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Manage people performance

University: University of London

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is process management?
  • Discuss the process of termination.


Answer :
Organization Selected : Australian Hardware Ltd

Performance management is a continuous process which takes place in an organisation so as to manage the work performance and efficiency of employees which help in achieving organisational goals and objectives on time. It is a management tool which helps the managers to evaluate the work efficiency of workers so that their skills and talents can be used effectively and in the best possible manner so that highest quality of work is achieved.

It is important that the performance of employees align with the organisational goals and objectives so that the vision and mission are reached while increasing company profits (Taylor, Doherty. and McGraw, 2015). In this report the management of people performance is discussed in reference to Australian Hardware Ltd which is a public company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The company supplies hardware and home improvement products along with giving expert advices on improving the house. In this report the ways in which performance of employees can be improved, procedures of monitoring and coaching individuals etc. will be discussed. Further legislations applicable on company so that employees are treated fairly and equally will be discussed along with the process of termination and rules and procedures that are to be followed by company.

Ways in which performance excellence can be reinforced

To promote the development of employees in an organisation it is important that their performance is improved continuously so that they can use their skills and talents in an efficient manner which help in achieving company goals on time. There are various ways in which excellence performance can be reinforced:

  • Recognition: It is important that employees are recognised and praised for their accomplishments so that their self-esteem can be strengthened and their loyalty towards the company can be enhanced. This helps in improving their performance as their efforts and hard work gets valued in company which also increases employee engagement which is important in improving their performance. For example at Australian Hardware Ltd the employees can be recognised on the basis of their performance on monthly basis which helps in boosting up the confidence of employees thereby enhancing their performance.
  • Feedback: It is important that employees are given feedbacks on their performance on a regular basis so that their weak areas of performance can be improved by taking effective measures. Through continuous observation of the performance of employees the manager can know about the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. This can help them in giving guidance as to how their weaknesses can be eliminated and their work performance can be improved on a continuous basis. At Australian Hardware it is important that on-going and regular feedback is given to employees so that they can improve their performance and better customer relations can be established (Karatepe, 2013). Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

Australian Hardware procedures to monitor and coach individuals

There are various procedures that are use by Australian Hardware so that the individuals of company who are poor performers can be efficiently monitored and coached so that their performance can be improved. Following are the procedures which help in monitoring individual performance:

  • The company carries out biannual formal performance review discussions so that the individuals who are performing better and the ones who are not good performers can be identified. The good performers are awarded while the poor performers are coached and monitored so that their performance can be improved gradually (Massingham, P., 2014).
  • The managers of company also monitor individual performance throughout the year while paying special attention on key events so that their performance can be monitored which can help in identifying both positive and negative performance.
  • The managers of company also ensure that employees complete their responsibilities in accordance with the standards of performance of company so that organisational goals can be achieved.
  • The company also provide employees with coaching so that their efficiency with which they do work can be improved which helps in improving their performance. This also help in making the poor performer of company efficient with their work as during the coaching they learn on how tasks can be performed in a better and efficient manner.
  • The company also try to set challenging goals so that the employees improve their performance which help them in reaching to these goals. Challenging goals encourage the employees to utilise their skills in the best possible manner so that the challenge can be achieved.
  • The managers of company also encourage the employees to participate in activities and tasks which can help in their personal and professional development which boosts their confidence. This helps in improving their performance so that they can grow and develop in person and profession.

Relevant legislations applicable to performance management

Employment legislations must be followed by the company so that the employees are treated legally which help in boosting their confidence and their trust for company which is important for improving their performance. Following are the legislations which must be adopted by Australian Hardware so that individual performance can be improved:

  • Equal employment opportunity: As per the Fair work Act, 2009 it is important that all the employees are given equal and fair opportunities to get employed so that they can use their skills to meet the goals of Australian Hardware. This law also ensures that any candidate can apply in an organisation irrespective of factors such as sex, religion, caste etc. This improves employee performance as the candidates who are talented and skilled are given fair and equal chance to participate in a task which help in boosting their confidence and they try to give their best (Kim, Lim. and Brymer, 2015).
  • Privacy: As per the Privacy Act, 1988 the data and information that is collected by companies regarding their suppliers, customers, employees etc. must be used only for the purpose for which it is collected. This act helps in protecting information of stakeholders to be misused which can affect their financial, mental, physical health. This improves employee performance as they know that their information is safe with company and is only used for legal and ethical purpose which increase their trust in company and also enhance their performance (Cinquini. and et. al, 2013).
  • Health and safety: According to the Work Health and Safety Act, 2011 it is the responsibility of organisation to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. These conditions are important so that the employees can perform their work in an efficient manner which help the company to achieve its goals.

