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Introduction to Management


Management basically aims at managing the people and controlling over them. Administration basically focus at performing the five functions mainly planing ,organising, staffing,directing,controlling. It focuses on accomplish the desired goals and objectives of the organisation and leads to fuller utilisation of their human resources. The authority aims at organization and controlling over the activities performed within the organisation. They includes various managers and supervisors having the power and authority to take responsibility for the work performed in the organisation (Freeman., 2010).The management mainly aims for managing the people working within the organisation. The CSI leads to manage their people effectively and recruiting the suitable candidate for their operational working .The main of CSL is to provide the equipments which would help the emergency human begin that would help to survive in difficult condition. In this report it is been mentioned about its vision, mission and objectives and that is been said that about its strategies, etc.


1.CSL should know all the things related to the process and environment so that they can be able to achieve there vision, mission, etc. of the organisation. CSL should have the proper knowledge of all the things so that they can be able to make clear about there vision, mission and all so that they can focus on that.

  • Vision- Vision is an state where the organisation aim is been set. While creating an organisation they had planned something for what they have to do by that. and which they have to do in the future. And the plans which are been made for the future to make it true and achieve it (Helfatand Winter., 2011). CSL is also having the future plan in which they want to make the best bio technicals in the entire place so that the people can take the benefits of that in an less amount. They want to provide the best equipments/ products to treat the humans in an serious conditions.
  • Mission- It states the organisation exists. In the mission it is been seen that what is the actual reason for what the organisation is exists and for what they had been made this. CSL mission is to make the quality products for treating the serious conditions patients so that they can get there lives back. So they are try to produce the best possible products so that the people can get there life back by best treatments.
  • Core competitive- In the core competence the competitions of the organisation is been set and they use to know all the things and the process and steps which are taken by there competitors so that they can make the plans related to there process so they can over come their competitors (Anderson and et. al, 2015).

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CSL use to follow some of the approaches to make the organisation to fulfil there needs. And to do there work in an proper manner which will make them to grow there organisation and so that they can get many profits(Hessand Rothaermel., 2011). In the past they have where using the contingency approach that is been used when ever any of the situations come by sudden in the organisation and in present they are using the porter's strategies as they can help them in calculation and in having the proper of the cost and values, this will help them to view cost and to know how can they manage it. They have to follow some of the strategies in there organisation which will help them doing there work in an proper way.

Strategies help the organisation to make good plans, emergent strategy is action plan, and it is related to the time, and the behaviour from the emergent strategy it might help in adopting an flexible to the possibility of changing of the market conditions. Strategic partnership is the relationship which is between the two of the commercial business, and it is manly formed by the one or more contracts. In this the two different business meet together as the CSL is in the contact of the hospitals for whom they provide the equipments for the patients who are in serious conditions (Chaffey and White., 2010). In the organisation the strategies which is been used to make the better growth and in increasing of the things is been know as the growth strategies. In growth strategies CSL can do the market penetration, and market expansion, and the product expansion..

2. CSL is an bio technical company which use to provide the emergency life saving equipments to the hospitals. In the past they where using the Contingency approach which helps them in making the decisions where ever they face any of the problems at sudden they have to take decisions in the organisation for the different problems which they are facing. They can face some of the criticism by some of the different stakeholders like:

Customers- Customers are the people who plays an main and important role in the organisation which gives the organisation to grow, they are those who use to buy the products and services of the organisation from which the organisation will get earnings and growth among the others(Hill., Jones and Schilling., 2014). So it is important to make them happy and to provide them the best products and the services according to there needs and wants. They have to focus on the customers which would help them to improve there sales and in growing their organisation in better way. They would have to make them satisfy so that they would not choose any other competitors.

Competitors- competitors are the people which are producing and providing the same kind of the goods and the services to the people so that are the competitors so the organisation so they have to make better and little unique kind of the products and the services to the people. The competitors can affect the organisation as they use to make the best possible ways to produce the products so that they can be better so the CSL should know all the strategies of the competitors so that they also can make changes according to that. They should follow the major and important strategies which would make them do their work in an proper way and that could help them to make better decisions (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

