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Leadership and Management


Leadership and management are both the most important aspects in every business and health care organization. In a firm, leadership and management controls every part of organizational practices and decisions. In the context of health care organization, leadership can be considered as a regulatory authority which takes all major decisions regarding operations and activities of other organization in order to improve the quality of health care services along with the satisfaction of services users (Stashevsky and Koslowsky, 2006). Management and leadership both are the interrelated concepts that determines several procedures and tactics to manage a range of organizational practices that will improve the operational efficiency of management and organization with reference to health care services and needs of services users.

This research project determines several elements of management practices with reference to Hallmark care home in Cardiff. It was founded in 1997 (Hallmark care homes, 2015). This organization is generally providing health care service with the help of relationship-centred approach to elder people. In this research, investigator presents major areas of research according to leadership practices. In the next part, researcher determines research methodologies and prepares the questionnaire to analyze view of employees about leadership and management practices of organization. In this research, researcher also considers several aspects such as graphs and chart to present the finding and to draw a valid conclusion.

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1.1 Determining and validating appropriate areas for research

Hallmark care home in Cardiff is offering  distinct kinds of  services to old age people in the form of life style, nutrition, residential care and nursing care. In order to manage distinct kinds of services with organization, the management has to manage several practices, operations and employees. In this, leadership is playing the most important role in order to facilitate great services (Saunders, Lyon and Möllering, 2012).

The first thought that I had while selecting the research study was to focus my research on various areas that were related to leadership and management procedures that encourages the care home staff in order to improve the care provided to elderly people. I also thought that managers can develop positive and professional environment within business if they have the knowledge of leadership (Gill, 2011).

The area of focus will be to have a study on various organizational practices that are related to health care services. The research will also present the overview about leadership skills, attributes and management system for assisting the managers so that they inspire trust among nursing staff, encourage creativity, enhance quality of services, improves effectiveness of decision making process, scheduling of various business operations with the help of budgeting and self management affects morale of workers in a positive way (Moody and Pesut, 2006). To develop social relationship with service users and old age people, management also gives greater importance to personal value development of staff members to increase the efficiency of business operations according to needs of consumers and services users. The core areas of research are explained below:

  • To analyze the impact of leadership practices on productivity and efficiency of workers.
  • To assess the importance of management activities for enhancing the service quality and development of social relations in Hallmark care home in Cardiff with service users.
  • To identify the effect of some creative and unique services on health of service users.
  • To determine the distinct kinds of management operations that will improve the overall efficiency of organization.

On the basis of above core areas of research, a researcher can investigate many types  of leadership activities that will improve the efficiency of nursing and caring staff. It includes evaluation of motivational factor, designing training and skills development programs along with development of efficient incentive plans according to motivational factors of employees (Management team, 2013). The above areas also assist managers in order to identify several organizational activities such as assessment of needs of consumers, suggestion of staff, optimum utilization of resources and proper scheduling of activities that will improve the quality of services and develops good relations with elder citizens. With the help of above element, researcher can carry out detailed study and assess the impact of innovative and creative activities that will increase the satisfaction level of consumers along with effectiveness of health care process. Investigator can analyze the significant activities of workers that improves overall efficiency and productivity of health care unit by reducing cost and optimum utilization of resources etc. (Bak, 2011). All above elements are playing major role in order to carry out different related activities.

1.2 Determining a suitable research approaches

In order to fulfill the aims and objectives of research, researcher can adopt a range of research methods. According to topic, investigator considers both primary and secondary research methods in order to evaluate the impact of management and leadership on health care practices of health care home (Singh, 2010). Both approaches are explained below:

Primary research: Primary research can be considered as quantitative researcher through direct survey with the help of questionnaire. In this research project, investigator develops questionnaire in order to collect views from employees about management and leadership practices of Hallmark care home in Cardiff. Primary research plays a very important role to acquire distinct kinds of reliable information about perception of respondents (Adcroft and Willis, 2008). This research facilitates management of health care unit in order to improve the quality of services and various other aspects of business entity.

Secondary research: It is another important approach which provides a range of information about topic and research objective. In this process, evaluator carries out detailed study of books, online journals and other secondary data in order to get reliable information about leadership tactics and management practices of other companies for analysing the quality of health care service within health care unit (EalesWhite, 2012). This process facilitates information from research and study of other researchers which is related to health care practices along with the impact of different types of innovative services.

