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Importance of Conflict Management

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 12 / Words 3102
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BSOM074
  • Downloads: 738
Question :

This project deals with the following questions:

  • What is the theme of the dissertation together with the aims and objectives?
  • Define the research questions with the help of a literature review.
  • What research methodologies are being utilized in carrying on the dissertation on conflict management and negotiation?
  • Illustrate the findings and results from the primary and secondary data collected?
  • Provide appropriate recommendations and conclusions regarding the research outcome.
Answer :


Conflict management refers to the ability to identify and handle conflicts fairly, sensibly and efficiently for limiting the negative aspects of conflict (Prenzel and Vanclay, 2014). The main aim of conflict management is to promote learning for enhancing the team performance. Since the conflict is a part of day to day work-life in business, so it is very essential for a team manager to understand the way to resolve conflicts and extract out the positive outcome. Conflict management ensures that if the issues arises among employees then it must be constructive which always develop learning among team members and also bring out positive outcome. Hence, it support in improving the relation among team members by removing their issues that in turn will develop an environment of cooperation. This also helps in improving the performance of team members by bringing mutual trust and coordination among them is beneficial for team working and efficiency. This can be only possible through negotiation which is a tool of conflict management. It support in evaluating a benefit among the arguments of both the parties involved and then solving out this problem by taking out a third way which provide a benefit to both the parties. The current dissertation is conducted over conflict management and negotiation (Rahim, 2017). It consists of literature review which depict about the view of different authors regarding conflict management and the way negotiation done for resolving the conflict. Further it describes various methods that can be use to collect information regarding the research topic. It includes primary or secondary data collection method in which questionnaire is used to collect the information which is then interpreted for extracting the result of survey. Lastly the recommendations are provided about the importance of conflict management within corporation for improving the performance of team members.

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  • To determine the positive sides of conflict management
  • To determine the negative sides of conflict management
  • To identify the relationship between conflict management and negotiation


To determine the positive sides of conflict management

As per the view point of (zkjadoon 2018), a process where one party assumes that their interest are being opposed by other party, then the situation is known as conflict. The friction arises between people when they have different perception, feeling & interest. Therefore, conflicts are harmful but it can be beneficial when issues are employed delicately for improving creativity. But according to (Jeong, 2017) conflicts are an inevitable part which discourage the premature group decision making by enforcing participants in decision making process to discuss more about topic to explore issues for taking a more informed decision. In short it has been stated that good conflicts support in bringing out positive changes. According to the TingToomey, 2017, constructive conflicts support people to analyse the each and every aspect regarding the issues that have been discussed and it always brining in a positive changes.

According to Cahn and Abigail, 2014, constructive conflict is good for corporate in term of taking informed and valid decision by considering each aspect and views of individuals involved within a particular issue. But it is not good for long term purpose as it sometimes generate personal issues among people. On the other hand according to the Dana Sparks(2018), the way in which conflicts are handled leads to discord or to generate more positive workplace. The frictions are arises naturally, but it is essential to deal with them in a ultimate way that support in strengthening the organisational operations. The positive conflicts management leads to development of unity and trust among people working together in an organisation that further support in enhancing the productivity.

Powelson, 2015, summarised that conflict management focuses on group outcome by promoting the effectiveness in performance, by extracting out the positivity from the issues by discussing it in group. It focuses on brining the social changes by ensure both intergroup and interpersonal dynamic remain reflect and fresh to current realities. According to Jeong, 2017, positive conflict management allows for the reconciliation of parties' that result in agreement which benefits both parties by satisfying their need and improve the relationship within the organisation.

To determine the negative sides of conflict management

As per the point view of Beardsley and Lo, 2014, conflicts can distract individual or group from their primary aim by leaving them with less time or resources for performing other activities. As when conflict contains a heavy contentious tactics, it leads to individuals who are not involved in conflicts, may divert time and resources away from their main objectives. On the other hand Singer, 2018, said that conflicts bring short as well as long term effect over physical and psychological need of individuals involved in issues. According to McCorkle and Reese 2015, majority of conflicts leads brings of negative result as it is based on contradiction between the view point of individuals in a group which leads to increase in stress and anxiety among individual. This in turn results in lowering down of productivity due to dissatisfaction that can be assumed between the people involved in conflict.

As per the view point Scherrer, 2017, of conflicts results in anticipation of changes in current process that can be positive and negative. The destructive or negative conflicts leads to modification of policies and procedure in an organisation which leads to change the way in which operations performed. On the other hand, Mayer, 2015, summarised that in case when conflicts party involves in extreme disagreement it leads to waste of time and resources which affect the performance of employees working within the organisation. In addition to this when the conflicts continue to longer duration it result in failure to achieve objective or higher employee turnover within the organisation. As per the view point of Nelson and et. al., 2015, when the conflicts lasts for longer then it create a feeling of anger and jealousy among people working together, then they started finding out ways to fight back or argue with others instead of focusing on their work quality. This leads to customer dissatisfaction which spread up a negative image of company in marketplace that leads to heavier losses.

