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Management Operations and Theory

University: Nescot University

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: D/508/0488
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Management?
  • Discuss Determination and comparison the different roles and characteristics of leader and manager.
  • Explain Situational leadership.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Dell company


Operation and management is the required activities at every place which helps to maintain the good performance of business. It is the area of management which design and control the production and redesigning business operations. If organisation has good management and operation that means it is capable to handle every situation and ready to accept the challenges effectively (Bai and et. al., 2018). To increase the knowledge about management and operation Dell company has been selected that is multinational computer company uses new technology to develop, sell, repair and supports computers and related products. This is operating its business in different countries such as UK, U.S.,Asia pacific and Japan, Africa, Americas, china, etc. This report covers information about difference between role and characteristics of leader and manager, key approaches to operation management, importance and value of operation management in achieving business goals and assessment of external factors which can impacts on operation management.

Determination and comparison the different roles and characteristics of leader and manager

About organisation: Dell is American multinational computer technology organisation that develop different types of computers, laptops, and other related product by using new technology and production process. This was founded in 1984 by Miclael Dell and Jeff Clarke. It is employing more than 145000 people in U.S. And its around countries. The products and services of Dell includes personal computers, data storage device, network switches, software, HDTV,s, cameras, MP3 Players and electronics.

Manager: A person who is responsible for proper management, monitor and control the business functions by using its power and authority is mentioned as manager. In other words, manager is an individual who has knowledge about management, recruitment, selection and making decision in order to attain the business goals. In Dell all function such as planning, directing, coordination and control is managed by managers who has power of make decision and increase organisational performance (Borodin and et.al., 2016).Take online assignment help in UK from expert writers at the best price.

Leader: This means a person who is able to influence his subordinates in order to attain the business goals. Leaders are different from managers as they understand the problem of employees which they are facing while working and give optimum solution to employees which helps to complete the task effectively. Such as in Dell organisation, leader provide training and learnings to employees which helps to complete the task and make them happy. In other words, a person who leads, guides, commands and motivates the people for the purpose of attaining business goals is a consider as leaders (Fügener, Schiffels and Kolisch, 2017).

The different between roles and characteristics of a leader and manager is defined as:





This means a person who leads its employees by understanding organisational goals and make efforts to complete them by supporting employees.

This means a person who manage the planning, direction, organising and controlling the business activities by making decision.


The main traits of Dell organisation's leaders are good communication, influencing power, ability of fair treatment, creating healthy workplace, and supporting that foster the motivational level of employees and employees work effectively.

Traits means characteristics which is used to improve the organisational performance. The main traits of Dell company managers are resilience, self motivated, passionate, innovative, risk taking that foster innovation and increases production of business organisation effectively.

Roles and responsibilities

Leader of Dell organisation are playing their role as re-presenter, integrators, reconciler, guider and motivator which helps to resolve the problem of employees which they are facing and work effectively. At the same time it perform its responsibility as managing growth, uses of resources optimally, overseeing operations, managing work and personnel in order to complete work and achieve goals.

Managers of Dell organisation are playing significant role such as deciding goals, to increase organisational performance, proper communicator,risk taker, decision maker, formulation of compliance etc. moreover, responsibilities of managers to manage the work according to decided goals, improving work efficiency, hiring best employees who are able to accept challenges, increase productivity and profitability by managing work effectively.

Authority and power

Leaders of Dell organisation have power to understand problem of employees and inspire them to work good by accepting challenges. They have authority to set short term goals of organisation and get things done from employees

The manager of Dell organisation power and authority to hire and fire the employees by evaluating their performance. Manager are consider as higher authority who has power to set vision, mission and objectives of organisation effectively.

Analyse and difference between role of leader and function of manager

In business organisation leaders and managers are important who are playing different role and responsibilities in order to attain business goals. Managers are those person who make plans, organise activities, directs employees and control the functions which helps to make higher profitability. Where as the role of leader is to identify the problem which employees are facing and provide assistance which helps to complete the common task. In context to Dell organisation management theory and leadership style is applied by managers which helps to perform their task effectively. For instance, organisation aims to become largest organisation so role of manager is to make futuristic plan, assign the role and responsibilities of employees, give them authority and take right decision to accept the challenges. The role of leaders is provide proper assistance and training to its employees which can help to complete task in certain period of time (Gellings and Parmenter, 2016).