Legislation which can help in managing performance in Australian Hardware

For improving the performance of employees in Australian Hardware the legislation which can also be included in the company is the Privacy Act, 1988 which will ensure that the data and information of stakeholders of company are used in an ethical manner. It helps in protecting the data of company from being misused which is important so that the trust of workers in company can be strengthened. This is important to boost their performance as they will be confident that they are working under the legal framework of country. Ethical use of information is also important to boost the performance of employees so that company goals are efficiently achieved. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Position of internal source that could be approached for performance management advice

In order to gain an advice on improving performance the employees in Australian Hardware Ltd can approach the HR manager of company so that they can guide them efficiently and coach them on improving their performance. Motivation and coaching from the internal sources are required so that the employees can be reviewed and monitored on a regular basis which can help in keeping a review record about the employees (Griffin. and Moorhead, 2014). HR manager of company can help in contributing towards improving the performance of employees to a great extent by conducting regular training and development programmes, through performance appraisals, rewards and recognition etc. which help in boosting the confidence of employees so that they can perform better.

It is important that HR manager of Australian Hardware perform its roles and responsibilities in an efficient manner so that all the individuals of company can be monitored and controlled effectively. Regular performance review through observation needs to be done so that the strengths and weaknesses of employees can be evaluated which also help in delegation of task in accordance with their capabilities which is important to perform the task efficiently.

The HR manager also help in improving the performance of employees by giving them advice so that the set performance standards can be met. Also they give regular advice regarding how a work can be done in an easier manner so that high quality results can be achieved which improves overall quality of company (Ceylan, 2013).

External source that could be approached for performance management advice

Apart from the internal sources there are various external sources which can be approached by Australian Hardware in order to improve the performance of its employees so that company can achieve its goals efficiently and on time. This also help the company in improving relations with its employees and customers so that strong brand image of company can be developed. Individual professionals, consultancy firms or government can be used by the company so as to receive advices on how it can improve the performance of its employees. Individual professionals can help in giving expert advice on how the quality of work of employees can be improved which help in increasing the output in comparison to their inputs. Consultancy firms can also be approached so that they can advice on how the company structure and culture can be modified so as to improve the work performance of poor performers. The government can also be approached so that legal standards can be set for measuring performance which will help in improving the efficiency of workers at company. This can help in managing poor performance as the employees who will not be able to meet the required standards can be eliminated which will help in improving overall company performance (Saunila, Tikkamäki. and Ukko, 2015). 

Counselling of employees

Employee counselling is related to the process of providing assistance to employees who are facing problems while working in the company. It is important that employees are given the facility of counselling so that they can freely and openly share their opinions and problems in company which is important in improving their performance. Through counselling appropriate advices can be given to employees regarding solving problems and dealing with issues in company so that they can boost their efficiency to perform work given to them. Following are the steps which can be followed in Australian Hardware so that employees can be counselled:

  • Investigate the matter: It is important that the matter where employee is failing to perform in an appropriate manner is investigated so that the reasons can be identified. This help in identification of core reasons due to which employees are unable to perform in a set manner.
  • Private meeting with employee: The counsellor then must meet the poor performing employee personally so that employee’s performance can be reviewed and feedbacks can be given to them. This will help the employees in knowing about their weak areas which need to be improved so that they can perform better and also advice can be given on how their problems can be eliminated while improving their performance (Gallo. and Mihalcová, 2016Kitada. and Ölçer, 2015).
  • Develop a performance management plan: It is a document which outlines the goals that an employer expects to achieve within a certain period of time so that benchmarks can be set so that employee performance can be improved.
  • Follow up: It is important that after  counselling the performance of workers are followed up so that their improvement can be measured which will help in determining the worth of counselling for employees.

