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Importance Managing Accommodation Services

University: New College Durham

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Accommodation management.
  • Discuss about the Value of interrelations between houseworks and other divisions.
Answer :
Organization Selected : British multinational hospitality organisation


Accommodation management is an activity for effectively offering services that prominently managed and representable to other people in an appropriate manner. It defines that the hospitality sector need to set standards for cleanliness and maintenance and also implement budget in suitable manner. To manager accommodation services it is required in both private and public sector and developments like hotels, conference centres, ships hospitals and many more (Gibson and Parkman, 2018). Hospitality is the largest sector in tourist industry and also provide many opportunities to its concerning departments and units within the dynamic sector. Here, possibility are increasing for career promotion and aligning in various destinations and different types of set ups are expanding. This sector is the important part of hospitality industry as it provide comprehensive understanding of accommodation services which are available for guests. This report is based on Intercontinental hotels and resorts which is a British multinational hospitality organisation headquarter in Denham, Buckinghamshire, England. It has around 5,656 hotels across 100 countries. This report is classified in two parts, first one covers in PPT and second part covers the share of housework section to render effective improvement services and role of installation and safety plays.


Key roles which housekeeping department play

An organisational chart for housekeeping

This department provide transparent and broad image of the lines of authorization and the transmission of connection within the department. The underneath chart not only helps in providing systematized way of orders but also protect workers from being over worked from other supervisors (Santos-Vijande, López-Sánchez and Pascual-Fernandez, 2018). This chart depicts that each employee of Intercontinental hotel and resort should take orders from the individual who is directly above them. In addition to this, the copy of chat posted to an area as because of this, all housekeeping staff can easily see where they acceptable into the administration.

Housekeeping duties

Various duties and responsibilities are expected from housekeepers which they need to perform are as follows:

  • Check, clean and refill supplies in warehouse and restrooms daily.
  • Empty garbage bins and trash from kitchens and lounges and recycling are also needed.
  • Dust, mop and vacuum lounges, rooms, kitchens etc. twice in a day.
  • Wipe off washers and dryers weekly and surface of stove.
  • Clean outside of refrigerators twice in a week and also wash windows and curtains in community areas.
  • Supply chain management: It depicts that organisations have suitable demand of customers and also order these supplies according to the need and also overestimation of demand that leads to bloat the inventory and increases the cost. Moreover, underestimating the demand leads to decrease the customer value and that can become loss for company in terms of products and requirements. Therefore, it is important to have suitable estimation of supply chain.
  • Forecasting demand: Forecasting demand and coordinating actions leads to meet the demands of customers and for this, organisations who operates at global level should use sophisticated software in order to identify the demand of clients and then forecast it with the help of using simple techniques. Along with this, this method helps in exponential smoothing and try to smooth out the demand as it leads to permit the seasonality the outcomes. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Importance of forecasting linen stock and other guest supplies to make sure sufficient supply to meet demand

Importance of linen stock































Importance of guest supplies







Soap and Shampoo



Value of interrelations between houseworks and other divisions

  • Coordination with front office: For the coordination of housekeeping department, rooms are primary as it is essential for functions to regularly change data on room status. For this, front office supply list for awaited arrivals and departures and notify the housekeeping department in advance and when they arrive (Saare and et, al., 2018). As the Front office of Intercontinental hotel and resort is not allowed to delegate visitor rooms until rooms are cleansed and discharged by houseworks division. Both housekeeping and front office should inform each other regarding the change in status of room and also consider that room is occupied, vacant, under repair and so on.
  • Coordination with security: This coordination is mainly concerned with prevention from theft and safety of hotel and the keeping of staff keys and lost belongings. For this, housekeeping department of Intercontinental hotel and resorts need to report anything if it is suspicious in nature and immediately inform to security staff (Della Volpi and Paulino, 2018). The rooms of hotels should be the fewest private spot as the hotel staff need to make sure about the privacy and security of their guests. For this, safety division is accountable for coordinating training sessions or handling emergency for staff.
  • Coordination with Marketing: It represent that there should be the effective coordination among Marketing and housekeeping as the housekeepers give detailed information about the hotel like paintings, rooms, furniture and other concerning services. As these are useful in promoting and making effective marketing of hotel which is beneficial for hotel in terms of increasing their image and offer increased profitability.

