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Human Resource Management

Introduction to HRM

Human resource is an important part of an organisation. Human resource management is divided into two parts: Human resource and management. Here, human resource refers people and management refers to effective allocation of people in an organisation. Hence, human resource management is a process in which employees are effectively and efficiently allocate in a firm, so that firm’s objectives can be accomplished easily. This process helps the organisation to receive their goals effectively. Present report describes the human resource management of TESCO PLC and it explains the type, vision, mission, employees of the institution so that effective management can be done. Furthermore, it also describes the role of human resource management in terms of planning, coordinating. facilitating. staffing and auditing Sparrow, Brewster & Chung, (2016).

In the third phase, report investigate the challenges which are faced by the human resource management of TESCO PLC in terms of globalisation, managing change and human resource development. At last, report includes recommendation on how human resource management can better manage globalisation, changes and human resource development in the TESCO PLC organisation.

Description Of The Tesco Plc

TESCO PLC is a public limited establishment also considered as the world’s third largest retailer institution. It is founded in 1919 and the founder of the institution was Jack Cohen. The organization established their headquarters in TESCO House Shire Park Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire, and England. It establishes 6553 stores in 2017. In 2017, the operating income of TESCO is £1,280 billion. It has established their stores in 14 countries like Asia, Europe and North America, Malaysia, the Republic Ireland and Thailand. In UK, it takes 30% market shares and known as world best grocery market Storey, (2014). The company provides various kind of products such as clothing, electronics items, financial services, telecommunication etc.

Vision And Mission

TESCO set their vision to be served their most highly valued products to the customers, communities. To increase growth of the company, they try to maintain their loyal staff, shareholders. They also try to use innovative and modern techniques so that they apply their skills and make their position more effectively in a global market. But company also set their mission that they always try to create value for the customers so that they earn loyalty from them for a long period.

Types Of Employees And Employees Size

There are 10 members in Board of directors in the institution and they also make changes in the structure during financial year. These changes include appointment of chairman, CEO and new Chief Financial Officer. As per the above table, TESCO's structure is divided into five committees and 11 members are appointed as company's executive committee which was lead by Group chief executive.
TESCO PLC gives large employment opportunity to the people at worldwide level. In addition to this, by giving employment company also increases the capabilities and enhance their profitability.


Role Of Human Resource Management

Human resource management is an important managerial function which mainly concern on hiring, motivating and maintaining the right people in an organisation. To manage the human resource in an administration, HR should maintain the effective relationship between employers and employees and achieve their administration goals Renwick, Redman & Maguire, (2013).

HR Planning

Human resource planning includes setting an effective plan so that HR can use right person in a right job. To maintaining the HR planning TESCO applied three principal for successful working, they are:

Personal Management And Hr Management

Every institution needs right person in workplace so that troupe can make their place in a competitive market. So that they needs to manage the effective training programmes for their employees so that they can work more effectively. In this way, TESCO perform four main activities such as maintenance, motivation, acquisition and development activity. In maintenance, TESCO make commitment to the employees so that they work effectively to reach the goal. By flowing motivation activity, TESCO use this activity so that firm will give satisfaction to the employees for their job and also increases their performance by giving increment, promotion, bonus for the employees.

TESCO also follows the acquisition activity, which is started from recruitment and selection of the employees. By making development in the form of training and providing career guidance to the employees, organisation also make development for the employees.

Recruitment, Selection And Retention

Firm also make effective enlisting techniques so that they can increase their capabilities and also enhance their profitability. While making recruitment,Firm identify the process criteria, end product so that they can hire right person in a right place.


While managing the human resource, TESCO PLC also makes coordination between employer and employees. They always try to make effective coordination activity among different departments, so that all the departments will effectively work as per the pre-determined plan. To achieve their vision and mission and make their growth by using innovative methods, institution maintain the proper coordination between the work and employees.

By PESTLE analysis it determine the external changes such as political, technical, economical, environmental and socio-cultural changes. In addition to this establishment analysis the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat, as per such analysis company make effective coordination between all the departments Purce, (2014). TESCO operates in worldwide level and expand their business enterprises rapidly, to maintain their market position, institution used different leadership style such as autocratic, participative, democratic leadership style. By use of such leadership style and uses of different model, they makes effective coordination inat their workplace. For example: By using effective coordinating techniques, they found that their market share increases with 30% in 2017 as compare to 2012 which was only 12% .