Role of leader and manager in different situational context

Dell inc. is and American multinational computer technology organisation which is employing around 145000 people around the world thus, it become difficult and crucial for managers and leaders to properly manage and coordinate its employees during normal course of work. Therefore, it become necessary for mangers and leaders of Dell to effectively perform their role and functions to ensure free flow and interrupted work flow in the organisation. A description about role of leaders and functions of mangers of Dell is provided in below in context of different situations:

Implementation of change- Dell operates in filed in computer technology where rapid changes and dynamic innovation are necessary to meet and fulfil the desires of customers. Implementation and proper execution of change on a random basis is not easy and require many efforts of mangers and leaders to motivate and guide employees to sustain the change. The main function of mangers of Dell during implementation of change includes proper evaluation of impacts of change and understanding and contaminating the positive impacts and needs of change with employees in order to encourage them for better implication of change. Beside this, mangers also keep a check and control on performance and efficiency level of employees so that timely required training can also be provided to workforce to make employees more capable to properly adopt the change and also lead a desire in employees to effectively participate and support the change. A crucial role is also played by leaders of Dell for effective execution of change through providing a proper direction and guidance to employees in order to motivate them for proper and effective implication of change. Further, the leaders of Dell act as voice of change who are responsible to act as a bridge between managers and employees and lead a vital role in timely sharing and providing all the required information to employees to keep them updated and motivated regarding the change to encourage them and properly engage them in process of change (Giannakis and Papadopoulos, 2016).

Conflict resolution- Dell is a multinational organisation having lakes of employees working for it thus, it is quite obvious to have conflicts and chaos among employees at its workplace that hamper its flow of operations. Thus, mangers and leaders of Dell have to perform their role and function of coordinating and directing employees in an effective way to reduce and eliminate the chances of confusion and to timely resolve and solve these conflicts in order to have better performance and efficiency at workplace. The leaders of Dell make use of situational leadership style to get a better understanding about the reasons and cause behind the conflicts. A crucial role is lead by leaders of Dell in listening and getting better understanding about interest and goal of each individual and employees so that a mutual conclusion and middle way can be adopted to resolve the conflicts. The mangers of Dell are responsible for effective planning and organising the efforts and interest of employees in order to coordinate them to achieve the organisational goal. Beside this, managers of Dell clearly delegate and allocate works among employees as per their interest and proper direction and guidances is also provided to remove and reduce the chances of conflicts and changes in the organisation (Guha and Kumar, 2018).

Different theories and models of approach by involving situation leadership, system and contingency leadership

Business organisation is running its business by using various theories and models of approach which helps to increase the business activities and make higher profits. In context to Dell organisation, leaders are adopting different types of models and theories for ensuring goo operation and sustainable growth of company that are as explained:

Situational leadership - This approach is given by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey who states that organisation should use this approach in existing work environment and completing the needs of organisation effectively. This is flexible where leaders adopt leadership style to meet with changing needs and wants of organisation and its employees. For instance, the leaders of Dell company understand the situation of business and make changes in their style not followers for adopting leader' style. Such as Dell is facing incremental in cost of operation where situational leadership is adopted by leaders to face this situation by using effective leadership style. This is influencing approach which is used by leaders to adopt appropriate leadership style which can help to meet the needs of others, based on situation effectively. Moreover, this leadership style depends on skills and capabilities of employees where leaders are required to influence them for the purpose of completion of task.

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Contingency leadership - This leadership approach is used by leaders to prevailing the situation and implementing changes effectively. Under this leaders make efforts to face the contingency situation and increase the organisational performance. For instance, leaders of Dell organisation uses different leadership style and matches with situation that helps to solve out the problem and which they are facing and give contribution to maintain good performance (Laari and et.al., 2016).

System leadership - This is consider as set of skills and capacities that is used by individual and organisation to support the process of system level change. This is important for organisation to increase the productivity and business performance. For example, Dell organisation is facing low profitability due to less supply chain process which reduced sale of its products and increasing competition. For handling this situation, leaders are playing their role by using effective theory and supply chain process which will helps to improve organisational productivity. As they bring changes in their supply chain and delivery process which helps to provide information to customers and increase supply process that helps to attain the business goals effectively. In this leaders bring changes in their system and make efforts to improve that which helps to increase the organisational productivity and profitability (Ma, Hu and Spanos, 2016).

