assessment centre. These basically refer to the range of exercises used by companies and other top recruitment agencies to ascertain the spontaneity and courageous skills of candidate. I learn that this exercise is generally conducted for a day but may even last for 6-7 days at times. Here, normally,candidates are indulged in role plays and dramas to assess whether the prospects have the potential to adapt to challenging situations of their domain. Some of the key points that were conveyed in the seminar are:-

  • While going through an assessment test it is required by me to remain confident all the time so that I can handle all situations effectively.
  • Along with this, it is important for me to become spontaneous in order to give quick responses to the assigned task.
  • In addition to this, it is important for me to use polite form of communication to convey my exact message to every one presented over their in effective manner.


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