To manage the human resource in a firm, TESCO provide various types of facility to their employees. Establishment provides staff housing and voluntary benefits to their employees. In the last month, TESCO declared plans to make housing facility so that affordable accommodation facility is provided to the staff members. Companionship also give the opportunities to the staff members to give their feedback Nickson, (2013). So that as per the feedback, institution gives extra benefits like Christmas benefits to them. Over the Christmas period, employees get benefits like discount vouchers in their salary slips. In this way, they gives various facilities to their staff members so that institution can manage their workers for accomplishing their future goals. TESCO also encourages their staff members to take the share in the business via employer share schemes. They also provide medical facility or health plan. So as per the facility organisation motivates its employees, so that they can perform better. Firm also provides pension, holiday which is 20 days standard, company cars etc. to their employees.


It includes filling position in the organisation. It is done by the administration by using two methods recruitment and selection. TESCO follow the staffing process so that company can recruit on a regular basis for food and non-food parts of the business. To recruit the person companionship establishes an effective workforce planning between managerial and non-managerial level. For example: In 2008, TESCO found that to form stable position in a market institution want 4000 new manager in an organisation. To make effective staffing of an employees, institution needs to focus on time and flexibility to meet the demand for the staff members. TESCO also focus in 'Talent Planning' strategy for making selection of employees. In this way, by using job description and person’s specification, TESCO PLC manage the human resources for accomplishing their future goals.


Auditing is also a main part of effective human resource management. Human resource audit is a method to determining the current policies, procedures, documentation by which troupe can identify the areas of improvement in an organisation Marchington, Wilkinson, Donnelly & Kynigho, (2016). TESCO PLC makes various kinds of strategies and also prepares the documents so that companionship can determine the actual position of the employees. So that they makes review of HR hiring, benefits, compensation, job description, forms and personnel file so that they can manage the human resources effectively.

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Challenges Faced By Human Resource Management In Tesco Plc

Human Resource management is a process of managing the employees in a right place as per their skills and capabilities. But there are various challenges which are faced by the human resource management. As per the present case, Globalisation, managing change and human resource development make both the positive and negative impact in management of human in TESCO PLC.


Globalisation is a process in which business can switch their operational activity into small level to wide level. It includes diversity in culture, products, services and ideas so that it makes great impact on the company’s management process of their employees. In this stage, human resources can help the managers to adopt wide changes by increasing their level of performance. Globalisation is the main challenges which are faced by the HR of TESCO PLC. In the globalisation conditions, many companies need to diversify their business activity to increases their profitability. In this race, TESCO also face challenges to increase their business size so that fellowship can interact with different customers and stakeholders from diverse culture, aspect etc. TESCO also make focus on to hire employees from equal diverse backgrounds. Firm also face the problems to hiring employees, so that they can make effective communication with diversified people in a wide range Chelladurai & Kerwin,(2017).

Globalisation also impact on HR managers of TESCO PLC to push for professional development. In this, TESCO face the problem to provide their employee’s career related goals. TESCO also face the challenges to provide a range of skills and competencies for their employees so that they can perform better to win the globalisation situation. Globalisation also makes impact of employee’s performance level, so that to cope-up with the changes of technologies, organisation face the training problems for their employees in a large level. Hence, Globalisation makes positive as well as negative impact on firm's operational activity and management of human resources too Hoque, (2013).

Managing Change of HR role

To manage the changes in organisation is also a challenge which faced by the HR of the TESCO PLC. Due to change in an organisation, it creates the satisfaction between the employees behaviour . For example: In 2014 TESCO face the problem of technical changes which make anger, battle and depression in employee’s behaviour. People believe that change make negative of business activity because it creates fear of unknown things. Changes are uncertain so that Tesco face the difficulty either to accept the alteration or reject the alteration.

For example: In 2015, TESCO face the difficulty such as lack of communication and competence due to use of internet facility. So that institution try to overcome such fear by managing the effective human resource which has sufficient knowledge of internet, so that employers can interact easily with their employees and customers Budhwar & Debrah.