Strength and weakness of different approach to situations within work environment

In business environment there are many organisation which uses different approach to accept the changes and make efforts to complete the goals. Changes are needed in all companies where it helps to introduce from new process and compete with others by making higher profits (Murray and et.al., 2016). For instance, Dell organisation is using contingency, system and situational approach in work environment that has strength and weakness are as defined:

Strength and weakness of System approach:



This is used by business organisation in order to adopt the environmental changes. In this manager of Dell organisation get information about whole process and procedure of manufacturing, where they make changes in macro environment and complete the goals. This approach is adaptive and dynamic in nature which helps management to make changes and improve reduce the negative impacts.

This is not appropriate and practical at all time so it can take time to make decision. In order to adopt this, Dell has to maintain inter relationship with employees and other otherwise it will be counted as counter productive. It is not applicable for small size of organisation (Mustak and et.al., 2016).

Strength and weakness of contingency approach:



This approach is dynamic in nature which changes according to situation. This approach allows Dell's manager to change their policy as per situation and make efforts to complete task. By using this managers enhance their leadership and decision making skills which helps to accept the challenges which may arise in future and it provide option to employees to grow effectively.

This is complex approach which is difficult for leaders to use it by accepting changes in their organisation. Contingency leadership approach is mainly depends on skills and capabilities of leaders which is difficult for Dell organisation to hire skilled and experienced leader (Piran and et.al., 2016).

Strength and weakness of Situational approach:



In this approach the leader of Dell organisation recognises the needs and become flexible to accept the changes for getting success. This helps to create a comfortable environment for employees, increases leader's awareness. By using this leaders provide training to employees which helps to be able work together by solving problems and increasing capacities to work effectively.

Situational leaders mainly focus on immediate needs not long term goals of organisation. For Dell organisation it can be ineffective in task oriented environment that ma create many challenges for business organisation (Qi and Shen, 2019).

Key approaches to operation management and roles of operation objectives

Operation management is the important function of business organisation where managers understand their role and make effective plans that can help to increase organisational productivity and profitability. In organisation, managers understand the problem which occurs at the time time of working and make effective plans which can helps to attain the business goals by solving problems effectively (Rajeev and et.al., 2017). In context to Dell organisation, leaders and managers are playing different role which helps to deal with critical situation and give contribution to increase the business performance. There are different types of approaches which is related to operation management are used by manager and leaders of Dell organisation in order to attain business objectives that are as discussed:

Total quality management - This theory is mainly used to improve the quality of products and increasing organisational performance. For business organisation it is important that its products and services should be of good quality so it can attracts customers and helps to increase the business performance. If corporation is providing better quality of products then it can compete with others by increasing brand image and organisational profitability. By using this approach organisation reduces and eliminate the errors from manufacturing process which helps to provide better quality of products and services. In context to Dell organisation, the role of managers is to identify the quality of product such as laptops, computers and others and make plans to deliver the better quality of products. The manager of such organisation has responsibility to use TQM approach for reducing errors and omission from operation process that attracts customers. The role of leaders is follow the TQM system and guides its employees which helps to produce better quality of products and services (Revilla and Saenz, 2017).

Six Sigma: This is influencing approach which states a methodology to create more consistent quality in company's products and services. This approach used to increase the business performance and maintaining high quality of products and services. In context to Dell organisation, manager's role is to find out the problem which is related to business productivity and profitability. Herein manager get the goals of organisation and make plans which can provide opportunity in order to achieve business goals. The role of leaders is to adopt appropriate tool and evaluate each step of process which can help to increase the organisational productivity by improving quality process and increases bottom line profit which is objective of business organisation (Spandre and et.al., 2016).

Lean principle - This is appropriate approach which introduces from a technique used to increase the value by minimising wastages from operation. This approach is mainly used by manufacturing organisation where it is required to minimize the wastages from manufacturing and operations. In Dell organisation, the role of manager is identify the needs of organisation and conduct market research and get a innovation to reduce the wastages. The role of leaders is to reduces the wastages by using their skills and knowledge which help to improve the organisational productivity by accomplishing the business objectives.

