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IEMA6028 - International Events Management


The event industry is considered as one of the leading industries that focus on the fact to integrate in different cities and areas. International event management helps the trade show events and organisations to make involvement of specialised amount of skills and factors (Barron and Ali-Knight 2017). it involve a variety of aspects and a balanced set of factors so that the events can be done in a manner that they can be able to achieve a higher rate of popularity as well as productivity. The report is about understanding various factors that can act as a barrier or challenge in the trade show events. Also, it discusses the various essential factors such as target audience etc. Application of various conceptual models and frameworks have also been discussed in the report.


Critical analysis of the barriers and issues

It is obvious enough that trade shows have to follow an enormous number of factors in order to make sure that the processing has been done in an effective manner. So, there are various issues that come across as well. So, it is discussed here that what are the issues and barriers that are to be faced in the trade show event and what can be the factors that are added in order to make specific recommendations and modifications. All the issues are discussed as following :

  • As there is a huge amount of competition in the trade show markets, so it seems quit challenging for the organisers to organise a trade show event. The whole process of the trade show are divided in separate phases. The first phase is termed as identifying the basic requirements and needs of the customers.
  • There are enormous number of products available in the trade show events, so it is quite difficult to recognise what the customers actually want and what can satisfy them. The owners and organisation of trade show events makes involvement of personal as well as direct. It is because sometimes the expected expenditure of the trade show events cannot be met. That is the reason, they have to make use of personal marketing as well. Also, unlike personal marketing, there are various other ways as well that can act barrier here. So, it can be avoided so that it cannot act as a challenge in the implementation of the operations of the trade show events.
  • Although it depends on a variety of factors such as the current need of the people etc., so in some cases, because of various reasons, the expected number of audience cannot be met. This makes a huge amount of loss to the trade show events. It is because in the whole process of setting up various different procedures and operations in these trade show events, it is quite hard to afford that loss.
  • Lack of personalised communication is observed as well as a major barrier in the trade show events. It is because the understanding of knowledge regarding some new concepts and ideas somewhere lack, so this further results in the fact that people show a minimized amount of interest in such cases, which further also leads to a loss to the trade show events (Fairley and O’Brien 2017).
  • Also, audience fragmentation is also considered as one of the major barriers and challenges that are to be faced in the trade show events. It has also been observed that this however leads to the minimization in the mass communication. The further results of the same turn to be quite challenging for the trade show events.

So, these can be considered as some barriers and factors that acts as a sort of challenging factor for these trade show events. Therefore, some factors that can be involved in order to make some sort of modifications and improvements in the process are discussed as under :

  • The factor of creation of knowledge to the audience can actually act as a positive factor because by the means of non personal marketing, it can seem easy for making communication channels. An increase in the communication channels can actually help the trade show events to gain a sort of popularity, thus they can also gain a huge popularity as well as productivity rate.
  • Also, having an interaction with clients can also turned to be a beneficial factor for the trade show events. Various ways can be involved by which the trade show events and their organisers can take feedback from the customers before and after the trade show.
  • Before making implementations in a new trade show event, they can interact with customers about their requirements and needs. It is important because this can act as a smart step by the trade show events and organisers. It is because by these means, they can be able to understand the preferences of the people. So, they can implement the same as well in order to wish a great rate of audience.
  • Also, just because the organisers of the trade show events cannot get confused about the perceptions of the customers, integrated communication means can be involved. It is because while the expansion of a trade show event in some other country or area, it is quite hard to have a communication with every single person. So, integrated communication channels can actually act as a beneficial factor for the same, excluding any further complications and issues (Brew and Settle, 2017).
  • Also, the evaluation of the trade show events can be improved as well. Various tangible advantages can be considered while the implementation of the trade show events. These tangible advantages can be considered as involvement of new customers by different means, involving more modified methods and ways of marketing and sales of the products and offers. It also makes involvement of the technical updates that can be used to help the trade show events to cope with the current market trends. It is because the requirements of the people change as per the current trends. So, the involvement of the technological aspects can actually prove helpful for the trade show events in order to cope with the curren needs and requirements of the customers.

LO 2

Swot analysis

In respect to consider systematic work performances in MIAMI, Trade Show event consider by British. This is because, it is the best place where effectiveness increasing with development of event. Hence, following SWOT analysis implemented in the environment:


  • In the selected place, there are unique segments could be implemented with detailed program.
  • Due to less cost, budget program also implemented in systematic manner to consider effective management skills (Perez, Lagman and Adao, 2017).
  • MIAMI has high knowledge towards the event of trade shows. Therefore, in this market, activities develop with Le MIAMI show.
  • Different range of shows towards the products could be expand successfully in the market.