1.3 Developing suitable research questions

Research question is one of the most important aspect of research. In this process, investigator determines the research questions so as to fulfill the aims of investigation in order to collect the accurate information about management practices of health care unit (McDermott, Kidney and Flood, 2011). The research question that is formulated for the study is “What role is played by Leadership and Management strategies in Hallmark care home, Cardiff?”.


2.1 Developing a detailed research proposal

In present business world, leadership and management practices are playing the most important role in order to achieve management objectives. In health care organization, managers make efforts for optimum utilization of resources to meet the needs of service users within less cost. This research project will determine several factors that influences the management decision of Hallmark care home in Cardiff (Quaglieri, Penney and Waldner, 2007). It is a health care organization for old age people that provides distinct kind of services such as nutritions and other care. This research proposal shows various section of research project in the form of aim, objectives, research tactics, methods and approaches.

Aims and objectives of research

Aim: To investigate the importance of leadership and management in Hallmark care home in Cardiff.

Objectives: Some most important objectives of research are explained below:

  • To evaluate the impact of leadership practices on productivity and efficiency of workers.
  • To assess the importance of management activities for enhancing the service quality and development of social relations in Hallmark care home in Cardiff with service users.
  • To identify distinct kinds of management operations that will improve the overall efficiency of organization.
  • To measure the effect of some creative and unique services on health of service users.

Research questions:

1. How leadership practices influences the productivity and efficiency of workers?
2. What are the management activities that plays very important role to enhance the service quality and development of social relations in Hallmark care home in Cardiff with service users?
3. What are the distinct kinds of management operations that will improve the overall efficiency of organization?
4. How innovation and creativity influence the service quality in health care organization?

Research methods and techniques:

Research methods and techniques are determined as a way and process for management of several operations of research to accomplish the objective with an effective manner. To achieve the objectives of this research, investigator will adopt both quantitative and qualitative research. The quantitative approach would be used by researcher in order to collect different kinds of quantitative data with the help of questionnaire (Seong, 2013). So, researcher could find more reliable information that assists the management in order to improve health care practices. On the other hand, qualitative approach is used by the researcher for collection of qualitative data with the help of unstructured interviews. For evaluation of data through qualitative method, investigator would apply  thematic analysis. In this study, both quantitative as well as qualitative methods will be used. In this, researcher will fill the questionnaire and take respondents through face-to-face interviews. In order to analyze the data collected through face-to-face interview, researcher will adopt thematic analysis (Hassan and et.al., 2013). So, a sample of 30 employees could be taken by manager in order to get accurate information about research topic.

Justification of research questions:

There are several research questions that are determined by the researcher in order to carry out whole study. This report considers impact of leadership practices on efficiency of workers as research area. With the help of this, investigator could identify effect of various leadership tactics such as incentive plans, motivational operations along with skills development program on efficiency and outcomes of staff members. So, management can improve the overall efficiency of firm and quality of health care services (Ruairc and et.al., 2013). On the basis of research questions, researcher can analyze that how social relations in health care practices will improve health of service users as well as satisfaction level of old age patients. With reference to research question which is related to innovation and creativity in management practices, health and social care organization will develop some unique services to enhance the satisfaction level of service users. So, management can promote innovation in services that will assist the staff in order to build long term relations with old age people (Avery and Bergsteiner, 2011). This study will analyze several organisational strategies such as management of financial resource and waste reduction approaches to improve the overall productivity of health care firm.

2.2 Applying relevant research methods according to area of research

A researcher can select different types of techniques and approaches such as questionnaire, interviews and observation etc. to collect the accurate information regarding aims and objectives of research. In this investigation, investigator has applied questionnaire and face-to-face interviews in order gain most efficient data from employees about a range of management practices as well as service quality of health care firm. On the basis of questionnaire method, investigator develops various questions that are related to aims and objectives of research topic. This method is very helpful in order to gain accurate information about views of staff with respect to management practices in Hallmark care home in Cardiff (Bergfeld, 2009). It includes questions related to incentive plans, motivation level of employees, relationship of nursing staff with old age people, benefits of training and development for workers along with quality of services. On the basis of several types of questions, investigator will get reliable data that assists the management in order to improve overall efficiency of firm (Aydogan, 2008). The questionnaire method is the most suitable approach in current research process because this method will provide distinct of management information within very less duration and very low cost. It reduces the cost of whole research and facilitates the accurate data as well.