Legislation most relevant in counselling

The anti-discrimination legislation is the most relevant with respect of counselling the employees as as per this law the employees cannot be discriminated based on their age, sex, caste, disability etc. Counselling can be given to employees if they are facing issues related to discrimination which help in improving their performance. Discrimination can affect the morale of employees which affect their ability to perform work in an efficient manner. Thus under this legislation proper counselling can be given to workers so that their performance can be improved and problems can be eliminated in an efficient manner. Thus under this legislation Australian hardware can improve the performance of poor performing employee Kim Smith so that better customer service is given which will help in enhancing the customer satisfaction (Blackman. and et. al, 2019).

Relevant award for employee's role at Australian Hardware

In order to improve the performance of employees it is important that they are recognised in company for their achievements so that their hard work is valued. This help in boosting their confidence which is important for improving their work performance and efficiency so that the results that are achieved are of desired quality. In the case of Australian Hardware, Kim Smith who is customer service and sales representative is unable to meet the performance expectations which is affecting company sales. In order to improve her performance company can give awards so that she can be encouraged to make her performance better. The relevant award which company can give her so that performance can be improved is best sales representative of month award which can help in motivating her positively. This award can help in making her more confident about her performance so that she can perform better in order to achieve that award.

Support services that can be offered to employees

There are various support services which can be offered by company to employees so that their performance can be improved and they can be made more confident to perform their work. These support services can help in making their work easier and also the working environment can be made more friendly and free which will help them in discussing about their problems freely so that they can give their maximum effort in completing the task (Mobius and  et. al, 2014). The support services that can be given at Australian Hardware to its employees are coaching services, training and development, counselling, conflict resolution etc. so that the performance of employees can be improved. Coaching services can help the managers in timely identifying the areas where employees face problems so that they can be coached as to how they can deal with the problems and work in  an efficient manner. Training and development programmes must be regularly conducted so that employees can be trained on specific skills and talents which can help them in completing their work with full efficiency. Conflict resolution is also important so that the conflicts among workers can be managed which help in eliminating tensions among them and boosting their performance. Get Dissertation Help from our experts!

Process of Termination

The process of termination which is followed in Australian Hardware follows the following 5 steps:

  • First the employee who has been identified of conducting poor behaviour is counselled verbally so that they can be made understood about their inappropriate behaviour and how it can be improved in future.
  • At this step if employee again executes poor behaviour then feedback and counselling is give so that reasons for their poor behaviour is identified along with advising them about how it can be improved. This time a note is written so that a record can be maintained about their inappropriate behaviour. 
  • At this step clear indication is given about serious consequences like redeployment or termination if the poor behaviour is not corrected.
  • At this step feedback and confrontation on issues that remain unresolved is given to the employee so that the actions which must be taken by employee to improve their performance are told in written form.
  • Feedback on the failure to resolve issues is given to employee resulting into final termination or redeployment.

In this way the poor performing employees are terminated in Australian Hardware if they ignore the continuous warnings that are given to them by company. This process is legal and ethical which means that employees are not terminated on any discrimination basis but the basis of their performance.

Relevant unlawful dismissal rules and process that must be followed

The Australian Government Fair work ombudsman maintains that an employee is said to be dismissed unlawfully if they are dismissed harshly and on unjust or unreasonable facts. If the businesses are small then they must follow Small business fair dismissal code before dismissing an employee. There are some points where employees are said to be unfairly dismissed:

  • No valid reason for the dismissal that relates to employee's conduct or ability to do their job.
  • If the employee was notified about the reason of dismissal along with opportunity given to respond?
  • Was there a warning given to employee in case of unsatisfactory performance?


From the above report it can be concluded that it is important to manage the performance of employees of company so that they can use their skills and talents in an effective manner which will help in achieving organisational goals on time. It is also important to boost the confidence of employees so that they can stay loyal towards company and give their best to maximise company profits. It is also important that company follows employee legislations so that it treats its employee fairly and equally. The company cannot dismiss employees on any other discriminatory grounds which can affect company's image and also affect the performance of workers.

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