3. Resource based model is a tool which helps in doing the analysis on the environment and on the basis of that they can measure the performance so that they can attain the success in the competitive market (Hodgkinson and Healey., 2011). Resource based model helps in viewing the strategy which assist in emphasizing the economic rent so that they can create the different products and services by using the distinct capabilities. This tool help the CSL limited so that they can measure the competitive advantage as well as they have to attain the success in the competitive markets so that they can earn the economic rent. The productive factor which is required to accomplish the activity and they have to undertake the enterprise and they have to achieve the desired outcome. The different resources which they can use are land, labour and material. Along with this there are other resources which involves the energy, entrepreneurship, information, management along with the time. This model includes the five steps which are:


Resources: the employees of CSL limited have to use appropriate and available resources so that they can do proper manufacturing (Makri., Hitt and Lane., 2010). They have to use inputs which helps in doing the production process of the firm and on the basis of that they can provide the best and quality products and services to the consumers.

Capability: The employees as well as managers have to use proper capability along with the knowledge and skills so that they can produce the correct products. The employees of the firm having a capacity of the integrated set of resources so that they perform well and complete the task in a proper as well as effective manner.

Competitive advantage: The staff members of CSL Limited which produce the equipments so that they can treat the person on the basis of their medical conditions. The employees having a ability to produce the best products and attain the success from their competitors. Along with this they can maintain the standards in the market.

Attractive industry: In this industry, company having a huge opportunities which they have to capture and it can be fulfilled by using the appropriate resources as well as capabilities of the employees and on the basis of that they can accomplish the goals and objectives (Powell., Lovalloand Fox., 2011). They have to provide the attractive products which consumers can easily purchase and by that they can increase their performance in the market.

Strategy formulation and implementation: The employees have to use or adopt the appropriate strategy which helps the business entity in providing the best product so that they can not face any issue in implementing the strategy and meeting the goals and objectives.CSL can analyse their environment by the SWOT analyses also as that can tell about their strength, weakness, opportunities, threat. Which would help them to know about the environments.

Strength:- CSL can do the analyses which would help them to know about their strength and that would help them in making strategies according to their strength so that they would make use of their strength (Runge, 2011).

Weakness:- By doing the SWOT analyses they would be able to know about their weakness so that they can make improvements and can convert their weakness into their strength.

Opportunities:- SWOT analyses helps to know the CSL organisation to know all the opportunities which they can make in use of so that they can make an proper decision in the organisation.

Threats:- threats ca make the company in becoming threat from any of the case it can be internal threats or external threats, which would make problems in the organisation.

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4. Organisational culture is an culture which includes the values, and believe of the particular person working in the organisation and it tells how they use their believes and values in the organisation to perform their task in an proper manner()_. The organisation have four types which are:

Power culture- In this there are some set of rules and regulations. This judge the employees not by how they had work to achieve there task provide to them but they judge by the result what they had got. Swift of the decisions can be done in the power culture. They have to identify there power and have to make use of there power in right manner so that they can achieve there goals an objectives of the organisation.

Role culture- it is an culture which is based on the rules. This use to followed by every person by knowing the roles and responsibility of the individuals over there. The power of the role is been define by the position the person has in the organisation(Terziovski., 2010). Has all the people is having the particular roles and responsibility they have to maintain that while working in the organisation so that they can be able make many change in the organisation according to there roles and responsibilities.

Task culture- Task is been formed when any of the teams use to solve any of the problems or to assign any projects. They has the power in teams they does not have the single power in the team. They form an team of some of the persons included in tit with different values, believes, and knowledge, etc. so they have the advantages of solving the problems in an different and unique way as because all have the different kinds of thought and ideas.

Person culture- the person things they are the superior in the organisation. The organisation is been opened to provide the work for the peoples. And that is having the different kinds of people doing the similar kinds of work in the organisation.

Leadership style should be there in an CSL limited so that they could provide the direction, and help in implementing the plans and to motivate the people in their organisation so that it would help the employees to do their work in proper manner. This would help the organisation in growing in faster way (Frederickson and Ghere, 2013). Leadership style would help the employees in getting the help when ever they required.


In the above report it is been concluded that the all the people who are working in the organisation should know the vision, mission, core competence of the organisation so that they can able to work according to that and can able to achieve them. They should focus on the strategies which they have been made and as well as they have to plan to implement the new strategies according to the situations of the organisation. All the strategies should be planned in an proper way so that they could make the proper use of it which would help them to use in an actual condition. and when they have to be implemented so do the work in an proper manner. They should follow some of the techniques to know about their organisations strength and weakness and opportunities and threats. Read the Introduction of Management.


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