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Manage Operational Plan

Part 1

For an organisation to be running at its fluent best, one has to have a certain operational plan and management of the operational plan. Developing an operational plan cannot take place without proper access to documentation and even an isolated decision-making can lead to failure of development of the operational plan (Ates et al. 2013, p.44). A proper management and planning require setting of targets, goals and requirement of certain skills that often can be measured as Key Performance Index (KPI).

Whereas (Chen et al. 2013, p.2190) argued the fact that, just an implementation of the plan is not the only factor in achieving the targeted goals of an organisation, as the organisation has to provide an advocated training and gulp-able knowledge for the co-workers to understand the technology or the area of the change. For example, an obsolete technology that is currently being used in an organisation can hamper the efficiency and productivity of the co-workers as well as the organisation, so in order to stop the fall of the performance, the organisation has to provide a strategic plan to their co-workers. An operational plan is often focused on the specific time and advanced research analysis of that certain product. For the installment of a new technology in an organisation, a manager has to look out for the time and sustainability of the product mentioned by (Beroggi and Wallace, 2012, p.112). If the product has the required sustainability structure to go through the decided time as planned by the management.

The financial resources along with the human resource are a major factor in operational planning management, as co-workers along with the financial structure of the company will help in establishing the plan. Just like an implementation of the product, risk assessment issues as well as mitigation strategies for the product is also important as taking care of the safety measures of co-workers. (Rushton et al. 2014, p.202) acclaimed that a risk management matrix is used to generally analyze the risk issues and also plan a contingency plan for minimizing the risk for the future. Finally, the organisation has to take a note of the key profitability index like profit per employee, profit against assets, profits by each product and so on, as this helps in highlighting the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the product and the planning for the product within an organisation.

Part 2

As the new development head of new training and development of the sales and administrative department of Excel Personal group, our goal is to increase the sales by 8% by the end of the year while keeping the budget to a minimum. Since the past few years, Excel Personal has excelled in the administrative as well as the department of sales, but the recent mitigation of the workers has slowed down the production of the company to an extent. In order to increase the sale by 8% as planned, it is the duty of the resource management to recruit skilful workers, who can work with limited funds, and within a tight. Research and analysis of the documents and developing an operational plan in consultation with required personnel is one of the resources that can be looked to achieve the target.

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As mentioned by (Dima and Grabara, 2014, p.279), along with the operational plan, it is also important to keep a contingency plan for different stages of operation. In order to the meet of the operational goals of the organisation, it is necessary to meet the customers personally or to know their views about the existing product through survey and by interview. Consulting the human resource management for providing better service and recruitment policy will help in meeting the targeted goal for the organisation. As mentioned by (Bula et al. 2013, p.320) methods of communication may include a formal and informal way of communicating with the worker's such emails, telephones and so on. Information and communication have been made through the presentation at meetings of shareholders and demonstration during training. Two KPI’s that helps in understanding the performance of the company is Profit as the percentage of the sold product and profit against assets. Two contingency plans are recycling and reusing of the damaged products and assets, and restructuring the system in reducing labor costs.
Invest being the head of the administration and sales department of the Excel Personnel I hereby propose a business deal of £ 5million to have on a product and human resource department providing skilled workers. By keeping in mind the KPI and contingency plan for the product in order to achieve the goal of the organisation for the increase in sales of the product by 8%.
The communication technique will be in form of presentation skills when communicating with the co-workers. (Grolicic and Smith, 2013, p.80) mentioned by the technique will be Results oriented which will help in achieving the goals with proper and improved presentations and will help in active participation of the co-workers in the group discussion. Strengthening the supplier's relationship with the recruitment personal

  • Proper purchasing methods of the products such as selection of quality suppliers.
  • Proper communication with the enterprise with the suppliers.

Based on the KPI’s and other factors the performance of an organisation can be analyzed by graphical rating, that is a performance of the employee’s measures in graphical scales. An objective management of an individual can also measure performance. As (Lambert and Schwieterman, 2012, p.350) stated by, a 360-degree feedback can be used as a measuring tool for measuring the performance of an organisation. This tool helps in giving the feed back to the higher authorities of the individual’s interaction with internal and external customers. The steps helping in managing the financial situation can be obtained through KPI’S index. Profit per assets and employees, profit percentage of the sales are few of the important steps. Tools such as gecko board and sales force has been used for measuring the financial development.

As mentioned by (Bearzotti et al. 2012, p.475) the factors that affect the out and the quality of the performance of an employee is Lack of ability of the employee in handling the resources and the clients. Secondly Lack of motivation for the employee in performing the job or even lack of appraisals and incentives from the organisation can hamper the performance of the company. Under performance, issue can be handled by motivating the employees through appraisals and performance-based incentives. Proper communication among the employees and the clients can help in closing the gap within the department and help in maintaining a joy full work culture.

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