To identify the relationship between conflict management and negotiation?

As per the view point of Osmond Vitez (2018), conflict as well as negotiation is consider as a major aspect of running a business because owner face several conflicts related to partners, employees, manager and general public. Negotiation support in determining the amicable solution for all the parties involved in conflict that help in minimizing the issues among them. On the other hand according to (Chatterji, Arlosoroff and Guha, 2017), Negotiation is a tool of conflict management that is used to bring up a solution of the issues that may arises during the conflict or group discussions by considering the view point of each party involved in it.

According to (Mazei and et. al., 2015), negotiation is a medium through which the conflicts are resolved where by analysing the issues of two parties, third way is suggested through which both the opposing parties can perform their work without getting distract from their goals. This process involves discussing each individuals' point toward the topic and then weighting out the benefit of each comment. This help in determining a solution which provide benefit to both the parties and acceptable from both ends. But as per the view point of (Ansell and Torfing, 2014), though negotiation support to resolve the conflicts that may arise at workplace but its outcome may or may not be positive. As sometimes the decision taken from negotiation may not be agreed or acceptable by all the parties involved which may create a stress or dissatisfaction among parties disagreed. This not instantly affect the environment but may negatively arise in some part of future either in form of conflict or poor performance.


Research methodology is consider as a most curial part of every research which focuses on presenting the different ways through which a research can be carried out. It consists of theoretical analysis of methods and principles that help a researcher in collection as well as analysis of information through which they can accomplishing the objective behind research.

4.1 Participants:-

This part contains a detail information about the authorised persons who are involved and supported researcher in collection of information related to the topic (Rahim, 2017). It contains group of people which are selected by researcher as a respondent that contribute toward the data collection regarding current topic for the accomplishment of objective behind conducting research. The sample size taken under this report is 17 for online survey.

4.2 Data collection procedures:-

Data collection refers to the process of collecting and measuring information from variety of sources to get a accurate picture of area of research. It allows a researcher to collect information regarding issues, evaluate outcome and predict about future probabilities or trends. There are two types of data collection methods:

Primary :- It is a method which focuses on collecting first-hand data which is gathered by researcher for the first time. This method is used when the research problem is unique and no other research work is done by some other person. The data collected using primary method is accurate but sometimes costly and time consuming (TingToomey, 2017). This method is used for conducting the research.

Secondary :- It refers to the second-hand data which is already collected by some another person for their research work over related topic. This collected data is used by a researcher for evidencing their findings. Secondary data is less expensive and easy to gather but it may not be relevant sometimes.

Under this report primary data collection method is used to conduct the dissertation over conflict management. Following steps describe about the data collection procedure used under primary method:

Step 1: Identify issues that are related with the topic

Step 2: Select issues to be solve during research and set objectives

Step 3: Plan the approach that is used to collect the information under primary method

Step 4: Collect the information regarding topic

Step 5: Analyse and then interpret the data

Step 6: Act on result.

4.3 Data analysis procedures:-

It refers to the process of systematic application of statical or logical technique for describing and evaluating data that has been collected during research for identifying the result of survey. Data analysis is performed using two approach:

  • Qualitative:- This approach is used to gain an understanding of underlying motivation, reasons and opinion (Cahn and Abigail, 2014). Qualitative method provide an insight of problem or help in developing hypothesis that support in quantitative research. This method is used under this report.
  • Quantitative:- This approach is used to quantify the problem by generating numerical data or through statistics. Quantitative method uses measurable data for extracting the fact and uncovering the pattern in research.
  • Data analysis: Thematic analysis is use to analyse the data collected in this research. In this themes are created on the basis of questions asked from the respondents. This help in examine the data and improve validity of research outcomes.

4.4 Measures, equipment and facilities:-

This sections relays on determining the tools that can be used to collect and measure the data for achieving the objective behind research (Powelson, 2015). In this measures or tool used for collecting primary data are interviewing, survey, questionnaire etc. On the other hand tools used for collecting secondary data is company's internal data, government statistics, newspapers, library, online sources etc.


  • It is the process of limiting the negative aspect of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict.
  • Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict
  • Conflict mNo35FrequencyYes Q1. Do you know about conflict management?5anagement refers to techniques and ideas designed to reduce the negative effects of conflict and get out with positive outcomes.
  • Conflict management is the practice of being able to identify and handle conflicts sensibly, fairly, and efNo35FrequencyYes Q1. Do you know about conflict management?5ficiently.
  • Improvement in your work.
  • understanding the argument and basis of it between two people and then solve it with win win situation.
  • Limiting negative aspects and increasing positive ones in a team or group at the work place
  • process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of conflict.


Main purpose of this research project was to examine the concept of conflicts and its impact on team members. Information collected and examine for this project help in identify the conflicts does not affect team performance in negative manner only it has some positive effect on performance of tea

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