Human Resource Development

Human resource development is a fundamental framework which helps to create personal and organisational skills, knowledge etc. TESCO PLC also face challenges related to the development of human resources. Human resource development includes motivation, training & development. Organisational learning, coaching & mentoring and talent management career development etc. All this factors make an impact on company's operational activity. TESCO faces the problems to provide effective training to their employees. For example: TESCO believes that if they have well trained workers in the organisation, then it make positive impact of the business that customers are more confident in the competence and knowledge staff they deal with.

Hence, all the challenges like globalization, change management and human resource development are faced by the TESCO PLC. All those challenges make the great impact of managing the human resources so that company can achieve their goals Fee.

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Recommendation On How Human Resource Management Can Better Manage Such Challenges

Human resources are essential for every business, so that it is the main role of HR manager to allocate human in an appropriate manner in an organisation. As per the above following challenges like globalisation, changing management and human resource development make great impact on TESCO operational activity Brewster, Houldsworth, Sparrow & Vernon, (2016). So that HR manager should adopt various strategies to overcome such challenges, which are as follows:


Globalisation gives an opportunities to the organisation by which they deal with various kinds of diversified strategies, cultures, background etc. So that globalisation make great impact in business operation. TESCO PLC also faces global diversification difficulty, so that to overcome such troubles company should manage their human resources by using following strategies: TESCO should focus in a community global business. For example: To make use of diversification in their activities company considered Corporate Social Responsibility of its operations.

  • Institution also make approaches and create various kinds of opportunities for the million of peoples around the world Brewster, Houldsworth, Sparrow & Vernon, (2016)
  • They should try to increase the staff numbers by 20000 over two years.
  • TESCO also develop various training programmes so that company can manage their resources effectively to fulfilling the vision.
  • By adapting the cultural diversity, new changes and hiring different employees in different state help to make effective communication with the customers

Managing Change of HR Role

Change in management also create the problem is their growth. These sudden changes make negative impact on the employee’s attitude and behaviour. For example: Fear of unknown techniques, fear of redundancy, fear of structural displacement, failure, lack of competence, effective communication, wrong timing etc., make negative impact on staff's attitude. So that there is various recommendations which help the TESCO to manage the human resource in such changes condition: TESCO institution should hire HR as a change agent which provide structured framework for change.

  • Company should assign top direction with other employees Brewster & Hegewisch, (2017).
  • It also identify and maintain workable change administration processes.
  • They also manage the conflict and projects.
  • They must provide effective training and development programs so that employees can work as per their developed skills and capabilities.
  • They must adopt various innovative techniques so that as per the new techniques company can hire those person who have sufficient knowledge of such techniques.

Human Resource Development

Human resource development is a process of assessing the post and as per the desire knowledge of job people are filled in them. It includes analysis of job requirement and people who are suitable for the job. TESCO face improvement challenges of human resources, so that there are various ways that institution can create their human resources effectively, which are as follow:

  • Establishment should give effective training to their employer so that they can interact with customers more effectively.
  • By giving motivation such as providing increment, bonus etc. also helps to develop the human resource in a institution Armstrong, M., & Taylor, (2014).
  • Employee engagement strategies also used by the institution so that employees freely give their opinion and view in the decision-making process.
  • By getting feedback to the employees also beneficial for the troupe to make effective development of the human resources in an organisation.

Hence, as per above recommendation TESCO can achieve their goals by managing the human resources effectively. They also adopt such challenges and it makes positive impact on their staff and operational activity. For example: In 2012, TESCO PLC expands their stores and operates in worldwide level so that institution adopt the diversification of various cultures, background across the world. As a result TESCO owns 30% UK market share in 2016 as compare to 2012 where troupe had only 13% of market share in their possession.

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As per the above detailed information, it has been summarized that human resource management is an effective managerial tool to allocate the person in such a place where the demand of employees is higher. It includes all those activities which motivates the employees so that they can work in a better manner. The present report discovered the TESCO and their management techniques so that company can utilize the human resource effectively for accomplishment of their future goals.

In the next part, it also described the role of human resource to manage the staff members by making effective planning, coordinating, facilitating, staffing and auditing. Furthermore, it also explained the challenges such as globalisation, changing management and HR development which are faced by the TESCO institution and at last it also provide recommendation for the institution, so that company can overcome such challenges effectively Alfes, Shantz, Truss & Soane.


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