Face-to-face interview is another important approach which is applied by the researcher in order to collect qualitative data. For collection of information about impact of several management practices, it can be in the form of allocation of resources and organizational rules and regulation on job operations of workers (Freifeld, 2013). With the help of unstructured interviews, investigator can get distinct kinds of valuable information. It has continued to be the best form of data collection when researcher wants to get more reliable data. In this process, the interviewer has control and power over the interview and manages track of interview according to topic of research. With the help of this, researcher can also analyze emotions and behaviour of employees in different situations and questions that are related to leadership procedures within health care organization. This method is also suitable for current research process because an investigator can collect views and suggestion of staff members in order to improve the organizational capabilities (Bergfeld, 2009). In these interviews, medical staff can present views and feedback of service users with respect to various types of health care services that are rendered by the firm. So, management can enhance satisfaction level of old age people with the help of unique and best services.

2.3 Analysing ethical issues related to research

Ethics are playing important role in order to influence research outcomes and effectiveness of whole research process. By following proper ethics, investigator will get the most of reliable data about core areas of research. This thing increases the importance of study.  There are several ethical issues that are faced by the researcher in conducing activities related to research. In order to collect information, investigator has used questionnaire method (Hender, 2003). There are several kinds of ethical issues such as partiality in filling of questionnaires and forcefully manipulation data during primary research. In order to manage this kind of ethical issues, researcher selects the respondents from different departments of Hallmark care home in Cardiff and fills questionnaire without any force.

One of the most important ethical issues is plagiarism in development of final report. In order to avoid this, researcher has used other works by acknowledging him with proper reference and in-text. This approach assists the researcher in authentication of different kinds of data that is collected from various other sources (Powell, 2012). In order to carry out detailed study on particular topic, investigator also faces ethical issues regarding improper evaluation and interpretation of data along with assessment of false findings or conclusion. To manage this kind of situation, investigator measures the efficiency of a range of data analysis practices and system. After this evaluation, researcher selects best methods for interpretation of quantitative data. This process improves the authenticity and reliability of research findings and conclusion. During research, the researcher also manages privacy and confidentiality of information whenever it is possible (Raps, 2005). It increases the safety of information along with avoiding manipulation of data according to personal benefits of an individual. By taking proper precautions and safety measures, several kinds of ethical issues related to whole research procedures could be managed.

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2.4 Evaluating research methods and techniques

To carry out the research, investigator uses both quantitative and qualitative methods in collection of information about views of staff of  Hallmark care home in Cardiff. In  collection of quantitative data, researcher is using structured questionnaire. This thing allows the evaluator in order to carry out broader study by involving a greater number of subjects. It assists the manager to get accurate results from several aspects of research (Crookes, 2003). The quantitative methods are designed to provide summaries of data that supports different kinds of phenomenon and elements of particular research. In order to accomplish this, quantitative research usually involves few variables and many cases and employs prescribed procedures to ensure validity and reliability. But, this system collects narrow and improper data and it only facilitates numerical descriptions. This research can be carried out in an artificial environment.

Qualitative data provides a rich and detailed information of various elements of study. With the help of face-to-face interviews, researcher can get different kinds of data by taking views of employees with emotions. This process is encouraging people in order to increase their responses on various organizational operations (Harlan, 2009). It also facilitates people's individual experience in order to built different kinds of data. This concept is not useful when an investigator wants to collect data from larger number of respondents. The collection of qualitative data is generally more time consuming as compared to collection of quantitative data. So business entity has to consume too much time and budget to manage the whole research.


3.1 Analysing research findings and generating a valid conclusion

It is one of the most important part of research process. In this, researcher has applied two  approaches which are quantitative and qualitative methods that are explained below:

Quantitative Analysis:

There are 50% male and 50% female who have given their views through questionnaire. So, investigator gets views of both male and female staff of Hallmark care home in Cardiff (Ruairc and et.al., 2013). This thing increases the feasibility of data and effectiveness of information.

20 respondents are satisfied with several organizational practices that are followed by the management of health care unit in order to control various operations which are related to health care practices. This thing shows that workers have developed good perception about polices and procedures of firm.

Efficient incentive plans and behavior to top managers are main motivational factors of medical staff. It directly affects the efficiency of staff (Quaglieri, Penney and Waldner, 2007). In order to improve the service quality and satisfaction level of service users along with organizational efficiency, health and social care firm should have to develop distinct kinds of attractive incentive plans and should also promote informal and friendly relations between top managers and other workers.

