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Knowledge Management and Communication Management - JS Supermarket

University: Higher National Diploma in Business

  • Unit No: 33
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :
This project answers the following learning outcomes-
  • What is the use of IT in distinct organizational functions?
  • What is the contribution of IT to business objectives?
Answer :
Organization Selected : JS Supermarket


Information technology is the use of computer systems in order to send, retrieve and process data to convert it into information in the context of business and other enterprise (The value of effective IT systems. 2018). The use of information technology has expanded in almost every department of an organization. Therefore it's value in the context of business and other enterprises also increases. In this report, a small organization named JS supermarket is taken into consideration in which staff has to be trained to use the benefits of effective IT systems. Role of different IT systems in achieving the objective and flexible and reliable IT systems that respond to organizational requirement are discussed. In the end, IT systems that support value added change and practical IT solutions to the given organizational scenarios are also explained.


1.1 Use of IT systems with different functions of an organization.

Following is the use of IT systems in different functions of an organization.

Production management:

It is the management of production of goods and services which are manufactured within the organization (Bardach, E. and Patashnik, E. M., 2015). This management is handled with the help of effective IT systems, that all the record of supply and demand is maintained in computer. The demand and supply according to requirement can be analysed in just one click. Therefore in JS supermarket staff should accept the use of IT systems to avoid delays in service. The effective It system which can be used in production management is Just Plan It. This software is used in job shops, machine shops etc.

Research and development:

Use of internet and computer systems has increased widely in almost every organization. In research and development internet is the most common tool which should be used. Apart from that, computer system is also required. Therefore, computer systems are essentially required in the department of research and development. JS supermarket should also use computer systems so that they can research about the purchasing of customer. Master Control Audit software can be used by JS supermarket to research and development.


It is the department in which effective data is stored to process into information so that marketing of a product can be done in efficient manner. The details of a customer is saved in computer system that what are the needs, wants and preferences of customers to launch a new product. Therefore information technology is most commonly used in every department of an organization. JS supermarket should also focus on using the computer systems, so that they can effectively manage the data. Marketo is the software which can be used by JS supermarket so that it can enhance it's business.


ogistics is the area where goods are transferred from one place to another to fulfil the market needs. The production is not any worth until the goods will not reach in the market. Therefore to effectively manage the transportation, use of computer systems is necessary to track and record the the goods where it is going and at what time it will reach at destination. Therefore JS supermarket should also try to use this IT systems so that they can deliver their goods to the premise of it's customers. My Route Online software can be used by JS supermarket.

1.2 Contribution of IT systems to the achievement of objectives

Following is the contribution of effective IT system so that an organization can achieve it's objectives.

Product development:

With the help of IT the time of delivering the product into market has increased a lot (Dicks, A. and Rand, D. A. J., 2018). In the context of JS supermarket, it can provide details of the products which are not available in supermarket. Therefore they can order the required products with just a phone call so that the time of delivery of products has increased. Zbrush can be used in product development which help the company in gaining the data from supermarket. The data which can be used by software is about the purchase of products. This will help the supermarket in achieving the objective.

Cost efficiencies:

With the use of effective IT systems, companies can cut the cost of it's products so that they can go through the objective of company (Dieterich, E. and et. al., 2015). Hubstaff is the software which can be used in cost efficiency. This software can be used to access the data of the product which is used in the supermarket. Thus the time and cost of searching the product can be decreased. Therefore IT systems help any company in cost efficiencies.


With the use of Information Technology systems, globalization increases which help the company not only to trade among local customers but also globally. This is possible with the extended use of It systems in business organization. Now a days, the delivery of goods and services can be ordered with just an email or message. This helps JS supermarket to increase their market and thus help them in gaining objective.


Different ways by which IT system store and process data for knowledge management, customer relationship management, data management and communication management.

Knowledge management:

It is used to store and retrieve knowledge, increase in collaboration locates the sources of knowledge and also enhances the knowledge management process. KM is involved in almost every area of firm therefore it is difficult to define it in just one way. JS supermarket should use IT systems so that they can store and retrieve data. Bloomfire is the software which can be used in knowledge management. This software helps in finding and sharing the information in company.

Customer relationship management:

Customer relationship management is the art of managing good relationship with customers so that business can be improved in future (Dumais, S. and et. al., 2016). In the context of JS supermarket company has to store the data of customers who used to buy the similar products frequently. They have to analyse that data to convert it into information and than they can provide discount and also improve the quality of that product so that the relationship between customer and company can be improved. Netsuit CRM can be used by JS supermarket. This software help in seamless flow of information across the customer life-cycle.

Data management:

Data management is the art of storing and retrieving the data so that it can be used as an information in future to meet the objective of organization. In the context of JS supermarket, store has to store the continuous data of purchasing of products of customer. So that lack of products can be ordered in an efficient way. This is called inventory management in which product is ordered when it is required by the customers. Oracle is the most widely used data management software in which data can be manipulated without any redundancy.

Communication management:

Communication management is an art of exchanging the information through speaking, writing and using other mediums (Groom, C.R. and et. al., 2016). Information technology plays an important role in the effective communication management. IT systems helps to communicate via e-mails, messages, internet calling etc. These are the mediums by which message can be transmitted formally and informally. Therefore JS supermarket should use computer systems so that they can communicate with their suppliers, distributors and customers. The best example of communication management software is FTP(file transfer protocol) which helps the company in messaging and email with security.