  • MIAMI consider less establishment with new brand in the marketplace.
  • Less knowledge towards UK market so that unable to implement successful event program in the enterprise.
  • Lack of knowledge of global place regarding different trade shows (Olson and Brown, 2018).
  • Weak marketing activities to attract several customers regarding trade show event of the MIAMI.


  • In the UK, MIAMI can consider several opportunities to expand their operations and functions with carry different sector activities.
  • Furthermore, there are many other nations in which trade show event could be placed so that successful results could be placed.
  • Marketing and advertisement activities helps to increase awareness program towards the customers.


  • In the UK, there is strong competition so that MIAMI get affected by the local areas.
  • Low cost also create negative impact because it reduces quality of the shows which unable to maintain good relations.
  • Slow economy development also creates negative impact in customers spending.

In respect to make promotion of the event in UK, social media implement that assists to expand results in systematic consideration. It also assists to get successful operations which promote to maintain partnership with country and encourage customers as well. In the London areas, it helps to focus on the gather relevant resources that help to make profitability and environmental consideration as well (Olson and Brown, 2018).

New location and STP

In respect to implement STP criteria, following elements implemented at workplace to show effectiveness in the MIAMI event:

  • Segmentation: MIAMI consider trade shows regarding fashion so that they are mainly targeted for women handbags (Fairley and O’Brien, 2017). Hence, on the basis of demographic consideration in which gender element selected. On female basis show has been considered to attract maximum customers.
  • Targeting: In respect to attain high market share, target made in term of upper and middle class women. Different strategies has been adopted to attract women in the event.
  • Positioning: In order to implement positioning, concentration strategy has been used in which texture considered with intricate pattern of handbag. Therefore, market develop with productive results and home shows as well (Yüksel, SarıfakioÄŸlu and ÖztayÅŸi, 2016).

LO 3

Porter five forces

In respect to look towards the Porter five forces, following elements are implemented in the event show:

  • Industry rivalry (High) : In the UK, there are several competitors exist so that trade show of MIAMI consist maximum rivalry. Apart from this, other competitors have excess capacity to perform their functions and operations so that it impact negatively to develop effectiveness in the London.
  • Supplier bargaining power (Moderate) : Due to less number of suppliers, there is moderate bargaining power. Therefore, it impacts less than compare to the other event shows (Olson and Brown, 2018). Furthermore, different suppliers' existence help to buy raw material from different people.
  • Buyer bargaining power (High) : In the country, there are several customers and tough competition of the market create impact on the results and outcomes. In this regard, products and services of the event needed to sold on the basis of buyer bargaining power. Therefore, it will help to focus on the customer need to make sure that effectiveness also developed.
  • Threat of substitute (High) : In order to focus on the systematic work performance, there are other event show attract maximum number of customers through their creativity. It is important to look towards the same creativeness so that MIAMI able to implement their trade show with effective results.
  • Threat of entry (Low) : In the country, more amount requires implement show and event so threat of entry is low. Furthermore, government of the country also considered some rules and regulations which essentially adopted by every trade show event.

PESTLE analysis

In respect to implement the PESTLE analysis, following activities implemented in the MIAMI event:

  • Political factors: In order to focus on the effective and strong aspect, government of the country considered rule of law. In this way, in UK different rules and regulations implemented which essentially adopted by MIAMI. It is implemented to reduce threat of terrorism.
  • Economic factors: Further, well developed consideration of the UK market implemented manufacturing industries. In this way, recessions adversely create impact on the MIAMI in UK.
  • Social factors: Social factors create major impact on MIAMI when they considered issue of ageing population. In order to meet with demand and requirement of customers, different consideration of the customers need to look essentially in the country.
  • Technological factors: Technology factors are interrelated with the innovations and creativity that implement effectiveness. In the competition of UK, effectiveness develop to make effective results (Yüksel, SarıfakioÄŸlu and ÖztayÅŸi, 2016). With the advance technology, MIAMI event develop that consider for supremacy among competitors.
  • Legal factors: Legal factors are also creates effective results in systematic manner. In this way, rules and regulations need to follow by the MIAMI to organise illegal immigration which consider for reduce risk element in the business environment.
  • Environmental factors: Environmental factors also create impact on the MIAMI results. There are several elements implemented in environment to make effective results. With this regards, country need implement positive impact with consider different elements innovative functions and operations (Zhou, Qiao and Ryan, 2017).