Critically evaluate the importance of communication between the housekeeping and other departments

No individual department work all alone as they need proper coordination from each other sides. For this, communication plays an important role because it helps in developing disposition to collaborate and equal with the aid of cost-efficient know-how and also helps in smooth functioning of the functions of an organisation (Alrawadieh and Dincer, 2019). To make things work and fit them in one picture, communications plays vital because it helps in clearing things and develop perfect image in front of industry. For this, their ultimate objective is to make things clear within the each and every department as it helps in smoothing the working activities among employees. For instance, when guests arrive at the hotel then front office communicate with housekeeping head regarding the condition of room or which room is vacant and suitable for guest.

Examine the importance of scheduling maintenance or repair work to minimise disruption to guests

One of the most important task of hotel industry is to maintain their premises and assets as it helps in attracting more and more guests and also provide suitable services to them which helps in retaining them for longer period of time. As their assets and maintenance include taking preventive measures or repairing the building, equipments and supplies (Pauly and et. al., 2018) . For this, it is required that hotel will develop schedule for its repair work and it is determined by expertise and include that season or month in which less number of people arrive on vacations and leisure services and also use limited amount of accommodation services. Because while repairing, it is required that safety of guests, electrical issues, lightening, floors, furniture is considered and for this, safety and security of guests are related. So, for repairing and maintenance off season in accommodation sector is considered. Along with this, maintenance of within the premises leads to attract lot of customers within an organisation and also helps in increasing the sales and profitability of company. Moreover, repairing is useful in terms of increasing the overall reputation and image of hotel and also leads to increase the efficiency of hotel. Order assignment help from our experts!

Importance of safety within an administration

Security system plays an important role in understanding that belongings are harmless and untroubled during the stay in hotels. At that time it is also crucial that hotel staff and possession are safe, bastioned and secure (Davis and et. al.,2018). So, it is more important to have appropriate security system in hotel and also make sure that physical resources such as equipments, appliances, building and other related belongings are effectively used. Its importance are discussed as underneath:

  • For Guest: For Intercontinental hotel and resorts, it is crucial to have tight security system which protects the guests from any crime such as murder and theft and health hazards which includes building staff, pests, food poisoning and many more.
  • For Staff: To protect their staff, it is required that Intercontinental hotels and resorts provide lockers to their staff, insurance, health schemes, provident funds and many more. Also provide them training regarding the safety measures such as protect their clothes, shoes, fire fighting drills and many more.
  • For Guest luggage and other belongings: To prevent the luggage of guests, it is the duty of hotel to secure the luggage of their guests by properly storing them or using proper equipments such luggage trolley and bell top which are helpful in protecting the luggage of guests.

Assessment of role which maintenance plays in accommodation services

For the maintenance of management and its related services, it is important to have suitable and effective services that is useful in attracting effective and core business services of hotels. For this, they need to make sure proper maintenance of hotel undertaking furniture, rooms and other concerning services for guests within the boundaries of development and also accountable for improved image and reputation of hotel that leads to attract maximum number of guests. For this, maintenance plays an important role in order to attract more and more customers and build its infrastructure which include walls, ceilings, floors, aircons, furnitures and many more (Bigby and Brown, 2018). In few cases, maintenance department will outsource its some functions to other parties and for this, maintenance manager supervise the transaction of other parties suppliers. Therefore, hotels need to regularly maintain and take care of its offered services as it is useful in improving reputation of hotel and helps in attracting maximum number of people. Ask for Academic Writing Services from our experts!


From the preceding information it is analysed that there should be effective coordination and collaboration among housekeeping and other departments which is useful in proper functioning and running of hotel within the market and its significance is also described for better optimisation. Moreover, interrelationship is describe with other departments and roles which housekeeping and security department plays within the hotel. It is also evaluated the role and importance of communication among housekeeping and other departments.

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