Use of IT systems to support value-added change to support business operations, performance and sustainability.

Following are the use of IT systems so that it can provide value added changes in an organization to support business operations, performance and sustainability:


Training is short term program to train an employee to gain skills so that it be implemented in the success of business. This process is essential for an employee whether it is a new or an experienced employee. Sometimes, existing employee have to adopt the recent trends and policies, therefore to understand those policies and trends they have to take a training session. The use of IT is prominent in providing training session. The training process also developed in recent times. Therefore training should be provided for an employee to gain recent methods. These methods are available online and tutors are also available, with the help of these tutors and online courses an employee is capable of gaining new and advanced knowledge which could be beneficial for the company and individual also. JS supermarket should also provide training to it's employees so that they can be capable of getting used to with IT systems. Paradiso is the name of software which is used in the training process. This software helps in providing excellent customer experience. Thus training program would be effective.

Adopting Technology:

The acceptance of technology is also an important contribution of information technology so that an organization can provide value added change. The technology which should be used can be available easily through the implementation of computer systems. With the help of computer systems a trainer will be able to know about the recent technology which is in run. Therefore a trainee knows about technology which is recent and thus increasing the value of changes occurred through technology. With the help of this, JS supermarket can support it's business in performance, operations and sustainability. The new technology which can support value added change is the updated software which should be used to help the systems run properly.

Converting raw data into information:

There are different departments in the organization where use of information technology has increased to collect the data. These department could be research and development and marketing. In these department, the data is collected and than processed to collect information. In marketing department, the feedback from customers about the new launched products is collected in computer systems. From where the data is processed to check what is the deficiency in launching the new product. This will help the company in improving the quality of product. Thus it helps in support of business operation, performance and sustainability. Another department is research and development, in this department the data is collected first to research about a topic and then processed to know about the information which is essential to represent the statistics. Therefore JS supermarket should also use IT systems to take advantage in this competitive business environment.


Practical IT system solution for organizational system scenarios that cover a range of business problems experienced in the work place.

There are two types of business problems which can be experienced in the work place are security and storage. Both these problems are related to information technology, therefore solutions for JS supermarket is given in the problems.

The use of information technology in each industry has increased in recent decades. Through which there are problems also which are coming in these sectors (Schrieffer, J. R., 2018). The problems which are coming are security related issues and storage related issues. Therefore problems with their solutions is given in this sector.


It is the main concern in every industry because the data stored is worth to a lot of money (Penn, I. A. and Pennix, G. B., 2017). JS supermarket is required a centralised system which is highly secured in terms of transactions. The issues with problems related with security are as follows:

Data backup:

This is the problem of having corruption of data, lost of data, theft of data etc. Backing up of data locally is the safest solution of the problems related with security. In this solution, JS supermarket has to backup the data into discs, or secondary storage devices. This will help the store in accessing that data in case of lost or theft.

Logical and physical security:

This is the security issue in which any person can access the important and confidential data with out any authorization (Silver, D., and et. al., 2016). Therefore in order to save this data from the intruders, store has to provide security by applying a range of authorization, authentication and security features. In this security feature an authorized person can only access the system because of having passwords.

Data encryption

This is also a serious issue in the transaction of data. When store is transferring the money from one place to another, there is a chance of hacking the network and the hacker could transfer that money into it's account. Therefore to secure that transaction, encryption technology is used. In this technology, the data is sent which is locked and the key is placed at the receiver. That data is only be opened with that key. There are many types of encryption occurred such as 64 bit and 128 bit encryption. The larger the bits the larger security.

Network security:

The security of network is also an important issue in any sector. Since transaction should be done on the secured network therefore store should use private network to transact the money. There are two types of network private and public. Public network is not so secured while private network has secured with firewall and other security features.

Cloud storage:

Cloud storage is a type of storing the data online. This data can be accessed with the help of internet (Türk, C., and et. al., 2016). JS supermarket has to store it's data on cloud. Cloud storage is maintained by a company which is responsible for the security and maintenance of data. The issues with solutions related to cloud storage is as follows.

Shutting down own business

Since cloud storage is done on the company which is operating that storage. The issue is that the company which is operating cloud storage if shuts down than there will be huge problem for store because they have a large amount of data which should be safe and secure. Therefore store has to maintain a backup of the data and they have to store their data where there is a chance of survival of the cloud storage company.


It is the strongest problem of cloud storage. If the company which is operating it's business with cloud storage does not guarantee the security of data than it would be a huge problem for store. Therefore it has to store it's data where there are all resources available at it's premise to secure data.

Access control:

Access control is the part of rate of speed at which data is going to be fetched (Urquhart, C. and Fernandez, W., 2016). This is also an important issue with the storage of data. The speed at which data to be fetched depends upon the speed of internet at which the transfer of data is done through cloud storage company. The fetching up of data should be at faster rate so that store can access that data with speed.

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In this report it can be concluded that the use of IT in each sector has increased a lot in a few decades. Therefore the storage and security related issues are also there with information technology. As being a IT manager, Different services in diverse industries are explained in the context of JS supermarket so that the issues related to different IT solutions can be resolved. According to this different roles of IT systems are explained so that it helps in the achievement of organizational objective. Apart from that different ways by which IT systems helps in storing and processing the data for different management systems also explained in this report. IT systems also helps the company in operations, performance and sustainability of the organization. get the best online assignment help at an affordable budget.

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