In respect to promote trade show by MIAMI in the new areas of the London, there are several opportunities implemented that consider good ideas and tactics. Therefore, it will help to maintain profitability in the business environment and increasing performances as well. Proper contacts also need to maintain to increase customer base in the nation. As results, effective functioning has been made to grow operations and outcomes with undertake staff members to get participation in new areas (Perez, Lagman and Adao, 2017). It helps to bring innovations and creativity at workplace. The chosen MIAMI organise their trade shows to work together that helps to grow operations.

Hofstede model

In respect to target audience, there is Hofstede cultural model implement which includes different dimensions in the business environment. It helps to develop different kinds of values and cultural system which could be considered in the business environment. They are as follows:

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Power distance: In respect to implement the culture of MIAMI, low power distance exists. This is because; people expect to make distribution of power equally as per the skills and capabilities. As results, they can easily target different types of customers in particular areas easily.

Uncertainty avoidance: Uncertainty avoidance helps to look towards the tolerance with effectiveness (Wise and Harris, 2017). In this consideration, formal rules and policies need to implement that assists to measures different dimensions so that people feel threatened in particular situation.

Masculinity vs. Femininity: It considers values and develops concerning that could be emphasis on the masculine related with the assertiveness. It also creates opposite functions and operations with more personal and humanistic goals that demonstrate friendly nature towards the climate, cooperation and different aspects.

Individualism vs. Collectivism: Individualism and collectivism are also considered as the two important considerations in each coin. In this aspect, individualism culture of the people expected in portray so that systematic results in the event could be accomplish. Furthermore, collectivism culture is also important to make sure that it greater emphasis on the individual belongs to needs, demand and common goods, etc. (Getz, 2017). All these aspects helps to make sure that effectiveness also increasing that assists to look towards the effectiveness that increasing in the enterprise.

Long vs. Short term orientation: Long term orientation is the major aspect that include for fifth aspect which added to assess Michael bond which is called as the confection dynamism. Therefore, MIAMI set their long and short term perspective which wishes to maintain long term relationship in the enterprise. Along with this, business results also develop with taking more time and attain more systematic results as well (Getz, 2017). Beside this, short term orientation assists to look towards the achievement that helps to attain more growth with potential changes by employer.

LO 4

Event theme and design

In respect to design the event theme, following elements included in MIAMI:

  • Event theme: It is the main element that implement for operational activity that help to make effective planning and develop systematic results (Fairley and O’Brien, 2017).
  • Objectives: Event design stimulates five senses that involve sound, sight, touch, etc. It create memorable with develop experience that unique happening.
  • Theme: In the trade shows, effectiveness also develops with communication and broad range of the ideas which create positive image for cultural assumption.
  • Developing: With this regard, MIAMI create opportunities increase with development themes that create ideas and creativity. Principles and cultural that make effective results in Trade Shows (Colombo and Richards, 2017).
  • Creativity: With creation of the manage demonstrate positive results in the business environment. Unforgettable and memorable experience also maintain with authentic.
  • Cultural sensitivity: Cultural sensitivity consider with international aspect so that bring systematic results.
  • Event design catering: Theme of event design develops with MIAMI. Therefore, catering, content, entertainment.
  • Production, programme: Catering is the important aspect that is important consideration which includes unconsciously that driven with special characteristics.

Marketing plan

In respect to consider the marketing plan, there are different aspects included marketing mix elements. It is the best way, to consider trade shows in event marketing:

Product: In respect to make effective results, successful event consider with MIAMI consideration. It is the best way program in London develops to launch the product in the new areas of the London. Event sponsor also help to consider for marketing to goes long term results. Maximum participation considers audience in enterprise (Parent and Chappelet, 2015).

Price: Price is primary element which needs to set so that event consider with the effective pricing strategy to make systematic results. With the pricing strategy, secondary results gain to make sure those values has been developed with corporate strategy. Cost is important aspect, which typically involved making marketing events in the pricing consideration.

Place: In order to promote the present event, MIAMI select London areas to sell products and services. It helps to make better values to build loyalty and pride to better working system. Financial mission and design also implemented as the important aspects which shows effectiveness (Masterman, 2014). In addition to this, in respect to focus on the systematic work performances to increase event visitors at workplace. It also help to focus on the better sell of products and services in the nation.

Promotion: In order to promote the event, MIAMI consider different aspects of management in the London areas. In this way, budget and investment of high amount is needed so that expenses could be considered. With the help of the public relation, advertisement, promotional tools, social media, etc. (Olson and Brown, 2018). MIAMI can increase their visitors at workplace. It is the best way to attain more systematic program in the event aspect of the country.


In order to focus on the present report, it can be concluded that there are different kinds of events exist which could be promote in the London. From the different events, trade show is mainly selected that assists to make sure effectiveness could be gain in systematic manner in new areas. MIAMI consider their event program in London which consist plan, PESTLE analysis, etc.


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