Importance and value of operation management in attaining business objectives

Operations Management

It refers to managing practices of business in such a manner so that maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the organisation can be created. In it, the management tries its best to generate as much operating profit as possible so that the operations function of the company which is very important can run smoothly (Wu and et.al., 2016).

How operations management helps organisations in achieving objectives

Operations Management is of immense help to the business managers in setting goals, targets and objectives which the organisation has to achieve in the future. These can be short-term, medium-term as well as long-term. A strategy has to be made in order to facilitate their achievement. Sound managing also results in increase in operational profit in the firm something beneficial for it. The importance and value of operation management in context to Dell organisation is defined as:

It increases the productivity level of employees of the concern which helps in smooth functioning as the company runs like a well-oiled machine where everyone is highly motivated to complete the tasks. In context to Dell organisation, incentives and bonuses need to be provided to them by acknowledging their good work so that they are encouraged to perform even better up to their full potential.

It also enhances the goodwill in market by ensuring that the customers of the organisation are satisfied by its goods and services. In context to Dell organisation, creation of right image is also very much necessary for getting references and referrals which results in word of mouth publicity. For this purpose, quality of the product and efficiency of service cannot be compromised.

The resources which are available in the society are very limited in nature and so they have to be utilised carefully in order to get their maximum potential. For this, sound managerial techniques have to be applied in the operations department of enterprise so that there is only optimum usage and not wastage.

It also helps in motivating the workers of the Dell organisation by using different techniques and methods so that they can focus better on their work which will thus enable the concern to achieve its goals. For this, it is necessary that members of staff put the organisational objectives on priority rather than their personal ones.

It maintains the presence of the Dell organisation in the market by maintaining high-level of efficiency and effectiveness in every function such as production, marketing, HR, sales and all the other functional departments of the firm. It creates a nexus in which all these functions can work and exist with each other by using cooperation and coordination techniques.

Leaders and managers can improve efficiency of operation management

From the above it has evaluated that the manager and leader of Dell organisation improves their operational management efficiency by using different approaches which helps to meet business objectives effectively. In Dell, managers are using TQM approach which helps to improve the quality of its electrical products which attracts customers and increase organisational sale resulting accomplishment of objectives. By using Six sigma approach it can improve the profitability by reducing the wastages that helps to make higher profits, results accomplishment of business goals. Moreover, lean principle is uses to improve the production process of Dell company which helps to improve the business performance that helps to accomplish the business goals and increase profitability effectively.Worried for Operations Management Assignment Help? Get our experts Help Now!

Identify business environment factors which affect the operations management and decision making process of leaders and managers

Business environment is the combination of internal as well as external factors, so before making any decisions they need to evaluate every aspect and formulate strategies accordingly. There are various factors in the business environment which affect the operations management and influence the decision making process of leaders & managers. Some of them mentioned below:

Organizational culture: It is most essential factors which affect the business and further decision making process. Every organization has different type of people who have different assumptions, beliefs, values etc. Managers of Dell company make sure to maintain work culture, so people can perform in its full potential which is beneficial for the operations to maximise its productivity. On the other hand, leaders are the people who define the culture as well as maintain and other people will follow it, in order to improve operational efficiency or effectiveness. Change in the culture influence the operational management as well as leaders & managers decisions (yan Zhang and Van Den Bulcke, 2018).

Corporate social responsibility: It is the social responsibility which every business has to perform. CSR affect the operations management because managers need to build their strategies accordingly and make sure that it will be implemented in effective manner. In context of Dell organization, managers identify various sources from where they can supply raw material which minimise the product cost or maximise revenue. It further helps in making more effective CSR activity for the society if company generate more revenue. Leaders also ensure that, company dies not harm the environment at the time of performing its operational activities.

Organizational ethics: It is the set of standards, rules or principles which followed by the every individual of the company. Managers or leaders are the persons who have to follow business ethics because after that their followers will follow them. This factor affect the operational management activities if people does not follow the standards properly. It influence the market image of Dell and further can minimise the production as well as profitability. Leaders and managers of the company have to ensure that employees will follow ethics because further it will affect their decision making process in context of operational m

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