Maximum number of staff believes that firm can enhance efficiency and productivity of employees by adopting latest skills development and training practices according to morale or motivational factors. So, health and social care firm has to manage proper balance between motivational factors and training & development activities.

Staff member believes that consumers are greatly influenced by quality of services and behavior of staff in the process of selection of health care unit. So, management should have to maintain proper balance between expenditure of firm and quality of services. Organization has to make efforts for development of good relations between staff and service users (Saunders, Lyon and Möllering, 2012). This thing creates a huge impact on the reputation of organization and satisfaction of old age people.

Training and development operations as well as optimum utilization of resources are playing a most important role in order to enhance the overall capabilities and efficiency of Hallmark care home in Cardiff. With reference to above analysis, organization has to develop various plans and implement new operational procedures that assists the manager to avoid wastage of monetary and physical resources (EalesWhite, 2012). Managers have to adopt latest training and development session to increase the capabilities and service quality. By combining both tactics, health and social care firm can enhance an overall efficiency of firm.

Qualitative Thematic analysis:

Theme: 1 Most of the employees believe that health care organization need to adopt latest techniques to improve organizational efficiency.

At the time of face to face interview when the question was asked to the respondents that “Do you think health care organization need to adopt latest techniques to improve business efficiency?” then most of the respondents has determined that health and social care organization should have to adopt latest technologies and latest management procedures. It can be interpreted  that staff members believe that new technology such as computer hardware, software and other communication devices increases the co-ordination among various health care practices of organization (Saunders, Lyon and Möllering, 2012). It directly influences the service quality. New approaches of budgeting assists the managers in order to keep systematic record of various accounting transactions and helps in allocation of budget for several management practices. All these factors create positive impact on organization by reducing the wastage of resources.

Theme: 2 Employees feel that management should develop various innovative services.

When investigator asked question related to impact of creative services on satisfaction level of service user then researcher finds that most of the staff members of health care firm feels that management should develop various innovative services. On the basis of this, it can be interpreted that staff members have got good response from service users about various cultural and other gaming activities. These activities plays an important role in development of social relations with patients and service users of health care organization (Bak, 2011). By facilitating different kinds of unique services, managers could enhance the satisfaction level of old age people and presents good image of company.

Theme: 3 Workers agreed with the fact that management should increase the effectiveness of human resource management.

On the basis of above theme, it can be evaluated that employees wants to improve human  resource management practices of health care firm. So, organization needs to implement several  changes in training & development procedures, incentive plans, safety and security norms of workers, communication process and other human resource related activities. This thing assists the HR manager in development of alteration plans according to needs of service users. By adopting this, organization can boost up the morale of workers which is correlated with training and motivational plan (Moody and Pesut, 2006). With the help of all changes, firm can enhance the effectiveness of human resource management operations.

On the basis of above data analysis and interpretation, it has been concluded that maximum number of workers are satisfied with several management practices of Hallmark care home in Cardiff. It finds that skills and ability of employees creates a huge impact on service quality of health care and satisfaction level of consumers. This analysis concludes that management of health care organization should have to create different kinds of innovative facilities for old age people that influences the goodwill of firm. This study concludes that managers has to consider distinct kinds of motivational factors that boosts the morale and efficiency of services. Research finds that organization needs to implement latest technologies and budgeting system that assists the manager in optimum utilization of resources and increases the organizational efficiency as well.

3.2 Presenting report in suitable formats

In the development of research and identification of conclusion, this report has used MS word to present different kinds of data. In this process, researcher has considered “Times new Roman” as a font style with font size of 14 for headings and 12 for subheadings along with other text. This report is also presented with line spacing of 1.5. By adopting this format, investigator presents different kinds of data information with an appropriate manner. Researcher also used pie chart and bar diagrams in order to present research findings and different data which is collected through primary research (Avery and Bergsteiner, 2011). With the help of this presentation, researcher can increase the effectiveness of information and makes data more attractive in front of audience.

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On the basis of above research, it concludes that management of health and social care firm has to consider quality of services as a most important part of management practices. Research has used both qualitative and quantitative methods and finds that managers of health care organization has to consider several elements such as motivation level of workers, skills development activities, optimum utilization of different kinds of resources and management of other organizational operations in order to improve the overall efficiency of organization. Also read the report on leadership and management.


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