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Management Operations for Leadership

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 12 / Words 2994
  • Paper Type: Case Study
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Define Operations Management.
  • Differentiate between a Leader and manager.
  • Discuss different approaches related to operations management.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Amazon


Operations management refer as a business practice that ensures maximum efficiency and improves profitability of an organisation. It involves controlling as well as designing of operational activities and production process (Bendoly, van Wezel and Bachrach, 2015). The other part it involves is redesigning of functions and business activities in order to develop effective products & services. It is important for every organisation to develop and manage operational activities in an effective manner as it assist them to attain their objectives within specified time frame.

In the present report, Amazon is  chosen as a base company. It is a multinational technology company that emphasise on digital streaming, Artificial Intelligence, E- commerce, Cloud Computing and so on. The company was established in year 1994 by a famous personality “ Jeff Bezos”. Its own products are Amazon Echo, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire etc. The company also offer services such as Amazon prime, Music, Web services, Alexa , App store and many more. The report covers different roles of managers as well as leaders considering differences. Also, various leadership approaches is going to be addressed. Moreover, it covers approaches of operational management that help companies to improve their processes and gain profit, Later, it covers factors that affect on operational managements as well as decision making of managers and leaders.

Differentiate between leader & manager based on their characteristics

Concept of leadership & Leader: leadership is a process where a person is influencing others for accomplishment of various objectives so that a individual can be influenced for achievement if a common objective. Various process in a organisation are made more cohesive & coherent with the help of appropriate use if leadership skills (Salmela,  Koskinen and Eriksson, 2017).

Leader is a person who is influencing a group or team in a organisation. Members in a team are guided by a leader which helps in a achievement of expected outcomes and objectives. Leaders posses direct responsibility of managing a team.

Concept of Management and Manager: Management is a concept that is used in planning, organisation and monitoring activities of a organisation.

Managers are the ones who are responsible for a organisation to get their work done by  their workforce is they are able to make successful allocation of responsibility according to competence of employees.Get Assignment Writing Help from our experts.

Identification and comparison of roles of a Manager and Leaders: Managers & Leaders play a very important role in ensuring successful achievement of objectives in a organisation:



  • Leaders in Amazon has the responsibility of influencing behaviour of their teammates by making them to work according to organisation's requirement (Stein, 2016).
  • Leaders in Amazon are working towards motivating their employees with use of non monetary and monetary incentives.
  • In Amazon, Leaders induce employees to accept and understand various changes taking place in the organisation.
  • Managers in Amazon have the responsibility to determine various actions to be taken by employees.
  • Allocation of responsibility by managers in Amazon is done according to competence, skill and potential of a employee.
  • Managers in Amazon are also performing the function of planning, organising and directing various action and activities in a organisation.

Identification and Comparison of characteristics of a manager and a leader:

Characteristics of leaders & managers: There are certain characteristics posses by managers & leaders in Amazon as explained below:

  • Problem solving: Managers in Amazon have the responsibility to solve various conflicts and issues arising in a organisation by applying creative solutions so that they do not posses any negative impact on overall functioning of the organisation.
  • Effective communication : Mangers in amazon posses skills of making effective communication so that desired performance level can be achieved (Khoshhal and Guraya,  2016).

Characteristics of Leaders:

  • Positive: It is very crucial that leaders in Amazon are very optimist and have a positive attitude towards various issues arising in a organisation. This will help in changing attitude of employees towards all problems and issues.
  • Creative: Creativity is a skill which is very necessary for all leaders in Amazon as application of creative solutions to different problems and new ways of doing things are needed for effective functioning of this organisation. 

Leadership Styles:

  • Transformational: This style of leadership can be adopted by leaders in amazon where they will have to share their beliefs, values, it will make them more capable of providing various opportunities so that employees can be motivated.
  • Transactional: This style of leadership can be adopted by managers in Amazon where they will have to give clear and specific instructions so that there is a consistent behaviour of employees towards achievement of laid objectives (Gold,  Thorpe and Mumford,  2016). Need Assignment Samples.Talk to our Experts!

Role of a Leader as well as Manager in given Situations

It is determined that all the staff members prevailing in an organisation performs different activities as well as function in order to contribute towards attainment of organisational goals & objectives. They execute and implement activities as per the guidance or direction given them so that task should be completed on given time period (Fredendall and Hill, 2016). This situations sometimes create issues and conflicts between the employees that directly affect on the productivity as well as profitability of companies. It is important for managers and leaders of an association to handle situations effectively and maintain healthy culture or environment at workplace so that goals can be attained in a best manner. With reference to Amazon, there are different situations occurred that impacts on overall performance and profitability of the organisation. The situations is given below along with role of a leader and functions of manager:

New Service Launch: in order to grab the attention of more customers and raise its profitability level, the top level authorities of Amazon is decided to start offering food delivery services to customers within the market. This will increases their market presence as well as market share. The functions of manager and role of leader in this situation is defined below:

Role of a Leader: In this situation the major role of a leader is to encourage employees towards launching of new service (Heizer, 2016). Along with this, their role is to set vision in the mind of employees and give direction to them regarding how to achieve it. Furthermore, the leaders of Amazon align teams in an effective that will help company to attain organisational objectives within time frame. The leader of AMAZON helps in giving direction to staff members  which in turn assist company to launch its new service at marketplace in a proper manner.

Functions of Manager: Herein, manager performs different roles so that its new service of food delivery retain and  gain success in market. One of the major function of manager is to effective planning about how to implement and execute tasks related to it. Along with this, it is important for manager to carry out planned activities within time frame (Hoyos,  Morales and Akhavan-Tabatabaei, 2015). The other major functions that managers play is developing budget as it will help company to schedule activities as per given budget. Moreover, To monitor and check performance as per set standards of employees who perform activities related to launching of its food delivery service in market. The senior management of AMAZON required to have effective communication skill that helps in gaining desired goals within specified time fra

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